The AlbumsEdit

Glee: The New Years: The Halloween Album:Edit


Song Title Original Artist Sung by Episode
Little Shop Of Horrors from Little Shop Of Horrors Cheyenne, Anna and Elizabeth Little Shop Of Horrors
Calling All The Monsters China Anne McClain Addison, Cheyenne, Elizabeth, Claira and Anna Little Shop Of Horrors
Ghost Michael Jackson Chuck Salvatore Little Shop Of Horrors
E.T. Katy Perry Daniel Mick and Cheyenne McLarson Little Shop Of Horrors
Walking On Air Kerli Addison Lee Little Shop Of Horrors
Bloody Mary Lady Gaga Chanel Rayne and Addison Lee Little Shop Of Horrors
Disturbia Rihanna Chanel and New Directions Little Shop Of Horrors

Glee: The New Years: Volume 1Edit


Song Title Original Artist Sung by Episode
Human Nature Michael Jackson Daniel Mick Newbies On The Block
Skyscraper Demi Lovato Elizabeth Moore Newbies On The Block
Dynamite China Anne McClain Anna Clarkson Newbies On The Block

Super Bass/Fly

Nicki Minaj/ Rihanna Addison Lee and Elizabeth Moore Romantic Perspective
Don't Bring Me Flowers Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond Anna Clarkson and Chuck Salvatore Romantic Perspective
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion Shawn Dawson Dream Chasers
Maybe from Annie Anna Clarkson and Shawn Dawson Dream Chasers
Complicated Avril Lavigne Claira Kingston Triangle Of Love
Hair Lady GaGa Cheyenne McLarson Triangle Of Love
Crush David Archuleta Daniel Mick and A.J. Riley Triangle Of Love
Parachute Cheryl Cole New Directions Triangle Of Love
You Make Me Feel Cobra Starship Gunner White Girls Will Be Boys
Rock Star Prima J Addison Lee and Cheyenne McLarson Girls Will Be Boys
We Will Rock You Queen A.J., Chuck and Rick Girls Will Be Boys
He's A Rebel The Crystals Cheyenne, Elizabeth, Addison and Claira Girls Will Be Boys
Bounce Back Charice Shawn Dawson Now Or Never
Hometown Glory Adele A.J. Riley Now Or Never
We Are Golden Mika New Directions Now Or Never


Song Title Original Artist Sung by Episode
Do Your Own Thing Raven Symone Daniel Mick Bad Influence
Right To Be Wrong Joss Stone Cheyenne McLarson Bad Influence
We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister Claira Kingston and Julian Carson World War Chanel
He Can Only Hold Her Amy Winehouse Chanel Rayne World War Chanel
Conga Miami Sound Machine Chanel Rayne and Cheyenne McLarson School Daze
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Police Chuck Salvatore and Charlie Holden School Daze
I Like It Like That Hot Chelle Rae New Directions Weekend
Drunk On Love Rihanna Dougie Eastwood Weekend
Know You Now Amy Winehouse Chuck Salvatore and Dougie Eastwood Weekend
You Oughta Know Alanis Morrisette Dougie Eastwood Coming Out
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away The Beatles Daniel Mick and A.J. Riley Coming Out
It Kills Me Melanie Fiona Elizabeth Moore Coming Out
Right Here (Departed) Brandy New Directions Coming Out
Glitter In The Air P!NK Cheyenne McLarson R.R.R.
Night Of Your Love David Guetta New Directions R.R.R.
Numb/Encore Linkin Park and Jay-Z New Directions Boys R.R.R.
One Day Charice Shawn Dawson R.R.R

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