Season Two
Season 2, Episode 23-43
First Aired March 4, 2012 - September 2, 2012
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The second season of the musical comedy-drama fanfiction Glee: The New Years premiered on March 4, 2012 on Wikia. Season Two also introduced new characters such as Levi Lashane (Lucas Grabeel) and Carina Maraj (Cymphonique Miller) who replaced the main roles of Rick Castello and Anna Clarkson. As well as Gunner White (Jesse McCartney) being promoted to the main cast, as his character was only recurring in season one. Including new characters such as Alex Monroe, Shannon Brockwood, Drew Coach and Denzil Mixx, new characters whose roles were increased for the season.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

<Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Carmen Electra as Chanel Rayne (5/21)
  • Kevin Costner as Vincent Lashane (3/21)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Leslie Lashane (3/21)
  • Tyler Posey as Ari Washington (2/21)
  • Charlize Theron as Dusty Lee (2/21)
  • Simon Cowell as himself (1/21)
  • Matt Dillon as Marv Baumann (1/21)
  • Adam Lambert as himself (1/21)
  • Nicki Minaj as herself (1/21)
  • Rihanna as herself (1/21)
  • TBA as Jessica Eastwood (1/21)
  • TBA as Jonathan Eastwood (1/21)

Guest StarsEdit

  • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester (/21) (episodes 2, 4, 6)
  • Jayma Mays as Emma Pillsbury (/21) (episode 4,)
  • Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins (/21) (episodes 3,)
  • Autumn Reeser as Lily Stevens (19/21) (episodes 1-)
  • Shanice Banton as Shannon Brockwood (14/21) (episodes 5-
  • Travis Garland as Shawn Dawson (14/21) (episodes 1-14)
  • Josh Hutcherson as Drew Coach (12/21) (episodes 5-)
  • Ashley Tisdale as Alex Monroe (11/21) (episodes 5-)
  • Drake Bell as Denzil Mixx (10/21)
  • Dakota Fanning as Ruby Becker (10/21)
  • Rachel Bilson as Anna Clarkson (9/21)
  • Erin Sanders as Karin Stefano (7/21)
  • Taraji P. Henson as Shonda Maraj (3/21)
  • Paul Iacano as Julian Carson (1/21)


Image Title Original Airdate Comments
(in millions)
1. "N.D. Hospitality" March 4, 2012

Plot: Due to their loss at Nationals, New Directions is given one more chance to redeem themselves or else they are disbanded. Due to the departure of Rick and Anna, the club must try to search for new recruits. Meanwhile, Gunner (Jesse McCartney) suspects that Addison (Miranda Cosgrove) is keeping something from him based on her suspicious ways. Later on, Chuck (Andrew Garfield) starts a new era as a single boy at McKinley, until he ends up crushing on someone new, and two new students, Carina (Cymphonique Miller) and Levi (Lucas Grabeel), contemplate joining New Directions.

Singles: "I'll Be There For You" (New Directions), "You Don't Know My Name" (Levi), "Sandcastle Disco" (Carina), "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" (Levi), "Haven't Met You Yet" (Chuck)

2. "The Pink Friday Experience" March 17, 2012

Plot: When Mr. Schuester overlooks the idea of a Nicki Minaj tribute under Cheyenne's request, she forms many attempts to protest against his disapproval. Chuck continues to impress Carina in an attempt to date her, but she doesn't believe they are made to be a couple, only to find herself crushing on Levi, who has a secret crush on Dougie. Meanwhile, Gunner and Addison's relationship is on the rocks when Addison shuts out everyone due to her hardships at home. In addition, Cheyenne's close bond with Ari develops into something more.

