Season Three, Episode Five
First Aired November 12, 2012
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"Taking the Lead"
ParanormaLaShane is the fifth episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years, and the fourty-eigth episode overall. This marks the third Halloween episodes so far in the series, and was released on Novvember 12, 2012.


Tension rises with Levi, Carina, Dougie and Gunner when they all head to Chuck's Halloween Party, instead of going to the Halloween Dance that Mr. Schuester expected them to go. During the party, all the things turn to the worse in all Levi's mind, after being pressured to kiss Gunner during a game of spin the bottle. Meanwhile, a revengeful Chanel makes her return to torment Mr. Schuester over her son, who is supposed to be Mr. Schuester's son. Later on, Carina and Dougie both develop feelings for each other after realizing how close of a friendship they have.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Mad House Rihanna New Directions Girls
Paranoid Jonas Brothers A.J. Riley
Disturbia Rihanna Carina Maraj with Addison Lee and Cheyenne McLarson
Papercut Linkin Park Levi Lashane
Scream Michael Jackson feat. Janet Jackson Mayson Blackburn and Addison Lee



NOTE: Please note that the content in this episode is NOT real, some of the "ghosts" scenes and paranoia, throughout and the suspense can be known as unrealistic.

Season 3, Episode #5Edit

So, here's what you missed on Glee: The New Years:

Clyde Andrews, Cheyenne's ex-boyfriend, decides to start a feud between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions, because of this, tension rises between Addison and Karin, who seems to want her back, but not only that, Addison realizes that her brother has been in the group. Shocking, huh? Later on, Levi finds himself allowing Gunner a place to stay after being kicked out by his parents, but things go a bit to far when they both end up having sex with each other, and when it gets to a point where things get crazy, Carina and Dougie find out and end it all. After that, A.J. finds himself having those same feelings for Rick 2 years ago, when they kiss each other, but how will he deal with this since Drew is gone?

Guess you'll have to find out on this episode of Glee!


Darkness filled the clouds outside, the sound of helpless birds spread all around, the moment pans down slowly to a dark, haunted house, wind blows the trees heavily, the bright lightning strike flashed and the roar of thunder crashed. As it pans closely to the house, the door slowly creaks.

"Ladies and Gentleman, to those among you who are easily frightened, we suggest you turn away now." The narrator says. "To those of you who think you can take it, we say welcome to the Mad House."

The inside of the house showed light flashing on the New Directions girls, some with eye make-up falling down their faces, and Carina, with her hair frizzy and long, lead the rest of the girls, singing, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh oh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh oh. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na. Come on, come on, come on in, come on, come on in. Madhouse."

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh oh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh oh, welcome to the Madhouse."

"Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na. Come on, come on, come on in, come on, come on in."

The house quickly slammed shut and the setting quickly pushed away as Carina woke up with her eyes open, she constantly continued to pant and catch her breath, as she woke up, rain began to pour on her window pane.

Halloween, another suckish day of Halloween. I don't even know why it even exists at all; the only thing you do is dress up and beg for candy. Is that what really Halloween is all about? It's been nothing but a horrible week the other day, finding out that my best friend was taking my leftovers, Vocal Adrenaline trying to put us down, and the only person I feel like I could tell my problems to is Dougie. I don't know what's gonna happen today at this party Chuck is throwing, but I know that I definitely won't be in the same room as Levi and Gunner, point blank period.

Carina's mom abruptly walked in, "Baby girl, it's time to get--" Carina was already up, and Carina's mom smiled, "Oh, you're already up, huh? Come on, babe, get in the shower and I'll cook up a little something before you head to school."

Carina slowly stood up as her mother walked away from the door, and she sighed, nodded her head. "Ugh, god, help me."


"I'm definitely not going to this year's Halloween party." Cheyenne said. "I think it's definitely gonna suck." Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Addison were all walking in the hallways.

"Oh, please, another Halloween party?" Addison scoffed. "The first year, I was locked in an office with Ms. Rayne, the second year, I didn't even go because I was recovering, what's next, I kiss someone? Definitely not gonna go."

"But I think Mr. Schue would be definitely sad if we don't go." Elizabeth said. "He has worked hard to plan this with Principal Figgins."

"Chuck's having one tonight, and I'm going." Cheyenne said, Addison agreed with her, while Elizabeth shook her head. "Chuck, another party? Please. I'm sure we all remember what happened 2 years ago."

"We know." Cheyenne said. "Chuck had sex with Dougie that night." Elizabeth replied back, "And what about on Dougie's birthday?"

"He stripped almost butt-naked, and he threw up on Shannon, we know." Cheyenne said.

"But you know, the New Year's party he threw wasn't that bad, though." Addison said. "Anna surprised us that night, Alex and Shannon gave a great performance with us, although there was tension between Daniel, A.J., Dougie and Drew, we did have a good time."

"Good point." Elizabeth said. "But I'm still mad at him for taking his graduation flop out on us."

"I'm over it." Cheyenne said. "I'm just glad we're all becoming a family."

"I'll go." Elizabeth said. "But if it gets boring and all, I'm leaving and I'm heading back to the McKinley party tonight." Cheyenne and Addison smiled at each other, shaking their heads in disbelief.


Carina walked in the hallways, looking weary and tired after a slow morning wake-up. Dougie followed her path and walked up to her. "Hey, Carina, what's with the down face."

"Bad morning." Carina said. "I had this weird dream last night that me and the New Directions girls were in a haunted house persuading someone to join in."

Dougie raised an eyebrow. "Okay?" Dougie quickly changed the subject. "So, are you going to Chuck's Halloween party tonight?"

"If Levi and Gunner won't be there, I will go." Carina said, as she gave a look without no emotion. Dougie sighed, "I feel the same way, but I already know Levi and Gunner will go anyways, I just feel some type of way when I'm around them now ever since what happened last Friday."

"Yeah." Carina said. "But you know, it's Chuck's party, I know we'll probably have fun. I'm not even going to let Levi and Gunner ruin my day, I have better things to do then deal with them and keep them all in my head, as long as you and I are with each other as friends, I won't have a problem at all."

Dougie gave a smile, "I agree." Carina sighed, "Well, I'll see you at Glee Club rehearsals, Doug, later."

Carina walked away quickly to her class, while Dougie stood aggressively gripping his backpack straps, and he watched as Carina passed.

There's something that has been on my mind for sometime now. Am I falling for Carina? There has never been a day where Carina never had my back. I've realized that whenever Levi was involved into something I didn't like, she would be there, when I returned back to school, she was the first person to be happy to see me. I know that I'm bisexual, and I know that I have a lot of experience with guys, like Drew, Chuck and Levi, but I feel like this is the first time I've ever felt a crazy way about a girl like Carina.


