Season Three, Episode Two
First Aired October 6, 2012
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Recruit/Pursuit is the second episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years and the fourty-fourth episode overall. It will introduce brand new and recurring characters to join New Directions, it will mainly focus on them, as a relation to Newbies On The Block, more focus on the new characters than the actual characters now.

Due to Chuck's refusal to return back to New Directions, Mr. Schuester decides to hold auditions to recruit new members, and suddenly, he realizes how unique the members will be, while Cheyenne tries to face a new rival cheerleader on her team when Sue decides to give her co-captain rights to her. Claira faces the music when she decides to tell Alex about her night with Peter and the impact on it. Coach Michaels pushes Gunner to a boiling point but also, Gunner doesn't realize that someone is having attractions to him, Levi Lashane, who seems to be careless about Dougie's incident.


Coach Michaels starts her football team practice, demanding the football team members to step up their activity in the practice. Gunner, however, continued to struggle with the routines, forcing Bridget to bring him aside. Coach Michaels mocks him for his accidental act, but Gunner becomes completely fed up with Michaels' constant picking on him. He takes 10 laps around the field as a consequence, and Gunner's school pride decreases.

Candace Livingston, a new student, meanwhile, accidentally bumps into another student, Colton Knowles, while trying to prepare for her classes. Colton and Candace both interact greatly as they discuss their hopes of adapting to William McKinley High School's atmosphere. Candace claims that she was given her first slushie facial, although her fighting reputation, she mentions, is idle. 

Meanwhile, in the hallways, Carina notices Addison is unhappy due to the pressure of the Gunner conflict she faces. Carina knew that Gunner kept feelings for Addison while they were dating, but Carina agrees that she misses being with Gunner as well; although she doesn't feel like they work out together anymore. Carina, in the middle of their conversation, gets a text from Taylor, her close friend from The Showstoppers and co-member of Searching for Stars. The show is discussed between the two, and the two get into a mini-debate over reality TV shows, implying a developing friendship.

In Sue Sylvester's office, Cheyenne's placement as co-captain of the Cheerios is downgraded and formerly expelled student, Isabel Almendarez returns to replace her spot. Cheyenne is very infuriated by Sue's decision, and gets into an argument with Isabel over being the "head bitch in charge."

Alex and Shannon go to the Lima Bean after school, as Shannon jokes about her muffins. The two playfully argue, and as Alex gets a coffee, Claira arrives to the Lima Bean unaware of Alex and Shannon's presence, but she hides. Alex questions if it's true if Claira is actually pregnant, the wonders of it concern her, but she realizes that Claira has been seemingly ignoring her. Alex also reveals that because of her alienation, she wants to transfer to a different school, but the idea doesn't go well with Shannon. 

Mr. Schuester decides that it is time to recruit new members for New Directions, but A.J. doesn't agree, still determined for Drew's return. However, A.J. feels as if his ideas are unheard and he is treated differently than the others, he admits to missing Drew a lot, considering him a real boyfriend. Later that night, A.J. and Drew talked on Skype once again, but when Drew has to leave, it is implied that Drew is a stripper.

In the girls' bathroom, Cheyenne begins to sing a part of Take A Hintand Candace sings along with her. The two introduce themselves to each other, and Cheyenne realizes that Candace, who doesn't think she is a well singer, has a good voice, encouraging her to audition for New Directions. Candace agrees but mostly to adapt to the McKinley atmosphere and join extracurricular activities.

Gunner, fed up with Coach Michaels' strict, intimidating remarks and her constant belittling, decides to defend himself after having to run laps around the field. After backtalk, Michaels forces Gunner to leave the field. When Chuck tries to follow him, Michaels stops him, but threatens him to stay or be kicked off of the team.

Claira is approached by Peter, who ironically wants to help with the baby. Claira is very against this after his previous refusal. Peter expresses his backstory, claiming that his father was a deadbeat, and that he doesn't want to be like him. Peter starts to make Claira think that she should break up with Alex because she'll be infuriated with her pregnancy. Peter continues to tease her until Cheyenne arrives to defend her. Cheyenne confronts Peter, but Isabel unexpectedly comes to defend Peter due to his attractive appearance. Cheyenne and Isabel continue to argue over their reputations. Claira thanks Cheyenne for having her back at the end.

Colton and Candace meet up again, as Candace feels nervous for her auditions for New Directions. Colton takes the initiative to support her by auditioning with her as well.

Carina, the leader of the Glee Club Committee, discusses many issues regarding the downfall of New Directions. Shannon, without hesitation, blames Chuck for it, calling him selfish for quitting and blaming his personal issues on the club. Levi shares an encounter where he tried convincing Chuck to return, but he still refused, yet Levi was much more distracted by Gunner and his physical appearance, hinting Levi's new attraction.

Auditions take place in the auditorium, but the first person to audition, a student named Derwin Meeks, sings Bohemian Rhapsody in a very off-key tone. The members all disapproved as he continued to perform, rejecting him. Meanwhile, Colton is the next person to perform, after singing Runaway Babyhe is given a round of applause, and he encourages Candace to be brave and perform. When she goes to perform, she sings Put The Gun Down for her audition, when given a positive reaction, Candace thanks Colton.

Gunner approaches Michaels to give an apology for his disrespect, admitting that he felt belittled. Michaels' intentions to be strict is to help them succeed. The two make a deal, and they become on good terms. 

