Hollywood Bound
Season Two, Episode Eighteen
First Aired August 3, 2012
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"California's Most Wanted"
'Hollywood Bound' is the eighteenth episode to the second season of Glee: The New Years, this will be part of a 2-part episode arc, it aired on August 3rd, 2012 after a whole month hiatus.


As New Directions head to L.A. for Nationals, Carina is suddenly star-spotted by producers on a show, who wants her to audition for a reality TV show in California, while that happens, everyone seems to worry about it, knowing that they would actually need her for Nationals, and it also puts a gap in Carina and Gunner's relationship, what will happen between the two? Meanwhile, an one night stand in Cali keeps a secret from a true friend. Levi also decides to team up with Alex to follow dreams in L.A.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hollywood Rufus featuring Chaka Khan Shannon BrockwoodElizabeth MooreDougie Eastwood, and Denzil Mixx
California Phantom Planet Chuck SalvatoreGunner White, and Charlie Holden
Party in the U.S.A. Miley Cyrus Levi LashaneCarina Maraj, and New Directions


Episode 18:Edit

So here's what you missed on Glee: The New Years!

Prom turned from The Prom From Hell to the BEST. PROM. EVER. Let me explain, OK? So, as you know, there was so much tension in the air, starting with Daniel, A.J. and Drew. Along with Gunner's "jealousy" over Karin and Addison's relationship, and going for the prom showdown between Cheyenne and Carina, and then Stasi's tension with both Charlie and Elizabeth, which turned into all fights at the prom. Crazy, right, but the resolution was to either make up or get suspended. Carina and Cheyenne suddenly befriended each other after the fight, but in my opinion, if I was called a "bible-thumping, hypocritical, two-faced wanna-be," I wouldn't even do that, but yeah, they bonded, and the actual Prom King and Queen was Chuck and Cheyenne, who was really nice enough to give their crowns to Carina and Gunner. Meanwhile, the guy who quit with Anna last year, A.J.'s ex, Rick, returned to surprise everyone for Prom, but it seemed like it was more of a warning, as he told A.J. about Vocal Adrenaline, and the lying path Karin has in her life and how it might break Addy's heart, should have known it would be trouble, he he, but yeah, and also, now that Denzil is like officially over Chuck, he seemed to bond with Rick, who he met before at a bus stop. Crazy right? While all through last episode, all you got was Lougie, Lougie, Lougie. Levi finally decided that it was time for him to make his own decisions for his life, and actually find out about his father's departure when he was a child, while Dougie's sweet side spreads all around him and gives him the time of his life at Prom, cute little couple they are, now that Prom is over, it's pretty much time to prepare for Nationals in L.A., New Directions, I suggest you guys get ready, from what I predict, it's gonna be a wild ride.

Well, that's what you missed on Glee!


12:09 am, Los Angeles, California. The Hilton.

Arguing and yelling blasts outside of the Hilton Hotel. In a room, Carina walks in the door early in the morning to see her suitcase thrown down with her clothes and things splashed all around the hotel room floor. Elizabeth stood near a lamp in the bedroom, trying to see if she will retaliate or yell, while Claira, Cheyenne, Alex, Shannon, Addison and Lily were all trying to sleep.

"Wow, really, is this like a warning," Carina said angrily, as she tried to pick up her things.

"So, you guys want to trash someone's stuff, right?" Carina yelled out. "Who touched my stuff? I swear, I will cut one of your faces off and wear it for Mardi Gras 2015, I will go to jail, who touched my stuff,"

"Yeah, yeah, talk all of that stuff," Elizabeth rolled her eyes, waiting for her to come in the bedroom.

"See, everyone wants to be quiet now, huh?" Carina yelled out. "Come on, you want to make a mess, let's make a mess!"

Carina started to make a mess in the house, making loud noises, breaking glass and ruining everything in the hotel room. "Let's do more, come on, girls, let's decorate!"

Carina saw the trash can filled with garbage from a huge party night, and she grabbed the trash can and walked into the hotel bedroom angrily.

"So, now, I guess I have to decorate this room, huh, a little bit of trash for you guys," Carina poured the trash down on the hotel bedroom floor and then threw it at Elizabeth. She retaliated quickly and ran to Carina and pushed her on the bed on the other side, and attacked her, while Carina gave hits back aggressively and pushed her down to the ground. Cheyenne and Addison quickly rose up from their beds and tried to pull Carina and Elizabeth back, they were looking scared and yelled out, "Stop, guys!"

And it all continued with Carina punching Elizabeth in the eye.

Hold up, I think we need to rewind it all the way back to how it all started in L.A. Carina said in voice-over. It's been two crazy weeks and I was part of it. Maybe I should blame myself for getting too caught up in L.A., maybe I deserved my suitcase on the ground, but yeah, you don't know why it happened, rewind.


1 week earlier...

"In about 5 more hours, you will land on Destination: Carina, where all of your dreams will come true in Los Angeles, California," Carina smiled as she looked in the mirror and got prepared for bed.

Back at Levi's house, his mother was in his bedroom packing things for his trip to L.A., Levi began to chuckle, "Mom, it's only 2 weeks in L.A., not a whole summer vacation away,"

"I know, hon, I'm just really going to miss you," Leslie said dramatically, and continued to pack clothes in his suitcase.

"Don't worry, I'll keep in touch with you every day, and if you want, I'll Skype you,"

Leslie was confused, "What's Skype?"

Levi rolled his eyes, "Never mind," he laughed. "I'll keep in touch, just think, I'll be back as soon as Nationals are over,"

Leslie reached in for a hug and smiled, "I love you, sweetheart, just don't get caught up into anything sexually related, if you know what I mean,"

"Mom, I'm 16 now, I should know how to be responsible for my actions, besides, I made a promise to you guys that I wouldn't have sex until I'm 18, that's only 2 years," Levi said.