Mr. Schuester walked in when all of the Glee Club were sitting in their seats. "Happy Halloween, you guys!" Everyone suddenly began to laugh and snicker when they saw what Mr. Schuester was wearing, he wore a red bandana that covered his hair and was wrapped around his head, and wore jeans and sunglasses, a tanktop under a brown leather vest.

"What?" Mr. Schuester said. "You guys don't like my costume?"

"Oh, um, of course we do." A.J. said. "Who are you supposed to be? Justin Timberlake?"

"Correct." Mr. Schuester smiled at A.J., while Cheyenne replied back humorously, "More like Justin Timber-fake."

Everyone in the group laughed when she said that, Mr. Schuester laughed along with them, sarcastically, "Very funny."

"Anyways, are any of you attending the McKinley Halloween Dance tonight?" Mr. Schuester said. At that moment, it became silent, very silent, while others looked down, trying to hide the answers.

"Anyone?" Mr. Schuester slowly looked around and identified each person's facial expressions, while Shannon suddenly gave a fake cough, "I don't know, Mr. Schuester, I don't really feel too good."

"Oh, come on, guys. You know how much it means to me that you guys are all there. It's gonna be fun." Mr. Schuester said.

"My mom has the flu, Mr. Schue, I have to take care of her." Denzil said, looking around in guilt.

"Denzil, you live with me." Mr. Schuester said. "Just be honest, guys, do you want to come to the party or not?"

Everyone all said, "No," in unison. Mr. Schuester sighed, "That's all you could have said. I did expect you guys to come since last year, we had an amazing performance."

"I don't want to go because I may get stalked again like Chuck did last year," Carina quickly looked at Chuck.

Chuck shrugged, "I didn't know you took it that seriously."

"We just all want to do something else for Halloween, we're kind of tired of doing the same thing every year. I know it's a tradition and all, but we're kind of all expecting to do something else." Cheyenne said.

"It's cool," Mr. Schuester slowly smiled. "As long as you guys have fun, everything will be all fine."


The bell dismissed everyone, and A.J. made his departure out of the school building, and while he walked out, he spotted Rick. He wanted to smile at first, but he looked down instead, when he walked up to him, he gave a half-smile. "Hey." Rick said.

"Hey." A.J. replied, the silence filled the air, but when Rick replied, sighed, saying, "I'm sorry for what happened the other day, I don't know what I was thinking."

"You were thinking about me." A.J. said, nodding his head. "When we kissed, I thought about how we became one from the start."

"We were paired together for a reason," Rick said as he slowly wrapped his hands around A.J.'s hands. "You still have feelings for me, A.J., and you know that, I know that, I also know that I have feelings for you too, they never went away. If Daniel didn't get in the way of what we had, we could have stayed together."

"I do love you, Rick," A.J. said. "But remember that me and Drew are still together."

"When have you and Drew ever talked to each other, A.J.?" Rick said.

A.J. slowly shrugged, "I don't know, maybe a couple of weeks ago?" Rick nodded. "A couple of weeks ago. So, I guess that shows how much you really love him. I know that when we kissed, it was real. It was definitely real and you can't deny that."

"I just don't know what to think right now, I love you, but I'm in love with Drew, it's too hard for me right now." A.J. said. Rick slowly touched A.J.'s face and pushed his hand back. "When you decide, I'll be there."

When Rick walked away from A.J., he put his hoodie over his head, while A.J. stood there, still as a statue, not knowing what to do, what to say or what to think, he covered his hands on his head, and slowly walked away from the school building.

"I make the most of all this stress, I try to live without regrets, but I'm about to break a sweat, I'm freakin' out." A.J. sang. "It's like a poison in my brain, it's like a fog that blurs the sane, it's like a vine you can't untangle, I'm freakin' out."

"Every time I turn around, something don't feel right." A.J. sang. "Just might be paranoid, I'm avoiding the lines cause they just might split, can someone stop the noise? I don't know what it is, but I just don't fit. I'm paranoid, yeah!"

"I take the necessary steps to get some air in to my chest, I'm taking all the doctor's meds, I'm still freakin' out." At this time, A.J. was home, he sat on the edge of his bed looking at a picture he took with Rick.

"That's why my ex is still my ex, I never trust a word he says, I'm running all the background checks, and he's freakin' out."

"Every time I turn around, something don't feel right." A.J. sang. "Just might be paranoid, I'm avoiding the lines cause they just might split, can someone stop the noise? I don't know what it is, but I just don't fit. Consider me destroyed, I don't know how to act, cause I lost my head, I must be paranoid, and I never thought it would come this, I'm paranoid."

In the bathroom, he began to prepare for Chuck's party, but he stood looking at himself in the mirror, he began to see things. "Stuck in a room of staring faces, caught in a nightmare, can't wake up, if you hear my cry, running through the streets, I'm about to freak, come and rescue me."

"Just might be paranoid, I'm avoiding the lines cause they just might split, can someone stop the noise? I don't know what it is, but I just don't fit. Consider me destroyed, I don't know how to act, cause I lost my head, I must be paranoid, and I never thought it would come this, I'm paranoid."

A.J. began to breathe heavily as he snapped out of the weird moment in his head, he looked at himself in the mirror one last time before he began to get his costume for the party.


Mr. Schuester sat in his office writing and writing, and writing, depressed over the party. Emma walked in, giving a smile as she sat across from him. "I know how bad you wanted the kids to come to the party."

"I thoight they would love this tradition." Will looked up. "Now who's gonna give a big performance tonight at the party?"

"Maybe things need to change." Emma said. "I think maybe the kids have plans and all, what's gonna happen when you realize that some are graduating for college?"

"I don't know." Mr. Schuester said. "It's gonna be really hard saying goodbye to some of the kids. They're pretty much my heart and soul."

"I know how much you love the kids." Emma said. "Maybe this time, you can let the kids have a chance to have their own freedom, you know?"

Mr. Schuester nodded, "Yeah, I guess you're right." He smiled at Emma, and stood up from his seat, to move closer to Emma. "I don't know what I would do without you. You make me feel like I'm living happily ever after."

Emma slightly blushed. "And you make me feel like I'm living in a fairy tale." Emma slowly moved closer to Mr. Schuester and kissed him, until they both heard a voice.

"Aww, how cute is this." A woman said. Emma and Mr. Schuester both pulled back, and he looked, with his eyes open. "Chanel? What are you doing here?"