At the end, Alex is very disappointed in Claira after she confirms that she's pregnant. Although she isn't angry over her pregnancy, she felt lied to. Her anger increases after she finds out Claira and Peter had sex in L.A., leading to her pregnancy. As a result, Alex becomes fed up and decides to leave the school for good. As a goodbye, she performs It's Alright, It's Okayending with her things packed and out of the school.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Take a Hint Cast of Victorious Cheyenne McLarson and Candace Livingston
Bohemian Rhapsody † Queen Derwin Meeks
Runaway Baby Bruno Mars Colton Knowles
Put the Gun Down ZZ Ward Candace Livingston
It's Alright, It's Okay Ashley Tisdale Alex Monroe


Season 3, Episode 2:Edit

So here's what you missed on Glee: The New Years:

Chuck was retained and unable to graduate and it puts so much pressure on him that he decides to quit New Directions, Mr. Schuester also respectfully recruited Ruby as a new member of New Directions, if you do not remember her, she was a McKinley Rebel, one of the girls who were convinced to join in from Cheyenne and Elizabeth. However, this infuriates others because they feel as if they supported Chuck throughout, and it causes his relationship with Anna to be left on the rocks. Meanwhile, Coach Bridget Michaels, Shannon Beiste's replacement, gets into a rivalry with Sue, it turns out that Sue supposedly stole her man at Prom. Crazy, but Bridget is the tough kind of woman, especially when she pushes Gunner to a difficult point. Speaking of, now that Gunner and Carina have officially broken up, he tries to revive his relationship with Addison, they kiss, but overall, he fails. Meanwhile, Carina and everyone else worries about Levi's new ways after Dougie's car crash, and it almost pushes Carina to end their friendship.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


Coach Bridget Michaels blew her whistle as the football team were practicing running and throwing. "Come on, you wimps, work harder!" Gunner tried to fight himself to work hard so she wouldn't pick on him, he tried to push away all that happened from before and tried to do his best, but until something happened, his hopes vanished. He fell down roughly on the field. Michaels blew the whistle.

"Hey, you! Come here!"

Gunner got up from the ground and walked to Michaels, who crossed her arms. "What was that all about out there?"

"It was an accident, Coach," Gunner replied back.

Michaels began to mock him, "Oh, it was just an accident, Coach! Look, kid, in football, you don't make accidents, you don't make mistakes, you make effort, I'm not going to have no boy like you mess up our game in October. Go take 10 laps around the field,"

"Are you kidding me?" Gunner yelled out. "It was a freaking accident! No one is perfect at all!"

"Well, in my team, you have to be," Michaels said. "It's either that or you're kicked out of the team,"

Gunner sighed and shook his head, he ran his first lap around the field, angered. Gunner narrated, Why does it feel like my life is a living hell? Not because of Addison, but because of Coach Michaels. Ever since she became the new coach, she has been on my neck for the smallest things, when I fell down, she's at my neck, if I talk, she's at my neck, everytime, I try to make myself be the perfect team member, and she just pulls me down for the smallest crap, and at this point, I'm ready to explode, I don't know when, but I'm just gonna freak.

"Move your ass, kid!" Michaels yelled out, Gunner ran his 5th lap, he began to sweat, it began to drip and fall down to his chest, his heart was racing fast and he felt as if he couldn't take another lap.


A girl walked in the hallway, after getting her things from the locker, and she was looking around, trying to get to her class as fast as possible, but after, she bumped into a guy, pushing her things on the ground. The boy suddenly went on the ground to pick up her stuff, "I'm sorry, I should have looked where I was going," the girl went down to help along, "It's OK, I'm pretty clumsy, that's just me," the girl giggled. The boy looked up, and the girl looked up, and they looked at each other. The boy slowly gazed into her eyes, and smiled. the girl grabbed her things, "Thanks,"

"No problem at all," The boy smiled. "I'm Colton, by the way,"

"Candace," she said, Colton gave out his hand to shake, and they still gazed into each other's eyes. "So, are you new here?"

Colton and Candace walked in the hallways, "Actually I am, I'm just trying to find a way to adapt to this school, I feel as if this place is pretty weird to me," Colton chuckled, "Same, all I see now is jocks throwing slushies at other students, random people to be exact,"

"I was slushied yesterday, actually," Candace said. She flashed back to when she walked in the same position as she was in the hallways, a jock had come from behind, and splashed blue slush aggressively on her face. Candace squinted her eyes, wiping off the slush, as the jock laughed, "Welcome to McKinley, fresh meat!"

"Totally not cool," Colton said. "What's the point of it anyway?"

"I'm not sure," Candace said. "But they were definitely lucky I didn't retaliate back and fight,"

"You're a fighter?" Colton moved back a slight bit.

"Somewhat," Candace shrugged.

Colton laughed, and she laughed along, then it turned to silence, "Well, it was nice meeting you, Candace. See you around?"

Candace smiled, "Yeah, sure, why not?"

Colton waved and walked away, and Candace stood there, watching his every move, the way he looked, and how he dressed, she couldn't help but take one glimpse from behind.


