Taking the Lead
Season Three, Episode Six
Taking the lead
First Aired November 14, 2012
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"Breaking the Habit"
Taking the Lead is the sixth episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years, and the fourty-ninth episode overall. This episode was released on November 14, 2012.


Mr. Schuester teams up with Artie Abrams and Chanel to allow auditions for a Chicago play production, the main school play of the year. Much of the excitement, it turns into a dramatic week of auditions, when Ruby and Elizabeth compete for the main role of Roxie Hart and Chuck and Gunner both compete for Billy Flynn. Later on, A.J. gets a very surprising visit, and Carina and Dougie try to cope with a kiss that may have meant something to them.

Confirmed RolesEdit

  • Roxie Hart - Ruby Becker vs. Elizabeth Moore
  • Velma Kelly - Cheyenne McLarson
  • Billy Flynn - Chuck Salvatore vs. Gunner White
  • Mama Morton - Carina Maraj.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
When You're Good to Mama Cast of Chicago Carina Maraj
I Can't Do it Alone Cheyenne McLarson
Funny Honey Ruby Becker and Elizabeth Moore
All I Care About Chuck Salvatore and Gunner White


Season 3, Episode #6Edit

So, here's what you missed on the last episode of Glee: The New Years:

Chuck threw a Halloween Party for New Directions since they decided not to join in at the McKinley Halloween Dance, but when the kids play a game of spin-the-bottle, things get to the worse for Levi when he has to kiss Gunner in front of everyone, especially over losing his best friend Carina and his boyfriend Dougie, the both actually kissed each other and shockingly felt something, but all in Levi's mind was more of a horror movie, they were trapped in the house, pitch dark, looking for a way to escape, when Levi realized it was all in his dream when he fainted, everything was back to normal. While Dougie and Carina exchange words to each other about feelings and it gets deeper and they end up kissing once again. Wow.

Well, that's what you missed on Glee!


Mr. Schuester was in his office going through a bountiful amount of papers on his desk, and slowly making her arrival, there came Chanel. "William." Mr. Schuester slowly looked up, "Chanel, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, let's just say I came in to have a little conversation." Chanel walked all the way inside and pulled the chair across from Mr. Schuester and sat down. Mr. Schuester sighed, "Chanel, I'm too busy right now with work to talk about your child or whatever, okay?"

"It's not about that, William, geez, chill out." Chanel crossed both her legs and her arms. "It's about Glee Club."

Mr. Schuester looked up, "If you're going to do any damage to my kids, you can just go. You abandoned us the first year at Nationals, and I had to manage with that for 2 years."

"It's about the school play you guys are doing." Chanel said. "I know that last year, you and I both teamed up for Hairspray and I was wondering if I could be a director."

Mr. Schuester began to chuckle, "You? A director? Come on, Chanel, like that'll ever happen."

"Oh, come on, Will, you act as if I would try to ruin the play? I'm a hardcore Chicago fan. I know who would be best for the parts, only if you allow me to direct." Chanel said.

Mr. Schuester slowly took off his reading glasses and looked up at Chanel, "Look, Chanel, I'm sorry, but I already have someone directing the play, and that's Artie Abrams. I think one is enough."

Chanel looked away and sighed, and moved a bit closer to Mr. Schuester. "I'll leave you alone for the rest of your life if you would just give me this chance to prove to you that I know who has the potential to fit into this play."

Mr. Schuester was surprised, and he gave a half-smile. "Forever? Forever that you'll stay away and leave me alone?"

"Forever." Chanel crossed her arms, "But that's only if you allow me to direct the play with that Artie kid, I would let you be with your pageant princess, Emma."

Mr. Schuester sent out his hand and smiled, "It's a deal." They both shook hands and Chanel gave a smirk on her face, indicating suddenly that she was happy.


The bell rang that day and Carina grabbed her things from her lockers as quick as she could, and Dougie walked from behind. "You haven't talked to me all weekend, is everything okay?"

"I guess so." Carina said, looking down. "I've just been frustrated about something these past couple of days." Carina gently closed her locker door and walked with Dougie to her next class.

"It's about the kiss on Halloween, wasn't it?" Dougie said, gripping the binders on his left arm. Carina sighed, "It is. I just feel a bit weird about kissing you twice, especially because you are Levi's boyfriend and all."

"Ex-boyfriend, remember?" Dougie said softly. "And besides, you can't lie, when we kissed, you know we both felt something, it was something that made us connect that quickly, and you said it yourself in the car that you were attracted to me."

"I am, but I only said it in return because you said it first." Carina said. "I just never felt like this before around a guy, especially Gunner."