Singles: "Girls Fall Like Dominoes" (Carina and Chuck), "Right Thru Me" (Addison), "Your Love" (Cheyenne), "Raining Men" (The Treble Belles), "Check It Out" (New Directions), "Save Me" (Addison)

3. "Runaway Love" March 23, 2012

Plot: Addison's personal life with abuse from her stepfather becomes a trainwreck as she makes a very shocking move that may determine a matter of life and death. Based on this situation, everyone tries to sent out their condolences and get in touch with their personal insecurities, but Mr. Schuester's unsympathetic focus on competition infuriates Cheyenne, Charlie, and Elizabeth, who both decide to make a large decision. Later on, Levi reveals his deepest secret to Carina after a kiss they share.

Singles: "Russian Roulette" (Addison), "Cold Case Love" (Gunner), "Runaway Love" (New Directions), "Thinking Of You" (Charlie), "Oh Mother" (Elizabeth), "Mad World" (New Directions)

4. "Monster" March 24, 2012

Plot: Although Halloween makes its approach at McKinley High, the glee club isn't in the spirit, especially when attending the annual Halloween dance due to Addison's absence, and the loss of Cheyenne, Charlie, and Elizabeth, who decides to form a glee club of their own. Chuck's constant determination to win Carina's heart is tested; however, Carina finds interaction on her own with Gunner and a stalker. Levi is also excited to bond with Dougie at the party. 

Singles: "Beautiful Monster" (Chuck), "Superstition" (Dougie and Levi), "Monster" (The McKinley Rebels), "Monster" (New Directions)

Absent: Miranda Cosgrove

5. "The Birthday Crashers" April 4, 2012

Plot: Dougie's lack of spirit as his birthday approaches lead to New Directions trying to throw a surprise birthday party to acknowledge his appreciations in glee club. However, as soon as the fun begins, many uninvited guests attend the party: two girls from The Treble Belles, who Claira befriends, Dougie's ex-boyfriend, Drew (Josh Hutcherson) who tries to win him back and warn Levi, and The McKinley Rebels crash in. Will this birthday party be a disaster?

Singles: "Party" (New Directions), "Sweet 17" (New Directions Boys), "Crash Your Party" (The McKinley Rebels), "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (Carina), "Shot For Me" (Drew)

Uncut Version Singles: "I'm Too Sexy" (Chuck), "Stupid Hoe" (Carina and Cheyenne)

Absent: Miranda Cosgrove

6. "Rock vs. R&B" April 5, 2012

Plot: Mr. Schuester and New DIrections become annoyed with The McKinley Rebels' immature antics. To prove if they are good enough, Mr. Schuester decides to form a competition between the rival clubs, with one doing rock numbers, and the other doing R&B. Meanwhile, tension rises between Drew and Levi, and Dougie is stuck in the middle of the drama. Carina comes to terms with her feelings for Gunner after a kiss, but when a recovered Addison returns to win him back, things become difficult. Chuck realizes that he misses Anna, and decides to reach out to her, to only realize that the feelings are mutual for her. Claira becomes closer to Alex, but finds out a secret about her that changes her thoughts.

Singles: "Bones" (Carina), "You Shook Me All Night Long" (New Directions), "Stop This Song" (Addison), "Long Distance" (Anna and Chuck), "Mercy/Nowhere To Run" (The McKinley Rebels), "Rock Star" (New Directions)

7. "Center Stage Of Attention" April 15, 2012

Plot: When Sectionals arrives, more tension rises between New Directions and The McKinley Rebels as they both compete against each other. Shawn and Lily feel immediately ostracized from Glee Club and they convince Mr. Schuester to give them a chance to shine out. Addison makes friends with Vocal Adrenaline member, Karin Stefano (Erin Sanders), but New Directions find it suspicious. Cheyenne finds herself in love with Ari, and she asks Claira and Carina for advice.