Carina and Addison walked in the hallways together as Candace passed by, Addison slowly looked back and turned back to Carina. "Is everything okay, Addison, you've been a bit down lately,"

"I don't know, to be honest, it's just this Gunner thing is putting so much pressure on me, right when I thought we would be able to be friends, it turned out that he wanted me back, he kissed me in the car,"

"I already knew he still wanted you back, it was so obvious to me," Carina crossed her arms as she held her bag on the left side of her shoulders. "He just wanted to hide it, I know that for a fact,"

"I didn't want to hurt Gunner, I really didn't," Addison said, shaking her head. "But after what we've been through, it just seems as if I'm not as attracted or into him like I used to before. It's just not there for us anymore."

"I guess I feel the same way," Carina shrugged. "I still miss the times we had together as a couple, but I don't think we could ever work,"

Carina's cellphone slowly vibrated in her right pocket, as she grabbed her phone, she looked to see Taylor's name in the middle. She began to giggle at his text and she replied back, and put her phone slowly back in her pocket.

"Who was that?" Addison seemed curious about it, Carina looked up, "Oh, it's this guy I met in L.A., me and him both competed in Searching for Stars and he was in the Showstoppers,"

"The Showstoppers?" Addison raised her right eyebrow. "Bryan Ryan's group? That's the group where I met Gunner,"

"He was in that group?" Carina stopped walking, in shock. Addison nodded her head. Carina thought to herself, "Well, I guess it's okay, it's not Gunner either way," "Speaking of that show, you've never brought it up since the day you got here, how did it feel like being on the show?"

"It was like the X-Factor mixed in with American Idol, I'll leave it as that," Carina shrugged her shoulders, and Addison shook her head in disbelief, "That's exactly why I don't watch American Idol at all, reality TV shows are yawn."

"Opinion, opinion, opinion," Carina laughed and shook her head. "There's nothing wrong with reality TV shows,"

"For me, it is," Addison said.


Cheyenne and a girl on the right sat across from Sue Sylvester's office. Sue rolled her chair closer to them and took off her glasses. Cheyenne looked at the girl and looked back at Sue. "Coach Sylvester, I have two questions that I'm sure you can answer here, why am I here and who is she?"

"So, ladies, you guys are sent here because I have some good news and I have some bad news, and then there's worse news, Cheyenne, this is Isabel Almendarez, she was considered expelled after fighting a girl here, and also hitting the staff." Isabel, in the flashback, grabbed a girl by her hair and down to the ground, they slowly tumbled all through the hallway, rolling and rolling until school staff suddenly pulled them back, Isabel tried to pull away, and as the staff forced to pull her to Principal Figgins' office, she pushed the staff down and ran away.

Cheyenne lifted up her eyebrow, "So, if she was expelled, then why is she here?" "Figgins decided to give her a second chance, she wanted her second chance on the Cheerios, so I said, what the hay, all deserve another chance," Sue said.

"Exactly, we all are human, right?" Isabel smiled at Cheyenne, and she looked back, looking at her strangely and turning around to Sue.

"I'm still confused, Coach Sylvester, why are we both here?" Cheyenne crossed her arms in confusion.

"Well, Cheyenne Pepper, here's the bad news, for you, exactly, last week, I've realized that there needed to be a slight change in the Cheerios. Unfortunately, I've decided to have a new co-captain,"

"A new co-captain?" Cheyenne said. "You're replacing me?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Sue nodded. Cheyenne quickly got up from her seat and yelled out, "What? Hold on, hold up? You're telling me after all that I've worked for last year to get that damn co-captain spot, that you're just gonna take it away from me and give it to some other cheer whore on the team, I've worked my butt off for that spot,"

"I'm sorry, McLarson," Sue said regretfully, but sarcastically at the same time. Cheyenne put her hands on her hips. "So, who has my spot now?"

"That would be likely to Isabel," Sue pointed her hand at Isabel, who give a sassy smirk on her face as she looked at Cheyenne and back at Sue.

"You have got to be kidding me," Cheyenne said. "After all that I have worked for to get this spot, you give it to some crazy latina who hits staff and other adults,"

"So, what are you trying to say?" Isabel said. "I'm too dangerous to be the new co-captain of the team?"

Cheyenne moved closer to Isabel, "Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you with that? Too bad." Isabel slowly stood up from her chair, "Listen, chica, I'm not the one to mess with, sweetheart. You may have been the head bitch in charge, or so I've heard you thought you were, but gets what, I'm the new head bitch in charge, so, watch out,"

Isabel strutted as she walked out of Sue's office, "See you, Coach Sylvester, later, doggie," Cheyenne turned to Sue in anger, "Coach Sylvester, I can't believe you did this to me, after all I have worked for, you give it to her, you'll regret this, Coach," Cheyenne walked out of her office in anger and Sue chuckled as she grabbed her glasses and put them back on as she read a book.


Shannon grabbed 2 blueberry muffins after school as she and Alex went to the Lima Bean. She looked at each one and tried to examine the both of them. She turned to Alex, "Alex, which one do you think looks better for me to buy? This one or this one?"

"Why don't you just get both of them?" Alex rolled her eyes. "Because you only get pleasure out of one muffin a day!" Shannon replied back.

Alex crossed her arms as she gave one glimpse at Shannon, she quickly shook her head, "Okay, okay, I'll get the both of them, gosh,"

"It's not my fault that you're addicted to those things like a dude addicted to crack," Alex said. Shannon turned back around to Alex, "Crack is super wack, where the hell are you coming from, Alexander?"