"I could treat you way better than he did." Dougie said. "I mean, he didn't support your dreams, abandoned the whole Glee Club in L.A., and he was just plain selfish to me, I would never do anything like that to you."

"You treated Levi as better as Gunner ever did to me, and I've done all I could to be a great girlfriend to him, and he did nothing but judge me for what I wanted to do in the future." Carina said.

"Exactly my point." Dougie said. "If you don't really want to share something more with me as much as I want to with you, I understand, I won't pressure you on it, only if you want me to."

Carina looked down. "I just need some time to think about it." She smiled and patted Dougie on the back, and he smiled back.


Mr. Schuester stood with a grin on his face as he began to announce the big news, he looked around. "Well, everyone, I have some very big news." Everyone looked at him, curious about the news.

"As all of you know, in a couple of days, we'll have our school musical, which will be Chicago, but it turns out that I will not be directing the musical." Mr. Schuester said.

Everyone looked at each other and back. Claira stood and replied, "Why not, Mr. Schue? You always direct our musicals."

"I know, I know." Mr. Schuester said. "Instead, two familiar faces will help direct the play, and that'll be..." Mr. Schuester sent out his hand to the door and Artie Abrams wheeled himself in the choir room, and everyone smiled. "Hey, guys!"

"Mr. Artie Abrams here." Mr. Schuester smiled. "He's directed plays here like West Side Story with Coach Beiste and Mrs. Pillsbury, and even Grease."

"I'm definitely excited to see what you guys can do to get the roles of this amazing broadway movie." Artie smiled.

"And last but not least, of course some of you guys remember this woman," Mr. Schuester sent out his hand to the door once again, and there came Chanel strutting and making her entrance in the choir room, the others were shocked to see Chanel back again.

"Oh my god, Ms. Rayne!" Cheyenne said.

"What's up, loves!" Chanel said. "I see we have some fresh faces, I'm Chanel Rayne, newbies."

"2 years ago, she helped directed the school production of Hairspray." Mr. Schuester said. "I'm pretty excited to see how you guys will manage with these two experienced directors this year, good luck to those who are determined to get their desired roles!"

"Auditions will be in the auditorium today until Thursday." Artie said. "Me and Chanel are looking for the best, not the good, not the great, but the best. You'd have to keep up with the schedules and you must prepare, this is like a really big musical for you guys."

"It definitely is." Chanel said. "Artie and I will be taking only the lead role auditions today and Tuesday, and then the others on Wednesday and Thursday, so be prepared, guys." While that, Gunner, Chuck, Ruby and Elizabeth looked very anxious for who they wanted to play for Chicago.

"Good luck, you all." Chanel and Artie smiled and they walked out of the hallway, but when Chanel acted sweet and nice to Artie, she slowly kneeled down to him. "So, listen, little boy. Directing a play like this has always been my dream. I get that you have much experience, but now that I'm here, it's my way or the highway, got it?"

Artie crossed his arms. "So, for your information, Mr. Schuester did put me in charge for being responsible for everything for this play, co-director, got that?" He wheeled himself away and winked at Chanel, and she shook her head, "Some kids don't ever learn."

"I'm not a kid..." Artie said loudly.


When Ruby walked out of the choir room, Elizabeth followed her every move. "Hey, Becker."

While not looking at Elizabeth, she still looked straightforward in the hallway. "Please don't call me by my last name, Elizabeth, only by my first."

"You look really gorgeous today, like really gorgeous, you better go girl." Elizabeth said, as if she was joking a bit, Ruby sighed.

"Elizabeth, I know what you're trying to do and I'm not gonna fall for it." Ruby said. "You're trying to convince me not to audition for Roxie Hart so you can."

"I'm not, I'm not at all, Ruby." Elizabeth said.

"Elizabeth, I know you." Ruby said. "We've been in the Rebels together for like 6-7 months. I know how you are when it's something that you want so bad, don't act like you're not thirsty for that part."

"Okay, maybe you got me there." Elizabeth shrugged. "But you just don't understand, I was born to play Roxie Hart."

"I was born playing that role too," Ruby said. "But I'm sticking to my goal, and if I don't get the part, maybe you'd have the chance, but as for now, it's my chance to shine." Ruby walked away from her as Elizabeth stood with her hand on her head, sighing.

"I guess she wants a Roxie Hart Riot?" Elizabeth said. "She'll get it."


Mr. Schuester and Chanel were suddenly talking about the production of Chicago in the teacher's lounge, and Sue walked in with a cup of coffee in her hands, and her red tracksuit.

"Well, look what we have here." Sue said. "How ya doing, William."

"Hey, how's it going, Sue," Mr. Schuester smiled, Sue walked closer, "Ah, everything's great, very great, but I'm sure it will be more great now. If it isn't Chanel Rayne."