Singles: "Train On A Track" (Cheyenne with Carina and Claira), "You Da One" (The Hurston Acapella Show Choir), "One Night Only" (The McKinley Rebels), "Before It Explodes" (Shawn), "Soar" (Lily), "21 Guns" (New Directions)

AbsentJayma Mays

8. "Merry Ex-Mas" April 21, 2012

Plot: Mr. Schuester loses spirit in Christmas as the year comes to an end for 2012, and it gets worse when a lover from his past returns to Ohio to win him back, right when his communication with Emma starts to heal. Chuck starts to ponder about Anna, and the others suggest that she should visit McKinley. Levi comes clean about his kiss with Drew to Dougie, and Daniel and A.J.'s relationship rips apart when Daniel isn't putting in any effort.

Singles: "8 Days Of Christmas" (New Directions Girls), "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" (Chuck), "All Alone On Christmas" (Chanel), "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass" (Drew), "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (A.J.)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

9. "Rockin' New Year's Eve" April 22, 2012

Plot: Chuck decides to throw another party for New Year's Eve, hoping that the events from the last party won't happen again, and surprises everyone with the return of Anna (Rachel Bilson). Tension develops with Daniel and A.J., and Drew and Dougie at the party, and Will tries to put himself out of misery when Chanel makes assumptions of him being her unborn's baby father. Claira and Alex's close relationship is exposed, and she worries that people will think differently of her.

Singles: "Till The World Ends" (Alex and Shannon with New Directions Girls), "Let Me Down Easy" (New Directions Boys), "Yesterday" (Dougie), "Samsonite Man" (Chanel), "Better In Time" (A.J.), "Taking Back My Love" (Dougie and Drew), "Auld Lang Syne" (New Directions with Alex, Shannon, Anna, and The McKinley Rebels)p

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jayma Mays

10. "Girl Power" April 28, 2012

Plot: When the girls feel objectified and treated harshly by the guys, Mr. Schuester declares an entire week for the girls, but it infuriates the boys. Claira feels treated differently by New Directions since she's dating Alex, who joins the club with Shannon. Karin opens up about her feelings for Addison, and Cheyenne uses Carina to get the scoop on New Directions to beat them at Regionals.

Singles: "Girl Power" (New Directions Girls), "Pretty Girl Rock" (Carina), "Material Girl" (Alex and Shannon), "Hard" (Cheyenne), "Abracadabra" (Alex, Claira, Addison, and Karin), "Hollaback Girl" (Carina and Cheyenne with The McKinley Rebels and the Cheerios), "Bad Girl" (New Directions Girls)

Absent: Jane Lynch

11. "Pretty Lil' Heart" May 5, 2012

Plot: As Valentine's Day approaches, the dynamic couples, Dougie and Levi, and Carina and Gunner, find it hard to impress their dates. Daniel tries to pull back A.J. for another chance, but A.J. seems less interested when he gets a secret admirer. Chuck convinces Anna to return back to McKinley High and Glee Club, and a shocking lie causes Mr. Schuester to lose trust in Chanel again.

Singles: "Pretty Lil' Heart" (Gunner), "Make My Heart" (Carina and Levi), "Right By My Side" (Daniel), "Call Me Maybe" (A.J. and Drew), "Love Stinks" (Will and New Directions), "Domino" (Dougie, Levi, and The McKinley Rebels), "Everyday" (Anna and Chuck with New Directions), "Best Thing I Never Had" (A.J.), "L.O.V.E." (Carina and Gunner)

12. "Cyberbu//y" May 6, 2012

Plot: Levi's relationship with Dougie floats all around the school, causing him to be bullied on Facebook. As soon as this happens, this forces Levi to come out to his parents, but it leads to very harsh detriments. Claira finds it challenging to figure out herself in terms of her relationship with Alex (Ashley Tisdale). Mr. Schuester decides to help a lost boy, Denzil (Drake Bell) by allowing him to stay at his apartment and join New Directions, but his entrance causes others to disagree. Meanwhile, Gunner doesn't agree with the fact that Addison hasn't revealed her bisexuality to him and her relationship with Karin.