Alex moved closer to Shannon, "What did you call me, Shannon?" Shannon started to get scared and she tried to make up a lie, "Um, um, I mean, Alex, just Alex," she briefly giggled. Alex shook her head, "I'll be right back, I'm gonna get a coffee,"

As Shannon and Alex prepared to buy their stuff, Claira walked by, but as she saw the backs of their heads, she quickly ran away from them to hide to make sure they didn't see her. Shannon and Alex sat at a table after, and Alex began to pout.

"What's going on, Alex?" Shannon said. "You seem to be a little down today,"

"Shannon, do you believe if Claira is pregnant or not?" Alex said. "Ever since Mr. Schue recalled that girl's same issues, it's just been stuck in my head."

"Beats me," Shannon shrugged. "How could she be pregnant if she's dating a girl?" "I don't know," Alex said. "I couldn't even be that intimate with her anymore because she was always so quiet, she treats me like I'm so invisible now, makes it like I don't even exist, at this point, I want to believe Mr. Schue and at another, I want to ask Claira about it, because I would be totally hurt if she's hiding something big from me,"

Claira took a peek at them, and overheard their conversation, she began to feel a lot of guilt, as she looked away trying not to feel hurt. Alex looked down as she sat across from Shannon, "I'm also thinking about transferring,"

"Transferring?" Shannon said in shock. "Alex, you can't just leave me here like that because of your issues with Claira, you and I, we're like best friends forever, don't just abandon me here,"

"I just don't feel right at McKinley anymore," Alex said. "I mean, being ignored by Claira, I never get any solos in New Directions, nor do I even volunteer like I used to in The Treble Belles, it's just what's the point of being here when I should be somewhere else?"

"I mean, if that's what you want to do, Alex, then do it, I won't stop you, I've honestly adapted quickly to McKinley High, a lot of people like me there, they think I'm this sweet, weird girl,"

"And that's what you are, at times," Alex said. "But I mean, what the hell would you need me for? You have everyone else, I can just go my own way." Claira looked down in hurt and regret as she continued to overhear their conversation, she sighed.


The next morning, New Directions all sat in the choir room, and Mr. Schuester sat on a stool. "Well, guys, it's about that time that we've recruited new members for Glee Club. We're a bit short now that Lily, Drew and Chuck are gone."

"But Drew is coming back," A.J. said. "I don't think there's no point in doing that,"

"There will still be more space for him, A.J.," Mr. Schuester said. "I'm sure of it, buddy,"

A.J. said. "Not if we add on 4 more members to the club, it won't," he looked down, trying not to get emotional. Charlie aggressively patted A.J's back, "Come on, loosen up, man, Drew will probably be here right when you know it,"

"Yeah, I guess," A.J. crossed his arms. Mr. Schuester walked closer to the Glee club, "Guys, we need this boost up, it's for the best, especially if we want to win this year at all show choir competitions again, it's New Directions for god's sake!" Mr. Schuester said with excitement.

A.J. looked down and shook his head as everyone cheered along. I still hate the fact that my ideas are just never heard anymore, I can't say anything good without being pushed down. Drew became an important part of my life, why must you push him away from me? I just can't take a day in New Directions without Drew and I know that I wasn't as serious about this with Rick and Daniel, but Drew is more than a boyfriend to me, he's a huge part of me.


"Only four weeks left, babe," Drew said as he was on Skype with A.J., he smiled back, "I just miss you so much, New Directions is already trying to bring in new members to replace you, Lily and Chuck,"

"Chuck quit?" Drew was shocked. "What for?"

"I honestly don't know," A.J. said. "Many think that he quit because he got retained and he blamed it all on us for his issues,"

"If he did, then that's one of the most selfish things he's ever done," Drew said. "I supported him ever since that day we found out about him getting left back, everyone did,"

"And now Anna won't talk to him anymore, so, I guess they're pretty much over," A.J. said.

"I wouldn't blame her," Drew said. "Anyway, babes, I have to go, love you,"

"Love you, too," A.J. smiled back. Drew waved and the call ended. Drew suddenly sighed as he was in a white room, full of men walking with their shirts off. He looked in the mirror as he stood up from his seat. A man walked to Drew, saying, "Okay, Drew, you're up next,"


Cheyenne walked in the girls' restroom and as she went to look in the mirror, randomly and quickly doing poses, dancing around the bathroom with her white earbuds on. As Candace walked out and flushed the toilet in a booth, she washed her hands, trying to ignore what Cheyenne was doing, when in reality, she wanted to laugh, Cheyenne quietly sang and murmured, "Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like I can always see ‘em coming, from the left and from the right,"

Candace suddenly sang quietly herself, as she finished washing her hands, "I don’t want to be a priss, I just try to be polite, but it always seems to bite me in the-"

Cheyenne slowly turned around and looked at Candace, she slowly smiled and sang, "Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot, you think that we should hook-up, but I think that we should not,"

Candace slowly looked at Cheyenne and smiled back, and they both sang, "You had me at hello, then you opened up your mouth and that is when it started going south, oh!"

Cheyenne took off her earbuds, and they continued to sing, "Get your hands off my hips, ‘fore I’ll punch you in the lips, stop your staring at my— hey! Take a hint, take a hint, no, you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think, I think you could use a mint, take a hint, take a hint,"

Candace giggled, "Wow, I'm surprised I'm not the only one that knows that song," Cheyenne replied back, "It's been on my iPod on repeat throughout."