Leslie patted his back, "You're a good kid, Lev, good night," she smiled and zipped up his suitcase and put it on the side of his bed, and walked out, while that, his father came in and knocked.

"Oh, hey," Levi said.

"Hey, son," Vincent said.

"So, what's up?" Levi asked.

Vincent walked in and smiled, "Mind if we talk before you go to bed,"

"Um, sure, I guess," Levi said, Vincent sat down slowly on his bed and smiled. "Son, I'm so proud of you,"

"Well, thanks, dad, I would be proud of myself, too," Levi replied and gave a sudden smirk.

"Son, I just want you to know something, I should have been a better father to you, and I should have accepted who you are and I shouldn't have forced you to be someone you didn't want to be, and you were right last week, I think that you can have the right to make your own decisions for your future, it's what you want to do later on when you're in college and when you're out of college, hell, you can even go to L.A. tomorrow and even find interesting things that may even push you harder in success for school," Levi stood looking at his father talking to him, emotionless at first.

"You're a good kid, Levi," His father said. "A good kid with big dreams ahead and I know that in college, you'll be able to catch those dreams and keep them,"

Levi began to smile. "I love you, Dad,"

"I love you too, son," Vincent pulled Levi in for a hug, he smiled and patted his back. "Now, go on and get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow,"

"I know," Levi smiled, and he began to get comfortable, "Night, Dad,"

"Night, son," Vincent said, he smiled and walked out of his room.

I can't believe that I am going to L.A. tomorrow, is this really a dream, I just want to pinch myself so bad and just see if I'm going to wake up. I wonder if I'm going to meet any stars in L.A., maybe they could give me guidance in what I should do with my life. L.A., you better prepare for Levi, because he's going to rule California, and I'm sure Carina will do the same.

Levi smiled as he thought about it, laying down. "I am so ready for these 2 weeks,"

As he closed his eyes, he began to smile in his sleep, thinking of the future ahead of California coming his way. As a dream-sequence type of feeling, Shannon, Elizabeth, Dougie and Denzil were in his room, singing.

"He's on his way, he's goin' to Hollywood, he's bussin' it to Hollywood, show him the way, he's movin' to Hollywood, he's hoppin' it to Hollywood," They all sang.

"He's waited at bus stops all his life, he's been in and out of those spaces, seein' eyes that spoke to him, from sad and gifted places, sad and gifted places," Shannon sang.

"He's on his way, he's goin' to Hollywood, he's bussin' it to Hollywood, show him the way, he's movin' to Hollywood, he's hoppin' it to Hollywood," The group sang.

"You know he's gonna be dressed to kill, he's gonna find some brand new thrills, whatever he's been looking for, tell him that there's so much more." Shannon sang, "In Hollywood, Hollywood," Shannon sang with Dougie.

"He's on his way, he's goin' to Hollywood, he's bussin' it to Hollywood, show him the way, he's movin' to Hollywood, he's hoppin' it to Hollywood,"

"Painted faces, sunburnt skin, fixed expressions, smiles worn thin, caught in the blink of neon of Hollywood, bending battles, maneuvering schemes, false expressions, washed up dreams, everybody makes believe, in Hollywood, Hollywood," Elizabeth, Denzil and Dougie sang.

"He's on his way, he's goin' to Hollywood, he's bussin' it to Hollywood, show him the way, he's movin' to Hollywood, he's hoppin' it to Hollywood,"

The sun suddenly came up, and Levi woke up from his sleep and he smiled. "California, I'm coming, babe," ____________________________________

The next morning, every New Directions member arrived at the airport, and Mr. Schuester put them all in a line and gave them a ticket.

"Well, we're finally at the airport, guys," Mr. Schuester said. "Who's ready to kick some butt at Nationals?" Everyone cheered and finally walked into the entrance of the plane in the airport, everyone gave the ticket to the man next to the door.

"I can't believe this is happening," Carina said. "Me in L.A."

"I'm thinking the same way you are, Carina," Levi said. "I'm totally prepared for this two weeks, are you?" "Am I?" Carina scoffed. "I've been prepared, may the two craziest best friends rule California," she gave him a high five.

As they continued to walk, Lily was walking with A.J., "Lily, why didn't you come to Prom last week?"

"What, you really thought I would be there without anyone to dance with?" Lily shook her head, "Hell, no,"

"Oh, I see what this is about, Shawn, right?" A.J. said. "Can you at least get him out of your mind for these two weeks, we all miss him, but you've been taking this so hard, why can't you just loosen up and have some fun, it wasn't your fault, Lily, it was an accident that was not made from you, can you just please loosen up for me?"

"Fine, I guess," she looked down. Addison stood and looked back and suddenly waved at A.J., and he smiled and waved back, but looked away in guilt.

Now, I'm realizing, it probably won't be fun for me, because it's going to be so hard for me to tell Addison about Karin, I mean, I don't want her to be hurt and suddenly leave L.A. or not go to Nationals with us because of the mad tension we'll have when she'll find out that Vocal Adrenaline didn't take a break. A.J. looked down.

They all got on the plane and looked around, and it was quiet and very odd. "Well, um, this is really odd," Chuck whispered in Anna's ear.

"Ditto," Anna shook her head.

"It wasn't like this when we went to New York for Nationals," Lily said. "Nationals should have been at the Radio City Music Hall again,"

"Are you kidding me?" Carina replied quietly, "Do you know how lucky we are to go to L.A.?"

Lily rolled her eyes, "Maybe, I've never been to L.A."

"I haven't either, we all haven't," Carina said.

They all sat down in the empty seats on the plane, nervous looking, as they sat near strangers unknown. Chuck sat next to Anna.


