Model Behavior
Season Four, Episode One
First Aired January 2015
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"Gone Too Soon"
"Barely Reunited"
Model Behavior is the first episode of Glee: The New Years fourth and final season and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It will air during January 2015.

A five-year jump focuses on the New Directions alumni's futures. A.J., currently a magazine article writer, plans to create a reunion for the alumni. However, the long distance gets quite overwhelming. Meanwhile, Cheyenne, a new model in New York, suffers from anger and anxiety due to her high standards. Chuck and Anna move into their first apartment together, but they struggle with different living habits. Gunner also struggles balancing his football dreams with finding love; he goes on a blind date gone wrong. Will this reunion ever happen?




  • A.J., Gunner, Cheyenne, Chuck, and Anna are the focuses of the fourth season opener. Carina, Elizabeth, Addison, Dougie, and Claira do not appear in this episode, although this may be subject to change, they will all appear for episode 2.
  • A new character, Natalie is portrayed by Holland Roden, Teen Wolf star, respectfully. She will have a recurring role and play as Cheyenne's "assistant" in her modeling gig. 
  • There is still casting for a modeling director, photographer, and Cheyenne's gay friend.

Cheyenne, Bichette, and NatalieEdit

  • The episode title, "Model Behavior" will correlate to Cheyenne's aspirations of becoming a model. She moves to Brooklyn, New York, although she doesn't know that Chuck and Anna are in New York during this time. 
  • Cheyenne has anxiety considering that her bad behavior and anxiety is the cause of her likelihood of failing in the modeling industry.
  • Cheyenne has a perky yet annoying assistant, Natalie, who tries to encourage her to eat healthier and get out of her depressing, miserable stage.
  • Tyra Banks will portray Bichette, whom she portrayed in the fifth season of Glee.
  • Cheyenne will perform during her first fashion show in New York, but the outcome will not go well. 

Chuck and AnnaEdit

  • Chuck and Anna, after Anna graduated a year after Chuck, remain a couple. Chuck remains in NYADA with Anna, but the two decide that it's time to look for a new apartment together.
  • The two will live in a 3 bedroom apartment, muc similar to Glee's Bushwick apartment, but the two worry that their living habits will get in the way of their relationship.
  • Chuck's sloppy habits and Anna's bossy, neat-freak like behavior (something she considers "model behavior") is the conflict between the two. Chuck threatens to move out if the two disagree.


  • A.J. works for a fashion column in a magazine in Philadelphia. However, A.J. has writer's block, as he wants to faithfully work for Rolliing Stone magazine.
  • A.J.'s writer's block comes from his lack of interest in fashion, as well as his determination to reunite the New Directions alumni.
  • A.J. makes an article about Cheyenne that will lead on to a further episode.
  • He will only interact with Anna, yet everyone else he calls are busy or not in contact.


  • Gunner is currently in Los Angeles due to the help of Levi's mother and father, who put him through 2 years of University of California.
  • However, Gunner decided to drop out, as accepted by Levi's parents, to focus on sports on his own. He wants to be a football player, but his focus on love gets in the way.
  • Gunner goes on a blind date that doesn't go well.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
As Long As You're Mine Cast of Wicked Anna Clarkson and Chuck Salvatore
Primadonna Marina and the Diamonds Cheyenne McLarson
Life After You Daughtry Gunner White
TBA TBA Anna Clarkson
Everybody's Changing Keane A.J. RileyCheyenne McLarson,
and Gunner White

Guest CastEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Tyra Banks as Bichette
  • Whoopi Goldberg as Carmen TIbideaux

Guest StarsEdit

  • Holland Roden as Natalie
  • TBA as Francisco
  • TBA as Sammi

Absent Cast MembersEdit

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