"I'm Candace, Candace Livingston," Candace smiled and took out her hand. Cheyenne smiled back, "Cheyenne McLarson,"

"You are one of the co-captains of the Cheerios, right?" Candace asked, questioning as she grabbed a large piece of paper towel.

"I was one of the captains until someone decided to take them away from me to change things," Cheyenne said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Candace said. "Since I'm a sophomore, I'm still trying to get to adapt to this place, I want to join many clubs,"

Cheyenne's eyes popped in excitement after having an idea. "Say, I have an idea, why don't you join Glee Club?"

"Glee Club?" Candace chuckled. "I don't know, I'm not that good at singing," "Okay, now you're just lying," Cheyenne said. "Your voice is really amazing, definitely a fit for our club, at least sign up, we really need new members,"

Candace thought about it for a couple of seconds, and she looked at Cheyenne, "Well, sure, why not?"

"Awesome," Cheyenne said. "When does auditions start?" Candace said.

"Auditions start on Wednesday after school," Cheyenne said.

"Sure, I'll be there," Candace replied. Cheyenne waved and walked out of the bathroom. Candace looked down after she left, she narrated. I honestly never thought that I was good at singing, I still feel the same way. The only time I ever sang was when I was 5 years old starring in a school play. I never actually took lessons for singing either, I just hope that I can make it to this audition without chickening out or anything like that.


Gunner and the rest of the football players ran their way all around the football field. Gunner had sweat pouring down his face as he and Chuck ran laps around the field. He gave Chuck a short glimpse and turned back around. Coach Michaels loudly blew the whistle as Gunner stopped to catch his breath.

Coach Michaels walked as fast as she could Gunner, "Kid, there's no stopping at running laps,"

"I'm sorry, Coach," Gunner took deep breaths. "I'm just not used to this at all," "If you aren't used to it at all, then why are you on the football team?" Michaels said. "Maybe stop eating so much,"

"You know what," Gunner got up, in anger, trying hard to fight back. "I'm tired of this, I'm tired of every single day at practice having to deal with a churlish coach like you, if you're going to freaking insult a new member, then you can just do that to someone else, you're always singling me out and putting me down, how would you feel if that was you?"

The football players looked at each other and gave "oohs" and "aahs" and the look on Coach Michaels' face changed the tone of the field. She suddenly grabbed Gunner from his shirt, yelling out, "Get off of my goddamn field, now!"

Gunner lashed out and threw his helmet to the ground and walked away from the field, Chuck tried to chase him, but Michaels pushed him back, "And where do you think you're going?"

"That's my friend, I'm just trying to talk to him," Chuck said.

"It's either that or you can get out of my team, too," Michaels replied. Chuck looked at Gunner walking away, and he looked back at the football players, he walked back to the team and looked down in remorse.

"We don't need him, guys, if you want to walk away like he did, say it now or forever hold your peace," Michaels said. There was total silence and tension at the same time, and Michaels sarcastically smiled. "Good, now get back to those laps!" Michaels blew the whistle and they continued to do their laps.


As Claira walked in the hallway at McKinley, she went to her locker and opened it up for her things, until she heard Peter's voice, "What's up, Juno?" Claira turned around slowly, "What do you want, Peter? I really don't want to talk to you right now."

"So, I can't be willing to contribute to take care of this baby?" Peter replied back as he moved closer to her with his Warbler uniform on.

"Shouldn't you be in school already?" Claira nodded her head. "And what makes you think I want you to contribute to taking care of my baby now? You had your chance when I first told you,"

"Look, Juno," Peter said. "My dad was a deadbeat, a freaking deadbeat, when my mom had me as a baby, my father was never there to support me or anything, just because we're exes doesn't mean I can't provide anything for my daughter or son, I'm not trying to be like my father,"

"Just so you know, we never really were a real couple, Peter," Claira said. "I never really was attracted to you or anything, I had sex with you only because I was drunk, and what makes you think that just because you said that I would let you even help take care of my child, and what makes you think that I actually want to take care of this baby? My parents don't know, my own girlfriend doesn't even know this,"

"Why are you with that Alex girl anyway?" Peter said. "Do you even really love her, from what I believe, I think that you've been neglecting her a lot, and until she finds out that you're preggers, I'm sure she'll flip,"

"Shut up." Claira nodded in frustration and anger. She looked down and tried to fight her feelings. "That's not true at all,"

"Of course it is," Peter said. "If you were so faithful, you wouldn't have agreed with coming to my hotel party in the first place and maybe you wouldn't be in this little predicament,"

"Shut UP, Peter," Claira said, gritting her teeth as her hand started to ball up in anger. Cheyenne looked behind, overhearing Peter and Claira's conversation, she walked as fast as she could and she jumped in.

"Hey, back off of her, Warbler," Cheyenne said. "She's already in so much pain right now, why put more on her,"

"What are you, her mother?" Peter said sarcastically, he gave a smirk and shook his head. Cheyenne moved closer to Peter. "OK, so, I guess you're those tough types, eh? Listen, go on and take your Warbler ass out of my school, or trust me, I will make your life a living hell. You've done hurt Claira enough to tease her, pick on another chick your own size,"

"Excuse me," Isabel suddenly walked to them, "But who said you were to say something like that to a hot guy like this?"