"Sue." Chanel said, the tension between the two began to intensify, Sue gave an evil smile and turned to Mr. Schuester. "So, Will, a little birdie told me that your little Magic School Bus kids are doing Chicago this year, and you're directing it."

"Nah, I'm not directing it, Chanel is." Mr. Schuester smiled. "Along with Artie Abrams."

"That's one big mistake you made there, pal." Sue said. Mr. Schuester chuckled softly, "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, with Artie, it's fine, but with Chanel, no, no, no," Sue said, Chanel turned around, "Excuse me? I have experience, Susan."

"Oh, please." Sue said. "Instead of adding a bit of sugar and spice to the play, you would add the whole Brazzers pornography website to the play." Mr. Schuester softly covered his face with the side of his fist, trying to fake a cough. Chanel stood up in anger.

"Listen, back off, Sue." Chanel said. "If you weren't so old and saggy, I would just rip off that Ellen DeGeneres look of yours in two seconds."

"And if you didn't look so trashy, I would just rip that Pamela Anderson silicon look of yours too." Sue replied back. Chanel went closer to Sue, as if she wanted to fight and Mr. Schuester pushed them away.

"Okay, guys, just calm down, Chanel, sit back down." Mr. Schuester shook his head, while Sue sighed, "I'm warning you, Will, she's gonna ruin that play, watch when she forces Jenna Jameson to join to bring more attention." Sue walked out of the teacher's lounge and Chanel shook her head.

"Still the same bitch from 2 years ago." Chanel said, crossing her arms.


Mayson and Addison sat in the Lima Bean, and she saw the expression on his face as if he was sad and down. "They hate me there, Ads, they were so quick to judge me for what I did."

"Only because you came with me at the party?" Addison said. "So childish."

"No, it's not that, they believe that I'm being a traitor because I'm hanging out with you and your club more than I am with them. It's mainly Karin and Clyde, Judi and Jeremy have no problem with it at all. I just feel so betrayed." Mayson said.

"They don't have a right to tell you who you should and who you shouldn't like." Addison said. "That's your decision, not theirs. You're my brother and nothing will change that at all."

"They can hate me all they want, at this point, I might just quit and join your club, I'd probably feel right at home anyways." Mayson said.

"You should join." Addison smiled, "We'd have bro-sis duets all of the time." They both laughed and smiled at each other. "We'll see." Mayson said. "If I feel like I have the need to quit Vocal Adrenaline, it may happen."

Addison smiled, "You're really brave than I am."

"I'm sure you have a lot of bravery in you." Mayson smiled, holding Addison's hand gently.


Back at school, Carina and Dougie were talking in the hallways of McKinley that same day. "Are you auditioning for a lead role in Chicago?" Dougie said.

"I'm auditioning for Mama Morton." Carina said. "I know I'm not as heavy and all, but I sure can rock a sassy personality."

"I like sassy," Dougie replied back, Carina smiled, "You and your flirtatious mind."

"Carina, I think that part would be pretty awesome for you, all of us know how talented you are, or at least that's what I heard, since I wasn't able to see you that much on TV, still, I believe in you, and I'm sure all of us can too." Dougie said.

Carina smiled, "You always know how to make me feel proud of who I am." Dougie suddenly smiled, and after that, they gazed into each other's eyes once again, and then, Carina made her move, as if she thought that she was ready for love again, her lips pressed against Dougie's softly and gently. This moment hit a spark, and music began to play as Carina was in a dream sequence, with a feather scarf wrapped around her neck, as a narrator introduced her name.

She was on a stage with a crowd, and she began to sing, "Ask any of the chickies in my pen, they'll tell you I'm the biggest mother hen. I love 'em all and all of them love me, because the system works, the system called reciprocity..."

The dream sequence snapped back as Carina stood on the stage at the auditorium, while Artie and Chanel watched her perform, the band played the music and she sang, "Got a little motto, always sees me through, when you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you."

"There's a lot of favors, I'm prepared to do, you do one for Mama, she'll do one for you."

"They say that life is tit for tat and that's the way I live. So, I deserve a lot of tat for what I've got to give." Carina sang as she strutted all through the stage. Artie smiled when she continued to sing. "Don't you know that this hand washes that one too, when you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you!"

Carina shook her body all through the stage, and Chanel felt the vibe and she began to shake along. Artie looked at her and nodded, and Carina sang, "If you want my gravy, pepper my ragout, spice it up for Mama, she'll get hot for you."

"When they pass that basket, folks contribute too." She sang. "You put in for Mama, she'll put out for you!"

