Season Three
Season Three, Episode 44-65
First Aired September 23, 2012
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The third season of the musical-comedy-drama fanfiction series Glee: The New Years announced in May 5, 2012. It consisted of 7 episodes and it was meant to begin the senior year arc. At least three or four characters were written off or cut from the series. The new season of Glee: The New Years was officially premiered on September 23, 2012, only 21 days before the season finale of season two.

The season was cancelled, therefore ending the season with Breaking the Habit as its series finale; however, it hwas been confirmed that the season would return from a "year hiatus" and new episodes for the third season will be released.

Main CastEdit

Recurring Guest StarsEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Kevin Costner as Vincent Lashane (5/22)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Leslie Lashane (5/22)
  • Mitchel Musso as Jeremy Lawrence (7/22)

Guest StarsEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Penn Badgley as Peter Collins (5/22)
  • Kevin Costner as Vincent Lashane (5/22)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Leslie Lashane (3/22)
  • Taraji P. Henson as Shondra Maraj (1/22)
  • Miriam McDonald as Kayla Winchester (2/22)
  • Kendall Schmidt as Mayson Blackburn (3/22)

Recurring CastEdit

  • Drake Bell as Denzil Mixx (6/22)
  • Austin Butler as Colton Knowles (5/22)
  • India Eisley as Candace Livingston (6/22)
  • Carmen Electra as Chanel Rayne (3/22)
  • Dakota Fanning as Ruby Becker (6/22)
  • Judi Jai as Judi Jaiho (2/22)
  • Francia Raisa as Isabel Almendarez (5/22)
  • Erin Sanders as Karin Stefano (1/22)


Image Title Original Airdate Comments
(in millions)
1. "Don't Look Back" September 23, 2012 0.20

Plot: As senior year begins, Will pushes the glee club to stay motivated, but Chuck's abrupt departure takes a toll on everyone. Gunner joins the football team with high expectations of winning Addison back. Meanwhile, Levi's new persona leads to confusion, after Dougie's motorcycle accident.

Singles: "Ready, Set, Go!" (Levi), "Grow Up/Young Forever" (Carina, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth), "Young Forever" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "See No More" (Gunner), "Teenagers" (New Directions)

2. "Recruit/Pursuit" October 6, 2012 0.14

Plot: New Directions holds auditions for new glee club members after Chuck's refusal to return. Sue instigates a rivalry between Cheyenne and the new captain of the Cheerios. Claira is conflicted with revealing her pregnancy to Alex; Gunner reaches a breaking point with Coach Michaels.

Singles: "Take A Hint" (Candace and Cheyenne), "Runaway Baby" (Colton), "Put The Gun Down" (Candace), "It's Alright, It's Okay" (Alex)

3. "The Devil's Advocate" October 11, 2012 0.17

Plot: Gunner's lifestyle is in jeopardy when he creates a scheme to test Levi's unusual instincts; Cheyenne's ex-boyfriend serves as a spy for Vocal Adrenaline. Meanwhile, Peter makes the effort to be a part of Claira's child, and Dougie makes a surprise return from his accident.

Singles: "All The Boys" (Carina), "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (Cheyenne with Addison, Carina, and Elizabeth), "Beautiful Freaks" (Gunner and Levi), "Bad Religion" (Gunner), "Rehab" (Cheyenne and Clyde), "Too Little Too Late" (Claira)

4. "Vandalized" November 10, 2012 0.22

Plot: A new feud between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline is instigated by Clyde, leading to unfriendly competition. Gunner's family disowns him after his encounter with Levi, whom he moves in with. Meanwhile, Addison has a bizarre, impromptu family reunion; A.J. sparks a new flame with Rick.

Singles: "All Night Long" (Vocal Adrenaline), "My Happy Ending" (Addison and Karin), "Telephone" (Clyde), "Eye of the Tiger" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Are We All We Are" (New Directions), "Wrong Side of a Love Song" (Carina, Dougie, and Karin)

5. "ParanormaLaShane" November 12, 2012 0.07

Plot: The glee club dodges the third annual Halloween bash at McKinley for Chuck's Halloween party; Levi's paranoia affects the party. Dougie and Carina's friendshp evolves into something more, while Addison brings Mayson to the party. Chanel returns to torment Will once more.

Singles: "Mad House" (New Directions Girls), "Paranoid" (A.J.), "Disturbia" (Carina with Addison and Cheyenne), "Papercut" (Levi), "Scream" (Addison and Mayson)

6. "Taking the Lead" November 14, 2012 0.09

Plot: Will teams up with Chanel and Artie Abrams to begin a school production of Chicago, and Ruby, Elizabeth, Chuck, and Gunner compete for the leading role. A.J. gets a surprising visit with disappointing results; Carina and Dougie determine their feelings for each other.