"You think I'm hot?" Peter said, he chuckled randomly and turned around, "Well.."

"For your information, Almendarez, just because you're the new co-captain of the Cheerios, doesn't mean that you can take over everyone's personal lives,"

"Besides you don't even know us," Claira replied back.

"I know you guys," Isabel crossed her arms, "I definitely know you two, the ones that were the trouble at McKinley in the first place,"

"How hypocritical do you sound right now?" Cheyenne said. "Coming from a girl who got expelled for hitting staff,"

"Yeah, well, guess what," Isabel said. "I'm back again, and no wanna be bad girl will try to ruin my chances as head bitch of McKinley, so, you can say what you want, McLarson, but everything you say will go back to you," Isabel walked away, and winked at Peter, he looked back blushing, "She likes me,"

"Shut up." Cheyenne said. "Don't change the subject, just stay away from Claira, dude, she doesn't need any stress on her right now,"

"Fine," Peter shrugged. "But until you realize how good of a father I would be to your child, I just wanted to do that, but fine. See you at Sectionals," Peter walked away from them and Cheyenne and Claira looked at each other.

"Thanks for doing that," Claira said. "He was really going to see the old Claira come out, and I didn't want to cause a scene with a baby in my belly."

"Claira, you know me and you had a rocky start before, I don't care about that, you know that no matter what happens, I have your back,"

'Thanks, Chey," Claira moved closer to Cheyenne and hugged her.


Colton followed Candace in the hallway after she left from her locker. He smiled and greeted her. "Hey, Candace,"

Candace turned back around and smiled, "Hey, Colton, nice seeing you again,'" she giggled as they both walked together. "I told you I would be able to see you again,"

Candace smiled back, "I'm just nervous about something," Colton replied back, "Is everything okay?"

"I guess so, it's just this Glee Club thing I'm supposed to go to, a girl named Cheyenne suggested that I did because she loved my voice," Candace said. Colton smiled, "Oh, I'm sure it's not that bad, I'd love to join, maybe if you did, I would come to support you, I'll audition too,"

"You would do that?" Candace smiled. Colton nodded, "Of course,"


Carina slammed her gavel on a table as she, Cheyenne, Levi, A.J., Shannon, Anna, Ruby, Addison and Elizabeth were all in a classroom. Carina sat at the end of the table and Addison stood on the other side in the middle, "Boys, girls, welcome to our first meeting of The Glee Club Committee." Carina said.

"So, we're all here to talk about some further topics," Addison said. "A lot has been going on these past 2 weeks of school so far this year, with Chuck leaving and everything, we just flopped,"

"I feel like Chuck's selfish, end of story," Shannon crossed her arms. "Why blame us for your issues and run away from a place we call home?"

"Shannon's got a point though," Cheyenne said. "I was always supporting Chuck throughout his senior year, and he just blames it all on me,"

"Maybe someone should talk to him," Anna said.

"Already tried that," Levi said. "But something got me distracted and he still refused." Levi flashed back quickly to the moment.

"Levi, what's the point, dude?" Chuck said as he put on his shirt after football practice, he got his shoes back out of his locker and sat on a bench and put them on slowly. "I'm already having fun in football practice here,"

"So, you consider Coach Michaels as another Mr. Schuester to you?" Levi said.

"By the way, I like your new style," Chuck said, smiling. Levi squinted his eyes, "No, don't change the subject now, dude, you're not even giving a great reason of why you don't want to come back, everything you said to me is just weak."

"You just don't get it, Levi," Chuck said, Levi nodded his head, and as he continued to talk, Levi slowly spotted Gunner across from another locker, as if it was in slow motion, sweat slowly poured down to Gunner's chest, as he took his white tank top off, the sweat on his body stopped down to his ripped body, he grabbed a bottle of water from a cooler next to him, he slowly drank the water and poured half on his body. Levi stood gazing, couldn't help but bite the right side of his bottom lip, trying to fight all of the emotions that were surrounding him just then, Chuck was still going on of why he didn't want to come back to New Directions.

Levi snapped out of it, "I want to go back to that locker room," There was dead silence, and as Addison and Carina looked at each other and back, Levi looked up at them, shook his head and looked away.

"Anyway, also, we have 5 auditions so far for new members in New Directions," Carina said.

"I convinced one of those members, though," Cheyenne said. "She's really great, you guys,"

"I guess we'd have to see for ourselves," Carina said. "I mean, what's the worse that could happen?"


Everyone was in the auditorium in New Directions holding auditions. Mr. Schuester called out the first name on the audition paper. "Um, Derwin Meeks,"

Derwin walked out with nerdy glasses and suspenders, pants all high up to his stomach, and as he talked, his speech seemed a little hard to understand, "Hi, my name is Derwin. Derwin Meeks. And I. Will be. Singing. Bohemian Rhapsody."

Cheyenne and Elizabeth gave similar glimpses at each other and turned back to Derwin. When he began to sing, he was off-key and saying it slowly. "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality."

"Mr. Schue, I just can't, please just," Carina scoffed and put her hand on her head in disgust and disapproval. Derwin continued to sing, "Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see, I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy, because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low..."