"Look who's surprised to see me!" Chanel smiled, and she looked at Emma. "Ah, so I guess that you and Emma hooked back up, huh?"

"Well, you know, you thought right, so why don't you just back off and leave the both of us alone?" Emma said.

"Ooh, sassy Emma, wow!" Chanel said. "I see you kicked up your attitude a notch, huh?"

"Chanel, what are you doing here again?" Mr. Schuester asked. "Just to torture me again?"

"Hmm." Chanel looked up, as if she was thinking. "Maybe, so, maybe not. So, how did you like seeing your son on that picture, William?"

"So, you think just because you had a kid and you named it after me, you can just say it's mine? What if it's Randy's, or whoever you boned when you were away?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Believe me, it's yours." Chanel gave an evil smirk. Mr. Schuester put his hands over his head. "Look, Chanel, why are you doing this to me? Just tell me that? Why?"

"I'm doing this because you quickly assumed that I wasn't pregnant." Chanel crossed her arms. "And now, I'm getting my revenge."

"Look, Chanel, if you do not back off of Will, I will call the police." Emma said. Chanel sarcastically acted as if she was scared.

"Ooh, I'm so scared, I'm gonna go to jail!" Chanel said, laughing evilly. "You guys are so funny. I'll be back." Chanel winked at Mr. Schuester said. When Chanel walked out of his office, Emma looked at Mr. Schuester, and he nodded. "I knew something bad was gonna happen today."

"It's okay, it's okay, I'll be right here with you." Emma said.


Later that night, rain began to fall heavily outside of Chuck's home, when Chuck and his parents were in the living room talking to Chuck about the party.

"I know, Mom." Chuck looked up to the ceiling, as if he knew the rules of the house. "No drinking, no sex, no broken glass, no dirty house, I got it."

"I know that it's Halloween, and you want to have fun and all, but yep, those are the rules." Mom moved closer to Chuck and kissed him on the cheek, while his father gave him one hard pat on the shoulder as they walked out of the house.

When Chuck's parents left, he waited until he heard their car engine start, and as they drove away, he showed a bountiful amount of excitement, "Yes!"


That night at the McKinley Halloween Dance, only particular students arrived in the gym auditorium, and Mr. Schuester stood still watching in disbelief. Principal Figgins walked to Mr. Schuester during that moment.

"Hmm, this is awkward." Figgins said. "Where are your kids? They are usually here every night at Halloween."

Mr. Schuester sighed, "Well, let's just say the kids wanted to do something different."

Figgins lifted up his head, "Hmm, okay." Figgins patted his back and walked away and Mr. Schuester crossed his arms.


Addison and Elizabeth walked outside in the rain on her way to Chuck's house, with a nervous Mayson, opening the car door for the girls, he closed it and went to his side of the door, sitting down on the car seat, closing the car door, and looking with fear and anxiety.

"What's wrong, Mayson?" Addison said. "I thought you would be excited for the party?"

"I am, Ads, I am." Mayson said. "It's just, I'm scared of what your friends may think about me, especially because I'm in Vocal Adrenaline and all, you know."

"I think you're a cool guy, Mayson." Elizabeth said. "I'm sure everyone at the party will think the same, they just all need to get to know you like I did." "I'll make them think differently of you when they find out that you're my brother, nothing will change that." Addison said.

"You always were the intelligent one." Mayson cracked a smile at that point, "Now let's go and get our Jersey Shore on." Addison giggled as he started the car engine and drove away.


Dougie walked up to Carina's steps of her house, and rang the doorbell once and gingerly took a step back down, the door opened slowly as Carina's mother went to open the door, she gave a smile, "Hello, hon, may I help you?"

"Um, hi, I'm here for Carina." Dougie said nervously. Carina's mother smiled, "Aw, aren't you the prettiest thing, come on in, I'll get her for you." Dougie smiled at that moment, and he walked inside and looked around at the house, the cleanliness, the sparkles of the floors, and the neatly-coated paintings of the wall, the pictures of Carina as a child and other relatives, he looked around smiling.

"You can have a seat, hon, what's your name?" Carina's mother said as she walked behind him.

"My name's Dougie." He said and slowly gave a smile, she smiled back, "Dougie, I'll get Carina for you, make yourself at home."

"Thanks, ma'am." Dougie said.

Carina's mother walked upstairs to her room, slowly. "Is it okay to come in, Carina?"

"Yeah, it's okay, Mom, just finishing getting dressed." Carina said, her voice was muffled by the door. She opened the door and looked at Carina's costume. "Onika, again, Carina?"

"Yes, Mom, Onika, or Nicki." Carina said. "You know I have to pay homage to my cousin." Carina's mother laughed, "You look amazing just like her."

"Thanks, Mom." Carina said. "Who was at the door?"

"Ah, some guy I assume is your new boyfriend." Carina's mother said as she crossed her arms with a smile on her face.

"Boyfriend?" Carina raised an eyebrow. "Mom, I broke up with Gunner over the summer, I'm still single. Who's the boy?"

"Dougie." Carina's mother said. Carina raised both of her eyebrows and laughed, "Mom, that guy is like 95% gay, or bisexual, I think, he's just a friend."

"He's dating that Levi kid, right?" Her mother said, Carina put on her jacket, and put a hood over her head to protect her hair from the rain. "Grammar check, he dated that Levi kid, the kid I can't stand now."

"But you guys are friends." Her mother said, Carina nodded. "Grammar check, we used to be friends."

"I don't even want to know." her mother said, laughing. "Go on and don't keep Dougie waiting, have fun, Riri."

"Okay, Mom." Carina said as she walked out of her room and downstairs and spotted Dougie. "Hey, Dougs, let's head out." Dougie smiled, and walked up to Carina and out of the door. Carina's mother quickly went down the steps and yelled out, "Babe, don't stay out too late, we have a lot to do tomorrow!"

"Okay, Mom." Carina said, rolling her eyes, and her mother yelled out, "Oh, and it was nice meeting you too, Dougie!"

"It was nice meeting you too, Mrs. Maraj." Dougie turned back and waved. Carina closed the door and Carina's mother shook her head.

"That boy is too damn fine to be gay or bisexual, I wonder if he has a daddy." Carina's mother said, going back up the stairs.

Outside, Carina and Dougie quickly ran to Dougie's car in the rain, "Do you hate your mom, I saw that expression you made."

"I love my mom, but sometimes she's just so annoying." Carina said. "Did you know she seriously thought that you were my boyfriend?"

