Family Portrait
Season Two, Episode Twenty
Miranda cosgrove12
First Aired September 1, 2012
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"California's Most Wanted"
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Family Portrait is the twentieth episode of the second season of Glee: The New Years. It is the first part of the second season finale. It will focus on unfinished business, the aftermath of Nationals in Los Angeles.


Although New Directions defeated Vocal Adrenaline respectively at Nationals, a dramatic departure from one member of their own, Carina Maraj, causes them to be in a funk, so Coach Bieste, Emma Pillsbury and Mr. Schuester team up to put them out of the funk by expressing their feelings in a song, and also find a way to bring Carina back to heal the family wound. But apart from that, Addison has family issues herself when she suddenly reconnects with her father and it pushes her farther away from her mother, while, Elizabeth still continues her feud with Carina, but also deals with the fact that her father and her mother have reconciled. Meanwhile, Daniel faces a decision of leaving Ohio, and Denzil reunites with her mother for the first time in years, and Levi and Dougie experience having their first time.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Girlfight Brooke Valentine feat. Lil' Jon and Big Boi Carina MarajElizabeth Moore, and Drew Coach
Torn and Tattered Joss Stone Daniel Mick
Cleanin' Out My Closet Eminem Denzil Mixx
Confessions of a Broken Heart Lindsay Lohan Addison Lee
Family Portrait Pink New Directions


Episode 20Edit

So, here's what you missed on Glee: The New Years:

New Directions went to L.A. for 2 weeks for preparation for Regionals, but it all turned from the good to the bad. Drama gave California a bad name, after A.J. spilled the beans to Addison about Karin's little secret she never told. Yep, Vocal Adrenaline is still running, and unfortunately, they lost Nationals to a huge victory from New Directions, however, they won without two people. Carina and Gunner. Half of everyone was sick and tired of Carina's self-centered attitude, and Elizabeth led the controversy so hard that it caused Carina to quit. Gunner decided to break up with Carina and leave L.A. and go back to Ohio because of Addison. Gunner's been going through a lot with girls lately, hmm? Meanwhile, as that, Carina led on to auditioning for Searching for Stars and she made it to the show. Awesome, right. While Claira made a huge mistake, by having sex with her ex-boyfriend from long ago, Peter. Well, besides the Blue's Clues jokes and the C-Cubed threesome dreams, Chuck has been more of the clown of the two weeks, hee hee.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


Addison stood outside walking back home, and as her phone began to vibrate, it was Karin, constantly texting her, "Please answer my texts, babe, I just can't stop thinking about u, plz."

Addison shook her head in disbelief, sighing and ignored the text and put her pink phone back in her pocket, and as she continued walking, a blue car drove up to her, following her as she walked. Addison turned around and stopped, and suddenly Addison's father peeked his head out the car, smiling with a Fedora hat on.

"Dad?" Addison said.

"Hey, sweetheart. want a ride back home?" her father asked.

Addison looked at how many blocks she had to take back home, and she looked at her father, shaking her head. "Um, no thanks, Dad, I can be on my way,"

"Come on, Addy, you still have a long way back home, I'll get you back home faster," her father said.

Addison, once again, looked back at where she was walking, and she sighed and said, "Fine," and got into his car, put her backpack down under the passenger seat, and closed the door. There was an awkward silence, as her father began to drive, and he decided to break it.

"So, Addy, how are things going in school?" Her father said.

Addison was looking at the car windows, gazing at the sky, as the car moved fast, giving a depressed face. "Oh, well, wouldn't you like to know,"

"Oh, come on, I'm sure there's a lot going on at school, are you learning anything big, like trigonometry,"

Addison rolled her eyes. "That was so 10th grade, Dad," she chuckled suddenly.

"Yeah, your daddy's got a bad memory about school, I hardly even remember the stuff I did,"

"Well, Dad, if you deal with the fact that World War IV had arrived at school ever since I went to L.A., yeah, I'm doing great in school," Addison said sarcastically.

"Ah, well, I'm sorry to hear that." Her dad said.

Addison shook her head in disbelief, sighing. Once again, there was silence, and then after that, her father smiled. "How about some music?" he put on the CD player in his car, and then Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" loudly blasted in the car.

Addison's attitude suddenly changed, and she turned around at her dad. "You like Evanescence?"

"Yeah, of course, who wouldn't," he said.

Addison pushed herself up in the passenger seat. "Wow, I love Evanescence, that was the first CD I ever had ever since Christmas Day, I played it over and over and over again,"

"I knew you would always be the rock girl," her father said. "Your mom always told me that you would be the good girl, but look at you now,"

Addison looked at her father and suddenly gave a half-smile, as that happened, they were finally at her house. "Well, see you around, hon?"

"Um, yeah, sure, I guess," Addison said, she got out of the car, gave one wave and walked to the pavement near her house, and he smiled and asked "How about a father-daughter time tomorrow night?"

Addison thought about it, and smiled, "Sure... Dad,"

He winked and he drove away, and Addison watched as he did, she sighed. I think this can be the perfect time for me to reconnect with my dad, I just need to know more about him, need to know if he really wants me in his life again. I'm just not sure what my mom is gonna say about it.


Mr. Schuester was in Principal Figgins' office, and Figgins had a proud expression on his face. "Mr. Schuester, I am so proud of your kids."

"I am so glad that we finally get another chance to stay together as a group," Mr. Schuester smiled. "You don't know how much this means to me and the kids,"

"Your kids performed three songs so amazing in L.A., that critics from newspapers wrote all about it as the hot topic!" Figgins shown the paper to Mr. Schuester, and he smiled with pride.

"Wow, this is just amazing," Mr. Schuester said. "I mean, everyone in L.A., they almost wanted to give up, we did have a lot of issues before Nationals, since we did lose one of our best,"

"Carina Maraj?" Figgins said. "I heard she made it to that American Idol rip-off that's coming this summer on TV,"

"Yeah, half of us did support her, but many thought that she was being self-centered and everything because she wanted to follow her dreams."

"Well, besides all of that, your kids rocked, even Nicki Minaj and Adam Lambert talked about it on the newspaper."

I'm glad that we were noticed from critics at Nationals, but it still doesn't stop the fact that New Directions is almost falling apart as a group, with Carina gone, it's hard for us to cope. Just yesterday, Levi cried the whole hour in Glee Club.

Mr. Schuester flashed back when Levi was crying constantly and blowing his nose.

Cheyenne's angry side came out. "I'm tired everyone asking me to sing a solo, how about all of you just leave me alone!" Cheyenne crossed her arms.

I still don't get how she got that angry. Everything has just been a flop ever since Carina left the club and the only person that doesn't seem to really care is Elizabeth. I just wish that we could all be back together as a family.


"No, Cheyenne," Carina said. "Why would I want to go back to New Directions after they way I was treated?"

