The following is a list of episodes from the fanfiction series, Glee: The New Years.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates) Ratings
Season premiere Season finale Premiere Finale Average
  1 22 October 17, 2011 February 25, 2012 0.17 0.21 0.19
  2 21 March 5, 2012 September 2, 2012 0.26 0.12 0.13
  3 22 September 23, 2012 January 7, 2014 0.20


Season One (2011-2012)Edit

The first season of Glee: The New Years consists of 22 episodes, airing in October 17, 2011 to February 25, 2012.

Image Title Original Airdate Comments
(in millions)
1. "Newbies on the Block" October 17, 2011 0.17

Plot: A year after the Class of 2012 graduates, Will recreates the glee club with the help of two familiar faces, Kurt and Rachel. Despite Sue’s disapproval, Will recruits six new members of New Directions, who each develop new friendships and rivalries.

Singles: "Human Nature" (Daniel), "Skyscraper" (Elizabeth), "As" (Rick), "Dynamite" (Anna), "Smooth Operator" (A.J.)

2. "Romantic Perspective" October 17, 2011 0.16

Plot: New Directions continues to recruit new students; Chuck decides to join to become closer to Anna, and one new member catches Elizabeth’s eyes. 

Singles: "Fluorescent Adolescent" (Chuck), "Black and Gold" (Addison), "For The First Time" (Charlie), "Super Bass/Fly" (Addison and Elizabeth), "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (Anna and Chuck)

3. "Dream Chasers" October 18, 2011 0.17

Plot: Will encourages New Directions to garner school wide attention to convince more students to join the club, but the outcome backfires. Meanwhile, New Directions face competition with The Troubletones, and a new member puts the club in a dilemma.

Singles: "Fame" (New Directions), "Downtown" (Julian), "My Heart Will Go On" (Shawn and The Troubletones), "Maybe" (Anna and Shawn)

4. "Triangle of Love" October 19, 2011 0.16

Plot: Daniel sparks a conflict with A.J., and the two vie for Rick’s affection. Claira’s volatile behavior gives Will the advantage to blackmail her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s attraction to Charlie is revealed, while Anna sets her eyes on a new girl.

Singles: "Complicated" (Claira), "Hair" (Cheyenne), "Forever Young" (Elizabeth), "Beautiful Soul" (Rick), "Crush" (A.J. and Daniel), "Parachute" (New Directions)

5. "High School of Horrors" October 29, 2011 0.23

Plot: New Directions must perform at McKinley High’s Halloween Bash by the principal’s demand, but the night goes awry. Will’s childhood friend Chanel Rayne (special guest star Carmen Electra) arrives as the new math teacher. Anna becomes uncertain of Chuck’s dedication to a relationship.

Singles: "Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors" (Anna, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth), "Calling All The Monsters" (New Directions Girls), "Ghost" (Chuck), "E.T." (Cheyenne and Daniel), "Walking on Air" (Addison), "Bloody Mary" (Addison and Chanel), "Disturbia" (New Directions)

6. "Girls Will Be Boys" November 6, 2011 0.23

Plot: After a series of pranks, the girls of Glee Club demand a week dedicated entirely to girls. Meanwhile, Chanel takes the role of the co-director of New Directions, but her domination concerns Will. Addison and A.J. spies on a rival group, and Anna discovers a shocking act.

Singles: "You Make Me Feel" (The Showstoppers), "Rock Star" (Addison and Cheyenne), "Bad Reputation" (Claira), "We Will Rock You" (A.J., Chuck, and Rick), "Like A Boy / Do It Like A Dude" (New Directions)

7. "Fools in Love" November 10, 2011 0.15

Plot: A rift between the girls and boys continue as Will and Chanel lead a battle of the sexes. Anna quits New Directions after discovering Chuck and Claira in a shocking position, but the glee club convinces her to return.

Singles: "Love The Way You Lie/Irreplaceable" (Anna), "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (The Phantoms), "He's A Rebel" (The Valentines), "Tell Him" (The Valentines), "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (The Phantoms)

8. "Now or Never" November 14, 2011 0.13

Plot: While New Directions prepares for Sectionals, Daniel and Chuck compete for the male solo performance. A.J. faces the risk of leaving McKinley High. Meanwhile, Anna’s distrust for Chuck jeopardizes the status of their relationship. Addison and Gunner explore their newfound relationship; Will discovers familiar competition for Sectionals.