Hours later, Chuck, Charlie and Gunner were both sleeping on the plane with their headphones on, and it seemed as if they were dreaming about something, a dream sequence occurs and it shows Chuck, Charlie and Gunner with sunglasses with a roof-less car driving down the streets of California, as the wind blows down their hair.

"We've been on the run. driving in the sun. looking out for #1," Chuck sang. "California here we come, right back where we started from,"

"Hustlers grab your guns, your shadow weighs a ton, driving down the 101," Charlie sang. "California here we come, right back where we started from,"

"California! Here we come!" Chuck, Charlie and Gunner all sang.

"On the stereo, listen as we go, nothing's gonna stop me now," Gunner sang. "California here we come, right back where we started from,"

"Pedal to the floor, thinkin' of the roar, gotta get us to the show, California here we come, right back where we started from," Chuck sang.

"California! Here we come!" Chuck, Charlie and Gunner all sang. "California, California, here we come, oh,"

Chuck stopped to spot Anna with a short sleeve shirt and a skirt on, and heard his name suddenly come out from her mouth, Anna tapped Chuck to wake him up from his dream. "Chuck!"

Chuck quickly looked up and saw Anna. "What, what, what happened?"

"Babe, we're landing!" Anna smiled.

Chuck began to smile, "California, here we come,"


The plane finally landed and Levi and Carina both looked shocked, to see the huge view in Los Angeles.

"Can somebody pinch me right now?" Carina said. Levi closed in his last two fingers and gave Carina a quick pinch on her arm. Carina's eyes widened and she slapped Levi on the back of his head. "Oww! That hurt, Levi!"

"You asked for a pinch," Levi said.

"I just can't believe it, we're really here, Los Angeles, it's like it doesn't seem real to me, we are really here," Carina said gleefully.

"And just picture all of the things we can do here for 2 weeks," Levi said.

Carina smiled, and giggled, and as everyone got out of the plane to see the view, a bus suddenly came to the airport, everyone got in and Mr. Schuester smiled and clapped his hands as he walked into the bus.

"We are finally here," Mr. Schuester said. "2 weeks in L.A. means fun, fun, and fun!"

Everyone began to cheer, and Mr. Schuester laughed. "Now, remember guys, we have 1 week to ourselves and only 1 week to Nationals, let's spend our time here wisely, got it?"

"Got it," Everyone sang. Meanwhile, the bus finally arrived in the Los Angeles border and Levi and Carina sat next to each other, in shock, smiling and in excitement. The bus stopped, and everyone got out from the bus, Levi and Carina smiled and looked all around.

"I feel like going into song right now," Levi said.

"I do too," Carina smiled at Levi.

"I hopped off the plane at L.A.X., with a dream and my cardigan, welcome to the land of fame excess, am I gonna fit in?" Levi strutted down the sidewalks along with the rest of the group, Carina strutted along with Levi and sang, "Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time, look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign, this is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous,"

"My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda home sick, too much pressure and I'm nervous, that's when the taxi man turned on the radio and a Jay-Z song was on, and the Jay-Z song was on, and the Jay-Z song was on," Levi sang with Carina. The moment turned into a flash mob-type as New Directions all danced down the sidewalks, and as people passed by smiling and pointing. "So I put my hands up, they're playing my song, and the butterflies fly away, I'm noddin' my head like yeah, I'm movin' my hips like yeah, I got my hands up,, they're playin' my song, I know I'm gonna be OK, yeah, it's a party in the USA, yeah, it's a party in the USA," New Directions all sang.

"Get to the club in my taxi cab, everybody's looking at me now, like "Who's that chick, that's rockin' kicks? She gotta be from out of town"" Carina sang.

"So hard with my girls not around me, It's definitely not a Ohio party," Levi sang.

"'Cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I never got the memo," they both sang.

"My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda home sick, too much pressure and I'm nervous, that's when the D.J. dropped my favorite tune and a Britney song was on, and a Britney song was on, and a Britney song was on," Levi sang.

"So I put my hands up, they're playing my song, and the butterflies fly away, I'm noddin' my head like yeah, I'm movin' my hips like yeah, I got my hands up,, they're playin' my song, I know I'm gonna be OK, yeah, it's a party in the USA, yeah, it's a party in the USA," New Directions all sang.

"Feel like hoppin' on a flight, back to my hometown tonight, something stops me every time, the DJ plays my song and I feel alright," Carina sang.

Suddenly, two men in black suits spotted Carina as she was singing, and they looked at each other, as they saw her.

"So I put my hands up, they're playing my song, and the butterflies fly away, I'm noddin' my head like yeah, I'm movin' my hips like yeah, I got my hands up,, they're playin' my song, I know I'm gonna be OK, yeah, it's a party in the USA, yeah, it's a party in the USA," New Directions all sang. "So I put my hands up, they're playing my song, and the butterflies fly away, I'm noddin' my head like yeah, I'm movin' my hips like yeah, I got my hands up,, they're playin' my song, I know I'm gonna be OK, yeah, it's a party in the USA, yeah, it's a party in the USA,"

Everyone cheered after the song, as half-publicity spotted them and gave applause, New Directions all looked and smiled. "Feels like we're home," Chuck smiled. "Beach babes, beach babes, and did I mention beach--"

Anna punched Chuck in the back and smiled. "...and did I mention Anna?"

"That's what I thought," Anna giggled and kissed Chuck on the cheek.


As New Directions walked inside of the hotel, they were in shock as they saw the view of it.

"I can't believe we're all here right now," Carina said. "This is like where Hollywood stars all go, right?"

"From the looks of it, it's pretty obvious, babe," Gunner replied as they held hands walking.

"I wonder if we can get our own room together," Anna smiled at Chuck.