"Because we're a family," Cheyenne replied, as they both were in the hallway, trying to persuade her to come back. "I was on your side in this situation, Carina, you are an amazing girl,"

Carina and Cheyenne continued to walk in the hallway. "Look, there's only 4 more days left until the end of the school year, I have a lot to do in the summer and I don't even think I would have the time to come back next year, I should be focusing on my studies and to follow my dreams, and besides, everyone hates me,"

"Carina, no one hates you," Cheyenne said. "Do you know how hard Levi cried after you left, how hard it felt for him when he sang a solo without you being there to support him,"

Carina shook his head. "I love Levi, I do, but I just don't belong there anymore, if Glee is about accepting people for who they are, yes, I am self-centered and fiesty at times, but you can't change me, when I first came to this school, I was there for everyone, and besides, why would you guys need me? You won Nationals without me, so I guess you won't need me now,"

Carina walked away, shaking her head and Cheyenne sighed and as she saw Gunner pass by, she said, "This is all your fault,"

"What's my fault?"

"Now that one of our best singers is gone, you caused hell for her and for all of us,"

"I'm sure everyone agrees that Carina was being self-centered, and it's not my fault, I left for personal reasons,"

"You only left because of Carina and Addison and I honestly still believe that you're in love with Addison,"

"Look, I'm not in love with Addison, OK?" Gunner said. "I just care about her,"

Cheyenne shook her head. "Care, schmare, you love that girl and I can see it in your eyes, get a grip of your cover," Cheyenne patted his back and walked away.

Gunner turned back and sucked his teeth, and mumbled. "And how would you know that?" and walked the other way.


Mr. Schuester, Coach Beiste and Emma was in the teacher's lounge for lunch and Coach Beiste gave a worried expression to Mr. Schuester.

"So, Carina quit New Directions because no one was supportinve of her dreams?" Coach Beiste asked. "Unfortunately, yes," Mr. Schuester said. "And now I feel bad, because some people claim that I favor her more than anyone else,"

"I don't think that's true, do you?" Emma said.

"It's not, I mean, she's very confident in herself and her dreams and I just think that they all just misunderstood who Carina really is, and now you have Levi crying all this week, to Cheyenne going berserk this week, and now, it's a riot now without Carina,"

"Do you think there can be a way to just have the whole club put out what they feel to light and maybe if they let it out, they could all just put the puzzle back together?" Beiste asked.

"Beiste, you are definitely a genius," Mr. Schuester said. "But I think I'll need your help, guys,"

"No worries, I'll definitely help,"

"Um, guys, I have some news that I want to tell you guys," Beiste said. "I think it's best that you know,"

"Sure, is something wrong, Beiste?" Mr. Schuester said.

"No, it's just," Beiste found it hard to explain. "Next year, I'm retiring as coach of the football team,"

"What?" Mr. Schuester moved closer to her. "Is everything all right?"

"Actually, it is," Beiste said. "Me and Cooter are moving to a really nice house in his hometown, and I'm going to find a new job, and a new life, it's just time that I do it, 'for 5 years, I've coached for the Titans, and I just think, it's not right for me anymore,"

"Wow, um, Shannon, that's amazing," Mr. Schuester said. "We're definitely gonna miss you,"

"I'm gonna miss you guys too, but, no worries, I'll come and visit to see how things are going next year, but as of now, let's forget about that, us three have some work to do,"

Emma and Mr. Schuester smiled at each other, and Bieste nodded her head.


Emma, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste were lined together in the choir room with New Directions. The group had confused expressions on their faces.

"Mr. Schuester?" Chuck said. "What's going on?"

"Guys, throughout this half of the week, I've realized that you guys have been stressed out or depressed over what happened in L.A." Mr. Schuester said. "And so me, Coach Beiste and Ms. Pillsbury are going to help you guys get out of the funk,"

"So, you expect Levi to stop crying through this whole last week at school," Cheyenne looked at Levi.

"And are you gonna get Cheyenne some anger management for that bitchy attitude she has?" Levi replied back.

Cheyenne's mouth was wide open and she looked away with a baby-face expression on her face as she crossed her arms.

"See, this is an example," Coach Beiste said. "When I'm with my football team, they pretty much act the same way,"

"Hey, no I don't." Chuck replied back. "Yeah, you kind of do, like that fight you had with that kid on the team all because of your losing game," Coach Beiste said. "You see, no matter how different you guys are, you are a family."

"We're not a family without Carina," Levi said.

"You know, we actually are, just saying," Elizabeth shrugged.

"You're the main reason she quit, so shut your trap," Levi turned around to her and crossed his arms.

"You see, this is what we need, we need to just take all of that anger out, and put it in song," Mr. Schuester said.

"So, this will be your last assignment of the year, I want all of you, particular people, to come on this front center of the floor and sing a song about what's on your mind, because this attitude has gotta stop, we won Nationals, we lost Carina, and we also have to bring her back,"

"And the point of bringing her back is..?" Elizabeth said.

"We're a family, Elizabeth," Mr. Schuester said. "Carina did everything she could to defend this club no matter what,"

"I mean, she was there for everyone," Mr. Schuester said. "She definitely did not deserve to quit that way,"

Elizabeth sighed and looked away and Dougie nodded, agreeing with Mr. Schuester.

"So, when you guys get home, I want you to find one song, one good song that fits you the most in your life, and come back to school and express it all in song,"


Carina looked in her locker as she got her things and closed it, and as she did, Elizabeth stood there with an evil smirk. "Eww, I'm scared," Carina said, rolling her eyes. "What do you want?"

"You," Elizabeth said. "Only you, I'm only here because I know you've been talking dirt about me to your so-called friends the other day," she crossed her arms.

"And where exactly are you getting this info from?" Carina looked confused.

"Oh, trust me, my eyes and my ears are a great help," Elizabeth said.

"OK, tell me, what did I ever say to you to Jacob?" Carina said.

Elizabeth sparked a flashback.

When Carina was talking to her new set of friends in the hallway, Elizabeth suddenly passed by, and she heard her name come out of Carina's mouth. "Elizabeth's the main reason I quit, just an evil, mean and crazy bitch," The girls around her laughed around with her, and Elizabeth nodded her head and walked away in anger.

Carina looked up, thinking. "Oh, come to think of it, actually, I did, you're right, maybe you needed it, after how you've been treating me,"

"Oh, please," Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"No," Carina slammed down her books to the ground. "Just tell me, what is it that you DON'T like about me except for how I act, huh, just give me one straight answer, that's all I want to know,"

"It's everything about you," Elizabeth shook her head. "You're so self-centered, selfish, all you ever do is care about yourself, Carina, Carina, Carina," Elizabeth said. "All because you want to be like your so-called cousin Nicki Minaj right? Is Maraj even your real last name? Are you even real about who you are?"

"Take that back," Carina said, as she began to become serious.

Elizabeth moved a bit closer to Carina. "No. I'm doing just what you want me to do,"

"OK, you know, fine," Carina said. "Let's do it,"

"Do what?" Elizabeth said.

"Fight me." Carina said. "I'm just gonna kick your ass either way, so let's get it over and done with,"

"Actually, you have it all twisted, it's gonna be me kicking your ass," Elizabeth said.

"Bring it, bring your crew, bring everything you have, because I'm about to take your ass down real soon," Carina said.

"Heh, oh, we'll just see about that," Elizabeth crossed her arms, gave a smirk and walked away.


Later on, it was after school hours, and Carina looked prepared as she took off her earrings, put vaseline on her face, and put her long curly hair in a ponytail, as everyone in back of her was preparing her. Elizabeth did the same, in anger, saying, "This bitch has to be put in her place once and for all,"

"It's about to be a girlfight," Carina said.

