Glee: The New Years, The Music: The Glee-pression Album
Released: May 17, 2012

Confirmed TracklistEdit

  1. Complicated (performed by Blake Lively)
  2. Love The Way You Lie/Irreplaceable (performed by Rachel Bilson)
  3. Down (performed by Andrew Garfield)
  4. Right To Be Wrong (performed by Mischa Barton)
  5. He Can Only Hold Her (performed by Carmen Electra)
  6. Caught Out There (performed by Lucy Hale)
  7. Invisible (performed by Blake Lively)
  8. Russian Roulette (performed by Miranda Cosgrove)
  9. Cold Case Love (performed by Jesse McCartney)
  10. Mad World (performed by Lucas Grabeel, Elle Varner, Andrew Garfield, Luke Bilyk, Adamo Ruggiero, Autumn Reeser, Travis Garland, Blake Lively and Jesse McCartney)
  11. Welcome To My Life (performed by Lucas Grabeel)
  12. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (performed by Andrew Garfield and Drake Bell)
  13. Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better) (performed by Miranda Cosgrove)
  14. Don't Let Me Get Me '(performed by Drake Bell)
  15. Sober (performed by Andrew Garfield, Miranda Cosgrove, Lucas Grabeel and Drew Roy)


  • Andrew Garfield as Chuck Salvatore (featured in 4 songs)
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Addison Lee (featured in 4 songs)
  • Blake Lively as Claira Kingston (featured in 3 songs)
  • Lucas Grabeel as Levi Lashane (featured in 2 songs)
  • Drake Bell as Denzil Mixx (featured in 2 songs)
  • Jesse McCartney as Gunner White (featured in 2 songs)
  • Rachel Bilson as Anna Clarkson (featured in 1 song)
  • Mischa Barton as Cheyenne McLarson (featured in 1 song)
  • Carmen Electra as Chanel Rayne (featured in 1 song)
  • Lucy Hale as Elizabeth Moore (featured in 1 song)
  • Elle Varner as Carina Maraj (featured in 1 song)
  • Drew Roy as Dougie Eastwood (featured in 1 song)
  • Luke Bilyk as Daniel Mick (featured in 1 song)
  • Travis Garland as Shawn Dawson (featured in 1 song)
  • Autumn Reeser as Lily Stevens (featured in 1 song)

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