Dusty Lee
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 40 (Season 2)
Family & Friends
Family: Addison Lee (daughter)
Mayson Blackburn (son)
Relationships: Marv (ex-boyfriend)
Des Blackburn (ex-husband)
Sexuality: Straight
Series Information
First appearance: Runaway Love
Dusty Lee is a character on ClevanOTP's Glee: The New Years, she is the mother of Addison Lee, the member of New Directions. She has so far had a minor role in this fanfiction, but her role will increase during the end of season two. Her character is portrayed by Charlize Theron.


Runaway LoveEdit

When Addison was physically abused by her stepfather, Marv, Addison had made an attempt to kill herself, and as she had did that, Addison's mother was devastated.

Family PortraitEdit

Dusty had a huge part in this episode when Addison had been reconnecting with her father once again, and Dusty wanted her not to be near him. But it's been noted that Dusty had been the enemy of the relationship she had with Des, as she cheated on him with Marv and made him leave, and she was also jealous of Addison for getting more of the attention that she wanted from Des. and when Addison decided to leave her house, Dusty was depressed and in dismay.

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