"It's about to be a what?" Elizabeth said. "A girl fight,"

At one side, Carina and the others behind her strutted all through the hallways, looking for Elizabeth, as Elizabeth, on the other side, did the same, and they both sang. "We bout to throw them bows, we bout to swing them thangs, we bout to throw them bows, we bout to swang them thangs,"

"There's about to be a what?" Carina yelled.

"Girlfight!" Her crew yelled.

Suddenly, as Carina passed by, Gunner saw them, and tried to ignore what was going on between Elizabeth. "There she goes talkin' her mess, all around school makin' me stressed," Elizabeth sang. When Levi and Addison saw what was going on, they both said, "Oh no," in unison. "I need to get this off my chest and if her friend want some then she'll be next,"

"It really ain't that complicated, y'all walking round looking all frustrated, want some plex come on let's make it, ya acting real hard but I know ya fakin'" Carina said, as everyone at school were looking curious of what was going on.

"Know you really don't wanna step to this, really don't know why you talkin' ish, you 'bout to catch one right in the lip , it's about to be a what? Girlfight!" Carina sang. Elizabeth and Carina's crowd all got closer to each other.

Carina and Elizabeth moved more in the front, and everyone on their sides were cheering both of them on, "Know you really don't wanna step to this, really don't know why you talkin' ish, you 'bout to catch one right in the lip , it's about to be a what? Girlfight!"

Carina and Elizabeth then battled a brief dance, "We bout to throw them bows, we bout to swing them thangs, we bout to throw them bows, we bout to swang them thangs,"

"Oh snap these girls they act like cats, in the middle of the dance floor now they preparing to scrap," Drew rapped as he spotted them. Alex and Shannon also spotted them and ran quickly to go see.

"They takin out their scrunchies and pullin' off their pressons, the one on the right is the girlfriend and the one the left is the other woman, someone please call security, these girls too purty, to get down to the nitty gritty, yeah, the nitty gritty, I said the nitty gritty, I'm trippin', being silly willy, man go on let them girls fight," Drew rapped.

"Yeah, don't act like you don't see me," Carina said, as they both got closer to each other. "It's about to be a girlfight,"

"Get that bitch, Carina!" Someone yelled on her side, then, Carina took a hard punch at Elizabeth, as if it was in slow motion. Everyone on her side, yelled, "Ohhhhhh!"

And the whole school crowded all around the middle of the hallway, and Elizabeth then fell to the ground with her nose stinging with pain. No, it's not happening, I will not let her put me down like that and get away with it, get back up, Elizabeth, get, back up.

Elizabeth got back up slowly, as Carina was then showing off, "Come on, Elizabeth, come on, bitch, hit me with your best shot!", then with anger, Elizabeth punched her back, and after feeling the pain in her mouth, Carina put Elizabeth in a headlock, grabbing a handful of her hair, giving 5 punches to her face, after that, Elizabeth got a grip, and grabbed Carina's hand, swinging her down on the floor.

"Why is this happening?" Levi shook his head. "I just can't take it, I just can't take it," Levi began to cry, and Dougie put his head on his chest, patting it.

"Babe, it's OK, it's OK," they both walked away.

Elizabeth took 4 punches out of Carina and she then grabbed a hold of Elizabeth's shirt and pulled her down with her, and Carina got on top of her, punching her, and Elizabeth took hits back to her head, and as that, Coach Beiste and Mr. Schuester pushed away from the crowd, pulling Elizabeth and Carina off of each other.

"HEY, HEY, knock it off!" Coach Beiste pulled Elizabeth away and Carina was pulled back from Mr. Schuester with a bloody mouth and one eye closed, and Elizabeth had a bloody nose and a long blood mark on her bottom lip, along with a black eye.

"Both of you. Principal Figgins' office. Now!" Coach Beiste said.


Carina and Elizabeth sat in the office, far apart from each other, with Mr. Schuester on Carina's side and Coach Beiste on their side.

"So, that's how it happened?"

"She wanted a fight, and that's what she got," Elizabeth shrugged.

Carina rolled her eyes and mumbled words under her breath. "No, that's what you got,'

Principal Figgins sighed, "Well, I guess to make it fair, I'm going to have to suspend the both of you guys for two days. I'm sorry, but we just cannot tolerate physical violence in this school,"

"Fine," Carina shrugged. "I can take a suspension, all I know is, my mom wouldn't care, as long as I fight back and never back down, that's all she cares about,"

"So, your mother convinces you to fight, what a pity," Elizabeth said.

Carina slowly turned her head to Elizabeth, "And was I talking to you? No. It's called self-defense, learn about it." "OK, guys, stop, or I'll make it a three-day suspension." Figgins said.

Carina stood up and shrugged, and walked out of the office. As Carina walked in the hallway, she went to the bathroom to clean her face off, and after that, Emma saw her.

"Aww, sweetheart, are you OK?" Emma asked, as she walked closer.

"I really don't want to talk about it," Carina said, as she sniffled her nose and sighed.

"Come on, off to my office, hon." Emma said.


Carina sat down in Emma's office, and she picked up a pamphlet from behind her, giving her one that said, "So You Like To Hurt Yourself To Relieve Stress?"

Carina repeated what it said and she looked up, "Miss Pillsbury, I don't do any of this stuff, I only got into a fight with Elizabeth,"

"What about?" Emma said.

Carina shook her head and sighed, "Elizabeth and me were going at it ever since we were in L.A. for Nationals, and after I got persuaded to audition for Searching for Stars, I just thought everyone turned on me, Elizabeth just lead the group, so I quit."

"You know, I see," Emma nodded. "And my boyfriend decided to betray me and leave L.A. because he wasn't even supportive of my dreams." Carina shook her head.

"I've been there," Emma said.

"You have?" Carina looked back up at her.

"Yeah," Emma said.


In the afternoon, Daniel grabbed all of his things out of his locker, and as A.J. walked behind, he saw it, confused of what he was doing, and he walked closer to him.

"Hey," A.J. said.

Daniel turned around, with a bandage on the top of his forehead and the bruise still straight down his bottom eyelid. "Hi,"

"I'm sorry for what happened at Prom," A.J. said, trying to be more sympathetic. Daniel shook his head, chuckling, "No, seriously, it's fine, I'll say, I deserved it,"

"Somehow, some way," A.J. crossed his arms. "So, why are you taking out everything out of your lockers?"

"Oh, you didn't know?" Daniel said.

"Know what?" A.J. looked confused. Daniel closed his lockers a container of his things he had in the locker, and he sighed. "I'm leaving Ohio,"

A.J.'s eyes opened, in shock, even though he wanted to force himself not to do that, he couldn't help it. "What, wh-why are you leaving Ohio?"

Daniel sighed. "It's just... I feel like I don't belong here anymore, it's like I need a new start, just some time for me to return to who I was before,"

"I'm surely gonna miss you," A.J. said.