"The folks atop the ladder are the ones the world adores, so boost me up my ladder, Kid, and I'll boost you up yours." She sang. "Let's all stroke together, like the Princeton crew, when you're strokin' Mama, Mama's strokin' you."

When the song began to break down, she sang, "So what's the one conclusion I can bring this number to? When you're good to Mama..." Carina began to touch her shoulders, and then ended the song with, "Mama's good to you!" with her hands out wide. "Ha, ya!"

Artie and Chanel quickly clapped for Carina, he waved his hands up and down and cheered.

"That was really amazing!" Artie said. "That's a great first audition ever, nice job, Carina."

Carina replied on her microphone, "Thank you!"

"You pulled off Mama Morton amazingly." Chanel said. "Just wonderful, you have the sass and the class and the sexiness, you put it all together and bam. Just bravo."

"Awesome, we will get back to you A.S.A.P." Artie said. Carina waved and smiled, and walked backstage, to Dougie, who cheered for her, and hugged her. "You were freaking amazing out there, Carina."

"If it wasn't for your advice, I wouldn't have probably felt as good as I do now." Carina said.

Dougie smiled. "So, did that kiss hint at something?" He put his hands in his pocket in a different posture.

"Maybe." Carina winked. "Maybe it is a sign."

"God, just tell if me if you want me cause I think I want you, and when I want someone, I try my hardest to get them." Dougie said, and Carina kissed him once again.

"That's a yes." Carina said and she winked, then walked away, Dougie smiled and followed her way.


A.J. laid in his room sitting down on his bed when his mother wasn't home, she was on a nightshift while was on the phone with Addison. "I don't even know if I want to be in this play, it's just no point, the big roles would be taken either way."

"I'm thinking about auditioning for Mary Sunshine." Addison said. "I guess it's not what I want to be, I just want to participate."

A.J. nodded his head. "I might just be in the background or so, I'm kind of not in the lead-stealing mood right now." "Is everything okay?" Addison said.

"It's Rick." A.J. said. "He's still in love with me, and I don't know what to do, especially with the fact that I'm with Drew, and he doesn't even come back in at least 1-2 more weeks."

"Why don't you just tell him to back off?" Addison said. A.J. sighed, "I don't know, because I still have some feelings for him myself, I just don't want to be the heartbreaker in this situation."

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, and A.J. stood up, "Addison, I'll call you back, someone's at the door."

"Piece of cake." Addison said. A.J. smiled, "Piece of pie." He hung up the phone and quickly went downstairs to his living room. He unlocked the door and opened it, and there was Drew. A.J. stood in shock, and dropped his phone.

"Oh my god, Drew!" A.J. yelled out, and Drew gave a short smile, "A.J.!"

A.J. reached in for a hug, saying, "Oh my god, I missed you like crazy." Drew looked as if he had guilt inside, and he tried to hide it. "Yeah, babe, I missed you too."


"Oh my god, what are you doing here, Drew, I thought you wouldn't come back until next week or so?" A.J. said. Drew, still looking as if he did something wrong, replied, "I guess I just wanted to surprise you."

"It's so good to see you." A.J. smiled. "You still look the same, you never changed a thing."

"You still look the same." Drew gave a half-smile, then slowly looked away. A.J. moved closer to Drew, "Is something wrong?" Drew sighed, "A.J., you know I'd never try to hurt you or lie to you, right?"

A.J. nodded, "Yes, I know, is something wrong, Drew?" Drew looked down and tried to find the easiest way to get out what was on his mind. He sighed, "A.J., I'm not really here for good, I would just be too guilty and there would be too much pressure for me to stay."

"So, you're gonna go back to Texas, why guilt?" A.J. said. Drew sighed another time, "I'm guilty because I've done something wrong, something I regret until this day. A.J., you know I'm crazy about you, but working a part-time job as a stripper in Texas--"

"You never told me that your job was stripping.." A.J. said, raising an eyebrow.

"I know, I know I didn't, but now you know, and now I have to tell you that, in Texas, I... I met this guy, and I told him that I was.. I was single."

A.J.'s eyes widened, and Drew continued, "And then, me and him, we just had sex." A.J. began to shed tears, and Drew felt bad and remorseful. "I'm so sorry, babe."

"So, so, you're telling me that you took a plane from Texas just to tell me that you had sex with a guy?" A.J. said. "When you knew you could have told me all of this on Skype, is that why you haven't been returning my Skype calls."

"Yes." Drew looked down. "I felt so guilty about it, I didn't want you to be hurt."

"Guess what, I'm freaking hurt, I'm betrayed." A.J. said. "And you know, maybe Dougie was right about you. You're a freaking heartbreaker, and I want you out of my freaking house."