Singles: "When You're Good To Mama" (Carina), "I Can't Do It Alone" (Cheyenne), "Funny Honey" (Elizabeth and Ruby), "All I Care About" (Chuck and Gunner)

7. "Breaking the Habit" December 28, 2012 0.19

Plot: Gunner's change in behavior leads to one dangerous move; Anna rekindles her relationship with Chuck after his return to the club. Meanwhile, Candace feels neglected by Colton. Levi's rivalry with Carina reaches a breaking point, and Mayson confides in Addison after his removal from Vocal Adrenaline.

Singles: "Fight For This Love" (Anna), "Say OK" (Candace), "I Only Wanna Be With You" (Chuck), "Remember Me" (Dougie and Levi), "Sabotage" (Shannon), "Breaking the Habit" (Gunner)

8. "Gossip 101" October 15, 2013 0.16

Plot: A McKinley gossip webshow takes over the school and reputations are damaged, including Claira's. Levi's relationship with Gunner is exposed, and Shannon's darkest secret comes to light. After Gunner's suicidal attempt, Addison serves as his guardian angel. Cheyenne calls a truce with Clyde.

Singles: "I Don't Give A" (Carina and Cheyenne), "Rumour Has It" (Dalton Academy Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline), "False Pretense" (Levi), "Our Lips Are Sealed" (Addison and Claira), "Can't Be Tamed" (New Directions)

9. "Damaged" October 22, 2013

Plot: The glee club creates an intervention for Shannon when her personal life is exposed to the school; Cheyenne and Clyde open old wounds from their past. Later, Addison makes Candace her protege, and A.J.'s relationship with Rick is rekindled.

'Singles: '"Better Than Revenge" (Cheyenne), "Didn't Mean It" (Shannon), "Damaged" (Cheyenne and Shannon), "Wicked Games" (Stryker), "Today's The Day" (Claira), "Dirty Laundry" (Addison, Chanel, Cheyenne, Claira, Elizabeth, and Shannon), "Hurt" (Clyde), "Concrete Angel" (New Directions)

10. "Chicago" October 29, 2013

Plot: While the glee club prepares for their first school production of Chicago, Ruby has stage fright, and Cheyenne becomes her guidance. Chuck and Elizabeth attend a NYADA mixer; Levi meets an aspiring senior from a rival glee club.

'Singles: '"Overture/All That Jazz" (Cheyenne), "Cell Block Tango" (The Merry Murderesses), "We Both Reached for the Gun" (Addison, Chuck, and Ruby with A.J., Anna, and Denzil), "Roxie" (Ruby), "Mister Cellophane" (Gunner), "Razzle Dazzle" (Chuck), "Class" (Carina and Cheyenne), "Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag" (Cheyenne and Ruby)

11. "U.K. Fever" November 5, 2013

Plot: New Directions becomes overwhelmed when Sectionals arrives, and they must prepare for a U.K. theme. Peter and Claira reconnect despite disagreements on raising their child. Chuck and Anna fear a long-distance relationship together after Chuck graduates.

Singles: "Trouble Sleeping" (Claira), "Put Your Arms Around Me" (Anna and Chuck), "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)" (The Woodford R&B Starlettes), "The A Team" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "Is Your Love Big Enough?" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "More Than This" (New Directions Boys), "Run Free" (Carina), "Price Tag" (New Directions)

12. "Wreck the Malls" November 12, 2013

Plot: The glee club heads to the mall instead of the Christmas Festival at McKinley, but the gang is locked in; Carina gets addicted to shopping; Addison and Mayson try to reconnect with their family for Christmas, and a visit from a former New Directions member surprises everyone.

Singles: "Going to the Mall" (New Directions Girls with Judi), "Bad Girl" (Carina and Levi), "Wreck the Malls" (Addison, Chuck, and New Directions), "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (Addison and Mayson), "TBA" (Alex and Claira), "Sleigh Ride" (New Directions)

13. "This is the New Year" November 19, 2013

Plot: The glee club reflects on their past memories when the new year approaches; Gunner and Carina reconcile after a year of animosity. Addison is conflicted when Karin manipulates her brother. Levi relives his cyberbullying occasion.

