What Is An Administrator?

An administrator is a member who is responsible for the wiki, who helps the wiki, in matter of safety and comfortability. An administrator prevents vandalism and spam to occur.

Administrator Goals, Duties and Rules:

  • An administrator must be able to help out with issues on the wiki, issue bans for spamming, trolling and vandalism.
  • An administrator may be allowed to edit or update when available.
  • An administrator may give chat moderator rights to a user only if agreed on by the bureau or the founder of the wiki.

Want To Become One?

You can become one. It's easy, but there are a couple of goals you must hit.

  • You must have at least 300 edits or more.</li>
  • You must be an active user.</li>
  • You must be a very responsible and trustworthy user.</li>
  • You must make yourself a known user.</li>
  • You must have good care for the wiki, not good care for the power.</li>
  • You must be on the wiki for at least 2-3 months.</li>

    If you would like to be an admin, and you have fit this criteria, you can leave a comment below and me and the rest of the admins will agree on if you have potential.

    Meet The Admins!

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    Founder, Head Bureaucrat Active
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    Administrator Active
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    Administrator Active
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