"You're not gonna miss me, I bet when I go, you're gonna forget all about me and spend all of your time with Drew,"

"Now, that's not true, I do have a soft spot for you, Daniel, and you know that," A.J. said. "If you did, you wouldn't have left me,"

"I left you because you broke my heart, you believed that I didn't want to spend time with you, when it was just you hanging out with the guys and I was just in the background," A.J. said. "Just because I'm in love with Drew, doesn't mean I can't forget all of the times we've had before,"

"You don't have to miss me," Daniel looked down. "I've already put as much pressure on you as I did Cheyenne,"

"I wish you the best, Daniel," A.J. said, he gave a half-smile and walked away in dismay. Daniel watched as he did and he shook his head, looked down, looking at everyone he saw kissing or hugging.

"Might as well get used to you, end it all like you said you'll do, cause talk is cheap boy out on the street, cause people know when there's heat,"Daniel sang. "I'm torn and I'm tattered, sick and tired living my life singing the same old song, oh I, I feel a little battered, looks like I'm living my life running a one-man show," Daniel sang as he walked in the hallway with his things. "Oh, I, I don't know where the feeling's gone, I'll survive, I'll stay alive, I'm gonna carry on,"

"Riding the rodeo, up and down we go, yeah, where we'll end up, I just don't know, like a rodeo, down we go, riding the rodeo up and down we go."

"Oh, I, I don't know where the feeling's gone, I'll survive, I'll stay alive, I'm gonna carry on,"

"I got to walk away, I got to end this pain, I'm gonna make it through, see, I'm getting over you. I got to walk away, I got to end this pain, I'm gonna make it through, see, I'm getting over you,"

Daniel stood there, looking back at the hallway, and turned back around walking back outside as the school dismissal bell rang.


Addison and her mother were sitting at their dinner room table in the evening, the only ones there at the big table, Addison stood across one side, and her mother Dusty sat across the other side.

"So, Addison, are you gonna do anything this summer?" Dusty asked. "I don't want you in the house all summer long without nothing to do,"

"I don't know what I'm gonna do this summer, Mom," Addison twirled her fork around slowly. "I'm just already stressed out about something,"

"About what?" Dusty said. "Karin? Listen, Karin is a good girl, I'm sure she would never do anything to hurt you,"

"You just don't understand," Addison shook her head, as she took noodles from her fork and ate them slowly.

"Trust me, I know what it's like," Dusty said.

"If you know what it's like then maybe Dad wouldn't have left us," Addison mumbled softly as she played with her food.

Dusty dropped her fork down on the table, looking at Addison with anger, and Addison looked up at her. "My bad."

"Has your father been talking to you?" Dusty said.

"Yeah, so, it's not that big of a deal, is it?" Addison said, chuckling.

"Yes, Addison, it is," Dusty said. "I don't want you going anywhere near that bastard."

"So, um, why does he have to be a bastard in this situation, we're just talking to each other, nothing personal, gosh," Addison replied.

"Well, Addison, it's personal to me, he left the both of us out in the cold, how would you even speak to him? All I know is, I don't want you hanging out with him, Addison,"

"I get it, so, I can't have a relationship with my father because of something he did wrong to you?" Addison said.

"To us, Addison, that's what you should understand,"

"I know how much you hate my dad, and I know I wouldn't want to talk to him either, but don't put him down like some trash on the ground," Addison got up pushed her plate halfway and slid the chair in, and marched up stairs with her feet stomping to the ground.

Dusty shook her head, sighing as she continued to eat alone.


Elizabeth stood in her bedroom, gazing at her pink-colored ceiling, and as she did, her phone rang to the tune of "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction, and she picked up her phone and it was Charlie.

She picked up her phone and pressed the talk button. "Speak on it, babe," "Babe, how long are you suspended," Charlie said.

"For one day only, Carina too," Elizabeth replied.

"I wish I was there, I would have loved to see the fight," Charlie said.

"Hmm, you lucky you weren't, me and Carina snatched each other up bad, I don't even think one of us won, we both did,"

Charlie sighed. "Elizabeth, I think you're taking this Carina thing out of proportion,"

"What are you talking about?" Elizabeth said. "Why shouldn't I?"

"Because this has been going on for 3 and a half weeks. It's gonna end, I don't care if you guys just don't speak to each other, I just want you guys to squash it, because it's not worth fighting, because we lost a family member and I don't think there's gonna be any way for her to come back if she's in tension mode with you and Gunner," Charlie said.

Elizabeth sighed. "I don't apologize for my actions,"

"You apologized after wanting to come back to New Directions, didn't you?"

"Yeah, so?" Elizabeth said. "So, why can't you just make peace for Carina, and maybe she'll be able to come back," "What makes you think that anyone else wants her back?" Elizabeth said.

"I do, Cheyenne goes berserk because of her leaving, Levi cries like a big baby over her, everyone pretty much except for Gunner agrees on her coming back, and making peace with Carina will make everything OK for us,"

"Well, Charles, I do believe that everything right now is already OK for us, OK?" Elizabeth rolled her eyes and hung up.

Charlie sighed and shook his head. "Damn, Liz,"


Carina sat down with her mother, and she tried to clean off her face with alcohol. "I can't believe you got into a fight and got suspended today,"

"This was even my plans for today, Mom, I was already at the urge of forgetting about what happened and preparing for Searching for Stars,"

"Well, you already know I wouldn't be angry if you got in trouble or not, you're much too smart for me to believe that you are trouble,"

"At least my mother has my back," Carina said. "I just don't care about them anymore, they won Nationals without me."

"I know you do care, Carina," her mother said. "It's just really hard for you to see, you miss being in Glee Club and I'm not saying that you don't have to go back, but I can see it in your eyes."

Carina looked down and sighed, her mother gave her a hug. "You'll be all right, babydoll,"


Levi and Dougie, that night, sat in Breadstix across from each other as they held hands across the table. Levi still looked depressed from what happened between Carina and Elizabeth.

"I just hate the fact that this happened," Levi said.

"I know you do, I feel the same exact way, it's OK to be like that," Dougie said. "I hate it as much as you do, now our family is tearing apart,"

"It really is," Levi said. "I think it's all my fault, I think maybe I shouldn't have gotten so excited for L.A."

"It's not your fault, it's no one's fault, baby, it's definitely not yours," Dougie said.

Levi sighed and shook his head, he slowly began to smile, "You always know how to make me feel alive again,"

"I know, and there's something I want to tell you, speaking of that," Dougie said. "OK," Levi said.

"Um.." Dougie took a deep breath. "I know that last week, we had our issues before, and I know about what happened when you found out something I shouldn't have told you, but I just feel like I want us to take it to the next level,"

"Next level?" Levi was confused. "What do you mean?"

"You know, intimacy," Dougie said.

"You mean like sex?" Levi said.

"Yeah," Dougie nodded as he took a sup from the ice cold tea glass.

Levi was in shock and he looked down, completely overwhelmed and confused over what to say.

"Wow. um, I never saw that coming yet," Levi said. "It's just, Dougie, I don't know if I want to do that. I mean, I made a vow to my parents that I wouldn't have sex early and it would be hard for me to face the fact that I would be the only one that lost my virginity out of it, you did have sex with Chuck, and thinking about that everytime worries me about how we would really communicate,"

"I'm just really into you, Levi, you know that," Dougie said. "I just really want to take it to the next level,"

"No, Dougie," Levi nodded. "I just can't,"

"OK," Dougie sighed. "So much for being in love," he stood up and walked out of Breadstix.