"OK, Derwin, thank you!" Mr. Schuester stopped him, and after he was stopped, Derwin suddenly made an infuriated experession, getting angry, "I wasn't finished,"

"We've heard enough, bud," Mr. Schuester smiled, but Derwin, out of angst, pushed the microphone down on the stage and walked away.

"OK, that boy has serious anger problems," Cheyenne pushed back in shock.

"Never thought he would do that," Levi said. "He's totally cool," Carina and everyone looked at him. Levi replied back, "What?"

After numeral auditions that turned bad, even one with freaky dancing, Mr. Schuester put his hand on his head in disappointment. "I just hope we can get through these 2 auditions left,"

"I hope I never see anyone do that freaky dance routine ever again," Cheyenne said. "That was just so gross,"

Colton and Candace were backstage, "Good luck out there, Colton,"

"Me? Good luck?" Colton said. "There's no need at all, I got this, watch me work." Colton winked.

"Colton Knowles?" Mr. Schuester called out his name. Colton smiled at Candace and walked out on the stage. As he walked out, Shannon suddenly said, "Aww, he's cute, looks like Prince Charming,"

"Shannon, don't judge by the looks," Alex whispered to Shannon. Colton walked to the microphone, smiling, "Um, hi, my name is Colton, and I will be singing Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars,"

"Awesome choice," Mr. Schuester said. "Show us what you got,"

Colton looked at Candace and winked and began to dance, and then he grabbed the microphone, singing, "Well looky here looky here, ah what do we have? Another pretty thang ready for me to grab, but little does she know that I'm a wolf in sheeps clothing, 'Cause at the end of the night, it is her I'll be holding," Levi nodded his head as he started to dance along. "I love you so, that's what you'll say, you'll tell me baby baby please don't go away, but when I play, I never stay, to every girl that I meet here this is what I say,"

"Run run run away, run away baby, before I put my spell on you better get get get away get away darling, cause everything you heard is true, your poor little heart will end up alone, cause lord knows I'm a rolling stone, so you better run run run away run away baby," Colton sang.

Candace smiled as she watched Colton from the side of the stage performing. He continued to sing, "See I ain't try to hurt you baby, no no, no I just wanna work you baby, yup yup, see I ain't try to hurt you baby, no no, no I just wanna work you baby, if you scared you better run, you better run, you better run, you better you better you better,"

"Run run run away, run away baby, before I put my spell on you better get get get away get away darling, cause everything you heard is true, your poor little heart will end up alone, cause lord knows I'm a rolling stone, so you better run run run away run away baby," Colton sang, and ended the song as that. Everyone clapped their hands and stood up and Colton took a bow and smiled.

"Wow, that was like the best performance we've had all day, buddy, awesome performance, Colton!"

Colton smiled and walked backstage to Candace. "See, if I can do it, then you can, Candace, I'll be right here watching you, I believe in you,"

"Candace Livingston," Mr. Schuester called out her name, Candace looked and saw, and nervously smiled at Colton. She walked out slowly, looking at everyone, hearing nothing but silence, as Mr. Schuester smiled at her. Addison whispered, "I saw her before, she's really pretty," Cheyenne smiled at Candace and gave her a thumbs up. She went closer to the microphone, nervously looking at the crowd. "Hi, um, my name is Candace, and I will be singing Put The Gun Down by ZZ Ward,"

"Awesome!" Mr. Schuester said. "Let's hear it,"

There were only couple of seconds of silence at first, when Candace turned to look at Colton, and then looked at Cheyenne, she gave a half-smile and she began to sing. "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,"

"I got ten fingers to the sky, my back to the wall, my white flag high, hair, lips, just like a gun, she's got silver bullets on her tongue, he's deep under her spell, I'm screamin' out, but it just won't help, I think I'm cursed, I had him first," Colton gave a huge grin, as Candace turned to him one last time and turned back around and she began to feel better, everyone in the crowd gave in more rhythm as they clapped to the song.

"Oh, Adeline, have mercy, you don't wanna break my heart, take what's mine, don't hurt me, steal my money, steal my car, don't take my man, don't take my man, I said, don't take my man 'cause you know you can, put the gun down, ooh ooh ooh ooh, but the gun down, ooh ooh ooh ooh,"

"Put the gun down, put the gun down, put your finger on the trigger now, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down," Candace sang. "Put the gun down, put the gun down, or I'mma set fire to the whole damn house, put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down, whoa, oh, Adeline,"

"Oh, Adeline, have mercy, you don't wanna break my heart, take what's mine, don't hurt me, steal my money, steal my car, don't take my man, don't take my man, I said, don't take my man 'cause you know you can, put the gun down, ooh ooh ooh ooh, but the gun down, ooh ooh ooh ooh,"

Candace felt more comfortable, and everyone stood up, giving a huge round of applause, smiling. While Cheyenne gave a thumbs up, and Candace smiled. "That was really really awesome, Candace, very nice job," Mr. Schuester said. Candace walked backstage and gave a high five to Colton. "See, I told you that you could do it, Candace,"

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have felt as comfortable as I did on stage," Candace said. Colton smiled back. "We're totally gonna be friends, I know that for sure,"


Gunner slowly walked into Coach Michaels' office slowly, trying to hope that she wouldn't call him out of his name. "Coach, may I talk to you?"

"Yeah, sure," Michaels said. "Come and sit down," Gunner slowly sat down, still worried that she was going to insult him.