"Oh, please, you know that's not gonna happen, Anna," Cheyenne laughed. "I already know that Mr. Schue wouldn't even allow that,"

"I mean, it's not like we're gonna do anything sexual, plus, I'm a virgin," Anna said.

"I think he's just gonna split us up this time, like in New York," Dougie said.

"So much for you to say, you had sex with Chuck first," Anna laughed.

"Yeah, but doesn't mean he was my first," Dougie winked and walked away.

Anna shook her head in both disbelief and in humor.

New Directions all gathered together as Mr. Schuester called them over. "OK, you guys, here's the deal, now, this 2 week getaway reflects to the money involved for McKinley, we must use it all wisely, so, yes, Doug, you guys will be split up in to girls and boys, the girls will have a hotel room, the boys will have a hotel room, no sneaking in to rooms at midnight, got it?"

"Got it," Everyone said in unison.

"Now that we're here, we can get the rooms, we can all come together an think of some songs for Nationals," Mr. Schuester said.


"Oh my god, are you kidding me?" Alex said as she walked into the hotel room with the New Directions girls. "This is crazy, I feel like a superstar,"

"I know right," Carina replied back, squealing.

"You deserve it all, Carina," Cheyenne said, patting her back, "You are Prom Queen, remember,"

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. I honestly had no problem with Carina, I think she's a good girl, but it's like ever since she got Prom Queen last week, it's like she thinks that she's better than everyone here, and for once and for all, I'm gonna prove her wrong.

Levi walked into the hotel room along with the other guys, and he smiled. "Now, this is what I'm talking about, I feel like a total superstar,"

Gunner looked down in dismay, I'm glad we're in LA, the hotel's amazing, but I have this feeling that Levi is going to take Carina away from me, I really want to spend one week with her, I mean, we did get Prom King and Queen, at least can I have the time to spend it with her? I mean, I'll accept what Carina wants to do, but I just don't want to feel like a third wheel or anything.

"Damn, this hotel room would be better with Anna with me," Chuck looked down.

"That sounded really perverted, dude,"


"We're only 17, Cheyenne," Elizabeth said. "There's no way we can get into clubs in Hollywood,"

Cheyenne rolled her eyes. "So, what? Isn't that why fake IDs exist?"

Elizabeth and the rest of the girls gave a stunned and shocked look. Elizabeth chuckled and shook her head. "No, no, no, I'm not going to get arrested in Hollywood jail just to get in the club, absolutely not,"

"The only person that's old enough to go to a club is Chuck, right?" Addison said.

"He's 17, too, right?" Carina said.

"Nah, he's 18, he'll be graduating in two weeks," Addison said.

"Damn, that's so weird, I thought he was our age," Cheyenne said.

"Yeah, but he still wouldn't be allowed to do go to a club, because he's not 21." Carina said.

Everyone agreed with Carina, but Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Carina, why does it seem like you always have to be Ms. Always Right?"

Carina turned around and chuckled, "What do you mean?"

"You know, when you make a statement, everyone always end up agreeing with you." Elizabeth said.

Cheyenne looked at Elizabeth and nodded. "Elizabeth, stop, please,"

"No, no, Cheyenne," Carina said. "She wants to put it out all on the table, we can do it now,"

"Sweetie, I never think that my opinions are right, we all have different opinions, and I'm sure that people can agree and disagree, but that doesn't make me Ms. Always Right, because I'm not perfect. What is this about, because I won Prom last week?"

"As a matter of fact, it is," Elizabeth said. "Cheyenne won that fair and square and you just took it all away from her,"

"Rewind." Carina said. "Cheyenne GAVE me the Prom Queen title, she was even nice enough to do it,"

"Ditto," Cheyenne said. "Elizabeth, chill out, we're in Hollywood for Christ sake, save the drama for McKinley and not for here,"

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and Carina shook her head with a smirk.


Meanwhile, Claira went back down to the hotel lobby, believing that she misplaced something as she entered the hotel. As she tried to find the item, she accidentally bumped into a person, pushing the guy an inch away.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Claira looked up all of a sudden, but then her eyes widened as she suddenly saw the guy's soft skin, his soft and smooth texture of his hair, and his brown eyes, moving away in awe. "Peter?"

"Oh my god, Claira?" Peter replied in awe also, trying to squint his eyes to think that it was make-believe.

"W-w-what are you doing here?" Claira quickly looked back and looked at Peter, who was smiling, still in shock.

"I live here in L.A. actually," Peter said with a smile.

Claira shook her head and chuckled, "If you live here, then why are you in a hotel?"

"Oh, me and my friends are having a hotel party tomorrow night, thought maybe coming a bit early just so I could be prepared."

"Oh," Claira said.

"Why are you here?" Peter said. "Here with someone special?"

"No," Claira replied. "I'm here for Nationals with my Glee Club,"

"Really, Glee Club?" Peter said. "What group are you in?"

"New Directions," Claira said.

"Really, that's cool," Peter said. "I heard a lot about your group, I'm also moving back to Ohio in the Fall, gotta go back to Dalton,"

"Dalton Academy? You were there?" Claira said.

"Yeah, I was for a couple of months, then I went to Ohio, since you do know my parents are rich and wealthy so it's like I can go anywhere," Peter said.

"Ooh, lucky," Claira said humorously and sarcastically.

"So, do you have any plans through this week besides Nationals?" Peter moved closer to Claira.

"I don't know, Pete, it's just if I say yes, it'll only be a lie. If I say no, I know what you would probably say next," Claira said.

Peter chuckled. "What do you mean?"

"Pete, you know that we could never be again, it's just been so complicated with you and I, and besides I'm already in love with someone else," Claira said. Peter shook his head and laughed.

"That sounds great and all, but that wasn't what I was going to ask you, Claira," Peter said.