Singles: "Looking In" (Claira), "Long Way To Go" (Addison and Karin), "Welcome To My Life" (Levi), "Pieces Of Me" (Claira), "Come Clean" (Addison), "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (New Directions)

13. "Sober" May 20, 2012

Plot: Chuck struggles with turning back into his drug habits after a moment of nostalgia that forces him to turn back to a bad time in his life. However, he seems to connect with new member, Denzil, developing a friendship with him. In order to bring back Levi in safe hands, Dougie and Carina team up with Cheyenne to start a pep rally to end homophobia at McKinley. Addison gets annoyed with Gunner's worries about her relationship with Karin. And a huge altercation between Lily and Shawn turns into a horrible result.

Singles: "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)" (Addison), "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Chuck), "Don't Let Me Get Me" (Denzil), "You've Got A Friend" (Chuck and Denzil), "Made In The U.S.A." (Carina and Dougie), "Sober" (New Directions)

14. "Hero" June 3, 2012

Plot: When Shawn's tragic death affects a majority of McKinley High, especially Lily, New Directions loses their confidence in winning Regionals. Everyone tries to find a way to cope with competing, sharing their condolences for Lily and Shawn's family, and not backing down to the Rebels. Levi struggles with returning back to school and reconciling with his homophobic father, and Denzil and Chuck's friendship turns into a shocking result.

Singles: "Holding Out For A Hero" (The Pitch Slappers), "Put Your Graffiti On Me" (The McKinley Rebels), "Stop Me" (Daniel with The McKinley Rebels), "Grenade" (A.J. and New Directions), "Too Many Fish" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "Unstoppable" (New Directions), "Hero" (New Directions)

15. "Circle Of Life" June 24, 2012

Plot: After a victory at Regionals, New Directions finally has a full house after the return of Levi, Charlie, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth, despite the loss of two members. Mr. Schuester declares Disney week to teach everyone about how Disney reflects to a certain parts of people's lives. Charlie's ex-girlfriend returns back to cause conflict for him and Elizabeth. Shannon's boyfriend Colby figure out ways to keep a certain distance with each other since her boyfriend may be at risk of moving, and Denzil and Chuck finds it hard to handle being friends after a kiss at Shawn's funeral.

Singles: "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" (Denzil), "He's A Tramp" (Shannon), "A Whole New World" (Carina and Gunner), "Never Knew I Needed" (Charlie), "The Climb" (Addison), "Go The Distance" (Levi), "Circle Of Life" (New Directions)

16. "The Duets" June 25, 2012

Plot: In order to lift up New Directions after all of the issues that happened in the past, Mr. Schuester decides to run a duets competition. However, even more drama increases, and more stress than expected. Cheyenne and Claira prepare for a battle for Prom Queen, and Claira and Daniel's feud is taken to an entire new level when Daniel makes a comment about her past life. Stasi (Kay Panabaker) plans to break up Charlie and Elizabeth, and Carina and Gunner's relationships rocks back and forth. 

Singles: "With Ur Love" (Carina and Gunner), "Hate That I Love You" (A.J. and Daniel), "Wonderwall/Airplanes" (Anna and Chuck), "Crazy" (Addison and Levi), "Mr. Know It All" (Claira)

Uncut Version Singles: "If I Never See Your Face Again" (Chuck and Denzil), "Love Drunk" (Charlie), "Paper Gangsta" (Carina and Levi), "It's All Over" (New Directions)

17. "Our Time Now" June 26, 2012

Plot: Big competition occurs when Cheyenne and Carina fight to get the Prom Queen title of the school year, and Cheyenne tries to foil any of her chances. Meanwhile, Addison invites Karin to the prom, but it creates an issue for Gunner, while Charlie's ex-girlfriend, Stasi, continues to cause issues for him and Elizabeth, leading to a World War Prom of the year. Levi finds it difficult to go to prom with Dougie after the events leading to his absence.

