Gone Too Soon
Season Three, Episode Twenty-Two
First Aired April 2013
Episode Guide
"Coming Home"
"Model Behavior"
 Gone Too Soon is the twenty-second and final episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years and the sixty-fifth episode overall in the series. This marks the graduation episode of the seniors. 


Graduation has finally come, and all of the New Directions members say their final goodbyes and take an emotional two days to cope with it all. Meanwhile, Chuck becomes proud that he has made it so far to graduation, and everyone starts to have grief over a shocking death that may change the McKinley forever. Claira will have her child and Peter is determined to take care of her and work his relationship with Claira out. Chuck, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth, then, experience a new leaf in New York, while Levi, Carina, and Addison experience a new leaf in L.A.


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