"B-b-but, A.J., please just listen to me." Drew said emotionally. A.J. nodded his head, crying, "No, I've heard enough, I've freaking heard too much, get out."

Drew shook his head, as if he wanted to cry along with him, "Babe, I am SO sorry, please don't do this."

"You did this to yourself." A.J. said. "GET OUT!" Drew shed a tear and slowly got up from the seat, and he walked as if he was being a laggard. A.J. screamed out and threw a couch pillow at him, "GET OUT!"

Drew had walked out of the door, and A.J. stood sobbing his eyes out, not knowing what to do, he realized that what he had with Drew was all a joke, and he grabbed his cellphone as quickly as he could and dialed a number.

"Rick?" A.J. said. "Could you please come over here? I really need you."

"Is everything okay?" Rick replied back.

"No, everything's not okay, I just need you here with me, please." A.J. said crying. Rick replied, "Okay, I'm on my way." Minutes later, A.J. waited for Rick to come, and when Rick's car stopped at his house, he quickly ran to the door.

When Rick rang A.J.'s doorbell, A.J. quickly opened the door and Rick walked in, "Is everything okay, A.--" Rick couldn't even finish his sentence when A.J. aggressively grabbed him close and pressed his lips to Rick's lips, Rick closed the door and they moved backwards kissing on the couch.

"What, what about Drew?" Rick said, pushing back. A.J., still crying, "Forget him, he's a cheater, a heartbreaker and a liar, I just want you right now."

Rick softly wiped A.J's tears from his eyes with his thumb, and touched his face, and moved closer to kiss again.


The next morning, Chuck stood in the hallway writing his name for auditions for Chicago, Gunner walked beside him, "Hey." Chuck turned around and turned back, "Oh hey." Gunner replied back, "Auditioning for Chicago, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited, I actually get to audition for my dream role." Chuck said. Gunner chuckled, "Really? What's your dream role, Amos?"

"Nope, Billy Flynn." Chuck smiled. Gunner felt a shock that caused him to stick like a statue, Chuck turned around after the long duration of silence. "Gunner?"

"Billy Flynn?" Gunner replied. "But that's what I was going to audition for. That role was definitely made for me, no one else."

"Geez, Guns, lay off of the bratty attitude." Chuck said. "There's always other times, I'm just choosing it for the fun of it."

"It doesn't matter." Gunner said. "No other male in New Directions deserves that role but me and only me."

"Well, I'm not gonna change my mind, just audition for Billy Flynn and we'll see what Artie and Ms. Rayne thinks." Chuck said.

"Bring it on." Gunner said. Chuck shook his head and walked away, and Gunner, watching Chuck leave, became angered and quickly grabbed a pen to write his name on the audition sheet.


Elizabeth and Cheyenne both walked in the hallways with other with their binders in their hands. "I'm at a point of doing something just to make Ruby not get the part I've wanted for so long."

"I'm kind of glad I don't have to deal with that." Cheyenne said, bloating. "Everyone knows that Velma Kelly is just like me."

"You are." Elizabeth said. "And everyone knows that this sweet girl here needs the Roxie Hart role."

"Oh, god, Elizabeth, you are not that sweet, let's be real here." Cheyenne said. Elizabeth gasped, "Yes I am!"

"How many times have you and Carina fought?" Cheyenne said. Elizabeth crossed her arms, "Twice, why?"

"Who started the fights?" Cheyenne asked. Elizabeth sighed, "I guess I did, but that's no proof, I still am a sweet girl, I have my ways, I'm not perfect, but I know that I'm perfect for that Roxie Hart role."

"If I get Velma, and you don't, I think I would feel bad, feel pretty lonely and all, I know I definitely don't want to do this alone, me and you were made for these roles, don't you get it? Ruby can do her Lucille Ball routines and all, but trust me, nothing will stop us from getting this." Cheyenne said.

The spotlight shined bright on Cheyenne as she stood on the stage, and she began to sing, "My sister and I had an act that couldn't flop, my sister and I were headed straight for the top. My sister and I earned a though a week, at least, oh yeah, but my sister is now, unfortunately, deceased. I know it's sad of course, but a fact, is still a fact! And now all that remains, is the remains, of a perfect-double-act!"

Cheyenne became more energetic, as she said, "Watch this! We have to imagine it with two people-it's swell with two people!"

"First I'd..." Cheyenne did a dance with her hands and her legs. "Then she'd..." she danced again. "Then we'd..."

"But I can't do it alone!" Cheyenne sang. Artie smiled during her performance.

"Then she'd..." Cheyenne danced again. "Then I'd..."

"Then we'd..." Cheyenne twirled around and around. "But I can't do it alone.."

