Riley Cruz
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (Season 3)
Eye Color: Light Green
Birthday: March 30th
Height: 5'4
Weight: 150 lbs.
Aliases: Cruz
Family & Friends
Relationships: Levi Lashane (crush)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Friends: Levi Lashane
Enemies: Dougie Eastwood
Carina Maraj
Other Information
Interests: Levi Lashane, playing piano
Clique: The Showstoppers
Education: Carver High School
Talent: Singing, dancing
Strengths: Sarcasm
Series Information
First appearance: California's Most Wanted
Portrayer: Beau Mirchoff
 Riley Cruz is a minor-now-recurring character in ClevanOTP's series, Glee: The New Years. He is from Carver High School and is currently in The Showstoppers. In California's Most Wanted, he makes his appearance, and he is revealed to be related to Drew Coach. Later on in season three, he will be Levi Lashane's new love interest, but will also have enemies, such as Carina Maraj and Dougie Eastwood. He was created by ClevanOTP and portrayed by Beau Mirchoff.


Riley has a very mature and sweet personality. Cruz can be best described as intelligent and caring, as he will be for Levi Lashane in the future. Riley has experience of falling in love, but seems to be the one that's broken hearted in the relationship, this makes him become more sensitive and more hurt than before. Dealing with a rough life in the past, Riley has tried to push through those situations to succeed, and since he realizes that Levi is going through a lot, this brings them more closer.


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