Season 3, Episode 5
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First Aired October 2012
Episode Guide
"Scott Martella Must Die"

Trespassing is the fifth episode of the third season of ClevanOTP's fanfiction, Glee: The New Years. It would be released during the fall of 2012, likely in October to November. This episode is a tribute to American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, a wanted tribute.


Levi's bad guy side goes for the good as he requests an Adam Lambert tribute for New Directions as he feels that he could be influential for most and help motivate them for Sectionals and beyond, but from out of that category, Gunner seems to think that he actually does have feelings for Levi, but at the same time, finds it hard to reciprocate how he feels because he's not attracted to guys, and something will push him to a point of decision. Later on, Addison tries to cope with something she'd never expected to do after finding out something, and Vocal Adrenaline tries to make peace with New Directions, for the sake of the issue, but Clyde still pushes further into trying to please others to get more dirt on Glee Club, and Colton still tries to push through to impress Candace, who seems to be more interested in Scott, who actually tries to be the heartbreaker of the school.


This is not all of the songs that are confirmed in the episode, these are confirmed but more will come.

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