Prom Wars
Season Three, Episode Nineteen
First Aired TBA 2013
Episode Guide
"A Dream Come True"
Prom Wars the nineteenth episode of Glee: The New Years' third season, and the sixty-second episode overall in the series, it is unknown to when the episode will be released, but it will be during 2014.


Tension rises high during Prom as Cheyenne once again competes to take the title of Prom Queen, due to her giving her crown to Carina the year before. However, when Isabel, who she tries to fight to win Clyde's heart again, and Shannon both fight for the crown, things start to get crazier. Meanwhile. Gunner and Charlie go head to head at Prom over Elizabeth, Riley tries to confront Dougie for leaving Levi, and Carina comes to the defense. Daniel makes his return back to McKinley to win A.J. back, but when Rick tries to push him away, things get worse as Drew makes his appearance to win back A.J. also. After that, Alex makes her return back to get her last final words to Claira, but with Peter, it gets ugly. Will this war ever end?


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