Season Four, Episode Five
First Aired Summer 2013
Episode Guide
"The Truth Hurts"
Invitationals is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Glee: The New Years. This marks the first Invitationals episode of the series.


Their first year of Invitationals are coming, and The McKinley Rebels vie to show off their new style, while New Directions are determined to win it off. Meanwhile, Chace Higgins auditions for New Directions, but is devoid of praise when his attitude causes him to be rejected, and he tries his hardest to convince them. Jake finally decides to break free from days of torment from Melody and opens up about his feelings for Brandon, but will his decision ruin his reputation or is it worth it? Nathan and Shannon find theirselves in an awkward place at an awkward time, and at that point, they both realize their perfect chemistry, but will it put them together? 


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