Episode OneEdit

Parallel Newbies on the Block N.D. Hospitality Don't Look Back
Members are recruited for New Directions. Daniel,

ElizabethRickAnna, and A.J.

Levi and Carina Ruby
Voiceovers Mr. Schuester, Rick, and A.J. Levi and Carina Levi, A.J., Gunner, Sue, and Denzil
Someone has a crush. A.J. has a crush on Rick. Levi has a crush on Dougie. N/A
A.J. threatens someone at the beginning of the episode. N/A A.J. threatens to punch Jacob Ben Israel. A.J. threatens to punch Donny Hart.
A New Directions member tries to get with another, but fails. N/A Chuck tries to get with Carina. Gunner tries to win back Addison.
A person changes their style and look. N/A Cheyenne dyes her hair blonde. Levi dies his hair black.
Someone is concerned about another's behavior. N/A Gunner worries about Addison's weird ways. Carina worries about Levi's ways.
Members are mentioned to have left prior to the summer. N/A Rick transferred and Anna moved. Drew, Lily, and Daniel all moved.

Episode TwoEdit

Parallel Romantic Perspective The Pink Friday Experience Recruit/Pursuit
Addison Lee performs a Nicki Minaj song. Super Bass/Fly with Elizabeth N/A
Two characters kiss at the end of the episode. Chuck and Anna Cheyenne and Ari N/A
Chuck sings a duet with a girl crush.

Chuck sings You Don't Bring Me Flowers with Anna.

Chuck sings Girls Fall Like Dominoes with Carina. N/A
A character feels underappreciated. N/A Cheyenne A.J.
Cheyenne goes against a staff member in the episode. N/A Mr. Schuester Sue Sylvester

Episode ThreeEdit

Parallel Dream Chasers Runaway Love The Devil's Advocate
Gunner sings a solo. N/A Cold Case Love Bad Religion
Only one person joins New Directions. Julian Carson Gunner White Isabel Almendarez

Episode FourEdit

Parallel Triangle of Love Monster Vandalized
Two characters grow a close friendship. Rick and A.J. Levi and Dougie Dougie and Carina
A love triangle is formed. Daniel, Rick, and A.J. Chuck, Gunner, and Carina Ruby, Candace, and Colton
A rival group goes against New Directions. N/A The McKinley Rebels Vocal Adrenaline

Episode FiveEdit

Parallel High School of Horrors The Birthday Crashers ParanormaLaShane
A party is, at first, ruined. A power outage at the McKinley Halloween Party. The McKinley Rebels crash Dougie's birthday party. A power outage at Chuck's Halloween Party in Levi's hallucination.
New characters are liked at first. Chanel Alex and Shannon Mayson
Chuck sings a solo. Ghost I'm Too Sexy (only in dirty version) N/A
Cheyenne sings with a character. She sings E.T. with Daniel. She sings Stupid Hoe with Carina. N/A
Carina shares a kiss with a New Directions boy. N/A Carina kisses Gunner. Carina kisses Dougie.

Episode SixEdit

Parallel Girls Will Be Boys Rock vs. R&B Taking the Lead
The episode consists of a competition. The New Directions Girls compete against the New Directions Boys. New Directions compete against The McKinley Rebels. Chuck and Elizabeth compete against Gunner and Ruby to get a role in Chicago.
Two characters kiss and one is in shock. Chuck kisses Claira, Anna is in shock. Gunner kisses Carina, Addison is in shock. N/A
A rival group performs. The Showstoppers The McKinley Rebels N/A

Episode SevenEdit

Parallel Fools in Love Center Stage of Attention Breaking the Habit
A character crushes on another. Daniel develops a crush on A.J.  Karin has a crush on Addison. Candace has a crush on Colton.
Groups compete against each other. The Phantoms vs. The Valentines New Directions vs. The McKinley Rebels N/A
A character quits New Directions. Anna quits New Directions. N/A Gunner quits New Directions.
Anna sings a song for Chuck. Anna sings Love The Way You Lie/Irreplaceable towards Chuck after catching him kiss Claira. N/A Anna sings Fight For This Love to keep their relationship strong, and to show her care for Chuck and his future.
A group of people try to warn or worry about a character. N/A New Directions are worried about Addison's bond with Karin. The New Directions Girls are concerned about Shannon's deal with abuse.

Episode EightEdit

Parallel Now or Never Merry Ex-Mas Gossip 101
Chuck sings a solo, expressing his emotions towards Anna. Down Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) N/A
Chuck is sad about something. Chuck is sad about hurting Anna. Chuck truly misses Anna on Christmas. Chuck is sad when Levi accuses him of starting a gossip web show about everyone.
A confrontation happens in public. A fight towards Judi and Aphasia from Jane Addams Academy Show Choir at Sectionals. N/A Cheyenne slaps Isabel down to the ground in the hallway.

Episode NineEdit

Parallel Christmas Charity Rockin' New Year's Eve Hardly Breathing
Former New Directions members return. Santana, Artie, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn Anna N/A

Episode TenEdit

Parallel Bad Influence Girl Power Chicago
Cheyenne expresses her attitude in a song. Right To Be Wrong based on her new behavior. Hard based on her bad girl attitude. N/A
A female character uses another female character. Claira tries to use Cheyenne. Cheyenne tries to use Carina. N/A
New members audition for New Directions. Lily Stevens Alex and Shannon N/A
Claira gets into an argument. Claira argues/fights with Cheyenne. Claira argues with Daniel. N/A
A character becomes the antagonist of the episode. Claira Daniel N/A
Daniel calls a girl a name. Daniel calls Cheyenne a bitch. Daniel calls Claira "Ms. I'm-Such-A-Sweet-Girl" N/A

Episode ElevenEdit

Parallel Ultra-Clutch Pretty Lil' Heart U.K. Fever
Chanel causes trouble for Mr. Schuester. Chanel slips a pill in Mr. Schuester's drink, causing them to have sex. Chanel lies about her pregnancy. N/A

Episode TwelveEdit

Parallel World War Chanel Cyberbu//y Wreck The Malls

Episode ThirteenEdit

Parallel School Daze Sober

Episode FourteenEdit

Parallel Weekend Hero
Chuck becomes unexpectedly and romantically involved with another guy. Chuck has sex with Dougie at his party. Chuck kisses Denzil at the repast of Chuck's funeral.

Episode FifteenEdit

Parallel Coming Out Circle Of Life
A boy immediately falls in love with Chuck. Dougie Denzil
Addison has a solo, but performs it for a good reason. Addison sings Reach Out (I'll Be There) to support Daniel. Addison sings The Climb to express her strength.

Episode SixteenEdit

Parallel R.R.R. The Duets

Episode SeventeenEdit

Parallel Spread the Love Our Time Now
Cheyenne gets into a physical altercation with her enemy. Claira Carina

Episode EighteenEdit

Parallel Detention Hollywood Bound

Episode NineteenEdit

Parallel Changes California's Most Wanted

Episode TwentyEdit

Parallel Janet Family Portrait

Episode Twenty-OneEdit

Parallel Love/War The Big Bang

Episode Twenty-TwoEdit

Parallel Radio City Nights

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