What Is A Chat Moderator?Edit

Chat Moderators make sure everyone follows the rules in chat and is safe. They are second in command to admins in the chat. They have the authority to warn users if they don't follow the rules in chat and have the authority to kickban those who don't. Chat Mods must set the example in chat.

Chat Moderators' Duties and Goals:Edit

  • You must be active in chat.
  • Issue kickbans for trolling, spamming and immaturity in general if necessary, also if an admin is not around.

Want To Be A Chat Mod?Edit

It's pretty easy, but you must follow te goals of becoming a chat mod:

  • You must have at least 100 edits or more.
  • Be active on both the wiki and the chat.
  • Be a trustworthy and responsible user.
  • Make yourself known.
  • Must have good intentions for the wiki, not for the power.

Meet Your Chat ModsEdit

Admin ModsEdit

Chat ModeratorsEdit

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