Singles: "Down" (Chuck), "Let It Be" (Daniel), "Give Me Everything" (The Showstoppers), "Fireball" (Jane Addams Academy), "Bounce Back" (The Troubletones), "Hometown Glory" (A.J.), "We Are Golden" (New Directions), "You Are The Music In Me" (New Directions)

9. "Christmas Charity" November 21, 2011 0.17


10. "Bad Influence" December 4, 2011 0.17

Plot: After New Directions's victory at Sectionals, Sue appoints Claira as an ally to defeat New Directions, encouraging her to make Cheyenne her protégé. Daniel’s ex-girlfriend transfers to McKinley High, and Shawn makes his move to New Directions.

Singles: "Magic/What The Hell" (New Directions), "A Thousand Miles" (Anna), "Beautiful Liar" (Cheyenne and Claira), "Do Your Own Thing" (Daniel and New Directions), "Right To Be Wrong" (Cheyenne), "Love Me Bad" (Daniel), "Come Back to Me" (Lily)

11. "Ultra-Clutch" December 6, 2011 0.17

Plot: Will and Chanel begin a school production of Hairspray, specifically for the glee club, but Sue Sylvester plots to ruin it. After Cheyenne’s suspension, she makes Lily her newest target. Chanel and Will get in a very uncompromising position.

Singles: "Good Morning Baltimore" (Elizabeth), "(It's) Hairspray" (Will), "Ladies' Choice" (Charlie), "I Can Hear The Bells" (Elizabeth), "The New Girl In Town" (Addison, Cheyenne, and Lily), "Without Love" (Anna, Charlie, Chuck, and Elizabeth)

12. "World War Chanel" December 21, 2011 0.11

Plot: Will and Chanel’s actions force Emma to decide on the future of their relationship; Chanel reaches her breaking point with Emma. Claira unites with an unlikely ally to begin her scheme against Glee Club. A transfer student from Carmel High develops interest in New Directions.

Singles: "Karma" (The Treble Belles), "Alfie" (Dougie), "We're Not Gonna Take It" (Claira and Julian), "He Can Only Hold Her" (Chanel with New Directions)

13. "School Daze" December 24, 2011 0.10

Plot: The glee club ends Will’s state of nostalgic depression with a ‘Blast from the Past’ party. Charlie and Elizabeth’s relationship is on the rocks. Meanwhile, Dougie seeks Chuck for a new friendship; Claira and Julian take on a new plan for their mission against New Directions.

Singles: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (New Directions Boys), "When I Think Of You" (New Directions Girls), "The Tide Is High" (Elizabeth), "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" (Charlie and Chuck), "Conga" (Chanel and Cheyenne), "I Want To Know What Love Is" (New Directions)

14. "Weekend" December 27, 2011 0.21

Plot:  With only two weeks before Regionals, Chuck hosts a house party for the glee club, with a few familiar guests. Rick feels neglected by A.J.’s attention towards Daniel; Chuck and Dougie share an unexpected encounter that may danger Chuck’s reputation. Later on, Chanel’s ex-flame convinces her to flee to New York.

Singles: "I Like It Like That" (Artie, Brittany, Gunner, and Santana with New Directions), Cheers (Drink To That) / Headlines" (A.J., Artie, Cheyenne, and Santana), "Just Dance" (Addison and Gunner), "Shake It" (New Directions Boys), "Drunk On Love" (Dougie), "Know You Now" (Chuck and Dougie)

Uncut Singles: "Billie Jean" (Chuck), "Party Rock Anthem" (New Directions)

15. "Coming Out" December 29, 2011 0.17

Plot: Daniel faces public attention towards his closeted sexuality, thanks to Rick’s decision to expose him; he also balances his feelings for A.J. and Cheyenne. Chuck fears the consequences of his sexual affair with Dougie, his main temptation. Elizabeth reaches her breaking point after her break-up with Charlie.

Singles: "Reach Out (I'll Be There)" (Addison), "Caught Out There" (Elizabeth), "You Oughta Know" (Dougie), "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (A.J. and Daniel), "It Kills Me" (Elizabeth), "Right Here (Departed)" (Elizabeth)

Uncut Singles: "I'm Coming Out" (Daniel), "I'd Rather Go Blind" (Rick)

16. "R.R.R. (Regionals, Regret, and Romance)" January 14, 2012 0.19

Plot: New Directions compete at Regionals against the Dalton Academy Warblers and the Treble Belles. Chuck forces himself to believe that he has feelings for Dougie. Chanel struggles to choose New Directions over New York, and Elizabeth’s new leaf discourages Charlie.

Singles: "Go Ahead" (Elizabeth and Rick), "Glitter In The Air" (Cheyenne), "Littlest Things" (Charlie), "Burlesque" (The Treble Belles), "I'm Yours" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "Night Of Your Life" (New Directions), "Numb/Encore" (New Directions Boys), "One Day" (New Directions)

17. "Spread The Love" January 16, 2012 0.21

Plot:  As Will and Chanel team up with Sue and New Directions to volunteer at the shelter, Cheyenne holds a campaign against homophobia after Daniel is bullied. Anna helps Shawn ask Lily out on a date; Dougie tries to avoid Chuck. Charlie seeks forgiveness in Elizabeth.

