The McKinley Rebels is now a disbanded Glee Club that included the former members of New Directions: Cheyenne McLarson, Charlie Holden, Elizabeth Moore and Daniel Mick, and was also directed by Sue Sylvester. They competed at Sectionals and lost at second place, however, as a group had suddenly backed out for Regionals, the group became their replacement, at Regionals, they once again placed second, but members Cheyenne, Charlie and Elizabeth were already in New Directions during the results, and also performed with New Directions in one number.

Known MembersEdit

Attendance TableEdit

Season 2 TableEdit

Season 2
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Cheyenne McLarson Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Charlie Holden Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Elizabeth Moore Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Ruby Becker Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Members 5-8 Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Members 9-12 Joined Active Disbanded Nationals
Daniel Mick Joined Active Quit Before Disbanded

Setlists Of CompetitionsEdit

Sectionals 2013:Edit

  • One Night Only, sung by Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Ruby with The McKinley Rebels.

Regionals 2014:Edit


  • Monster (Monster) - sung by Cheyenne, Elizabeth, Ruby and Charlie.
  • Crash Your Party (The Birthday Crashers) - sung by Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Charlie.
  • Mercy/Nowhere To Run (Rock vs. R&B) - sung by Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Ruby.
  • One Night Only (Center Stage Of Attention) - sung by Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Ruby.
  • Put Your Graffiti On Me (Hero) - sung by Cheyenne, Ruby, Elizabeth and Charlie.
  • Stop Me (Hero) - sung by Daniel.
  • Too Many Fish (Hero) - sung by Cheyenne and Charlie.
  • Where Have You Been (California's Most Wanted) - sung by Cheyenne, Ruby and Elizabeth.

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