Season Four
Season 4, Episode 66-87
First Aired Summer 2013
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The fourth season of the musical-comedy-drama fanfiction series Glee: The New Years announced in November 3, 2012.. It will consist of 20-22 episodes and it will begin the fresh new start for New Directions. The new season of Glee: The New Years was confirmed to be released in the summer of 2013.

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Hayden Panettiere as Melody Green
  • Niall Horan as Jake Heart
  • Diego Boneta as Nathan Branth
  • Lindsey Shaw as Joan "JJ" Harrow
  • Logan Henderson as Josh Hernandez
  • Jessica Szohr as Kaiden Rivers
  • Landon Liboiron as Brandon Cassidy


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1. "N.D. Reloaded"

Plot: As the next set of seniors prepare for college, Mr. Schuester tries to fill the void that the Class of 2016 left after graduating. Meanwhile, Dougie's superstar dreams take a twisted turn after Robbie Cassidy is reported dead. Gunner and Shannon's relationship becomes affected by discrimination and social class. A.J. and Anna's behavioral changes worry the members of New Directions, as they fight to take the co-captain opportunities.

2. "The Pink Friday Experience: Carina Reloaded"

Plot: Will appoints New Directions alum Carina to assist the glee club's second Nicki Minaj week. While there, she faces nostalgia during her time back in Ohio and discovers Gunner's new agenda. Chanel returns with unusual news and a new proposition. Football bully Nathan fights for Gunner's quarterback status, but Kaiden's interest in joining the football team challenges him. Melody and Isabel's rivalry puts the Cheerios in jeopardy.

3. "Revenge"

Plot: Tired of feeling unappreciated in New Directions, A.J., Denzil, Ruby, Shannon and Charlie decide their fate with glee club. Dougie recruits new members, but Jake and Melody must choose between their reputations and joining New Directions. Meanwhile, Kaiden and Gunner team up to fight against Nathan's belligerent, intimidating behavior. Candace feels isolated without Addison at McKinley, and Isabel makes Candace her protégé.  

4. "The Truth Hurts"

Plot: Recovering from a shift in status, New Directions try to overcome a new obstacle: the return of The McKinley Rebels. Gunner questions his relationship with Shannon prior to what he considers déjà vu. Anna's interest in poetry club comes with a potential consequence, as she is introduced to Josh Hernandez, the captain of SLAM.

5. "Invitationals"

Plot: The McKinley Rebels and New Directions prepare for their school's Invitationals performances; The Rebels suffer from a state of nature when Charlie, A.J. and Shannon compete for leads. Kaiden, under Gunner's wing, joins New Directions. JJ's reckless behavior takes a toll on the glee club, while Anna's passions for SLAM causes glee club to question her loyalty.

6. "Be Like You"

Plot: Anna's inspiration for poetry becomes a dangerous tactic, as she uses her feelings as a platform for anger and frustration with Chuck and New Directions. Despite Dougie's decision to co-direct for the club, his dreams remain unknown after a tragic obstacle. Isabel's influence on Candace concerns New Directions. Melody and Jake's relationship slowly deteriorates as Brandon gets in the midst.

7. "Dare To Dance"

Plot: Mr. Schuester is concerned with the glee club's liveliness, so he, Chanel and Dougie revive Booty Camp, with Jake, Nathan, Candace, Kaiden and JJ as the room for improvement. Meanwhile, The McKinley Rebels come with a scheme to sabotage New Directions' potential victory.

8. "The End of Innocence"

Plot: Anna is conflicted when her friendship with Josh is disrupted by romantic feelings; she also explores her virginity, seeking advice from the glee club. Candace's troublesome behavior is put to an end. Brandon develops a crush on Dougie after accepting Jake and Melody's relationship. Isabel helps A.J. with the Muckraker, but consequences may arise.

9. "Family Feud"

Plot: As The McKinley Rebels and New Directions get into a heated rivalry, Chanel and Dougie try to ease the tension through a friendly mash-up competition. Gunner, who lives with Levi's parents, becomes adamant about family dinner with Shannon's parents. Anna's secret takes a toll on her. Mayson is convinced by The McKinley Rebels to join the team.

10. "Showcase"

Plot: Sectionals approaches and Mr. Schuester gives the remaining seniors in New Directions the opportunity to showcase their talents for the big solo. So, Anna and Gunner compete for the chance. Mayson chooses between the rival clubs. Candace makes a shocking decision that tarnishes Isabel's reputation. Kaiden's friendship with JJ strengthens.

