Judith Camille Jaiho
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3)
Hair Color: Black
Aliases: Judi (herself)
Voodoo Girl, Bitch (Cheyenne)
Family & Friends
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Jeremy Lawrence
Karin Stefano
Clyde Andrews
Addison Lee
Mayson Blackburn
New Directions
Enemies: Aphasia
Other Information
Interests: Singing, rapping, playing with her voodoo doll
Clique: Vocal Adrenaline
Education: Jane Addams Academy (2012-2013)

Carmel High School (2013-)

Talent: Rapping and singing
Vulnerabilities: Bullying
Series Information
First appearance: Now or Never
Portrayer: Judi Jai
Judi Jaiho is a member of Vocal Adrenaline and former member of the Jane Addams Academy glee club. She is exceptionally talented in the fields of rap and hip-hop and has proven to be an asset to both glee clubs she has been involved in. Judi has been shown to have a interest in voodoo, and often threatens individuals with her dolls. Judi's role on the show was renewed and she made a comeback appearance in California's Most Wanted. Her role will increase respectively in Season Three.


Season OneEdit

Now Or NeverEdit

In this episode, Judi makes her first appearance as a member of Jane Addams Academy Show Choir, as she is noted to be in a fight with Aphasia, a girl also from the choir. She kept her voodoo doll with her and tried to scare Mr. Schuester with it. Meanwhile, at Sectionals, Judi caused her group to lose after a physical altercation with Aphasia after a misconception, by this episode, she wasn't heard of ever since.


In this episode, Judi officially makes her return but she joins Vocal Adrenaline, suddenly, going against New Directions with Jeremy Lawrence and Karin Stefano, and she gets into an argument with Cheyenne.


In this episode, Judi and Karin perform with Addison and Dougie with New Directions, singing We Run This. Also, by this episode, Judi gets annoyed by Jeremy's antics against New Directions and decides to call off their rivalry.

Season TwoEdit

Center Stage Of AttentionEdit

In this episode, although Judi wasn't in it, Karin mentioned that she transferred back to Jane Addams Academy, however, in later episodes, it is proven not true.

California's Most WantedEdit

Judi makes her official return in this episode, in which her role increases more as she start having a more mature personality. Judi tries to prove that Karin didn't mean to hurt Addison in a conversation in the bathroom.

Season ThreeEdit


Judi makes an appearance along with the rest of Vocal Adrenaline when Clyde tells her that New Directions is anxious to compete against them in a battle for revenge of Karin hurting Addison. At first, Judi was taken aback about this, and then, she decided that she would refuse to get involved since she doesn't have a problem with New Directions at all. Judi sings All Night Long with Karin and Clyde.


Solos (In A Group Number)Edit

Season One:Edit

  1. Fireball (Now Or Never)
  2. We Run This with New Directions. (Love/War)

Season Three:Edit

  1. All Night Long (Vandalized)