Glee: The New Years - Adventures in Hollywood is was an expected spin-off of Glee: The New Years. ClevanOTP will also serve as the writer of Glee: The New Years - Adventures in Hollywood.


REBELReloaded thought of following 2 or more characters in a new series after the finale of the third season of Glee: The New Years, although the finale wasn't released yet. A spin-off whould have been needed in order to follow both the lives of characters in the spin-off to also having new characters included for further seasons of Glee: The New Years. However, the decision changed as he decided to focus on three colleges at once, focusing on the life of Cheyenne, Chuck and Elizabeth in New York, following the life of Carina, Levi and Addison in L.A. and focusing on the life of Claira, Peter and their daughter, Lily in Paris.


Main CastEdit

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