International Freaks
Season One, Episode One
Blake-Lively-et-Penn-Badgley-a-nouveau-ensemble portrait w674
First Aired September TBA
Episode Guide
"Gone Too Soon"
"I Love/Hate College"
International Freaks was to be the first episode of the spin-off of Glee: The New Years, the first season of Glee: The New Years - Adventures in College. It was to be released in September 23, 2013, but it was cancelled. 


In this episode, Levi and Carina would be the first appearances, where they arrive in L.A. together, but realize that it's not all fun and games there anymore, they both go to college together. However, it gets more surprising when Riley decides to come to L.A. to surprise Levi and support him. Levi realizes that Riley also planned to go to L.A. for college too. They all experience L.A. together. In New York, Chuck, Cheyenne and Elizabeth are looking for a new apartment so they can live together. But the high prices may be too much for them all. However, they rent an apartment for their stay in New York. Claira and Peter are still on a train to go to Paris a very long way from Ohio, but Claira focuses on her new future in college, and it confuses Peter, assuming that Lily has nothing to do with her future. 

Levi, Riley and Carina go to their orientation for their new college the next day in Los Angeles, but Carina becomes nervous, seeming as if she isn't ready for the new big thing. Levi wants her to believe in herself. Chuck and Elizabeth realize that Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel are all in New York together, they all meet each other and Rachel gives Chuck and Elizabeth a tour to NYADA.

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