This is the New Year
Season Three, Episode Thirteen
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"Wreck The Malls"
"Weekend, Part II"
 This is the New Year is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years, it will be the second New Year's Eve episode of the series. This will be posted likely during January 2013.


As the new year comes ahead of New Directions, everyone forces themselves to flashback on the memories they have had so far at McKinley, however, things get twisted, when they do so in song, expressing deep feelings that were never revealed. Gunner manages feelings for Carina when he realizes how much he still cares for her, while Addison tries to reconcile with Karin but things seem to get more intense for the both when Candace gets in the middle and when Karin develops feelings for Addison's brother, Mayson, things get more complicated. Shannon tries to flashback to her relationship with Stryker, and realizes that she truly felt more for friend, Colby. Will any of these memories fade away from some for the new year coming?


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