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Karmin - Too Many Fish (Lyric Video)

Karmin - Too Many Fish (Lyric Video)

Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti On Me

Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti On Me

Unstoppable - A.N.T

Unstoppable - A.N.T. Farm - Soundtrack Reupload

Current Episode:
Don't Look Back is the first episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years and the fourty-fourth episode overall. In this episode, After a major win at Nationals, New Directions are still in a major funk after feeling as if they are treated like outcasts, and Mr. Schuester pushes themselves to get motivated for the senior year. However, things go awry when everyone realizes that Chuck quit New Directions to continue his desire for football, while Gunner becomes a new edition to the team and they both deal with a huge and tough new football coach, Bridget Michaels (Robin Coleman). Meanwhile, Levi goes from being the good guy to the opposite after having difficulties coping with Dougie's car accident in the summer, and Gunner tries to start a new life after a break-up with Carina, by trying to revive his former relationship with Addison, but it seems as if she's not attracted, and not looking forward to go back that route.
Next Episode:
Recruit/Pursuit is the second episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years and the fourty-fourth episode episode overall. In this episode, As 4 members have made their departure in New Directions, Mr. Schuester decides to have the club recruit new members. Meanwhile, Levi decides to help Addison pursuit her dreams, now that she will be graduating during the school year and she has no idea what to do or where to go yet, and later on, Claira faces a dramatic consequence after dealing with a new issue in her life. The four new students have different personalities that may be unique to New Directions.
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Lougie is a relationship between Levi Lashane and Dougie Eastwood, Levi was the first to crush on Dougie and they began to have a relationship in Pretty Lil' Heart.
  • Did you know that Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton, who play Anna and Cheyenne, were both on the WB's TV show, "The OC"?

  • Did you know that Andrew Garfield (Chuck Salvatore) will be in a new film edition of Spider-Man this summer?

Featured Character of the Week
Shannon Brockwood
This pretty, sassy girl with full of humor trapped inside is most likely known for having love for "muffins", mainly because of her boyfriend, who is also nicknamed Muffins. They have a sudden love for each other. Shannon was a former Treble Belle member and joined New Directions along with close friend Alex Monroe in season 2.
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