"Then what were you going to say?" Claira said.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out as friends while here in L.A., I mean, come on, just look at so many things we have here in California, the beach, the movies, just so many things here,"

Claira stopped for a moment and looked down and sighed, then looked back up. "Um, well, I'll think about it,"

"Well, when you make up your mind, just let me know," Peter smiled and walked away. Claira shook her head, trying hard not to show emotion to him.

Me and Peter had a strong thing going on before I went to McKinley, before the bad-ass and mean girl came out of me, I kind of had a thing going on. Although, the crazy thing is, I was never really into him, but I had a lot of fun with him. He seemed to drink a lot and acted crazier than my father. And since then, we broke up and I never saw him ever since.

I don't see why he would want me back, I mean, he was the cause of my anger and why I kept on cutting myself everytime, he broke my heart, just pushed me away and abandoned our relationship. If I have to deal with this in L.A., I would rather go back to Ohio than to deal with love right now.

Alex seems to be keeping distant from me and more to Shannon and her muffins, and I'm becoming more closer to Carina, who seems to just have this thing for fame. I just don't know where I fit in now, it's like, maybe the sweet girl isn't enough. Maybe I deserved to beat Daniel's ass at Prom. Maybe so.


"Elizabeth, you seriously need to chill out sometimes, for real, what did Carina ever did to you?" Cheyenne asked as she, Elizabeth and Charlie walked down to the lobby with the rest of the group to see the views of Los Angeles.

"I just dislike the fact that everyone considers her the best person in the group," Cheyenne said.

"For God's sake, she's not like Rachel Berry or anything," Cheyenne rolled her eyes.

"Yes, she is," Elizabeth said. "Mr. Schuester loves her more than he does with us,"

"Well, I haven't seen it all, I think you're just overreacting, we quit last time because of less attention and what we wanted wasn't good enough for him, can you just only be grateful for what we have as a group instead of worrying about someone who wants to to their own thing?"

"No, I can't," Elizabeth said. "It's like little miss Carina gets everything she wants, the solos, the duets with Gunner and Levi, the prom queen crown and a job as co-captain in the freaking Glee Club,"

"I believe someone's a little jealous," Charlie said softly.

"I'm not jealous," Elizabeth said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm just tired,"

"And you know, to be honest, girl, I'm kind of getting tired of you," Cheyenne said as she stopped.

"How could you say that, you're my best friend." Elizabeth said.

"I may be your best friend, but a true friend would be honest with you no matter what, so you're gonna hear what I have to say," Cheyenne said. "Look, Carina is a good singer, but that doesn't change the fact that you are one too, that me and Charlie are good ones, everyone in the Glee Club is great singers. Did you ever realize that Chuck has performed in almost every number we've done so far this year?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't compare to what Carina gets all of the time," Elizabeth looked away.

"Babe, you can't always get what you want," Charlie said. "I don't think Carina gets more than us, she's just gifted with an amazing voice, just like what you have,"

"Carina, in my opinion, seems grateful for what she has and what she doesn't have. She's not crying like a baby because she thinks that someone is taking her spotlight,"

"This is coming from the person that she fought last week in Prom," Elizabeth looked away in anger.

"Carina and I are friends now, why must we fight and keep a grudge over something we can have another chance at next year?" Cheyenne said. "All we're trying to say is, you gotta chill,"

Cheyenne walked away from her and spotted Claira as she walked to her. Elizabeth looked in dismay and shook her head. "I can't believe she took her side,"

"Babe, listen to me, she's not taking sides, she's being a true friend, you just gotta realize that you can't always get what you really want, you can try to get it next time, but just calm down and just worry about if Nationals is gonna be us this year," Charlie kissed Elizabeth softly on the lips and they both walked to the exit of the hotel.


As Levi, Carina, Gunner and Dougie walked together, Levi comforted Carina, who seemed to be in anger.

"I feel like Elizabeth hates me for some reason, I thought me and her were cool," Carina said.

"What happened, Carina?" Gunner said.

Carina sighed. "Elizabeth suddenly said that I always get what I want, like the crown for Prom and all of the solos, some bull like that, and I just hate the fact that it makes me feel bad, because I'm having something that others deserve more than I do, I'm not greedy,"

"Don't feel bad," Dougie said. "Elizabeth is just probably stressed out over the Charlie and his ex-girlfriend situation, and that's what's putting her to the edge,'

"But what does that have to do with me?" Carina said. "And I feel like the only one who had my back was Cheyenne, and she's Elizabeth's bestie,"

"You'll be fine, I'm sure of it," Levi hugged her.

"Maybe it's because she's jealous that you got co-captain," Dougie said.

"True," Carina said. "Besides, everyone in the club considered me a role model, and mature, even her, so what made her feel that way about me?"

"The co-captain spot," Levi, Gunner and Dougie said in unison.

Suddenly, two men suddenly spotted Carina again and quickly ran to her. "Um, hello,"

"Um.. hi?" Carina was completely confused with what was going on at the time, and she suddenly wanted to back away.

"May we have a word with you, please?" The man said.

"Um, sure, I guess," Carina walked with them 1 sidewalk square away from Levi and Gunner and Dougie, Carina turned back around in confusion and the three shrugged.

"How may I help you?" Carina asked.

"Um, first, my name is Zachary Barstone." Zachary gave her a handshake. "And this is Michael Depp."

"Aren't you guys from that reality TV show, "Searching for Stars?" Carina asked in confusion.

"Indeed we are," Zachary said.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Carina said both in awe and excitement. "Wait, wait, why did you guys stop to talk to me?"

"Well, this morning, we did see you singing outside with your class or group," Michael said. "Are you from around here?"

"Um, actually, no, I'm from Ohio, I came to visit," Carina replied.

"Well, we did see how amazing your voice was and we saw a lot of potential in you,"

"P-p-potential?" Carina said.