Singles: "Before the Storm" (Addison, Dougie, Karin, and Levi), "Princess of China" (Carina and Gunner), "Straightjacket Feeling" (Levi), "When Does it Go Away" (Addison and Karin), "This is the New Year" (New Directions), "Dare You to Move" (New Directions)

14. "Weekend, Part II" November 26, 2013

Plot: Elizabeth takes the initiative to throw a party of her own, but a one-night stand with Colton may impact her future with Charlie. Meanwhile, Addison seeks advice from Mayson; an unexpected visitor returns for A.J.; Clyde and Isabel's relationship reaches rock bottom, giving Clyde the opportunity to target Cheyenne.

Singles: "How We Do (Party)" (New Directions), "Right Round" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "Your Body" (Elizabeth and Gunner), "Endless Love" (Anna and Chuck), "Adorn" (Gunner), "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)" (Elizabeth), "Oh What A Night" (New Directions)

15. "Songs in the Key of Alicia" December 3, 2013

Plot: Will declares Alicia Keys week for the glee club. Meanwhile, Gunner realizes the true meaning of friendship when he reconnects with those he pushed away, later befriending Shannon. Levi's new look on life strengthens his friendship with Trent. Addison and Candace test their newfound relationship. Anna tries to help Chuck prepare for his senior project presentation. Claira gets her first ultrasound. Charlie and Colton fight over Elizabeth, who is confronted by Ruby over the same situation.

Singles: "Brand New Me" (Gunner), "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" (Charlie), "Put It In a Love Song" (Addison and Candace), "A Woman's Worth" (New Directions Girls), "No One" (Anna and Chuck), "Girl On Fire" (Claira), "Lesson Learned" (Cheyenne), "New Day" (New Directions)

16. "Invincible" December 10, 2013

Plot: Levi and Trent's affair creates tension between New Directions and The Showstoppers for Regionals. Claira's false contractions become a concern for the glee club. Meanwhile, Charlie determines the fate of his relationship with Elizabeth. Addison must decide between USC and California University.

Singles: "Bass Down Low/Big Fat Bass" (The Harlem Harmonics), "Timber" (The Showstoppers), "Rose Colored Glasses" (TBA), "Dance Apocalyptic" (Carina and Elizabeth with New Directions)

17. "Courage" December 10, 2013

Plot: Due to the glee club's low self-esteem, Will builds their confidence with the help of the McKinley Alumni, Quinn, Mercedes and Santana. Chuck and Elizabeth prepare for their NYADA auditions; Addison's USC tour forces her to contemplate whether her relationship with Candace will be compatible. Carina doubts her future at CCM and Mercedes and Santana helps her find her spark.

Singles: "The Impossible Dream" (Chuck), "Tomorrow" (Elizabeth), "Hero" (Carina, Mercedes and Santana)

18. "A Dream Come True" December 17, 2013

Plot: Dougie's dream to be a country singer is overlooked by Dougie's jealousy of Levi's new beau; a retired country singer serves as his guide. Carina and Levi audition for admissions for UCLA's Performing Arts school. Meanwhile, Claira's future is jeopardized after accepting a full-time scholarship in Paris. Will she be able to manage raising a child and going to college far away?

Singles: "I Walk The Line" (Robbie), "He'll Have to Go" (Dougie), "Blown Away" (Carina), "Landslide" (Levi), "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" (Dougie and Robbie)

19. "Prom Wars" December 24, 2013

Plot: Cheyenne seeks redemption during Prom as she competes against Isabel and Shannon for the crown. Colton and Charlie compete for Elizabeth's affection; meanwhile, Trent and Dougie's rivalry over Levi confuses Carina. Drew, Daniel, and Rick all return for A.J.'s affection; Claira and Alex make amends/ 

20. "Miami" December 31, 2013

Plot: New Directions arrives at Miami for Nationals, but a shocking moment immediately unravels. Carina and Levi await their UCLA letters; Clyde and Cheyenne revisit a romantic point in their relationship. Mayson fears Addison's departure after graduation. 

21. "Coming Home" January 7, 2014

Plot: Will assembles a one-time reunion for the seniors at McKinley High; Daniel reveals a shocking secret to A.J.. Claira's miscarriage takes a toll on her and New Directions. Lily reflects on her life after Shawn. Addison reunites with her father after months of silence.

22. "Gone Too Soon" January 7, 2014

Plot: In the third-season finale, graduation for the seniors takes a toll on Will. Meanwhile, the New Directions members grieve over an unexpected death. Chuck and Anna determine the future of their relationship. Addison, Carina and Levi prepare for their dynamic return to Los Angeles, while Cheyenne, Chuck and Elizabeth prepare to move to the Big Apple.

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