"Really?" Dougie said.


At Chuck's house, the doorbell rang, when Chuck opened the dor, Ruby, Colton, Candace, and Isabel all joined together, smiling. "Well, welcome to Chuck's Le House of Horror!"

"Eww, do you have to be so fancy?" Isabel said as she walked in first, Chuck replied sarcastically, "Okay, Sofia Vergara, I'll keep it normal."

"Excuse me?" Isabel turned around to Chuck. "I am not Sofia Vergara." She seemed content as she whipped her hair back and replied, "I'm J-Lo, boo."

"Whoopee." Chuck said sarcastically, as everyone else walked in.

"Are we the only ones here at the party?" Candace said. Chuck nodded, "No, everyone else is coming, except for Claira, she said she was sick today, like really sick."

"Hmm." Candace said. There was silence at that point, nobody had talked.


Mr. Schuester watched as the amount of students at the McKinley Halloween Dance increased, he still wasn't pleased that New Directions weren't there. Emma walked behind him, rubbing his back. "It's okay, Will, it's okay."

"I know, I know, I'm just trying to make it through this dance, and Chanel." Mr. Schuester said.

"Chanel's just jealous because she doesn't have what you and I have." Emma said. "And she's just gonna try and and ruin it for the both of us? Not gonna happen, not with me around, I'll scrub the dirtiness off of her and she'll go."

"No, she won't go." Mr. Schuester smiled. "It'll probably take more than 5 minutes to clean her." Emma and Mr. Schuester laughed, and Bridget walked to them, "Hey guys, why aren't you guys having any fun like I am?"

"Maybe because it's the students' party?" Emma smiled. "We're more of chaperones."

"Aw, come on, Will, what's with the long face?" Bridget said, she slowly pulled Emma and Will with her. "Come on, guys, dance."

At first, they both hesitated, but then they started to feel more energetic than before.


It still was silent at Chuck's house, and suddenly, Chuck broke the silence. "Well, who wants snacks?"

"We all want snacks, Salvatore." Isabel said, with her cheek leaning on her fist, as if she was bored. Everyone looked bored at first. "You should have done that when we came in."

After that, the doorbell rang, and Isabel changed her posture, "Wow, whoopee, look, finally a visitor, is this the real life or just a dream?"

Chuck opened up the door and there stood Addison wearing her costume, and a poof as Snooki, Mayson with a blowout and fake tattoos on his arms as Pauly D, and Elizabeth with brown hair, impersonating as Deena.

A "drunk" Addison walked up the steps, yelling, "Where's the beach?!"

"This is not the beach, Snooki, you are at Chuck's House of Horror!" Chuck said. "All of you, come on in." As everyone walked in, Chuck pointed at Mayson, "What's he doing here? Are you here to try to attack me? Bring out your VA crew?"

"No, no, no, no," Addison said. Mayson looked down, "You see, I knew that they would try to judge me."

"Chuck, see, this is my brother, Mayson. He's in Vocal Adrenaline." Addison said. Chuck was stunned, his eyes widened. "Dude, my apologies, sorry, man, nice to meet you."

He gave Mayson a handshake, and Mayson smiled, and felt relieved. Addison replied back, "He wanted to come so you guys could get to know him a bit better."

Addison, Elizabeth and Mayson walked in all of the way, and saw only Ruby, Candace, Colton and Isabel sitting down, and they sat down along with them.

At that time, more visitors came. The doorbell rang, and then A.J. arrived as Michael Jackson, wearing a red leather jacket, and his hair curled. Shannon came as the "redhead" Rihanna, Cheyenne was Marilyn Monroe, Denzil came as a blonde-haired Eminem, Charlie and Anna made their arrivals, so far the house had became full. Music began to play loudly on the speakers.

Then, the doorbell rang once again, it was both Carina and Dougie. Chuck had smiled, "Hey Carina, Hey Dougie, welcome to Chuck's House of Horror."

"Carina? My name is not Carina! That's my cousin!" Carina said. "I am Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinski, Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Queen, Nicki the Barbie, Roman Zolanski, and I am Martha."

"Yeah, and I'm Drizzy Drake." Dougie said, humorously. Chuck laughed, "You guys are so cute together, come on in, guys."

Dougie slowly looked at Carina and looked back as they both walked in together. At this time, it seemed to be a full house.


It all was fun and games until the doorbell rang once again, when Chuck opened the door, Levi and Gunner were at the door, Levi was Adam Lambert, once again, and Gunner, had his hair dyed temporarily, as he was Peeta Mellark.

"Hey guys, welcome to Chuck's house of horror, come on in." Chuck said. As Chuck moved away, Levi and Gunner walked in, then Carina's eyes quickly were stuck on Levi and Gunner. She became angered and felt as if her day would be ruined.

Who do they even think they are coming here together? I'm still mad at the fact that my best friend had sex with my ex-boyfriend, without even telling me as a real friend would. Yeah, I did want to work things out with Gunner, but instead Levi takes him away.

Levi took a glimpse at Carina, and shook his head. I don't get why Carina is making this as a big deal, all we did was have an one night stand. It was an accident, she acts as if I turned Gunner gay, I mean, which wouldn't be that bad at all, but what was I supposed to do just tell her right then and there? A person needs time to tell their friend how they feel.

Dougie's eyes went straight to Gunner's. You know, I'm not even gonna sweat on Levi anymore, I had a feeling that he wasn't into me anymore, what's the point of trying to make Levi love me again if he's not even interested. Instead, he's interested in that son of a bitch, Gunner. I knew that I wouldn't like him from the start, right when I talked to him about Levi, I knew something would be up. I thought we were friends, but instead, it turns out that he's a freaking ass. If he even says one word to me, my hands are gonna go to his throat.

Gunner took a look back to Dougie, I know it's gonna be hell tonight. I'm sure it will be hell, I hate the fact that I'm even involved into this situation, especially between Levi and Carina, and the way Dougie is staring at me right now, I can tell he wants to punch me in the face, I don't want to be in this situation any longer.

Dougie and Carina quickly walked far as possible from Levi and Gunner and shook their heads as they all sat next to Cheyenne, Addison and Mayson.

"I still can't believe you guys are related, I would have choked the hell out of you if you said something mean or nasty, especially if you are in VA." Cheyenne said.

"Oh, trust me, I'm not like those other guys, I'm pretty nice, and quiet." Mayson said.

"Just like I was when I was in Vocal Adrenaline, eh?" Dougie said. "That's how I got kicked out."

"Really?" Mayson raised an eyebrow. "Well, I hope that doesn't happen to me."