Singles: "The Sweetest Sounds" (Lily and Shawn), "Love is Found" (Chuck, Dougie, Elizabeth, and Shawn), "Love Is Stronger than Pride" (Elizabeth), "Where is the Love?" (New Directions)

18. "Detention" January 25, 2012 0.33

Plot: Inspired by The Breakfast Club, this episode focuses on a Saturday detention after an altercation between Cheyenne and Claira. Cheyenne bonds with a troubled student, Ari (actor Tyler Posey). Meanwhile, Rick gains knowledge of Chuck and Dougie’s affair.

Singles: "Detention Confessions" (The Detention Kids), "Misery Business" (Cheyenne)

19. "Changes" February 7, 2012 0.18

Plot: Because of her antics, Claira’s life and future is threatened, and a shocking reveal may change her for better or worse. Chuck and Dougie’s affair is on the verge of exposure, while Will convinces the club to perform songs from underrated artists. Randy interferes with Will and Chanel’s relationship.

Singles: "Ex-Factor" (Chanel with Addison and Lily), "Drunk" (Dougie), "Never Forget You" (Chanel and Randy), "Invisible" (Claira), "Changes" (New Directions)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

20. "Janet" February 11, 2012 0.31

Plot: Will finds interest in a Janet Jackson week for New Directions; however, the tension between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions rises when Dougie seeks vengeance on his former glee club. Meanwhile, Addison and Gunner share their first time, despite Addison's hesitance. Charlie makes an effort to rekindle his relationship with Elizabeth, and Chuck and Dougie's sexual affair comes to light. Janet Jackson makes a cameo appearance.

Singles: "The Pleasure Principle" (Addison, Elizabeth, and Lily), "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" (Chanel and Will), "Nothing" (Charlie), "Feedback" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Let's Wait Awhile" (Addison), "I Get So Lonely" (Anna), "Son of a Gun" (Dougie and Jeremy), "Funny How Time Flies When You're Having Fun" (Addison), "Black Cat" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Rhythm Nation" (New Directions)

21. "Love/War" February 23, 2012 0.25

Plot: The feud between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline reaches to a boiling point, while Anna finally discovers Chuck’s infidelity; she competes with Dougie for Chuck’s affection. Elizabeth decides whether to forgive or forget Charlie. Daniel gives Shawn a makeover to impress Lily, and Chanel must decide between Will and her ex-boyfriend, Randy.

Singles: "The One That Got Away" (Chanel and Randy), "We Run This" (New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline), "Knock You Down" (Chanel, Randy, and Will), "The Boy Is Mine 2012" (Anna and Dougie), "Fighter/Survivor" (New Directions), "I Don't Wanna Cry" (Anna)

22. "Radio City Nights" February 25, 2012 0.21

Plot: In the first season finale, New Directions head to New York City for Nationals at Radio City Music Hall. A.J. relives the magic in his hometown, while Will’s focus on Chanel’s departure damages his optimism. Rick and Anna make bold moves after their separations from Daniel and Chuck.

Singles: "Empire State Of Mind (Part II)" (A.J.), "Unfaithful" (Chuck and Dougie), "Fly" (A.J., Daniel, Lily, and Shawn), "Live Your Life/Run This Town" (The Hip-Hop Showstops), "Speechless" (Jeremy and Vocal Adrenaline), "Take Care" (Charlie and Elizabeth), "Shark In the Water" (Cheyenne with New Directions)

Season Two (2012)Edit

Image Title Original Airdate Comments
(in millions)
1. "N.D. Hospitality" March 4, 2012 0.26

Plot: After a loss at Nationals, the glee club must redeem themselves; the club recruits new members after two departures. Addison's suspicious behavior concerns Gunner, who transfers to McKinley. Chuck reestablishes his reputation after breaking up with Anna, and he sets his eyes on someone new.

Singles: "I'll Be There For You" (New Directions), "You Don't Know My Name" (Levi), "Sandcastle Disco" (Carina), "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" (Levi), "Haven't Met You Yet" (Chuck)

2. "The Pink Friday Experience" March 17, 2012 0.30

Plot: When Mr. Schuester overlooks the idea of a Nicki Minaj tribute for glee club, Cheyenne makes it her priority to rebel. Addison's hidden secrets may damage her relationship with Gunner. Cheyenne reunites with an attractive student, and Chuck's affection for Carina overshadows her appeal to Levi, who has his eyes set on Dougie.

