Weekend, Part II
Season 3, Episode 15
First Aired February 2013
Episode Guide
"This is the New Year"
"Songs in the Key of Alicia"
Weekend II is the fifteenth episode of season three and the fifthy-eighth episode overall in the series, Glee: The New Years. It will be likely released during February 2013. This episode may have relations with season one's Weekend, but it will not involve Chuck.


When Chuck becomes tired of throwing parties for New Directions, for a change, Elizabeth decides to throw one of her own. She realizes that she may be in for a rude awakening when a crazy night with Gunner may change her relationship with Charlie forever. Gunner questions if his feelings for Elizabeth after the night may affect what he wants with Cheyenne, and it pushes him to decide his future with the both. Later on, Addison gets advice from Mayson in order to keep her relationship with Candace straightforward. A.J. restarts his relationship with Rick, but when he gets a surprise visit from Daniel, things get more intense when he tries to return to win him back. After that, Levi tries to make things work with Dougie, but since he's with Carina, he refuses and exchanges final words to him.


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