"Yep, that's right," Zachary said. "And we just wanted to know if you wanted to audition for Searching for Stars?"

Carina gasps, "Oh my god, are you serious?"

"No, we're lying!" Michael said. "Of course, we're serious!"

"What do you think they're talking about?" Gunner asked.

"I don't know, but from what I see, Carina looks excited," Levi replied back. Gunner looked in dismay, thinking that something's gonna happen where he won't be able to spend time with her.

"This is crazy!" Carina yelled in jumped for excitement, but then she stopped, and turned around to Levi, Gunner and Dougie and thought about it.

"But then, I'm not sure," Carina said. "I am only here for 2 weeks and I have a National Show Choir competition next week and I have to practice a lot for it, I'm not sure if I do get in the show, I could be able to stay,"

"Well, actually, auditions are for this week, and the competition overall is during summer break," Michael said. "But if you won't be able to compete, we do understand,"

"But when you think you're able to audition," Zachary gave Carina a card. "Give us a call." He smiled.

Carina looked at the card and smiled. "Thanks!" The men walked away and waved. Carina once again looked at the card and then she squealed in excitement. She walked back to Levi, Gunner and Dougie.

"Carina, what happened?" Levi asked.

"You're not gonna believr what those two guys convinced me to do," Carina said. "What did they convince to you?" Dougie said.

Carina pulled out the card. "They want me to audition for Searching for Stars!"

Levi gasped and his eyes widened. "You serious, that's so cool!"

"Awesome, Carina!" Dougie smiled.

Gunner suddenly looked down in dismay and looked away.

"So, when do the auditions start?" Levi smiled and asked.

"This week," Carina said.

"Wait, this week?" Levi said. "Do you think you can be able to even audition at that time, I mean, we do have to practice for Nationals, too."

"I know, that's why I had put it on hold, I might have to ask Mr. Schue and my parents about it,"

"Are you that sure if your parents would actually allow you to come all the way to L.A. for that?"

Carina scoffed, "My parents spoil me, it's like if I ask to go here, hell, I go there, but the fact that Nationals is coming up, I don't know how I could compete on the show when I'm competing for Nationals,"

"I mean, you still have the card, just think about it," Dougie said. "With an amazing voice like that, I can picture you as the next Rachel Crow,"

"But Rachel Crow was eliminated from the show, babe," Levi said.

"And please believe I am not gonna cry like a big baby, look at where she is now, getting record deals, touring with Big Time Rush,"

"Oh, James is so hot," Levi looked away in humor.

"Levi," Dougie pushed him.

"I mean DOUGIE is so hot,"

"Now, that's more like it," Levi and Dougie kissed each other.

"But, Carina, you get my point, your voice is amazing, I'm sure you can get there someday,"

"Thanks, Dougie," Carina smiled.

Gunner still looked in dismay, it was an awkward silence all of a sudden.

"Gunner, what's wrong, why aren't you saying anything?" Carina asked.

"No, I'm fine," Gunner looked down. "I'm just a little tired, I'm walking back to the hotel, bye guys," Gunner walked away.

"What's wrong with him?" Dougie asked.

Carina shrugs. "I don't know,"


Addison was walking outside of California, and smiling as she looked all around, coming far from behind of Gunner, who passed by. She slowly turned back and saw the sadness on his face, and turned back, and then, she felt a bump as she continued to walk. Addison turned back slowly, and her eyes widened.

"KARIN!" Addison jumped up and aggressively hugged her in excitement.

"Hey, babe!" Karin said, in a neutral expression.

"Oh my god, what are you doing here?" Addison said.

"I, uh, I came to see you for Nationals!" Karin smiled.

Addison blushed, "You came all the way here for me?" she smiled and hugged Karin again, who had a remorseful and guilty expression on her face. "Well, babe, I have to go to somewhere, I'll see you later on?"

"Yeah, awesome." Addison smiled, and kissed her and walked past waving. Karin walked back in guilt, trying to hide the emotions she had, while suddenly, a guy walked up to Karin, as he made a pass by away from Addison and walked faster to Karin.

"Was that her?" The guy said.

"Yeah, that was her, Mayson," Karin sighed.

"So, when are you gonna tell her?" Mayson said.

"Look, Mayson, I don't know how to tell her, I told her Vocal Adrenaline retired," "Glee Clubs can't retire, they disband, there's a difference, Karin," Mayson said. "You might as well just tell your little girlfriend about it, she's gonna find out either way at Nationals,"

"I just don't know how, Mayson," Karin said. "I only did this because I didn't want her to think that I was a spy,"

Mayson shook his head. "Should have just told her from the beginning, I can do better,"

"Shut the hell up, Mayson, you're not helping," Karin rolled her eyes.

"OK, OK, fine," Mayson looked away.


"I miss Muffins already," Shannon said childishly and dramatically as she sat in her bed with Alex, while Cheyenne, Claira and Elizabeth were in the room.

"My god, can you shut up about Colby already, you act like you're gone from him for a whole year,"

"Alex, do you KNOW what two weeks is like without Colby?" Shannon said. "It's like being at his funeral, it's like waving goodbye when he walks away from me, it's like a horror movie when I'm away from him,"

"Oh, shut up, Shannon," Alex said.

"Hey, you have it easy, you get to have Claira for two weeks, and what do I get?" "A fist in your face, if you stop crying, it's two weeks, damn it," Alex said. "Damn, I have a boyfriend all the way back in Ohio and I'm not acting like that," Cheyenne laughed.

Shannon rolled her eyes.

"Shannon, just think about something else other than Colby for two weeks," Claira said.

"Impossible, Colby's the only person that's always on my mind!" Shannon yelled.

"Why don't you just call him, Skype him, it's not that hard," Cheyenne said.

"Fine, I'll call him." Shannon said. Her phone suddenly rang and she gasped and looked at everyone in excitement and squealed.

