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    Clyde "Drake" Andrews is an upcoming on Glee: The New Years. He is best known for his downright nasty personality, and the fact that he used to date New Directions member, Cheyenne McLarson. He is a villain in every way, and rarely shows any morals or sympathy at all.


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  • Parachuting

    Gunner Ideas.

    May 23, 2012 by Parachuting

    • Gunner's Family:
      • Basically, Gunner has a pretty messed up family life, and it mostly involves the problem of his father being a convicted murderer in jail. He has no male role model to look up to. His mom is raging druggy, and she constantly spends her wealth on drugs and that sort of thing. His family does have money due to his grandfather, which allows him to appear like he lives a virtually ordinary life. His grandfather lives out in California though, and giving money to him through a fund is the only way he wants interaction in his life. Gunner has been trying to keep using the money to make him appear to have that normal life.
    • Gunner's Anger Management:
      • As seen many times before, he gets pissed off really easily. It actually makes him a…

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