Cheyenne slowly walked to Brad, the piano player and sang, "She'd say, "What's your sister like?" I'd say, "Men!" She'd say, "You're the cat's meow!" and we'd wow the crowd again!"

"When she'd go...," Cheyenne did an Egyptian dance on the right side of the stage to the middle. "I'd go..."

"We'd go..." Cheyenne sang and danced. "Then those ding-dong daddies started a roar, whistled, stomped, banged on the floor, yelling, screaming, begging for moooooore...!"

"And we'd say,"Ok, fellas, keep your socks up-'cause you ain't seen NOTHING yet!"" Cheyenne did a dance on the stage and this amazed Chanel and Artie both. "But I simply cannot do it...aaaloooooone...!"

"I know, you're right, the first part's crap. But the second part? The second part is REALLY nifty! Ok!" Cheyenne said as she grabbed a chair and slammed it in the middle of the stage. "She'd go..."

Cheyenne lifted up her foot in the back, twisted it around that she could stand on the chair, and lifted that leg up high, and hit a split and sat the back side the chair.

"I'd go..." Cheyenne lifted up her legs and closed them, stood back up to dance, hit a twirl, lifted up her right leg, and gripped the chair with her hands as she sang, "We'd go..."

Cheyenne danced as she tilted the chair. "And then those two-bit Johnnys did it up brown, to cheer the best attraction in town, they nearly tore the balcony doooooown...!"

Artie and Chanel were amazed by her performance and continued to watch her. "And we'd say, "Ok, boys, we're going home! But before we go, there's a few more parting shots! And this, this, we did in PERFECT UNISON!"" She ended the song halfway by dancing, kicking her arms and her feet out,

"Now ya see me going through it! You may think there's nothing to it! But I simply cannot do it...aloooooone...!" Cheyenne put out her arms as she ended the song with the long note. When the song ended, Artie and Chanel cheered her on, and she smiled, taking a bow.

"Wow. Just wow, Cheyenne." Artie said. "Catherine Zeta Jones would definitely be proud."

"Thanks, Artie." Cheyenne grinned.


"I just can't believe he did this to me." A.J. said, leaning against a wall in the hallway. "All he did just to be with me and he ended it just like that, it just cuts so deep into my skin."

Addison sighed and laid flat on the floor with A.J., "Listen, A.J., maybe it had to be done. I mean, just like with me and Karin, something had to change, maybe it was a sign that Drew was gone for so long, he became more unattracted to you, people change when they go new places, they forget about you, sometimes even forget where they originally come from. I already knew he wasn't a person to trust, he seemed sweet to you, but I guess it's for the best for you end it off."

"I gave him my heart, I believed that he was way different than Rick and Daniel, and I knew that I should have stuck with Rick, I knew it from the start, if Daniel hadn't tried to break us up in the beginning with his lying, maybe Rick and I would have stayed together." A.J. said.

"Why don't you go back with Rick then, if you really feel that way." Addison said. "I mean, yeah, he's in Vocal Adrenaline, but he never changed, he still believes this is his home, if you love him, you should just go on and tell him how you feel."

"I do love him." A.J. said. "I've been missing him so bad."

"Then go and get him." Addison said. "Don't waste your time sitting down doing nothing but hating on yourself for what that douche did to you, be strong."

A.J. looked up at Addison and then she sighed and looked back down.


Back in the auditorium that final day of auditions, Artie and Chanel held a battle for the roles of Billy Flynn and Roxie Hart. Everyone who had auditioned (Cheyenne, Carina, Addison, Dougie, almost everyone), they all sat in the auditorium as Chuck and Gunner were preparing for their auditions for Billy Flynn.

Mr. Schuester walked up the stage and cleared his throat, "So, hello, guys, welcome to our first annual school musical DIVA-off."

"Today, we have four students here competing for the roles of Roxie Hart and Billy Flynn." Mr. Schuester said. "We will both start with Billy Flynn. Please welcome Chuck Salvatore and Gunner White to the stage."

Chuck and Gunner both walked out, when Gunner seemed to be the most eager and Chuck was more calmer. "I'm ready for this." Gunner said anxiously.

"So, who would like to go first?" Mr. Schuester said. Still staring at each other, Chuck and Gunner both said, "He can go," in unison.

"I guess we have to pull the old tradition," Mr. Schuester walked in front of Chuck and Gunner and flipped a coin. "Heads!" Gunner said.

"Tails!" Chuck said.

The coin flipped down and Mr. Schuester spotted it, and Mr. Schuester smiled, "Well, Gunner, heads, you may go first."