"Dougie, please don-" Levi tried to say, but as that happened, Dougie had already left out of the door. Levi slammed his head on the table and sighed.


Denzil was walking outside with A.J. and Drew, as they all talked about what happened in L.A. as they walked to go to school.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, A.J., I didn't know what had come to me, I was just kind of in love with Drew, you know, I didn't want to put any pressure between you two,"

"Denz, it's all cool," A.J. said. "You're a good guy, I know how badly you want to be in love, I've been there, I know you will be able to find someone you like and fall in love with,"

"Besides, I mean, I'll say, you are a good kisser, so who wouldn't want you?" Drew winked.

Denzil began to blush and then he smiled. "Thanks,"

"Besides I don't want to end my relationship with Drew because Glee Club is already falling apart and I just want Carina to come back to fix it all with us,"

"I agree," Denzil said. "I mean, I like Carina, she's really cool, I just think everyone jumped to conclusions so fast about her,"

"True," Drew said, suddenly A.J. stopped as he looked at Denzil stuck in a daze, as he looked at a woman walking two kids to a car.

"Oh my god.." Denzil shook his head, nodding constantly.

"Denz, are you OK?" A.J. said, rubbing his back. "What's wrong?"

"Th-th-that's my mom," Denzil said, suddenly the woman turned around, and saw Denzil, with a shocked expression on her face. Denzil felt a tear fall down his eye, and he ran away as quick as he could.

"Denzil!" A.J. yelled. "Wait, come back!"

Drew looked at the woman once again, and walked to follow A.J. as Denzil ran away.


"He saw his mother?" Mr. Schuester said in shock as A.J. and Drew stood near him, having a conversation in the empty choir room.

"Yes, Mr. Schue," A.J. said. "I think it really pushed him down, he's not coming to school today,"

Mr. Schuester sighed as he put his hands on his head. "This is really crazy," "I just hate the fact that he had to see his mother with two kids in a car, it's like she doesn't even worry about him anymore, that hurts," Drew said.

As everyone entered the choir room, Levi walked in and sat down, and then Dougie walked after, looked at him, Levi looked back, he looked away and sat in a far place away from Levi.

Levi looked down as he shook his head.

"Guys, we have an issue today," Mr. Schuester said. "Denzil is going through a lot today, he saw his mother,"

"He did?" Addison replied. "I thought he said that he haven't saw her ever since?" "This would be his first time seeing her," Mr. Schuester said. "And as you guys know, he's living with me, and I just think we should be supportive of him and be by his side throughout, we need to bring the Glee Club dynamic back, this is why me, Ms. Pillsbury and Coach Beiste planned this lesson for you guys, it's important,"

"I don't even have a mother, so I can relate," Charlie replied. "Losing my mother was the worst thing ever in my life,"

"Just like me not having a father," Elizabeth said. "If you were in my place, maybe you guys would understand,"

"And what do you mean by that Elizabeth?" Addison said. "Are you saying that all of us don't know how it feels not to have a father around?"

"I guess so," Elizabeth said.

"Well, maybe you wouldn't understand how it feels not to have a father around, how bad it would be to not have a father figure in your life to be there for you, support you, go to any performances you take, if you were in my place, maybe you would understand," Addison stormed out with her things in her hand.

"What is her problem?" Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"Elizabeth, I don't really think that was appropriate for you to say that," Mr. Schuester said.

"What do you mean it wasn't appropriate, I just said you guys wouldn't know how it would feel,"

"Of course she would know," Claira said. "Like me, she's been abused, physically and sexually, do you know how hard it was for her to be beaten to death by her stepfather, how hard it was for her not to have a father to help her?"

"Hello, my mother has been abused a thousand times by my father, because of that, he went to jail for three years, and now everyone wants to come at me?"

"Elizabeth, we care about you, we definitely do, but you haven't been acting like yourself lately, I mean, you've been suspended yesterday, you pushed Carina to a limit, you just don't know how to stop," Cheyenne said.

"And I thought you were supposed to be my friend?" Elizabeth said. "I thought you would have defended me against Carina,"

"Carina and I had our problems, why would I put myself in drama that doesn't occur to me?" Cheyenne said.

"But you did, because if you wouldn't, you wouldn't tell me to leave her alone or let her be," Elizabeth said.

"OK, guys, ENOUGH!" Mr. Schuester yelled out, and a duration of silence filled the choir room.

"You see, this is exactly why we can't heal as a family, we're supposed to be supportive of each other, not put down or let down by anyone," Mr. Schuester said. "And I swear, if we don't act like a family, maybe I will confirm Figgins to end Glee Club,"

"But Mr. Schue, you love us, you wouldn't even do that," Elizabeth said. "Then act like the mature people you will be, and maybe I won't, Elizabeth, you need to apologize to both Addison and Carina and squash it all,"

"But Mr. Sch-" Elizabeth tried to say.

"I don't wan tot hear it, Elizabeth," Mr. Schuester said.

Elizabeth sighed and looked down. "My life is already a disaster, I should go," she stormed out also, and Carina was on the other side of the door, watching and hearing everything they were saying. Carina felt a bit of sympathy past through. Charlie chased her as she left out, and found her outside in the courtyard, as the clouds covered up the sun.

"What was that all about, Elizabeth?" Charlie said.

"Everyone hates me," Elizabeth looked at Charlie. "Because of what I did to Carina, after what happened before,"

"No one hates you," Charlie said. "We just don't like the fact that you pushed her away from the family dynamic,"

"And you never had my back when we fought each other," Elizabeth said.

"I wouldn't have your back for something I don't believe in, I don't believe in fighting, I don't believe in drama, and I like Carina, I wouldn't take your side because you wouldn't like her, I love you and I know I would have your back through anything, but not for that,"

Elizabeth shook her head in depression. "My life has been a trip to hell all of these years," Elizabeth said in tears.

"My mother misses my dad after all my father had put her through, put me through," "Elizabeth, you know how much we care about you, how much I care about you, but this drama here, has got to stop, work out your problems at your own time, there's no need to compare your problems and believe that no one dealt with the same thing, becuase that's not true. Claira has been abused. Addison has no father figure, my mother died. Denzil just saw his mother after she kicked him out."

Elizabeth looked down and sighed.

"I love you, Elizabeth," Charlie moved closer to her and slowly kissed her, and then pulled back.


At home, Addison got dressed up in the mid-evening, and wrote a note to her mother saying. Mom, I'm off to hang out with a couple of friends, I'll be back tonight. - Addison. She quickly ran out of the house and locked it, and her father's car was outside and he smiled, waving. Addison smiled back and got into the car.


Carina was at home practicing her vocals, and then her phone began to vibrate and it was the person she met in L.A., Taylor McDermott. She smiled and she answered the call. "Hey, Taylor, how are you?"

"I was just going to ask you the same thing," Taylor said. "I called to ask you something,"

"Sure, tell me," Carina said.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometimes, you know, like maybe tomorrow or when school gets out for you," Taylor said. "I know we did have that chance in L.A., it's OK to say no,"

"Oh, um, well, of course, I mean, I'd definitely wouldn't mind it at all, I'd love to hang out with you, you're pretty much the only friend I have so far, so, sure, why not?"

"Awesome!" Taylor smiled. "So, when do you want to go?"

"Any time, tomorrow night?" Carina said.