Singles: "Girls Fall Like Dominoes" (Carina and Chuck), "Right Thru Me" (Addison), "Your Love" (Cheyenne), "Raining Men" (The Treble Belles), "Check It Out" (New Directions), "Save Me" (Addison)

3. "Runaway Love" March 23, 2012 0.33

Plot: Addison's troubled life may determine a matter of life or death; the glee club reflects on their personal insecurities, but Will's insensitivity to the assignment infuritates Cheyenne, Charlie, and Elizabeth. Levi reveals his deepest secret to Carina, and Gunner joins the New Directions environment.

Singles: "Russian Roulette" (Addison), "Cold Case Love" (Gunner), "Runaway Love" (New Directions), "Thinking Of You" (Charlie), "Oh Mother" (Elizabeth), "Mad World" (New Directions)

4. "Monster" March 24, 2012 0.17

Plot: The glee club loses the spirit for the second annual McKinley High's Halloween Bash, while Cheyenne, Charlie, and Elizabeth form a choir of their own. Carina explores her friendship with Gunner, and fear of a stalker. Meanwhile, Levi and Dougie work together for the Halloween party.

Singles: "Beautiful Monster" (Chuck), "Superstition" (Dougie and Levi), "Monster" (The McKinley Rebels), "Monster" (New Directions)

Absent: Miranda Cosgrove

5. "The Birthday Crashers" April 4, 2012 0.08

Plot: New Directions throws a surprise party for Dougie's seventeenth birthday, but uninvited guests invade. Claira befriends a member of The Treble Belles; Dougie's ex-boyfriend returns for another chance at love. 

Singles: "Party" (New Directions), "Sweet 17" (New Directions Boys), "Crash Your Party" (The McKinley Rebels), "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (Carina), "Shot For Me" (Drew)

Uncut Version Singles: "I'm Too Sexy" (Chuck), "Stupid Hoe" (Carina and Cheyenne)

Absent: Miranda Cosgrove

6. "Rock vs. R&B" April 5, 2012 0.08

Plot: Will forms a tense competition between New Directions and The McKinley Rebels, performing rock and R&B numbers. Addison recovers after weeks of physical therapy; she is aware of Carina and Gunner's sudden chemistry. A conflict between Levi and Drew pushes Dougie into the middle, and Chuck reaches out to Anna.

Singles: "Bones" (Carina), "You Shook Me All Night Long" (New Directions), "Stop This Song" (Addison), "Long Distance" (Anna and Chuck), "Mercy/Nowhere To Run" (The McKinley Rebels), "Rock Star" (New Directions)

7. "Center Stage Of Attention" April 15, 2012 0.16

Plot: As Sectionals arrive, Shawn and Lily demand a chance to shine; Addison is approached by a sultry, suspicious Vocal Adrenaline member. Cheyenne asks Claira and Carina for advice, and Sue Sylvester coaches The McKinley Rebels.

Singles: "Train On A Track" (Cheyenne with Carina and Claira), "You Da One" (The Hurston Acapella Show Choir), "One Night Only" (The McKinley Rebels), "Before It Explodes" (Shawn), "Soar" (Lily), "21 Guns" (New Directions)

8. "Merry Ex-Mas" April 21, 2012 0.08

Plot: As Christmas approaches, a lover from Will's past returns to Ohio; Chuck continues to think of Anna. Daniel and A.J.'s relationship is on the rocks, and Levi comes clean to Dougie about Drew. 

Singles: "8 Days Of Christmas" (New Directions Girls), "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" (Chuck), "All Alone On Christmas" (Chanel), "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass" (Drew), "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (A.J.)

9. "Rockin' New Year's Eve" April 22, 2012 0.06

Plot: Chuck hosts another party for New Year's Eve, and a surprise guest lifts the spirit. Tension augments between A.J. and Daniel after their break-up, and Drew and Dougie make temporary amends. Claira exposes her alleged relationship with Alex, and Will faces the possibility of being a father to Chanel's unborn child.

Singles: "Till The World Ends" (Alex and Shannon with New Directions Girls), "Let Me Down Easy" (New Directions Boys), "Yesterday" (Dougie), "Samsonite Man" (Chanel), "Better In Time" (A.J.), "Taking Back My Love" (Dougie and Drew), "Auld Lang Syne" (New Directions with Alex, Shannon, Anna, and The McKinley Rebels)

10. "Girl Power" April 28, 2012 0.10

Plot: When the girls feel objectified by the guys, Will assembles an entire week of girl empowerment. Claira questions her sexuality while dating Alex, who migrates to New Directions with Shannon. Addison and Karin's friendship goes to a new level; Cheyenne uses Carina as glee club bait for Regionals.