"Now, I'm definitely gonna show you who can rock Billy Flynn out." Gunner winked. Chuck shook his head in disbelief, and pushed back to the right side of the stage.

"Well, Gunner, the stage is yours." Mr. Schuester said, walking away. Gunner walked to the front center of the stage, clearing his throat.

"My name is Gunner White, auditioning for the role of Billy Flynn, and I will sing All I Care About from Chicago." "Yeah, good for you." Someone said in the audience. The music started and the crowd, mainly the girls, sang, "We want Billy, give us Billy, B. I. double L. Y., we're all his, he's our kind of a guy, and ooh what luck, cause here he is..."

"I don't care about expensive things, Cashmere coats, or diamond rings, don't mean a thing, all I care about is love, that's what I'm here for." Gunner looked around nervously, as if he was going to choke, but he continued to pass through, after that, it slowly panned to Chuck singing.

Chuck's acting as he performed was spotted by Chanel and Artie, and he sang, "I don't care for wearin' silk cravats, ruby studs, satin spats, don't mean a thing, all I care about is love."

It goes back to Gunner, still looking nervous. "Give me two eyes of blue, softly saying, "I need you""

It goes to Chuck once again, as he sang, "Let me see her standin' there, and.." Chuck quickly put out his hands, emphasizing, "And honest, mister, I'm a millionaire!"

The sides were split on the screen, showing Gunner performing and Chuck performing, their expressions on their faces looked completely different as they both sang, "I don't care for any fine attire, Vanderbilt might admire, no, no, not me, all I care about is love..."

Whistles of the tune filled the air, and the girls sang, "That's what he's here for... all he cares about is love..." Gunner sang, "Show me long Raven hair, flowin' down, about to there."

Chuck, with more emphasis, sang, "Let me see her runnin' free, keep your money, that's enough for me."

Chuck danced slowly as he sang, "I don't care for drivin' Packard cars or smoking Long Buck Cigars, no no not me, all I care about is.."

"Doin' the guy in, who's pickin, on you twistin' the wrist, that's turnin' the screw."Gunner sang, still in no movement at all. The screen split again as Chuck and Gunner both sang, "All I care about is..... love!"

Everyone in the audience cheered for the both of them, and Gunner smiled at the crowd and felt good about himself in the end, and walked off the stage, while Chuck, getting more plaudits, took a bow and walked off the stage.

Mr. Schuester walked back up the stage, smiling with pride. "Wow, those were definitely amazing performances. Now it's time for the real deal, the Roxie Hart callbacks."

"Now we have Ruby Becker and Elizabeth Moore." Mr. Schuester called their names, and Cheyenne rooted out, "Go, Lizzie!" Elizabeth winked.

"Now, anyone wants to volunteer to go first or do I have to flip the coin again?" Mr. Schuester said.

Elizabeth smiled, "Ruby can go first if she wants to." Ruby gave Elizabeth the devious face and turned to Mr. Schuester and smiled, "Yes, I would love to go first."

"Awesome." Mr. Schuester said. "Take the stage!"

Ruby walked in front and smiled at everyone, and looked at Brad and he began to play the piano. "Sometime's I'm right, sometime's I'm wrong, but he doesn't care, he'll string along, he loves me so, that funny honey of mine."

Artie gave a smile, along with Chanel. Elizabeth, seemed as if she was determined to put in more emotion, sang, "Sometime's I'm down, sometime's I'm up, but he follows 'round, like some droopy-eyed pup, he loves me so, that sunny honey of mine."

"He ain't no sheik, that's no great physique, lord knows, he ain't got the smarts." Ruby sang.

"Oh, but look at that soul, I tell you, the whole is a whole lot greater than the sum of his parts." Elizabeth sang. Cheyenne smiled, along with Charlie.

Ruby added more emotion, as she held the microphone gingerly, singing, "And if you knew him like me... I know you'd agree."

"What if the world slandered my name?" Elizabeth sang. "Why, he'd be right there taking the blame."

"He loves me so and it all suits me fine, that funny, sunny, honey hubby of mine." Elizabeth and Ruby sang.

"He loves me so that funny honey of mine." Elizabeth sang.

"Lord knows he ain't got the smarts." Ruby sang.

"Now, he shot off his trap, I can't stand that sap, look at him go, rattin' on me with just one more brain, what a half-wit he'd be." Elizabeth and Ruby both sang. "If they string me up, I'll know who, brought the twine."

"That scummy, crummy, dummy hubby of mine!" Elizabeth and Ruby sang, hitting a long note.

The whole audience stood up cheering for both Elizabeth and Ruby. Elizabeth took a bow and walked away as if it was easy, Ruby smiled and was proud of the applause she was given.