"Oh my god, hold on, it's him," Shannon picked up her cellphone. "Hi, Muffins, boo," she said, she got up and walked away from the girls.

Cheyenne, Claira and Alex shook their heads.

"So, Cheyenne, how is your relationship with Ari?" Claira said and laughed.

"I know right," Cheyenne laughed. "You know, it's like ever since me and him met in detention last year, it's like we bonded so quickly, we fell in love,"

"I knew something was gonna happen between you two, ever since me and you were in detention, I knew it," Claira said.

"By the way, Claira, who was that guy that you were talking to?" Alex asked.

Claira turned around and eyes widened. "What guy?"

"I don't know, he had brown hair, black and white short sleeved shirt, jeans, he was talking to you when we came down to the lobby,"

"Oh, um, that's my ex-boyfriend," Claira said.

"Really?" Alex stood up. "What's he doing in L.A.?"

"He says he lives here," Claira said. "Or so he says,"

"When did you guys break up?" Cheyenne said. "I've never seen him before."

"We broke up before the bitchy Claira was at McKinley,"

"Ah, no wonder," Cheyenne laughed.

Claira hit Cheyenne on the shoulder, "Hey! I was going through a lot before, and then at the time, you kicked my ass twice,"

"And look at how we are now, you've changed a lot, so sweeter, even Alex made you sweeter than anything, you finally opened up to your life, just a good and new Claira,"

Claira smiled at Cheyenne, and she turned to Alex.

"If he does something to you, let me know, I have my boxing gloves in my suitcase," Alex winked.

"He wanted me and him to hang out as friends someplace but I wasn't so sure," Claira shrugged.

"I mean, if you want to, you can, I wouldn't mind, as long as no other stuff happens to you, it's all good," Alex said.

Carina walked inside of the girls' hotel room. "What's up, girls?" She said.

"Hey, Carina," the girls except for Elizabeth said.

"Hey, C, why are you looking so juttery and excited today?" Cheyenne said.

"You guys would not believe what just happened to me outside!"

"What, what happened?" Lily said.

"2 men from the Searching for Stars show asked me to audition!" Carina said.

"Really? That's so cool!" Anna said. "I'm sure you would definitely get in,"

Everyone agreed and smiled, while Elizabeth shook her head and clapped slowly, and sarcastically. "Really, Carina, like that's just so cool,"

"Elizabeth, please," Claira replied back.

"No, no, Claira, I'm just congratulating her for the offer, I mean, she gets convinced to be on a show and what do I get? Just a trip to L.A. and a hotel room," Elizabeth said.

"You should be lucky that we're even here right now, Elizabeth," Cheyenne said.

"We could be back in New York again, gosh,"

Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"Look, I didn't even take the offer yet, how can I audition this week when I have to prepare for Nationals, plus, I'd have to go back to L.A. in the summer just to be on the show, I can't do that,"

"Right," Alex said. "But I'd say go for it, you're an amazing singer, you could get anywhere after,"

"Thanks, Alex, at least someone appreciates me,"

Cheyenne laughed, "We all appreciate you, even me,"

"We? What do you mean we?" Elizabeth said.

"Elizabeth!" The girls yelled out.

"Fine, I'll just shut up," Elizabeth rolled her eyes.


Dougie, Levi and Gunner, still in depression, walked in the boys hotel room. Chuck, Charlie, A.J., Drew, Denzil were in the room, and saw his emotions. "Gunner, you OK, dude?" Chuck said.

"Not really," Gunner took a seat near the boys, and looked down and sighed. "Yeah, I'm just kind of down now,"

"Why's that?" Denzil said.

"Well, my whole plan for this week was to spend more time with Carina, but it's like difficult doing that now, because she expects to do different things in L.A. than in what I want to do with her,"

"Why didn't you just tell her that outside when she told us about it?" Levi said. "I don't know, I didn't want to hurt her feelings, you know, like ruin her chances,"

"What do you guys mean by it?" Chuck asked.

"Well, Carina met some 2 guys from the show Searching for Stars,"

"Really?" A.J. said.

"Yeah, and they gave her a card if she wanted to approve of auditioning for the show,"

"Wow, that's really awesome," Chuck said. "That's why you're a little down, Gunner?"

"Yeah," Gunner said. "Plus, if she does audition and if she gets in, then I won't be able to spend time with her for the summer, only time I'll see her if she's on TV,"

"I just wish people can understand that Skype exists," Levi said.

"Yeah, Lev, I know that it exists, so I have to kiss my own computer right?" "If you love her, you would do that," Charlie said.

"I do love her," Gunner said.

"Then you would approve of what she does in her life," Chuck said.

Gunner looked down in dismay and he sighed.


"I don't know, Carina, hon, we do have Nationals this week, and I'm not sure if your parents would even allow it for you," Mr. Schuester said as he and the kids were all in the room for a short meeting.

"Well, she did say that her parents were wealthy and said that she can go whereever she wants,"

"Are you sure?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Yeah, pretty much," Carina said. "But I don't know if I want to do it, I want to focus more on Nationals, you know,"

"Can I be honest with you?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Yes, Mr. Schue?"

"I think you should do it," Mr. Schuester said and smiled.


"I agree," Levi said.

"Me too," A.J. said.

"Me three," Addison smiled.

Carina smiled. "Wow,"

"You have this talent that we've never seen before, and I'm sure that we would definitely be rooting for you if you make it on the show," Mr. Schuester said.

Carina gave a huge grin, "You guys are the best,"

Denzil rolled his eyes after his phone beeped, and it was Rick.

"Damn, D, I thought you liked Rick?" Drew said.

"I do, but if it's texting you non-stop about Vocal Adrenaline, and wishing luck and asking me how I'm doing, you may find it annoying," Denzil said back.