"Tomorrow night," Taylor replied, smiling.

"I'll talk to you then," Carina said.

"Later," Taylor hung up his cell phone, and Carina smiled as she looked in the mirror. "Tomrrow night,"


That evening, Levi brought Shannon and Cheyenne to his house, they were all gathered together, in awkward silence.

"So, where's the muffins?" Shannon said.

"The reason I brought you guys here is because I believe that you guys has the most sex experience,"

"True," Cheyenne smiled. "But what does that have to with what we're here for?" "I need some advice," Levi said.

"Oh, I see where we're getting here," Shannon nodded.

"Me and Dougie had a fall-out the other night, because he said that he wanted to be more intimate with me and I want to be intimate with him too, but I'm scared and I want to obey my parents' rules, I was wondering, can you guys tell me more about sex?"

Shannon and Cheyenne looked at each other with smirks slapped across their face and they turned at Levi. "Shannon, you go first," Cheyenne said, snickering.

Shannon rolled her eyes. "Fine, sex is like eating a bunch of sweets, it's like it's something you can't get enough of,"

"Is that really necessary for Levi, though?" Cheyenne looked at Shannon. "If you're comparing muffins to sex, I should slap you,"

"Can I FINISH?" Shannon yelled. "Anyway, like I said, it's something you can't get enough of, when you're a virgin, you may find it a bit overwhelming but then it's like you'll get addicted to it,"

"But I'm not trying to get addicted to it," Levi said. "I just want to make our relationship more better,"

"Sex won't make your relationship better, I mean, you do know that Dougie pretty much lost his virginity to Chuck, who, I bet, wanted to lose his to Anna,"

"Well, he left Breadstix angry and it's like he wouldn't look at me today because I said no," Levi said.

"It's your body, he should respect how you feel about it," Shannon said. "Just like when Colby wanted to have sex, I wasn't ready,"

"Just before, my ex wanted to be intimate, but I wasn't looking forward to it," Cheyenne said. "And that's what gotten us so far apart,"

"It's just, I don't want my boyfriend angry at me over something he wants, I've always thought about sharing my first time with Dougie, but I never thought of it being a dream come true,"

"Do you really love Dougie?" Shannon said.

"I really do," Levi replied.

"Then it's your choice if you want to be intimate with him," Cheyenne said. Levi sighed and looked down, thinking of what they told him. __________________________ Addison and her father Des, walked through the carnival. Addison smiled as she took a soft piece of cotton candy and felt it dissolve in her mouth.

"So, are you having fun so far?" Des asked.

"I actually am," Addison smiled. "I've never really had as much fun like this before, the rides were fun, everything, thanks,"

"Ah, it's no problem at all," Des smiled. "Just wanted to do something fun with you,"

Addison smiled, and thought to herself. The crazy thing I just realized that he doesn't even act like the father I'd ever expected him to be, the jerk that abandoned me and my mom, I'm coming to realizations that if that's even true, what if he was the victim, what if he does care about me?

"I think these sweets are trashy, ready to get something better to grub on?" Des laughed.

Addison giggled, "Sure, why not?"


Denzil stood in his room at Mr. Schuester's apartment, devastated from what happened. Mr. Schuester knocked on the door. "Come in," Denzil said in dismay. Mr. Schuester opened the door slowly, closed the door and walked to Denzil. "Denzil, bud, I heard what happened, are you OK?"

Denzil nodded his head silently, and looked at Mr. Schuester. "I was right, she didn't want me, nobody does,"

"Denzil, you already know that you can stay here as long as you want," Mr. Schuester said.

"Mr. Schue, you just don't get it," Denzil said. "My mom hated my guts, everything I did, she would just put me down, she'd say that she wished that she never had me, my freaking dad, said that they should have gotten an abortion," Denzil felt emotional to that point, and tears streamed down his eyes. Mr. Schuester rubbed his back. "Denzil, it's OK,"

"No, it's not," Denzil said. "Everytime I think about it, it just hurts me deep down, she never thought I was a special kid, she said she wanted to put me in a fire, Mr. Schuester," Denzil sobbed more. "My life has been the worse, she hated me, kicked me out, and I don't have no one anymore,"

"You have me, Denzil, you have me," Mr. Schuester said. "You don't even have to worry about her anymore, I'll take care of you in any possible way I can, bud," He came out with open arms, leaving Denzil to move closer to him in a hug. "It's gonna be OK, Denzil,"

"Stay here, I'm gonna order something for us, hungry?" Mr. Schuester said. Denzil wiped away the tears from his eyes, sniffling, "A little bit,"

"I'll be right back, bud," Mr. Schuester walked out of Denzil's room, and Denzil sighed, and as he looked at the picture he had kept on the side of his bed of him and his mother together. He became fed up of looking at it. He got up and grabbed a pair of scissors, took the picture out of the small frame, and began to cut her out of the picture.

"Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have; I've been protested and demonstrated against, picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times, sick as the mind of the motherfreaking kid that's behind, all this commotion emotions run deep as ocean's explodin, tempers flarin from parents just blow 'em off and keep goin,"

"Not takin nothin from no one give 'em hell long as I'm breathin, keep kickin ass in the mornin and takin names in the evenin, leave 'em with a taste as sour as vinegar in they mouth, see they can trigger me, but they'll never figure me out, look at me now; I bet ya probably sick of me now ain't you momma? I'm a make you look so ridiculous now," Denzil yelled.

"I'm sorry momma! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight, I'm cleanin out my closet," Denzil sang. "I said I'm sorry momma! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight, I'm cleanin out my closet,"

"Now I would never diss my own momma just to get recognition, take a second to listen for who you think this record is dissin, but put yourself in my position; just try to envision, witnessin your momma poppin prescription pills in the kitchen," Denzil sang. "Bitchin that someone's always goin throuh her purse and shit's missin, goin through public housin systems, victim of Munchausen's Syndrome, my whole life I was made to believe I was sick when I wasn't, til I grew up, now I blew up, it makes you sick to ya stomach,"

"Doesn't it? Wasn't it the reason you made that CD for me Ma? So you could try to justify the way you treated me Ma? See what hurts me the most is you won't admit you was wrong, do your song - keep tellin yourself that you was a mom!"

"But how dare you try to take what you didn't help me to get, you selfish bitch; I hope you freaking burn in hell for this, remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?, well guess what, I am dead, dead to you as can be!"

"I'm sorry momma! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight, I'm cleanin out my closet," Denzil sang. "I said I'm sorry momma! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight, I'm cleanin out my closet,"


Addison and Des sat across from each other, smiling and laughing as they were having a conversation at a restaurant.

"You're funnier than I ever thought," Addison said. Des smiled, "I know, I get that a lot from others,"

Addison giggled and after Des asked a question, "So, are you dating?"

Addison stopped eating, and nodded, "I was, but I've been through a lot in the both of them, I think it's best if I wait until I fall in love again,"

"I felt the same way with your mom, Addison," Des nodded.

"What do you mean?" Addison said as she pulled up from her chair.

"It's just been a lot going on in the past," Des said.

There was awkward silence, and Addison looked down, and then asked, "Dad, what happened between you and Mom?"

"You really want to know?" Des asked.

"Only if you want to tell me," Addison said.