"Wow, I'm surprised, Will, you said she did good directing?" Sue said as she and Will sat next to each other in the teacher's lounge. Mr. Schuester nodded his head, "Suprisingly, you would think she would do something horrible."

"Too bad I wasn't there to have proof." Sue said. "Well, Will, I've gotta hand it to you. Even though you and I are considered to be friends and at times I just can't stand staring at your buttchin, I'd have to say, I'm very proud of how you are managing those misfit kids of yours."

"If it wasn't for your hate against the Glee Club, maybe I wouldn't have been as stronger." Mr. Schuester said.

"I'll definitely see if this Chicago play is worth seeing in a couple of weeks." Sue crossed her arms.

"I'm sure you'll be pleased." Mr. Schuester said.


It was the final stand, as Chanel and Artie were both in the empty choir room, looking at the corkboard that showed the roles of Chicago.

"Well, I guess it's the real deal now, huh?" Artie said.

"Yep." Chanel said.

"So, what did you think about Carina's performance for Mama Morton?" Artie said. Chanel thought about it, "You know, the only thing that's stopping me from saying is good is how she'll play the role in Chicago. It's because she's so small and so adorable looking, and her sass as amazing, but what about her appearance."

"I think that it doesn't really matter what size she is, the sass and the sexiness of Mama Morton seems to be the most important and it really fits Carina well."

"Well, I guess we'll go with her then." Chanel smiled. They put her name on the corkboard below from Mama Morton. Later on, after going through the rest of the characters, it was the final roles available: Roxie Hart and Billy Flynn.

"I think it's pretty easy for me to say that this person had more emotion and more action than this guy." Chanel said. "Agreed." Artie said. "He was a bit too show-offy, the other kind of did it well."

"So, we have our Billy." Chanel said.

"Now, Roxie." Artie looked at Chanel, who seemed to have more thought. "You know, I'm not sure, it's kind of tough, if you ask me. Both of them did very good, very good."

"But what I thought was, she was trying a bit too much." Artie pointed. "This girl kind of shown a similar personality and voice style to Roxie's."

"I agree." Chanel said.

"And now we have our Roxie!" Chanel and Artie gave each other high fives.


In the hallways, Chanel and Artie both walked to the bulletin board, it seemed to be intense by the way the people who auditioned had looked. Artie gave Chanel the list and she put a tack on it, Chanel walked away wheeling Artie back.

First, there came Charlie walking to see the list, he looked at it, and gave a thumbs up to Chanel and Artie.

Charlie Holden..................................................................The Bandleader.

Addison looked at the list slowly, and she smiled, and walked back.

Addison Lee......................................................................Mary Sunshine.

Carina and Dougie, walking with each other, looking at each other, then smiling, looked at the list, and saw their desired roles, they quickly hugged.

Carina Maraj........................................................................Mama Morton.

Dougie Eastwood....................................................................Fred Casely.

Cheyenne walked to the bulletin board after, and she smiled and quickly glomped Chanel. "Thank you, Ms. Rayne!"

Cheyenne McLarson................................................................Velma Kelly.

Then it became intense as Ruby walked to the bulletin board, she smiled with glee and jumped. "Yay, yay, yay!"

Ruby Becker...............................................................................Roxie Hart.

Elizabeth walked to the board, and looked at her role, she looked up at Chanel and Artie, rolled her eyes and sighed, "Kitty Baxter my ass..."

Elizabeth Moore........................................................................Kitty Baxter.

Chuck walked his way to the board, and as he looked, he smiled. "You guys are amazeballs."

Chuck Salvatore.......................................................................Billy Flynn.

Things got more intense when Gunner walked to the board, and as he looked, his eyes were inflamed with anger. "AMOS? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?"

Gunner White.................................................................................Amos.

"I do not want this freaking part!" Gunner yelled out. "I. WANTED. BILLY. Billy belongs to me, not some freaking ginger freak!" "Okay, that's just definitely racist." Carina said.

"It's not racist, and how about you stay out of this, Maraj?" Gunner yelled out.

"Carina, don't, babe, he's not worth it." Dougie said, holding Carina back.

"I want another freaking callback, I deserved this role!" Gunner yelled.

"Gunner, Chanel and I chose wisely, we didn't choose because we didn't like your performance, it was very good, we chose for who did it perfectly, so please don't take this personally."

"Of course I'm going to take this personally, this was my part!" Gunner said.

"Technically, Gunner, it's not your part, the writers of the broadway and the film are the ones who made it." Addison said.

"You act like it's the end of the world, dude, it's just a freaking play, grow up and be a man about it."

"Whatever, I don't need this." Gunner quickly ripped up the paper in pieces and stormed off.


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