Drew Coach
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (Season 2)

18 (Season 3)

Hair Color: Black
Family & Friends
Relationships: A.J. Riley
Dougie Eastwood
Sexuality: Bisexual
Friends: A.J. Riley
Dougie Eastwood
Levi Lashane
New Directions
Enemies: Daniel Mick
Series Information
First appearance: The Birthday Crashers
Portrayer: Josh Hutcherson
Drew Coach is a recurring character on Glee: The New Years, he is known as Dougie Eastwood's former flame, and he joined New Directions in order to win him back, his first appearance was on the second season episode, The Birthday Crashers. Drew was created by XxTaylorBellxX.


Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


We don't see as much of Drew, but he can be described as unfaithful and sneaky. In The Birthday Crashers, he told Levi Lashane, who has a crush on Drew's ex, Dougie, that they were dating. Later on, his personality slightly changes as his sweet ways take over, as he and A.J. begin to bond with each other, love is in the air as he reveals himself as a secret admirer in Pretty Lil' Heart.


Dougie EastwoodEdit

  • Start of/End of: Pre-Glee: The New Years

A.J. RileyEdit



  1. Shot For Me (The Birthday Crashers)
  2. Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass (Merry Ex-Mas)

Solos (In A Duet):Edit

  1. Taking Back My Love (Dougie) (Rockin' New Year's Eve)
  2. Call Me Maybe (A.J.) (Pretty Lil' Heart)

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