"Well, you are getting old enough to understand, so I'll tell you," Des took a deep breath. "When me and your mom met, she was the love of my life, we had the strongest connection with each other, and then by two years later, we brought the most beautiful baby girl in the world,"

"Me?" Addison said, feeling emotional at that point.

"Yeah, definitely you," Des said. "When you were born, it was one of the best moments of my life, at the time I was going to be a father, and I was just so happy, I wanted to cry,"

Addison was still at the urge of getting emotional, and Des looked down and shook his head, "And that's when, you turned 2, by that year, that's when me and your mother had a lot of problems, it then turned from financial problems to romance problems. Your mother felt like I was not paying attention to her, and I was always taking care of you and working."

Addison then was in shock, as he said that, comparing what her mother said to her to what he said. "Addison, your mother cheated on me, she pushed me away for someone else, that Marv guy who attacked you, he was my friend,"

Addison's eyes opened as she covered her mouth. "I caught them having sex in our bed, and when I did, I just decided to leave, I wanted to take you with me so bad, just so bad, I wanted to raise you, your mother refused to, she was glad I left and I just left after all those years,"

Addison felt tears coming down from her eyes.

"I just didn't want you to think that I didn't want you, because I definitely did, I wanted to have a new life with you, I cared about you so much, I just didn't know a way to do that,"

"She lied to me," Addison sniffled. "She said that you abandoned us and left us in the cold,"

"I wouldn't do that to my daughter," Des said. "That's why I came back, I never forgotten about you when I was gone, we gotten a divorce and she decided to take custody of you, I lost the battle,"

"What if you're not telling me the truth, Dad?" Addison said. "What if you're just saying to that to make me believe that?"

"I would never do that, I would never do that to you, I would never lie about anything I've done, I've been a good husband to your mother,"

"No wonder my mother can't stand me anymore, she thinks I've pushed you away from her," Addison said.

"Don't feel bad about that, Addison, none of this was your fault, if I wanted to spend time with you, it was my intention to, I wanted to take you everywhere I could, Disney World, any place, and that plan failed,"

"I need some fresh air," Addison stood up, and walked outside, crying, and Des put his hands over his head, sighing.

"I wait for the postman to bring me a letter, I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better and I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, a family in crisis that only grows older," Addison sang as she went outside, walking slowly. "Why’d you have to go, why’d you have to go, why’d you have to go, daughter to father, daughter to father, I am broken but I am hoping, daughter to father, daughter to father, I am crying, a part of me is dying and, these are, these are the confessions of a broken heart,"

"And I wear all your old clothes, your polo sweater, I dream of another you, the one who would never leave me alone to pick up the pieces a daddy to hold me, that’s what I needed," Addison sang. " So why’d you have to go, why’d you have to go, why’d you have to go?"

A spotlight landed on Addison on a dark stage, as Addison sang, "Daughter to father, daughter to father, I am broken but I am hoping, daughter to father, daughter to father, I am crying, a part of me is dying and, these are, these are the confessions of a broken heart,"

"Daughter to father, daughter to father, I don’t know you, but I still want to, daughter to father, daughter to father, tell me the truth..., did you ever love me, did you ever love me? These are, the confessions...of a broken heart,"

"Oh, yeah, I wait for the postman to bring me a letter." Addison sang, as one tear fell down from her eye, and she backed away from the stage and the spotlight dimmed down.

Des walked out of the restaurant, as he saw her outside with her arms crossed crying. "Addison?"

Addison turned around to her dad, crying. "Addison, it's OK," Des walked to Addison, and hugged her, as she continued to cry. "Everything's gonna be OK,"


Elizabeth walked downstairs as she saw her mother in the living room, smiling and laughing, as she looked in a photo album from before. She saw her and was curious of what was going on.

"Hey, Mom, what are you doing?" Elizabeth walked behind her. Her mother turned around, looking at her. "Oh, hon, I'm just bringing back memories,"

Elizabeth giggled, "What for, the present is now, we've had a lot of problems in the past, Mom,"

"I know, and that's what I wanted to talk to you about," Elizabeth's mom said. Elizabeth sat down next to her. "Elizabeth, there's something I want to tell you,"

"What is it?" Elizabeth said. "Is something wrong?"

"No, there's nothing wrong at all," her mother said.

"Then tell me what's going on?" Elizabeth said.

There was 2 seconds of awkward silence. "Sweetheart, me and your father are thinking about getting back together,"

Elizabeth's eyes opened, "Are you kidding me,"

"It's just, I'm still in love with him, and he's still in love with me too," she said.

"That's still no excuse, do you remember what he did to you, to me? What he did to Trevor?"

"I know," her mother said. "But your father has changed, he has changed a lot," "Mom, he could be just saying that to get back at you, he's out of jail, Mom, think of what he has done to all of us, how hard he hit you, how much he yelled at you, why would you go back to him?"

"I'm sure that I can choose any person I want to be with, young lady," her mother said.

Elizabeth shook her head in disappointment. "Listen to what you're saying right now! If you want to get hurt again, you can nver see me again here anymore,"

Elizabeth stormed out of the living room. "Elizabeth! Elizabeth!"


Des drove Addison back home, as Des stopped to her house, he put his hand on Addison's cheek. "Feel better, hon, see you soon,"

"Bye, Dad," Addison looked back and then gave her father a hug, and walked out of the car, after that, she saw a light at her window turn off, and when she walked up the steps, she waved at her father, who waved back and drove away, and she opened up the door.

As she opened the door, it was dark and when she closed the door, she yelled, "Mom? I'm home,"

"Had fun with your father, Addison Lee?" Dusty said on the living room couch as she turned on the light beside her.

Addison sighed, "What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Oh, come on, Addison, I know you, just like you lied about going to that Chuck boy's party when I told you not to,"

"I didn't even go anywhere with him, so chill out, Mom," Addison rolled her eyes and walked upstairs, until Dusty yelled out, "Addison, get back here," Addison rolled her eyes again and walked downstairs.

"Yes, Mother?" Addison said sarcastically.

"Look, Addison, when you disobey my rules here, you know there's a consequence, I saw his car, Addison."

"You know what, yeah, I did go somewhere with my innocent father, and I had lots of fun, there it goes,"

"And what makes him so innocent?" Dusty said. "You know what, I don't even want to know, you're grounded,"

"Mom, I'm almost eighteen years old, why can't I have the freedom to see my father?"

"Because your father is a freaking jerk, that's why, now go to your room," Dusty said.

Addison nodded her head, "No," she slammed down her purse on the floor.

Dusty stood up, walking closer to Addison, "Excuse me? Now you know that I brought you into this world and I can easily take you out."

"You know, no wonder my father left you," Addison said.

"US!" Dusty yelled.

"He loved me, you cheated on my father, you lied to me!" Addison said.

"You are too young to understand what was going on between us," Dusty said.

"I am not too young, I am old enough to understand how big of a lying mother you are, you said that my dad abandoned me, tell me the truth!"

"OK, fine, you want to know the truth?" Dusty yelled. "Here's the goddamn truth!"

"Your father and I had some issues going on, yes, we did. He always, and always worried about you, everything was all about you!" Dusty said.

"So, clearly, you were jealous of your own child?" Addison said, crying. "What kind of mother are you?"