"So, what's up, kid?" Coach Michaels crossed her arms as she asked the question, Gunner sighed and looked down. "I apologize for what I said the other day, I was just really infuriated and hating how you were putting me down,"

"I wasn't putting you down at all, bud," Michaels said.

"I felt like you were," Gunner said.

Michaels sighed, and she pushed her chair closer to her desk, "Listen, kid, I'm only hard on you guys because I want you guys to succeed. That's my main goal on this job, to be a mean coach, and say things that aren't true about you so you can motivate yourselves to win, that was my intention, I don't want to make you feel like I'm always singling you out, you are a good kid, I just want you to do things better, especially when you're new on the team,"

Gunner looked up and gave a half-smile. "So, here's the deal, if you give as much effort as you can this week, I'll change the way I talk, deal?" Michaels sent out her hand and smiled, and Gunner looked at it, hoping that it wasn't a type of trick, and he put his hand out and gave a handshake.

"Now go on and do some laps," Michaels said humorously. Gunner's eyes widened in confusion. "I'm just kidding, go on, see you tomorrow at practice, Gunner,"

"Later," Gunner said as he walked out of the office, Michaels smiled and shook her head.


Alex looked down as she was outside of the bleachers watching the Cheerios perform their routines. Claira walked to her, "Is everything okay?" Alex looked at her and turned away.

"Alex?" Claira replied, trying to get her attention. Alex sighed, "A lot has just been on my mind so far today, even yesterday and the day before,"

"You know you can always talk to me, Alex, that's what I'm here for," Claira said.

"No, it should just be the opposite of that, maybe you should talk to me, because that's what I'm here for," Alex said.

"Are you okay, Alex, you're not acting like yourself today," Claira said.

"I should have asked you the same thing not so long ago," Alex said. "Ever since the end of the school year, you've been neglecting me, making me feel like I don't exist in your world at all, and I feel like you're really hiding something from me, from the throwing up and eating a lot, it's always have me thinking,"

Claira looked away in regret, trying hard to change the subject as quick as she could, but her attempt failed. "Claira, are you pregnant, tell me the truth," Claira found it difficult to respond, "Fine, you want to know the truth? Here it is, I am pregnant,"

Alex nodded her head in disbelief, she looked down and put her two hands on her face, trying to ignore her response. "Why haven't you told me this before?"

"Because I didn't want you to think of me in a wrong way," Claira said.

"If you would have told me before, I would have helped out, but instead you hide it all from me, and I can't even be intimate with you because you're out there being intimate with someone else,"

Claira found it hard to respond back to that statement, she looked down in remorse and tried hard to face the facts. Alex looked up, "Was it someone in New Directions?" "No," Claira nodded her head.

"Then who was it then?" Alex said.

There was a moment of silence, at first, Claira sighed and took a breath before she revealed it to Alex. "It was my.." "My ex-boyfriend," Claira said, she looked down in regret. Alex raised her eyebrow, chuckled and shook her head. "Wow, your ex."

"Alex, I'm sorry, I really am, it didn't mean anything at all, Alex, I swear, we were drunk and we were in L.A. at the time,"

"Oh my god, L.A." Alex put her head down in disbelief. "You know, save it, Claira, save it, I don't want to hear any of that bull, you did what you did, and you know now, I'm gonna do what I should have did not so long ago, leave this school," "What?" Claira said. "Alex, please don't go, please, I'm sorry, please just don't leave me,"

"No, you did what you did, Claira," Alex said. "So, let me have the right to do what I should have did, I love you, but I just can't do this anymore," Alex walked away from the bleachers and Claira cried, trying to make Alex come back. Alex shook her head, and she looked down in hurt. "You told me there's no need to talk it out cause its too late, to proceed and slowly, I took your words and walked away,"

"No looking back, I wont regret, no, I will find my way, I'm broken, but still I have to say," Alex sang. "It's Alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry, alright, OK, so don't you bother what I do, no matter what you say, I wont return, our bridge has burned down, I'm stronger now, alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry."

Alex walked in the hallways, and looked at everyone with their couples, while Claira stood alone, Alex continued to sing, "You played me, betrayed me, your love was nothing but a game, portrait a role, you took control, I, Icouldn't help but fall so deep, but now I see things clear,"

Alex sang. "It's Alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry, alright, OK, so don't you bother what I do, no matter what you say, I wont return, our bridge has burned down, I'm stronger now, alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry."

Alex passed through Candace and Colton who hugged each other after they saw the Callback List and their names were shown. "Don't waist your fiction tears on me, just save them for someone in need, it's way to late, I'm closing the door," Alex sang on the stage of the auditorium. "It's Alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry, alright, OK, so don't you bother what I do, no matter what you say, I wont return, our bridge has burned down, I'm stronger now, alright, OK, I'm so much better without you, I won't be sorry."

"It's Alright, OK, alright, OK without you, no matter what you say, it's Alright, OK, alright, OK without you, I won't be sorry," Alex sang, as Claira stood watching her from up above. The spotlight dimmed down and Alex walked away from the stage, later she saw herself with her bookbag and binders and her things, leaving McKinley High as the bell rang for dismissal.



  • In this episode, Take A Hint is related to Glee's "Audition" episode, short in the episode, but a long studio version.


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