Singles: "Girl Power" (New Directions Girls), "Pretty Girl Rock" (Carina), "Material Girl" (Alex and Shannon), "Hard" (Cheyenne), "Abracadabra" (Alex, Claira, Addison, and Karin), "Hollaback Girl" (Carina and Cheyenne with The McKinley Rebels and the Cheerios), "Bad Girl" (New Directions Girls)

11. "Pretty Lil' Heart" May 5, 2012 0.12

Plot: As Valentine's Day approaches, Levi and Carina share difficulties impressing their dates. While Daniel plans to make amends, A.J. gets a secret admirer. Chuck convinces Anna to return to McKinley High, and Chanel is caught in a lie.

Singles: "Pretty Lil' Heart" (Gunner), "Make My Heart" (Carina and Levi), "Right By My Side" (Daniel), "Call Me Maybe" (A.J. and Drew), "Love Stinks" (Will and New Directions), "Domino" (Dougie, Levi, and The McKinley Rebels), "Everyday" (Anna and Chuck with New Directions), "Best Thing I Never Had" (A.J.), "L.O.V.E." (Carina and Gunner)

12. "Cyberbu//y" May 6, 2012 0.10

Plot: Levi's relationship with Dougie garners negative attention, leading to online harassment and a decision to come out. Claira continues to question her sexuality. Gunner is dissatisfied with Addison's relationship with Karin, while Mr. Schuester helps a troubled boy.

Singles: "Looking In" (Claira), "Long Way To Go" (Addison and Karin), "Welcome To My Life" (Levi), "Pieces Of Me" (Claira), "Come Clean" (Addison), "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (New Directions)

13. "Sober" May 20, 2012 0.09

Plot: When Chuck returns to his drug habits, he returns to a dark era in his life. Dougie and Carina team up with Cheyenne to promote an anti-homophobia rally for Levi. Gunner pesters Addison about her affair, and Shawn and Lily's relationship ends with a bang.

Singles: "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)" (Addison), "Cigarettes & Alcohol" (Chuck), "Don't Let Me Get Me" (Denzil), "You've Got A Friend" (Chuck and Denzil), "Made In The U.S.A." (Carina and Dougie), "Sober" (New Directions)

14. "Hero" June 3, 2012 0.10

Plot: Shawn's accident affects McKinley High, especially Lily. New Directions loses confidence during Regionals week; Levi is hesitant of returning back to school and reconciling with his father. Denzil and Chuck's friendship leads to deja vu.

Singles: "Holding Out For A Hero" (The Pitch Slappers), "Put Your Graffiti On Me" (The McKinley Rebels), "Stop Me" (Daniel with The McKinley Rebels), "Grenade" (A.J. and New Directions), "Too Many Fish" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "Unstoppable" (New Directions), "Hero" (New Directions)

15. "Circle Of Life" June 24, 2012 0.07

Plot: After a victory at Regionals, Will sets the tone for Disney Week; Charlie's ex-girlfriend causes conflict for him and Elizabeth. Chuck faces deja vu after a kiss at Shawn's funeral service. 

Singles: "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" (Denzil), "He's A Tramp" (Shannon), "A Whole New World" (Carina and Gunner), "Never Knew I Needed" (Charlie), "The Climb" (Addison), "Go The Distance" (Levi), "Circle Of Life" (New Directions)

16. "The Duets" June 25, 2012 0.03

Plot: Will hosts a duet competition, but tension rises when Daniel returns for trouble. Cheyenne and Carina prepare for a battle for Prom Queen; Claira's past life is revealed. Charlie's ex-girlfriend plots to end Charlie and Elizabeth's relationship.

Singles: "With Ur Love" (Carina and Gunner), "Hate That I Love You" (A.J. and Daniel), "Wonderwall/Airplanes" (Anna and Chuck), "Crazy" (Addison and Levi), "Mr. Know It All" (Claira)

Uncut Version Singles: "If I Never See Your Face Again" (Chuck and Denzil), "Love Drunk" (Charlie), "Paper Gangsta" (Carina and Levi), "It's All Over" (New Directions)

17. "Our Time Now" June 26, 2012 0.11

Plot: As Prom arrives, Cheyenne and Carina compete for the Prom Queen title, leading to one of the biggest brawls in McKinley history. Karin arrives to prom, but Gunner's stubbornness creates tension. Levi faces public eye as he and Dougie go to prom together; Cheyenne neglects her on-and-off boyfriend.