"I hated the fact that he'd always spend more time with you and at work than with me," Dusty said. "So, yes, I was jealous, that you were getting much of the attention, and that's when I met Marv,"

"And you're telling me, that you cheated on my father with the person who always beaten me to death, you made him leave, and refused for him to take me with him, so I could suffer?"

"Yes," Dusty said. "Addison, I am sorry, I really am,"

"You're not sorry," Addison nodded. "You would have told me the truth, you let that asshole hit me, rape me, make me feel like I didn't belong, and then you blame me for Marv leaving?"

Dusty moved closer to Addison, trying to me sympathetic for her, but she pushed her away. "Don't touch me, you made me think that my father was the enemy, when it turned out that it was you, my father was the victim, you lied to me, I'm leaving,"

"Addison, no!" Dusty yelled.

"No, this is what you wanted, right?" Addison said. "This is what you will get," Dusty sat on the couch, crying, palming her face with her hands.


The next morning, Claira looked sick, and weary looking, as she got stuff out of her locker, and as she closed it, Peter was there, she jumped at first, and she nodded her head.

"Peter, what are you doing here?" Claira asked.

"I came to see how you were doing," Peter said. "You haven't spoken to me since what happened between us in L.A.,"

"Shh!" Claira said. "And yes, I'm fine, thank you very much,"

"You don't look fine to me," Peter said. "You look sick,"

"I guess," Claira sighed. "I've been throwing up, feeling sick, I'm tired, I just want to go home,"

"Well, I guess my plan on kissing you failed," Peter said.

"What?" Claira looked up in shock.

Peter chuckled. "I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding, I'll see you around," Peter winked and walked away from Claira. She sighed and looked down as she walked away from her locker.

Alex, then suddenly, walked to her. "Hey, babe, haven't seen you around, is everything OK?"

"Um, yeah, it's all good, I have to go to the bathroom, bye," Claira said quickly as she walked away. Alex looked confused with what was going on.


Levi walked to Dougie as he was at his locker getting his books for his first class. "Dougie, can we talk?"

"What is there to talk about?" Dougie said. "I mean, you don't want to be intimate, you don't have to be intimate with me, I guess that just doesn't make me the best boyfriend ever to you,"

"Don't you get that you are all I've ever wanted?" Levi said. "If you were a great boyfriend, you would understand if I'm not ready to, this goes by my parents' rules and what I don't want with my body yet, if you can't respect that, then you aren't a good boyfriend at all,"

Dougie looked down and sighed.

"And I was just going to ask if you still wanted to be intimate with me," Levi said. "But I guess that just won't happen," Levi looked down and walked away. Dougie sighed and shook his head and went back in his locker.


Addison walked in the school that morning, looking down, shaking her head as she went to her locker near her entrance, and opened up her locker, and as she saw a picture with her and Karin, she looked at it, she balled it up and put it in her pocket.

Elizabeth walked to Addison, as if she was scared to come face to face with her. "Addison, um, can I talk to you?"

"What about?" Addison asked, as if she didn't really wanted to talk.

"I just wanted to apologize for what I said yesterday, I just been really going through so much and I took it out on you and everyone else," Elizabeth said.

"I understand it," Addison nodded. "My father isn't even the enemy in my issue, my mother is,"

"What do you mean by that?" Elizabeth said.

"My mother lied about my dad, she said that he abandoned me, when really my mother forced him out by cheating,"

"I'm sorry," Elizabeth said.

"There's no need to be," Addison said. "I moved out, but I don't know where to go,"

"You know, I would just let you be able to stay with me for the while, but my mother is telling me that she's falling back in love with my father,"

"After all he did to you guys?" Addison said in shock. "That's just really not cool," "I know," Elizabeth said. "I just wish I had a normal family, one that's not broken apart or put down,"

"I agree with you," Addison sighed. "I feel like it's all my fault that my family's broken apart, my mom was jealous over the fact that my dad spent more time with me than with her,"

Elizabeth shook her head. "I believe that we have so much in common with families,"

"True," Addison said.


On the stage, Addison, Elizabeth and Denzil stood front center on the stage on chairs, as everyone in New Directions did too, but the spotlight shone on Elizabeth first.

"Momma please stop cryin, I can't stand the soundour pain is painful and its tearin' me down, I hear glasses breakin as I sit up in my bed, I told Dad you didn't mean those nasty things you said," Elizabeth sang, as she flashed back to her moments as she saw her mother being physically abused by her father, and as she and her brother, hid behind, scared. "You fight about money, bout me and my brother and this I come home to, this is my shelter, it ain't easy growin up in World War III, never knowin what love could be, you'll see, I don't want love to destroy me like it has done my family,"

"Can we work it out? Can we be a family? I promise I'll be better, Mommy I'll do anything," Addison, Elizabeth and Denzil sang. "Can we work it out? Can we be a family? I promise I'll be better, Daddy please don't leave."

"Daddy please stop yellin, I can't stand the sound, make mama stop cryin, cuz I need you around, my mama she loves you, no matter what she says, it's true, I know that she hurts you, but remember I love you, too," Addison sang, she flashed back to when, in her perspective, she saw how her dad left out of their house after he and her mother were yelling.

"I ran away today, ran from the noise, ran away, don't wanna go back to that place, but don't have, no choice, no way, it ain't easy growin up in World War III, never knowin what love could be, you'll see, I don't want love to destroy me like it did my family."

"Can we work it out? Can we be a family? I promise I'll be better, Mommy I'll do anything," Addison, Elizabeth and Denzil sang. "Can we work it out? Can we be a family? I promise I'll be better, Daddy please don't leave."

"In our family portrait, we look pretty happy, let's play pretend, let's act like it comes naturally, I don't wanna have to split the holidays, I don't want two addresses, I don't want a step-brother anyways and I don't want my mom to have to change her last name," Denzil sang as he flashed back to how her mother kicked him out of the house.

"In our family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal, let's go back to that," New Directions sang. "In our family portrait we look pretty happy , let's play pretend, act like it goes naturally,"

Carina watched their performance from afar, trying to decide if she wanted to come back or not.

"In our family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal, let's go back to that," Addison, Elizabeth and Denzil sang. "In our family portrait we look pretty happy , let's play pretend, act like it goes naturally,"

Carina walked into the auditorium, unexpectedly, after overhearing that, and she took over the last piece of the song, with a sympathetic expression on her face. "In our family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal, let's go back to that, in our family portrait we look pretty happy , let's play pretend, act like it goes naturally,"

Everyone, despite Gunner, were shocked, and they cheered her on, Mr. Schuester got up from an audience seat, smiling. Levi smiled, walking, as he and the rest of everyone sang along, and Levi hugged her and pulled her over to the stage.

Elizabeth went closer to Carina, as she sang along, and she mouthed, "I'm sorry," and she hugged her back. Everyone, except for Gunner, who tried to pull far away from Carina as possible, hugged Carina. Mr. Schuester smiled and looked proud of the performance.

"In our family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal, let's go back to that," New Directions sang. "In our family portrait we look pretty happy , let's play pretend, act like it goes naturally,"

Everyone cheered as Carina smiled as everyone grabbed a hold of her and hugged her. Mr. Schuester got up on the stage and joined in.


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