Glee: The New Years has confirmed a third season for the series by Trae209. This season will be around the summer of 2012 and will mark final appearances for some members as some prepare to graduate from McKinley High.

This season will be featuring more solos than duets and more character insight before their final appearance, such as Shawn Dawson and Lily Stevens,

Confirmed Characters To ReturnEdit

Main Characters:Edit

  • Chuck Salvatore
  • Addison Lee
  • Anna Clarkson
  • Levi Lashane
  • Carina Maraj
  • Cheyenne McLarson
  • Claira Kingston
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • Charlie Holden
  • Drew Coach
  • A.J. Riley
  • Gunner White

New Main Character Hopefuls:Edit

There will be at least 3 new main characters for season three.

  • Denzil Mixx (main character hopeful #1)
  • Ruby Rose Becker (main character hopeful #2)
  • Alex Monroe (main character hopeful #3)
  • Shannon Brockwood (main character hopeful #4)
  • Drew Coach (main character hopeful #5)

Recurring Hopefuls:Edit

  • Colby Sampson (recurring character hopeful #1)
  • Karin Stefano (recurring character hopeful #2)
  • Lily Stevens (from main to recurring character)

Characters Who Will NOT Be ReturningEdit

  • Shawn Dawson (as of the second season's episode of Hero)
  • Daniel Mick (final episode, season three, episode one)
  • Chanel Rayne

The WarblersEdit

  • The Warblers WILL return, with a new character.

Vocal AdrenalineEdit

  • Vocal Adrenaline will revive their group.

New DirectionsEdit

  • Two members gone, two replacements.


Episode 1: Seventeen ForeverEdit

The glee club seniors look back in time as they return back from school, in depression of their last year at McKinley, but for one member of New Directions, things are completely frustrating for him, because of being left back from his own senior year. He opens up about it and gets support from everyone.

Episode 2: Can't Back DownEdit

Mr. Schuester feels as if he hasn't given some of the members the spotlight and realizing some are on their way to college later on, he tries to make up for the mistakes he has made.

New CharactersEdit

  • Riley Cruz (created and portrayed by Trae209)

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