"You'll be fine, bud," Drew smiled, and Denzil suddenly gazed back.

"Wait, what about Vocal Adrenaline?" Addison stopped. "I thought they retired?" A.J. squinted his eyes, Mr. Schuester tried to reply back but A.J. stopped him. Addison moved closer to A.J.

"A.J., what's going on?" Addison said.

There was a sudden silence, and A.J. looked down. "Addison, can we talk in private, please?"

"Yeah, I guess,"

Addison and A.J. walked away and after that, Shannon whispered in Alex's ear. "Ooh, I think it's about to be some drama in L.A.,"

"What's going on, do you guys know anything about it?" Mr. Schuester said.

"I think Addison's gonna end up brokenhearted," Drew said.


"She didn't know that Vocal Adrenaline was competing for Nationals," Dougie said . "And who told her that?"

"Her girlfriend, Karin,"

"I knew something was going on with that low-down dirty, lying, backstabbing b-" Carina said.

"--Carina," Mr. Schuester said. "Look guys, we can't let this drama get in our way of Nationals,"

"We know that, but you know how Addison is, Mr. Schue, she was in a coma for God's sake, she could do anything that could make her end up risking her life over this girl," Cheyenne said.


Addison and A.J. walked in the hallway into the girls room.

"So, what's going on, A.J.?" Addison said.

A.J. looked down and sighed. "Addy, there's something I think you should know, I think I should just put it out there before you find out on your own,"

"What do you mean?" Addison scoffed.

A.J. took a deep breath and looked up. "Last week at Prom, Rick came to visit me and everyone else as a surprise, but, he warned me,"

"Warned you?" Addison said. "Warned you how?"

There was a moment of silence and A.J. looked back.

"A.J.?" Addison said.

"R-Rick warned me that I should tell you that.."

Addison replied back, "Tell me what?"

"Addison, Karin is lying to you, OK?" A.J. said. x Addison began to laugh, "What is Karin lying about?"

"Karin is still in Vocal Adrenaline, it never disbanded or was cancelled, she lied to you,"

Addison shook her head, "Nah, she can't be, she said that she was here to see me for Nationals,"

"Really, Addison, would you really believe that Karin would actually come to Hollywood just to see you? Did Cheyenne's boyfriend come? Did Shannon's "muffins" ever come? No. Did Gunner even come to see you last year at Nationals in New York? No. It's impossible,"

"I know Karin, OK, A.J., she loves me," Addison said.

"No, Addison, she doesn't love you, she lied to you, never told the truth, and when you see Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals, don't say anything to me about it, as a friend, I would be able to be honest with you, or better yet, ask Rick, he's the one that told me," A.J. walked away and shook his head.

"Oh and by the way, Addison, Jesse St. James isn't the co-captain, she is," A.J. walked away.

Addison was left in shock, trying hard not to believe what A.J. told her, she had sudden flashbacks of when she first met Karin.

“I’m Karin, I believe we’ve met, I’m in Vocal Adrenaline, well, was in Vocal Adrenaline.”

“At first, you would think that being in a show choir would be fun, and it was for me, but later on, I’ve realized Vocal Adrenaline isn’t what it’s cracked up to be."

Addison kept on nodding her head. "No,"

"Oh, he transferred a couple of weeks ago, he was pretty much tired of the drama in Vocal Adrenaline too,”

"Gunner, she quit Vocal Adrenaline for a reason,” Addison said.

“Addy, that’s what she wants you to think, that’s what all rival group members do, try to pretend they’re innocent when they’re really not,”

"No," Addison shook her head again.

"“Well, it seems as if we have a lot of problems in common, don’t we?” Addison said.

Addison began to cry and shook her head. "No!"


Sneak PeekEdit

With only 3 episodes left...

"Shut up!" Cheyenne yelled.

You just wouldn't expect..

Claira aggressively kissed Peter as they laid on the bed.


Carina angrily slapped Gunner and the face and his face turned to the right side.

To get this crazy in Hollywood.

"New Directions has turned into an episode of the Real World," Shannon crossed her arms and looked away.

"I'm just tired of swaying in the back while Carina gets the greed," Gunner said.

Carina stood in the audition room and began to sing and one judge said, "I'm not sure if you have that much potential," Carina looked down in shock.

The twists..

"I kind of have a crush on you," Denzil said suddenly as he moved closer to Drew.

The sex..

"Trust me, I won't bite," Peter said and Claira bit her lip.

The drama..

"Who touched my stuff?" Carina yelled in the hotel room, and then suddenly ran for the trash can.

Elizabeth sprayed a soda all on Carina as they were in the room.

"Oh hell, I had plans for that soda!" Shannon said.

"Babe, I'm sorry, OK?" Karin said.

"Don't be sorry when we're over," Addison said.

"Never Close Our Eyes" played in the background as Levi was in the spotlight.

The shocker..

"We're in jail," Carina said.

"What?" Levi yelled.

and then Nationals..

"We gotta fight for this, guys," Mr. Schuester said. "Through all of this, we have to show these guys that we can do this,"

"I love you," Chuck said to Anna.

Chuck moved closer to Anna backstage.


"So, you're leaving L.A. just because I want my dreams to be known?" Carina yelled.

"No, it's a lot more to that," Gunner shook his head in anger

. -

"I'm tired of loving people that don't even love me," Levi said.

"So, you're saying that I don't love you? After all I've done for us to be together?" Dougie yelled.

Glee: The New Years, all new episode.

"Welcome to the Bad School Club," Alex rapped.

"Bad School!" Shannon replied.


  • The first episode to have less than 5 songs.
  • The episode took a long time to be released due to writer's block.
  • This episode and the following episode was formerly "Los Angeles (Part 1)" and "Los Angeles (Part 2)".

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