The Glee: The New Years' Wiki Awards (GTNYWAs) is the Glee: The New Years wiki Award show. These awards are fan-based and are decided upon by the wiki. They are season-based only. The date of the first award show will be soon, presenting the Season 2 awards.


  • Best Episode
  • Best Overall Duet
  • Best Male/Male Duet.
  • Best Male/Female Duet
  • Best Female/Female Duet.
  • Best Overall Solo
  • Best Male Solo
  • Best Female Solo
  • Best Non-ND Song
  • Best ND Song
  • Best New Character
  • Best ND Boys Number
  • Best ND Girls Number
  • Best Guest Star
  • Best Mash Up
  • Best Overall Song
  • Best Vocal Performance of New Directions
  • Best Kiss (One Per Ep)
  • Best New Couple
  • Best New Friendship
  • Best Catfight

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