"It probably won't." Dougie smiled. "It's a shock to realize that you're Addison's brother."

Mayson smiled at Addison, "I guess people are liking me now here," he whispered and winked. Addison winked back.


Chuck walked in the living room, with a ketchup bottle gripped in his hands, "Spin the Bottle, anyone?" Everyone cheered and screamed out, but when Gunner heard that, he began to preclude himself from the game, at first, but he decided to join in.

"Who wants to go first?" Chuck said, Shannon jumped up in excitement, "Ooh, me, me, me!"

"The bottle is yours, Shan," Chuck smiled. Shannon sat down as everyone was circled up, and she spun the bottle, the bottle started to slow down and there it pointed to Isabel, everyone cheered out, and Shannon looked as if she didn't care who it was, Isabel gave a smirk, "Oh, this is so easy."

Shannon and Isabel moved closer to each other and kissed, everyone screamed and cheered out, while a pleased Charlie reacted, "That kind of made Mr. Happy wake up a little." Elizabeth stared at him and slapped his back.

The next person was Cheyenne, when she spun the bottle, it slowly pointed to Chuck, Cheyenne began to laugh along with the kids, and Chuck moved over to her, "Come on and let's get this over with."

"I guess I have no choice." Cheyenne shrugged. She quickly kissed Chuck and she yelled out "Whoo!" with both of her arms out.

Addison spun the bottle, when it was her turn. The ketchup bottle turned to Elizabeth slowly, and Elizabeth shrugged. "I kissed girls before, so, bring it on me, Addy."

Addison and Elizabeth moved closer to each other and pressed their lips together, at first, it turned out to be playful, and then, all of a sudden, it got a bit serious, when Addison slowly wrapped her hands on Elizabeth's cheek. Unfortunately, Charlie ruined the moment as he broke the both of them up. Elizabeth and Addison both laughed, "Sorry, I guess it got a bit real."

"Those lips belong to Charlie." Charlie said with his arms crossed. Gunner moved to the center and smiled, "Can't wait to get a kiss,"

It was Dougie's turn to spin, the bottle quickly spinned, and the bottle pointed to Carina, she was shocked and raised an eyebrow, while Dougie giggled, "Come on, Carina, let's just get this over with."

Carina, at first, hesitated, Levi stood looking at Dougie and Carina, and he looked back, nodding his head in disbelief by the reaction of Levi. Carina moved closer to Dougie, and when they gazed into each other's eyes, they slowly pressed their lips to each other, everyone cheered them on, but when a spark suddenly hit them, the kiss seemed longer than expected. Dougie's bare hands wrapped around Carina's cheeks, and Carina felt the same spark, when she put her soft hands on Dougie's face.

"Um, okay, guys, you can stop now!" Chuck said. Dougie and Carina snapped out of it and pushed away in shock. Levi stood with his arms crossed in anger and hurt. "Wow." Carina and Dougie said in unison.

"Heh, didn't you do that hours ago with someone here?" Carina said, Gunner forced himself to ignore her remark, when he spun the ketchup bottle, it slowly spinned and pointed to Levi. Gunner couldn't believe it, he expected someone different, then in Levi's perspective, the pressure began to hit him, it all came to him that if he kissed him, it will show something more.

Everyone began to look at him, and sweat began to pour down his face, he looked around at the kids laughing and joking around, and they all chanted, "LEVI! LEVI! LEVI!" But when he looked at Gunner and then Carina, and then Dougie, it all put pressure on him, and he felt weary, and fainted on the living room floor carpet.

"Levi?" Chuck and the rest, besides Carina and Dougie, walked to Levi to see what was going on, Carina and Dougie looked at each other in confusion.

"Levi, bud? Can you hear me?" Chuck said. Cheyenne looked at Chuck nodded, "Of course he can't, Doofus, don't you see, he fainted."

All of a sudden, the lights in Chuck's house began to blink after a big "boom" of thunder crashed through, the telephone pole became sensitive to the lightning strikes and the gusty winds, and fell down to someone's car, and after that, the lights all went out.

The girls screamed out in fear, mainly Shannon, Anna, Ruby. It was pitch dark, and Chuck tried to calm everyone down. "Okay, okay, okay, guys, it's okay, no worries." "What the hell is this, the new generation of a Halloween movie trilogy?" Cheyenne said. "What is going on?!"

"I guess the rain and the thunder caused a telephone pole to go out, everyone, let's all just calm down, I can go get some candles and flashlights, try to see what's with Levi, anyone want to come with me?"

"I'll go," Carina said. Cheyenne and Addison stood up along with her, "We'll go too."

"Okay, come on." Carina, Cheyenne and Addison all went and followed Chuck to the kitchen, and down to the basement.

Shannon, went to Levi, to try to keep him consoled. "Levi, wake up, hon."


Chuck, Carina, Cheyenne and Addison all headed down the basement, when the opened the door, it was pitch dark. Cheyenne commented, "Gosh, it's dark down here."

"No, duh, it's a basement, what do you think?" Chuck said sarcastically, and Cheyenne quickly retaliated, "Oh, excuse me,"

"Look, guys, there's no need to fight, okay, we just have to find some flashlights and get our asses back up." Carina said. "Come on."

Chuck and the girls went down the basement slowly, the creaks of wood as they stepped down, finally, they were down the basement, the lightning flashed the basement windows and rain pattered heavily that you could see the window's shadows of the rain on the wall.

"God, it's so junky down here." Cheyenne said. "It's like a freaking store here."

"I know," Chuck said. "Me and my mom had a lot of stuff so we put them down here." "Why don't you just have a garage sale then?" Addison said.

"No, because some of these things are important." Chuck said. Addison shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right."

"Come on, let's find the flashlights and candlesticks, I'm sure we have a lot down here." Chuck said.

Addison, Carina and Cheyenne slowly looked around at the pitch black dark in the basement, it was really long to be a basement, but they tried to make their way through, and Carina, out of the blue, began to sing to break the silence. "No more gas in the rig, nothing heard, nothing said, all my life on my head, feels like I'm going insane, yeah."

"It's a thief in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you and consume you, a disease of the mind, it can control you, it's too close for comfort, oh."

Addison and Cheyenne sang along, "Throw on your brake lights, we're in the city of wonder, ain't gonna play nice, watch out, you might just go under, better think twice, your train of thought will be altered, so if you must faulter be wise."

Carina, Addison and Cheyenne all sang, "Your mind is in disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light, disturbia, am I scaring you tonight, disturbia, ain't used to what you like, disturbia, disturbia."