Singles: "On My Own" (Levi), "Understand" (Cheyenne), "Can I Have This Dance?" (Anna and Chuck), "Forever" (Dougie), "Our Time Now" (New Directions Boys), "Who's That Chick?" (New Directions Girls), "Te Amo" (Addison), "Spanish Guitar" (Cheyenne with Ari and New Directions), "You Sent Me Flying" (Daniel), "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" (Charlie), "Moment 4 Life" (Carina and Gunner), "Commander" (Carina and Cheyenne)

18. "Hollywood Bound" August 3, 2012 0.07

Plot: New Directions arrives to Los Angeles for Nationals, but Carina's star attraction results in tension and jealousy. Claira runs into a former flame; A.J. discovers the truth about Karin, and conteplates a reveal to Addison. 

Singles: "Hollywood" (Denzil, Dougie, Elizabeth, and Shannon), "California" (Charlie, Chuck, and Gunner), "Party In The U.S.A." (Carina and Levi with New Directions)

19. "California's Most Wanted" August 20, 2012 0.21

Plot: Carina's popularity in Los Angeles abrupts her relationship with Gunner and preparation for Nationals, leading to a huge decision. Claira ends up in a position with her ex-boyfriend at a party; Addison confronts Karin once and for all; Dougie and Levi face intimacy issues. Adam Lambert, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj make cameos.

Singles: "Hollywood Tonight" (Gunner and Levi), "Hello" (Carina and Chuck), "Arena" (The Showstoppers), "Titanium" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Never Close Our Eyes" (Levi), "Where Have You Been" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "Starships" (New Directions), "I Care" (Carina)

20. "Family Portrait" September 1, 2012 0.21

Plot: After Carina's departure from New Directions, the glee club is in a state of depression after their Nationals win. Addison reunites with her estranged father; Elizabeth's feud with Carina hits an all-new high; Daniel confirms a permanent departure; Denzil discovers his mother, and Dougie and Levi's relationship hits rock bottom.

Singles: "Girlfight" (Carina and Elizabeth with Drew), "Torn and Tattered" (Daniel), "Cleanin' Out My Closet" (Denzil), "Confessions of a Broken Heart" (Addison), "Family Portrait" (Addison)

21. "The Big Bang" September 2, 2012 0.12

Plot: In the second season finale, Addison becomes closer to her father and distant from her mother; Claira faces a shocking consequence after a night with Peter. Levi avoids Dougie after a fallout; Carina and Gunner determine the status of their relationship. Meanwhile, A.J. and Daniel make amends before Daniel leaves Ohio.

Singles: "Set Fire To The Rain" (Carina), "Heartbreak Warfare" (Gunner), "For The Love of a Daughter" (Elizabeth), "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" (Carina and Gunner), "Suitcase" (A.J.), "The Big Bang" (Levi)

Season Three (2012-2014)Edit


Image Title Original Airdate Comments
(in millions)
1. "Don't Look Back" September 23, 2012 0.20

Plot: As senior year begins, Will pushes the glee club to stay motivated, but Chuck's abrupt departure takes a toll on everyone. Gunner joins the football team with high expectations of winning Addison back. Meanwhile, Levi's new persona leads to confusion, after Dougie's motorcycle accident.

Singles: "Ready, Set, Go!" (Levi), "Grow Up/Young Forever" (Carina, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth), "Young Forever" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "See No More" (Gunner), "Teenagers" (New Directions)

2. "Recruit/Pursuit" October 6, 2012 0.14

Plot: New Directions holds auditions for new glee club members after Chuck's refusal to return. Sue instigates a rivalry between Cheyenne and the new captain of the Cheerios. Claira is conflicted with revealing her pregnancy to Alex; Gunner reaches a breaking point with Coach Michaels.

Singles: "Take A Hint" (Candace and Cheyenne), "Runaway Baby" (Colton), "Put The Gun Down" (Candace), "It's Alright, It's Okay" (Alex)

3. "The Devil's Advocate" October 11, 2012 0.17

Plot: Gunner's lifestyle is in jeopardy when he creates a scheme to test Levi's unusual instincts; Cheyenne's ex-boyfriend serves as a spy for Vocal Adrenaline. Meanwhile, Peter makes the effort to be a part of Claira's child, and Dougie makes a surprise return from his accident.

Singles: "All The Boys" (Carina), "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (Cheyenne with Addison, Carina, and Elizabeth), "Beautiful Freaks" (Gunner and Levi), "Bad Religion" (Gunner), "Rehab" (Cheyenne and Clyde), "Too Little Too Late" (Claira)

4. "Vandalized" November 10, 2012 0.22

Plot: A new feud between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline is instigated by Clyde, leading to unfriendly competition. Gunner's family disowns him after his encounter with Levi, whom he moves in with. Meanwhile, Addison has a bizarre, impromptu family reunion; A.J. sparks a new flame with Rick.