11. "Christmas in New York, Part I"
Anna and Charlie take a Christmas road trip to surprise Chuck and Elizabeth, but as secrets unfold, things may change between the power couples. Cheyenne's modeling gig takes a bumpy ride. A.J. visits his family home in New York for Christmas dinner, but as senior plans are discussed, he questions his future.
12. "About Last Night"

Plot: When Nathan's New Year's Eve party is the talk of the town, tensions arise between The McKinley Rebels and second-place winners New Directions. Shannon believes Gunner is still in love with Carina after an awkward romantic fling. A.J. and Rick's platonic friendship shifts dramatically. Meanwhile, Melody sets Brandon and Dougie up to keep her relationship with Jake in tact. JJ poses a danger to Candace and Kaiden after influencing them to drink.

13. "Switch"

Plot: After New Directions loses to The McKinley Rebels for Sectionals, Shannon and Charlie propose an idea for New Directions to merge with their group for Regionals. Dougie and Brandon face the consequences of their fling. Melody has an unusual affair with shocking member of New Directions.

14. "Pandemonium!"

Plot: The collision of The McKinley Rebels and New Directions comes with chaos, as the students can't agree, and Shannon, Charlie, Mr. Schuester, Dougie and Chanel fight for power for the supergroup. After Isabel is forced out of the Cheerios, Melody's new role on the team sparks controversy. JJ threatens Candace and Kaiden after the New Year's Eve party events.

15. "DC vs. NSYNC"

Plot: The directors of The McKinley Rebels put the members to the test by having an ultimate boys vs. girls competition, strictly performing songs by Destiny's Child and NSYNC.

16. "Pride"

Plot: After Jake comes out, his jock friends disown him and is faced with homophobia. The glee club, therefore, support him by starting a Pride Walk for the school. Gunner's relationship with Shannon is in danger as race plays a part in her family's life.

17. "Slumber Party"

Plot: In this very special episode, Shannon throws a slumber party gone awry, after a tough break-up with Gunner. Meanwhile, JJ makes a strange revelation to Kaiden. Isabel and Candace revamp their friendship, and a special member of the glee club alums makes a surprise appearance.

18. "1920"

Plot: Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, McKinley's Junior-Senior's 1920-theme prom gives Gunner a bittersweet memory of Carina. New Directions, meanwhile, are slated to perform at prom. As McKinley High alums return from college, Addison, Carina, Chuck and Levi, tensions arise.

19. "Vogue"

Plot: To raise money for Nationals, Carina and Levi help New Directions run a fashion show fundraiser. However, when candidates become more competitive and less cooperative, things go haywire. Gunner balances auditioning for NYADA and accepting a football scholarship. Charlie and A.J. compete for NYU spots. Meanwhile, Dougie and Brandon's relationship is finally exposed.

20. "Welcome To Sin City"

Plot: New Directions hits Las Vegas for Nationals. Will and Chanel discover an unusual person at a casino resort. Meanwhile, A.J. tries to help a troubled Lily after discovering her new agenda. JJ and Nathan cause a havoc for glee club.

21. "Blast From The Past"

Plot: As graduation approaches, A.J., Anna, Charlie, Gunner, and Shannon reflect on glee club memories. Gunner and Carina come to terms with the future of their former relationship. Ruby considers joining the Cheerios for next year, under Isabel's wing. Meanwhile, Dougie and Brandon's relationship causes Levi to intervene.

22. "Graduation Day"

Plot: The Class of 2017 graduates and says goodbye to New Directions, but a new opportunity may allow one alum to stay. Dougie fears the worst after his relationship with Brandon is exposed. Charlie and Anna prepare for New York, while Shannon prepares for L.A., with Levi and Carina as her mentors.



  • When Gunner, A.J. and Anna are revealed to be the only ones remaining, after departures from Shannon, Colton, Ruby, Charlie and Denzil, Will Schuester struggles with having that magic back in New Directions again, and forces to disband, but with the help of the remaining three, they help recruit new members.
  • There will be more mainstream music in this season.

Gunner WhiteEdit

  • Gunner will struggle with his relationship with Cheyenne now that she, Elizabeth and Chuck are at New York.
  • Gunner may bond with new member, JJ, but it seems as if she has her eye on someone else.

Chace HigginsEdit

  • Chace has been confirmed for a 4-episode arc for season three, but his role will increase in season four.
  • He will likely have a love interest during this season after attempts with being with Dougie Eastwood.
  • Chace will have an introduction in season three similar to Rachel Berry's.

New CharactersEdit

  • New characters have been confirmed to be in this season.


  • More mainstream music will come.

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