Chuck continued to search for the flashlights, and Carina continued the song. "Faded pictures on the wall, disconnectin' your call, I gotta get out or figure this ish out, it's too close for comfort."

"It's a thief in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you and consume you, a disease of the mind, it can control you, I feel like a monster, oh!"

Addison and Cheyenne sang along, "Throw on your brake lights, we're in the city of wonder, ain't gonna play nice, watch out, you might just go under, better think twice, your train of thought will be altered, so if you must faulter be wise."

Carina, Addison and Cheyenne all sang, "Your mind is in disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light, disturbia, am I scaring you tonight, disturbia, ain't used to what you like, disturbia, disturbia."

"Release me from this curse I'm in, trying to maintain but I'm struggling, you can't go, go, go, I think I'm going to oh, oh, oh." Carina sang.

Addison and Cheyenne sang along, "Throw on your brake lights, we're in the city of wonder, ain't gonna play nice, watch out, you might just go under, better think twice, your train of thought will be altered, so if you must faulter be wise."

Carina, Addison and Cheyenne all sang, "Your mind is in disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light, disturbia, am I scaring you tonight, disturbia, ain't used to what you like, disturbia, disturbia."

"Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum, bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum, bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum. Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum." Cheyenne and Addison sang as Carina continued to sing.

"Got them!" Chuck grabbed the 5 flashlights and candlesticks, and Cheyenne folded her arms, "Well, it's about time."

"Come on." Chuck and the girls all went upstairs, until the open basement door slowly closed on its own, when the door shut, they all looked each other, Chuck raised an eyebrow. "What in the world?"

Chuck walked up the basement stairs along with the girls and when Chuck tried to open the door, he struggled, the door was locked. "Really, guys, is this some kind of joke? Guys, quit joking around, open the door!"

There was total silence, as if no one could hear what they were saying. Back in the living room, Shannon was still with Levi, with a warm compress on his forehead. After that, Levi's eyes quickly opened, "Wh-wh-what happened?"

"You fainted and the power went out." Shannon said.

Levi looked around and quickly got up, feeling weary. "Where's everyone else?"

"Cheyenne, Chuck, Carina and Addison went to get flashlights." Candace said.

Back down the basement stairs, "Push it, Chuck, push it!" Cheyenne said.

"I can't! There's a lock on the door." Chuck said, struggling to open it. Carina nodded, "There has to be some way we can get out!"

Carina, Addison, Cheyenne and Chuck all yelled to see if anyone would hear, but until suddenly, they heard a bump. The others in the living room heard the same thing, Shannon looked back and all around the house, "Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" Ruby said. Rattles and clinging were heard from afar, Shannon pointed it out, "That."

"I hear it too," Denzil said. Shannon slowly stood up, and Levi got up along with her, and they tried to reach the noise, and it seemed as if they were getting closer.

In the basement, Chuck heard the clattering and the rattles, and looked at the girls, "What is that sound?"

"It sounds like it's coming from back down the basement." Cheyenne said. Chuck forced to go down the stairs to see what it was, but the girls tried to hold him back, and he let go. He slowly went down the stairs, and the rattling got louder. He slowly took a gulp and walked to where the sound got louder, his heart began to beat fast, and when he used his flashlight, he saw something moving, at first he jumped, when he saw a random aluminum foil pan moving, he dared to reveal what was under it, and he slowly touched the pan, and bam, a mouse ran freely away from the long way to the basement. "Great, a mouse, really?"

Chuck ran upstairs and went to the girls, "We've got to get out of here, I think I know a way."

"Oh, really?" Cheyenne said. "What are we gonna do? Use small knives to escape from a musty basement?"

"No, I believe my mother left keys in the basement just in case. There's a door far in the basement, I think that's a way out to our backyard."

"And what makes you think I'm going to go all the way in that dirty basement to get out?"

"Well, I guess you can just stay here then." Chuck said, Addison and Carina followed him, as Chuck began to find the hidden keys. Cheyenne sighed, "Wait for me, guys."

Back in the upper level of Chuck's house, there was still an unusual noise, in where Shannon and the rest still stood to hear it, and then after that, the phone quickly rang. Everyone jumped quickly in fear, while Shannon, slowly walked to the phone.

"Don't do it, Shannon," Gunner said. Shannon ignored his warning, as she slowly touched the phone and answered it. "H-h-hello?"

An eerie voice was heard, she could only hear breathing. Shannon raised an eyebrow. "Chuck, is this one of your freaking tricks, it's not freaking funny?"

The eerie voice replied back, "Who's Chuck?"

"Who are you?" Shannon said.

"Whoever you want me to be." The voice said, the voice laughed evilly, but also in a weird type of way. Shannon quickly hung up the phone, and threw it down.

"Who was it?" Candace said nervously.

"Some freaking creep trying to scare me." Shannon said, and then after that, the doorbell had rang, and everyone screamed. At this point, Shannon became scared.


Chuck, Cheyenne and Addison were trying to find the keys, and at the point, he remembered where his mother put them, and he quickly found them. "Yes!" He whispered.

"Okay, come on." Chuck said. Addison stopped, "Guys, where's Carina?"

"Carina?" Chuck yelled out, it was silent. They all tried to look around for her, while back in the living room. Everyone were still scared of the doorbell.

"Where is Chuck and the girls?" Levi said.

"I don't know, they haven't come back in like a half an hour tonight." Shannon said.

"You don't think they--" Denzil said, until Shannon interrupted. "Don't even say it."


Addison, Cheyenne and Chuck continued to search for Carina, until they heard her voice, "I'm right here, guys, I found the door!" The three were all relieved, and they made their way towards the door, and Chuck opened the door, but when he tried to open it, he struggled to get it to open all of the way.

"What the hell is going on now?" Cheyenne said. Chuck struggled to get it open, it seemed as if something was keeping him from having the door fully open. When he used all of his might, he fully opened it, and something big and scary, pretty impossible to be, scared them, they all screamed and closed the door, kept it locked and ran all of the way back up to the basement stairs, banging on the basement door.

Shannon and the rest overheard the yelling and screaming, and they quickly ran to the kitchen, in the basement door, Shannon opened up the door, and there Chuck fell flat in on the kitchen floor, with Carina, Cheyenne and Addison slowly coming up out of breath.

"What happened?" Gunner said.

"We-we-we were trying to find the flashlights and candles, and then we tried to go back up and the door locked on us, and we tried to leave a different way out and then that's when this b-b-b-ig creepy freaking thing scared the hell out of us." Chuck said, scared.