Singles: "All Night Long" (Vocal Adrenaline), "My Happy Ending" (Addison and Karin), "Telephone" (Clyde), "Eye of the Tiger" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Are We All We Are" (New Directions), "Wrong Side of a Love Song" (Carina, Dougie, and Karin)

5. "ParanormaLaShane" November 12, 2012 0.07

Plot: The glee club dodges the third annual Halloween bash at McKinley for Chuck's Halloween party; Levi's paranoia affects the party. Dougie and Carina's friendshp evolves into something more, while Addison brings Mayson to the party. Chanel returns to torment Will once more.

Singles: "Mad House" (New Directions Girls), "Paranoid" (A.J.), "Disturbia" (Carina with Addison and Cheyenne), "Papercut" (Levi), "Scream" (Addison and Mayson)

6. "Taking the Lead" November 14, 2012 0.09

Plot: Will teams up with Chanel and Artie Abrams to begin a school production of Chicago, and Ruby, Elizabeth, Chuck, and Gunner compete for the leading role. A.J. gets a surprising visit with disappointing results; Carina and Dougie determine their feelings for each other.

Singles: "When You're Good To Mama" (Carina), "I Can't Do It Alone" (Cheyenne), "Funny Honey" (Elizabeth and Ruby), "All I Care About" (Chuck and Gunner)

7. "Breaking the Habit" December 28, 2012 0.19

Plot: Gunner's change in behavior leads to one dangerous move; Anna rekindles her relationship with Chuck after his return to the club. Meanwhile, Candace feels neglected by Colton. Levi's rivalry with Carina reaches a breaking point, and Mayson confides in Addison after his removal from Vocal Adrenaline.

Singles: "Fight For This Love" (Anna), "Say OK" (Candace), "I Only Wanna Be With You" (Chuck), "Remember Me" (Dougie and Levi), "Sabotage" (Shannon), "Breaking the Habit" (Gunner)

8. "Gossip 101" October 15, 2013 0.16

Plot: A McKinley gossip webshow takes over the school and reputations are damaged, including Claira's. Levi's relationship with Gunner is exposed, and Shannon's darkest secret comes to light. After Gunner's suicidal attempt, Addison serves as his guardian angel. Cheyenne calls a truce with Clyde.

Singles: "I Don't Give A" (Carina and Cheyenne), "Rumour Has It" (Dalton Academy Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline), "False Pretense" (Levi), "Our Lips Are Sealed" (Addison and Claira), "Can't Be Tamed" (New Directions)

9. "Damaged" October 22, 2013

Plot: The glee club creates an intervention for Shannon when her personal life is exposed to the school; Cheyenne and Clyde open old wounds from their past. Later, Addison makes Candace her protege, and A.J.'s relationship with Rick is rekindled.

'Singles: '"Better Than Revenge" (Cheyenne), "Didn't Mean It" (Shannon), "Damaged" (Cheyenne and Shannon), "Wicked Games" (Stryker), "Today's The Day" (Claira), "Dirty Laundry" (Addison, Chanel, Cheyenne, Claira, Elizabeth, and Shannon), "Hurt" (Clyde), "Concrete Angel" (New Directions)

10. "Chicago" October 29, 2013

Plot: While the glee club prepares for their first school production of Chicago, Ruby has stage fright, and Cheyenne becomes her guidance. Chuck and Elizabeth attend a NYADA mixer; Levi meets an aspiring senior from a rival glee club.

'Singles: '"Overture/All That Jazz" (Cheyenne), "Cell Block Tango" (The Merry Murderesses), "We Both Reached for the Gun" (Addison, Chuck, and Ruby with A.J., Anna, and Denzil), "Roxie" (Ruby), "Mister Cellophane" (Gunner), "Razzle Dazzle" (Chuck), "Class" (Carina and Cheyenne), "Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag" (Cheyenne and Ruby)

11. "U.K. Fever" November 5, 2013

Plot: New Directions becomes overwhelmed when Sectionals arrives, and they must prepare for a U.K. theme. Peter and Claira reconnect despite disagreements on raising their child. Chuck and Anna fear a long-distance relationship together after Chuck graduates.

Singles: "Trouble Sleeping" (Claira), "Put Your Arms Around Me" (Anna and Chuck), "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)" (The Woodford R&B Starlettes), "The A Team" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "Is Your Love Big Enough?" (The McKinley Rebels as New Directions), "More Than This" (New Directions Boys), "Run Free" (Carina), "Price Tag" (New Directions)

12. "Wreck the Malls" November 12, 2013

Plot: The glee club heads to the mall instead of the Christmas Festival at McKinley, but the gang is locked in; Carina gets addicted to shopping; Addison and Mayson try to reconnect with their family for Christmas, and a visit from a former New Directions member surprises everyone.

