Model Behavior
Season Four, Episode One
First Aired January 2015
Episode Guide
"Gone Too Soon"
'Model Behavior' is the first episode of Glee: The New Years fourth and final season and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It will air during January 2015.

Five years after graduating William McKinley High School, the separation between friends encourages new Rolling Stone journalist, A.J. Riley, to catch up with the New Directions alumni. However, new life seems to get in the way of their nostalgia. Will A.J. be able to convince them to reunite for one last time? 




  • A.J., Gunner, Cheyenne, Chuck, and Anna are the focuses of the fourth season opener. Carina, Elizabeth, Addison, Dougie, and Claira do not appear in this episode, although this may be subject to change, they will all appear for episode 2.
  • A new character, Natalie is portrayed by Holland Roden, Teen Wolf star, respectfully. She will have a recurring role and play as Cheyenne's "assistant" in her modeling gig. 

Cheyenne and NatalieEdit

Chuck and AnnaEdit




Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Phresh Out the Runway Rihanna Cheyenne McLarson

Guest CastEdit

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