"Oh, yeah, like we'll believe that." Shannon said. "A big creepy thing?" After that, weirdly, dishes began to fall down and shatter on the ground, and everyone quickly ran out. "Oohhhh, we gotta get the hell out of here." She said, running.

They all ran to the living room, altogether. "I don't know what the hell this is, but this is one hell of a Halloween."

"It sure is." Elizabeth said. Thunder loudly crashed, and Carina was anxious to call her mother, until she realized that she left her phone upstairs with her jacket where everyone kept their things.

"Damn it, I left my phone upstairs, I want to get the hell out of this house." Carina said, shaking her head. Dougie stood by her, "I'll go get it for you."

"No, I don't want you to get hurt or anything, I would rather the boogeyman take my material things than my own life."

"Listen, you guys are freaking babies." Isabel said. "Just for you, Carina, I'll get the phone, see, I'm not afraid of no boogeyman." When Isabel dared to go upstairs, everyone tried to stop her, but she shook her head, "I got this!"

She walked up the stairs as lightning flashed.

She walked up the stairs as lightning flashed, and Charlie commented, "She's so brave, so so so brave."

"I need to go to the bathroom." Ruby said. "Can someone go with me?"

"You know your way through, Ruby. You went last time at the New Year's Eve." Charlie said.

"I know that, you ass." Ruby yelled, and grabbed Charlie with her, "Come on." Elizabeth slowly followed them, "I'll go, too, just in case nothing happens between you two."

Chuck sighed. "This turned out to be the worst Halloween party ever. This is a disaster. I had everything planned and now it's freaking ruined."

"Don't just say that." Shannon said. "You'll never know, there may be something good out of this situation."

"I'd doubt it." Chuck shrugged.


Minutes later, it was quiet, and Chuck stood up, "Where the hell are those guys? How long does it take to find a freaking phone and go to the bathroom? It's been a half an hour now."

The doorbell had rang once again, and everyone quickly looked and turned around. Everyone except for Chuck backed away. "Yo' house, yo' responsibility." Shannon said.

Chuck shook his head and slowly went to the door. His hands began to tremble and shake and when his hand touched the knob, he squinted his eyes and opened the door quickly, it was no one there, but as he looked down, all he saw was a neck microphone, a brown wig, a plastic magic-wand and sunglasses. Chuck raised an eyebrow and he picked the items up.

"Well, who was it?" Shannon asked.

Chuck closed the door, and turned to everyone, "It was no one, all I saw were these things."

"Wait a minute, let me see those things." Shannon went to Chuck and grabbed them out of his hands. and as she looked through them all, she slowly looked up, "Oh my god."

"What?" Chuck said.

"Weren't these the things Elizabeth, Isabel, Ruby and Charlie wore when they came?" Shannon said. "Isabel had this neck microphone, Elizabeth wore the wig, Charlie wore the sunglasses and... Ruby had that magic wand."

"Oh my god.." Chuck said. "Do you think that they were mur--" Chuck's eyes widened. An object was threw to the window, and everyone screamed, then the doorbell rang once again and everyone jumped quickly. Gunner walked to the door, "I've had enough of these freaking games, I'm going home, he opened the door, and he was suddenly pulled away. Everyone began to scream, and Shannon seemed as if she was going to explode, "That's it, I'm leaving, I'm gonna put an end to this."

"Shannon, no, don't do it!" Denzil said, chasing her as she tried to jump out of the window, he went along, and then they both screamed out loud. A.J. ran for the window, but then Chuck pulled him back, "No, A.J., don't do it, don't go out there, it's not worth dying for."

"I can't believe this, I don't want to die." Levi said. He put his hands over his head in frustration, he wanted to break everything, he began to sweat and breathe fast. Gunner quickly ran to him, "Bro, you alright? Calm down. Calm down. Calm down."

Levi screamed and slammed everything on the coffee table down on the floor. He put his hands over his head, squinting his eyes and gripping his fists. "Deep breaths, Levi, deep breaths."

It seemed as if the devil was coming out of Levi, when he looked up to Gunner, he suddenly backed away from him. Levi slowly stood up, saying, "Why does it feel like night today? Something in here's not right today. Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia's all I got left, I don't know what stressed me first or how the pressure was fed, but I know just what it feels like to have a voice in the back of my head."

"Like a face that I hold inside, a face that awakes when I close my eyes, a face that watches every time I lie, aface that laughs every time I fall and watches everything."

Everyone suddenly began to move back slowly from Levi. "So I know that when it's time to sink or swim that the face inside is hearing me right beneath my skin."

"It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back, it's like a whirlwind inside of my head, it's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within, it's like the face inside is right beneath my skin."

"I know I've got a face in me, points out all my mistakes to me, you've got a face on the inside too, your paranoia's probably worse, I don't know what set me off first, but I know what I can't stand, everybody acts like the fact of the matter is, I can't add up to what you can but." Levi sang.

"Like a face that I hold inside, a face that awakes when I close my eyes, a face that watches every time I lie, a face that laughs every time I fall and watches everything."

"So I know that when it's time to sink or swim that the face inside is watching you too, right inside your skin."

"It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back, it's like a whirlwind inside of my head, it's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within, it's like the face inside is right beneath my skin."

"The face inside is right beneath your skin, the face inside is right beneath your skin, the face inside is right beneath your skin."

"The sun goes down, I feel the light betray me, the sun goes down, I feel the light betray me." Levi sang, while everyone continued to push away from Levi when he followed their steps. "The sun, I feel the light betray me, the sun, I feel the light betray me."

"It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back, it's like a whirlwind inside of my head, it's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within, it's like the face inside is right beneath my skin."

The song ended and everyone became quiet as Levi calmed himself down, everything became intense, sweat poured down Levi's forehead, evolving into him walking backwards to sit on a couch.


Chuck and Anna paired up, Levi and Gunner paired up, Carina and A.J. paired up, Candace and Colton paired up, Addison and Mayson paired up with each other, and then Cheyenne made her way joining Chuck and Anna as they all tried to find ways to escape the house easily, since the power was out, they used flashlights to find ways to leave.

Addison stood scared as they entered the upstairs part of the house, Mayson wrapped his arm around her. "It's okay, Ads, I'm right here with you, nothing's gonna happen, I promise."

"I just want to leave, I want to go home, there has to be a way to escape, it seems as if we go outside, we die, and I don't want to be one of the people to die. Mayson."

"You won't be," Mayson said. "Let's go find something to escape." First, they entered Chuck's room, and when they opened the door, it looked pretty junky, with pictures of girls pasted up his wall, and race cars.

