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  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is Student
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  • Kibainuzukafan619

    Well I was thinking that Ari could sing to Cheyenne...


    1. Smile by Avril Lavigne
    2. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
    3. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
    4. Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift


    1. Falling by Tyler Ward ft. Alex G (Cheyenne)

    === Ari/Cheyeene:===

    • Ari wants to prove to Cheyeene that he would be a good boyfriend by singing Boyfriend by J.B
    • He gets into a bad accident after riding his motercycle and Cheyeene comferts him throught it
    • Cheyeene wants him to join Glee Club with her but he is wary about it due to his status
    • He romances Cheyenne on a fancy date on there anniverise and sings What Makes You Beautiful

    • Ari joins the football team and becomes WR
    • The jocks want him to bully the Glee Club members including Cheyenne
    • He is forced to slushie a Gleeā€¦

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