Singles: "On My Own" (Levi), "Understand" (Cheyenne), "Can I Have This Dance?" (Anna and Chuck), "Forever" (Dougie), "Our Time Now" (New Directions Boys), "Who's That Chick?" (New Directions Girls), "Te Amo" (Addison), "Spanish Guitar" (Cheyenne with Ari and New Directions), "You Sent Me Flying" (Daniel), "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" (Charlie), "Moment 4 Life" (Carina and Gunner), "Commander" (Carina and Cheyenne)

18. "Hollywood Bound" August 3, 2012

Plot: When New Directions arrives to Los Angeles to prepare for Nationals, the spotlight is all on Carina, who is spotted by producers of a reality TV show. However, much to the annoyance of Elizabeth, others worry about it, knowing that they would need her for Nationals. It also puts a gap in her relationship with Gunner when he feels left out and outcasted by her sudden stardom. Meanwhile, Claira surprisingly bumps into her ex-boyfriend, who tries to convince her to come to a party.

Singles: "Hollywood" (Denzil, Dougie, Elizabeth, and Shannon), "California" (Charlie, Chuck, and Gunner), "Party In The U.S.A." (Carina and Levi with New Directions)

19. "California's Most Wanted" August 20, 2012

Plot: With no preparation at all for Nationals, it's difficult to focus when Carina's California popularity annoys Gunner and Elizabeth, believing that fame has gotten into her head. When drama takes over, Carina decides to make a huge decision. Claira ends up in a position with her ex-boyfriend that may change her relationship with Alex forever. Addison is completely distraught by A.J.'s reveal of Karin's secret, and Dougie tries to become intimate with Levi. Adam Lambert, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj are special guest stars.

Singles: "Hollywood Tonight" (Gunner and Levi), "Hello" (Carina and Chuck), "Arena" (The Showstoppers), "Titanium" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Never Close Our Eyes" (Levi), "Where Have You Been" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "Starships" (New Directions), "I Care" (Carina)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

20. "Family Portrait" September 1, 2012

Plot: Although New Directions defeated Vocal Adrenaline respectively at Nationals, a dramatic departure from one member of their own, Carina Maraj, causes them to be in a funk, so Coach Beiste, Emma Pillsbury and Mr. Schuester team up to put them out of the funk by expressing their feelings in a song, and also find a way to bring Carina back to heal the family wound. But apart from that, Addison has family issues herself when she suddenly reconnects with her father and it pushes her farther away from her mother, while, Elizabeth still continues her feud with Carina, but also deals with the fact that her father and her mother have reconciled. Meanwhile, Daniel faces a decision of leaving Ohio, and Denzil reunites with her mother for the first time in years, and Levi and Dougie experience having their first time.

Singles: "Girlfight" (Carina and Elizabeth with Drew), "Torn and Tattered" (Daniel), "Cleanin' Out My Closet" (Denzil), "Confessions of a Broken Heart" (Addison), "Family Portrait" (Addison)

21. "The Big Bang" September 2, 2012

Plot: In the second season finale,as McKinley's year finally comes to an end, Addison realizes that she's becoming closer to her father, but realizes that Karin is annoying her constantly, and tries to find ways to avoid her, and avoid her mother. Meanwhile, Claira faces a huge consequence that may change her whole life forever and her relationship with Alex. Later on, Levi decides to avoid Dougie after their fallout, and Dougie gets annoyed by it that he tries to take risks just for him to get his attention; Elizabeth sees her father for the first time in 4 years, and then after, Carina returns back to New Directions, with everyone but Gunner glad that she's back, and Carina exchanges final words to Gunner as the conclusion to their relationship. A.J. realizes that he's still in love with Daniel, after he knows that he's leaving Ohio, while Chuck might be in Ohio for another year. And after that, Mr. Schuester finds out something shocking when it involves her ex, Chanel.

Singles: "Set Fire To The Rain" (Carina), "Heartbreak Warfare" (Gunner), "For The Love of a Daughter" (Elizabeth), "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" (Carina and Gunner), "Suitcase" (A.J.), "The Big Bang" (Levi)