"Gosh, this guy needs to grow up." Addison whispered, Mayson looked around, and looked in Chuck's drawers to see if anything was in there, the first cabinet had nothing but clothes, along with the second drawer. Mayson sighed and opened up the closet door, and it was empty when Mayson saw, but he suddenly heard an eerie voice, when he sent in his left ear to hear, "Oh, Mayson... we have come for you... oh, how great it is to meet you."

Mayson looked at Addison, and she shrugged, "What's in there?" Mayson found it hard to respond as he kept hearing the eerie voice pass through.

"What are you doing, do you hear something?" Addison came closer to Mayson in the closet, Mayson backed away, and pushed Addison gingerly to the closet and she heard the eerie voices. "Oh, Addison, welcome to the closet... we've been looking forward to you, please come and join us.."

Addison looked at Mayson and he nodded his head, when Addison continued to listen, the closet door began to force it shut with Addison inside, she began to scream for help from Mayson, who quickly ran to the door and tried to pull it open, with Addison's arm stuck, she was halfway inside. Mayson grabbed both the door and Addison's hand, and with all of his might, he gripped the door open and Mayson pulled Addison out of the closet.

"I can't take this longer, I want out of this house." Mayson said. Addison began to scream, "I have HAD it, I am fighting back."

Addison and Mayson both began to scream, and at that moment they pushed out of Chuck's room, crashing to the hallway, and they began to strut in the dark hallways, and Mayson, angry looking, began to sing, "Tired of injustice, tired of the schemes, the lies are disgusting, so what does it mean, kicking me down, I got to get up, as jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks."

Addison and Mayson began to see ghosts run around, and Addison began to get more angrier, she sang, "Peek in the shadow, come into the light, you tell me I'm wrong, then you better prove you're right. You're sellin' out souls but, I care about mine, I've got to get stronger and I won't give up the fight."

"With such confusions don't it make you wanna scream," Mayson sang. "Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme."

"You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize," Addison sang.

"Somebody please have mercy, 'cause I just can't take it." Addison and Mayson sang. "Stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me, stop pressurin' me, make me wanna scream." They both sang.

Addison, put her hands over her head as they entered Chuck's parents' room, ""Oh my God, can't believe what I saw, as I turned on the TV this evening, I was disgusted by all the injustice, all the injustice""

Mayson screamed, this suddenly brought out ghosts, and they danced along as Mayson and Addison did.

Chuck, Cheyenne and Anna quickly ran to try to escape from the house, when they tried to escape from the shed, they all ran out in the rain, and all were heard were screams, while nowhere to be seen, A.J., Denzil, Candace and Colton were nowhere to be found, and it seemed as if Levi and Carina were the last standing.

"With such collusions don't it make you wanna scream," Mayson sang. "Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme."

"You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize." Addison sang.

"Oh brother, please have mercy, 'cause I just can't take it." Addison and Mayson sang.

"Stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me, stop pressurin' me, make me wanna scream, stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me, stop pressurin' me, make me wanna scream, stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me, stop pressurin' me, make me wanna scream."

It became more intense, when Addison and Mayson looked at each other, and they jumped and broke through the windows in Chuck's parents room, crashing all of the way down to the ground, while Carina ran for the top of the roof, the storm had gotten worse, and Levi, the last standing, slipped and fell on the living room floor, in where the ghosts began to surround him, after that, he screamed.


"Levi, bud? Can you hear me?" Chuck said. It all snapped back to reality, where the lights were still back on. Chuck, Cheyenne and Shannon surrounded Levi, trying to see if he was okay.

Cheyenne looked at Chuck nodded, "Of course he can't, Doofus, don't you see, he fainted." Levi's eyes opened up slowly, as he saw everyone, the lights were on, and although it was still raining, everyone was still there.

"You guys are still-still alive," Levi said. "Thank god."

"Levi, we've been alive," Shannon said. "What do you mean?"

"You," Levi pointed to Shannon, "You jumped out of the window, Cheyenne, Chuck and Anna all ran to the shed, Carina slipped and fell off a roof, Addison and her brother jumped out of the w-window, the lights were out, Elizabeth, Charlie, Ruby and Isabel were killed, it all happened,"

"Levi, you must have been dreaming then." Chuck said. "None of that happened."

Levi, still sweating from all that happened, raised an eyebrow. "Nothing happened?"

Everyone all said, "No."

Levi was panting heavily and the three surrounding him slowly lifted him up.

"So, I guess that kiss is out of the question?" Gunner said, crossing his arms. Chuck, Cheyenne and Shannon shook their heads.


The rain had all stopped, the streets were wet and the wind diminished, after Chuck's end of the party, Dougie and Carina made their way to the car. "It was pretty fun tonight, right?" Dougie said.

"Yeah," Carina said. "If only Levi hadn't fainted and told us this big scary dream, maybe it would have been fun overall, other than that, yeah, you can say it was fun."

Dougie and Carina made their way inside of the car, before Dougie started the engine, he closed the door and waited for Carina to get in. He smiled and she smiled back, but then after that, Carina looked down, and looked back at Dougie, "Doug, I have a question, but I don't want you to feel any type of way about it."

"Sure, lay it on me." Dougie smiled. Carina sighed, "Well, about what happened tonight during that spin-the-bottle game, we were kind of intimate during that kiss, did you feel anything?"

"In all honesty?" Dougie asked. Carina nodded. "In all honesty."

"Yes. I felt something, it was just something about that kiss that made it a bit more longer than I expected it to be, you know?"

"I feel the same way." Carina said. Dougie sighed, "In fact, there's something that I've been kind of wanting to tell you for sometime now."

"Yes?" Carina asked. Dougie took a deep breath, "I don't know which way to put this, but it's just... I know that I'm bisexual and I've been known for having a lot of ups and downs with guys, but I've realized that you're the first girl I think I've ever been attracted to."

Carina was stunned. "You're attracted to me?"

"You can say that." Dougie gave a half-smile, Carina giggled, "How flattering. Maybe I should put something on the table. I have kind of been attracted to you, but I wasn't as much because you were with Levi, and I was with Gunner, but we've been very close friends ever since."

"You've been there for me from the start." Dougie said. "And that's what led to me to fall for you." There was silence as Carina smiled, then the smile stopped as Dougie moved closer to touch Carina's side of her face.

Carina felt the connection between her and Dougie, and she couldn't resist but touch his face back. Dougie slowly moved to Carina and pressed his lips against hers, leading to a kiss.


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