Singles: "Going to the Mall" (New Directions Girls with Judi), "Bad Girl" (Carina and Levi), "Wreck the Malls" (Addison, Chuck, and New Directions), "I'll Be Home for Christmas" (Addison and Mayson), "TBA" (Alex and Claira), "Sleigh Ride" (New Directions)

13. "This is the New Year" November 19, 2013

Plot: The glee club reflects on their past memories when the new year approaches; Gunner and Carina reconcile after a year of animosity. Addison is conflicted when Karin manipulates her brother. Levi relives his cyberbullying occasion.

Singles: "Before the Storm" (Addison, Carina, Dougie, Gunner, Karin, and Levi), "Princess of China" (Carina and Gunner), "Straightjacket Feeling" (Levi), "When Does it Go Away" (Addison and Karin), "This is the New Year" (New Directions), "Dare You to Move" (New Directions)

14. "Weekend, Part II" November 26, 2013

Plot: Elizabeth takes the initiative to throw a party of her own, but a one-night stand may impact her future with Charlie. Meanwhile, Addison seeks advice from Mayson; an unexpected visitor returns for A.J.; Levi and Dougie's bond reaches rock bottom.

Singles: "How We Do (Party)" (New Directions), "Right Round" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "Your Body" (Elizabeth and Gunner), "Endless Love" (Anna and Chuck), "Adorn" (Gunner), "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)" (Elizabeth), "Oh What A Night" (New Directions)

15. "Songs in the Key of Alicia" December 3, 2013

Plot: Will declares Alicia Keys week for the glee club. Meanwhile, Gunner realizes the true meaning of friendship when he reconnects with those he pushed away; Levi's attraction to Trent infuriates Dougie. Claira gets her first ultrasound, and Shannon and Ruby fight over Colton.

Singles: "When You Really Love Someone" (TBA), "Brand New Me" (Gunner), "Doesn't Mean Anything" (Dougie), "Dragon Days" (TBA), "A Woman's Worth" (New Directions Girls), "If I Ain't Got You" (TBA), "Lesson Learned" (TBA), "No One" (New Directions)

16. "Invincible" December 10, 2013

Plot: Levi and Trent's affair creates tension between New Directions and The Showstoppers for Regionals. Claira's false contractions become a concern for the glee club. Colton plots to pull Addison and Candace apart.

Singles: "Bass Down Low/Big Fat Bass" (The Harlem Harmonics), "Timber" (The Showstoppers), "Rose Colored Glasses" (TBA), "Dance Apocalyptic" (Carina and Elizabeth with New Directions)

17. "Courage" December 10, 2013

Plot: Due to the glee club's low self-esteem, Will builds their confidence with the help of the McKinley Alumni. Chuck and Elizabeth prepare for their NYADA auditions; Carina doubts herself when she fears no future is ahead.

Singles: "The Impossible Dream" (Chuck), "Tomorrow" (Elizabeth), "Intuition" (Carina), "Hero" (Carina and Santana)

18. "A Dream Come True" December 17, 2013

Plot: Dougie's dream to be a country singer is overlooked by Dougie's jealousy of Levi's beau; a retired country singer serves as his guide. Carina and Levi audition for CCM. Charlie seeks revenge on Gunner and Elizabeth.

Singles: "I Walk The Line" (Robbie), "He'll Have to Go" (Dougie), "Blown Away" (Carina), "Landslide" (Levi), "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" (Dougie and Robbie)

19. "Prom Wars" December 24, 2013

Plot: Cheyenne seeks redemption during Prom as she competes with Isabel and Shannon for the crown. Charlie and Gunner compete for Elizabeth's affection; meanwhile, Trent and Dougie's rivalry over Levi confuses Carina. Drew, Daniel, and Rick all return for A.J.'s affection; Claira and Alex make amends.

20. "Miami" December 31, 2013

Plot: New Directions arrives at Miami for Nationals, but issues immediately unravel. Carina fears that CCM will not accept her; Clyde and Cheyenne revisit a romantic point in their relationship. Mayson fears Addison's departure after graduation.

21. "Coming Home" January 7, 2014

Plot: Will assembles a one-time reunion for the seniors at McKinley High; Daniel reveals a shocking secret to A.J. Lily reflects on her life after Shawn. Addison reunites with her father after months of silence.

22. "Gone Too Soon" January 7, 2014

Plot: In the third-season finale, graduation for the seniors takes a toll on Will. Meanwhile, the New Directions members grieve over an unexpected death. Claira's contractions start to worsen, while Carina and Levi prepare for their dynamic return to Los Angeles.

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