Douglas Eastwood
Dougie Eastwood S3
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3)
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Green
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Doug, Dougie
Family & Friends
Family: Jonathan Eastwood (father)

Jessica Eastwood (mother)

Relationships: Levi Lashane(ex-boyfriend)
Drew Coach (ex-boyfriend)
Chuck Salvatore (ex-crush; sexual; ended)
Carina Maraj (girlfriend)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Friends: Addison Lee
Levi Lashane
Gunner White
Carina Maraj
Jeremy Lawrence
Chuck Salvatore
New Directions
Enemies: Gunner White
Vocal Adrenaline
Series Information
First appearance: World War Chanel
Portrayer: Drew Roy
Douglas Bradley Eastwood, most commonly known as Dougie, is a main character on Glee: The New Years. He was a former Vocal Adrenaline member and became a New Directions member in World War Chanel, the twelfth episode of the first season. He is currently a McKinley High School junior.

When he joined, he began to have sexual attractions to Chuck, but it all ended after as he started dating Levi Lashane. However, in Season Three, they officially made their break-up after finding out that he had sex with Gunner White. As of now, he is dating Carina Maraj.

Dougie was created by BlaineIsAmazing, and he is portrayed by actor Drew Roy.


Season OneEdit

World War ChanelEdit

Dougie is first introduced in this episode as a former Vocal Adrenaline member who transfers from Carmel High to McKinley High. He shows a confident streak, and feels that he'll be the most popular person in the school, but has a tolerance when it comes to giving respect, love and attitude. As he walks through the hallway, he accidentally bumps into Chuck, who he seems to show an attraction to at first hand, but assumes that he isn't bisexual like him. He also accidentally bumps into Shawn, who pleasantly greets him and notices that he seems familiar, and recognizes him from Vocal Adrenaline. Dougie reveals that he was kicked out of Vocal Adrenaline due to differences with them and his quiet personality wasn't accepted. When Shawn asks him to join Glee Club, Dougie, at first, is hesitant.

Meanwhile, in the choir room, Dougie enters the room, introducing himself to audition for New Directions, and when he greets everyone, they start to reject him quickly after finding out that he was from Vocal Adrenaline, and they assume that he's a spy. Dougie tries to make everyone trust him, telling him how they kicked him out, and heard that New Directions was a way to accept everyone. Dougie performs Alfie as his audition for Glee Club and everyone gave a round of applause, with the exception of Chuck.

School DazeEdit

In this episode, Dougie performs with the New Directions Boys, singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love for Mr. Schuester. Dougie does not have any other type of speaking lines in this episode whatsoever.


Dougie attends Chuck's party, a party that likely makes Dougie feel completely uncomfortable at first. When he participates in playing a game of Spin the Bottle, it lands on Chuck, when this happens, he only kisses him on the cheek and leaves from the game and goes upstairs, not wanting to be part of this. He laid in Chuck's room while on the phone with his mother, saying that he wants to go home because he is out of his comfort zone, but when Chuck comes back into the room, Dougie changes his mind and hangs up the phone. Only to spark a conversation with each other, but Dougie still feels uncomfortable, and Chuck tries to lighten him up. 

At this moment, is where things started to get a bit tense when Dougie started to find himself very attracted to Chuck, which landed into a kiss, and they passionately made out with each other alone in his room, but Dougie stops and worries about the others, meaning Anna. Things get steamy and sexual when they start to touch each other, and Chuck declares that they should have sex, although Dougie isn't sure about this, knowing that he may put himself in a dark situation, but the attraction to him lured him to accept. 

At this moment, they start to have sex, and Dougie starts to sing Drunk On Love while this moment passes by. However, until Dougie starts to realize that he lost his virginity, as well as Chuck, who quickly departs from the room, Dougie sighs in disbelief.

During the aftermath of this moment, Dougie starts to think about what happened, but realizes that he has developed even stronger feelings for Chuck than before. Dougie went back downstairs to see Chuck and Anna near the stairs, and Dougie tries to go with the flow by agreeing with Chuck that they were both upstairs together due to Dougie needing a cheering up. Dougie promises to Chuck that he wouldn't speak of this situation to anyone, and apart from Chuck, Dougie sings Know You NowDougie also performs with New Directions on Party Rock Anthem. In the end of the episode, Dougie leaves out the house the morning after the party, hung over.

Coming OutEdit

At school, Dougie approaches Chuck sexually in the hallways, touching him down to his bottom back slowly. While Chuck tries to push away, telling him that what he had with Dougie was a mistake, Dougie makes many attempts to woo him and convince him to thinking that it was more than that, and comparing Anna to their chemistry. Dougie had watched Chuck and Anna laughing together in the choir room and performed You Oughta Know.

Later on, in the cafeteria, Dougie sits between Chuck and Anna, hoping they don't mind, but when Anna goes to the bathroom, Dougie is confused of why Chuck assumes that he's taking things too far. But Dougie tries to make him remember that they had a passionate night together, and tells him that Anna will find out about it sooner or later. Dougie tries to persuade Chuck to tell Anna that he lost his virginity to him instead of facing the consequences later on. In the end, Dougie takes part in the New Directions' performance to support Daniel.


At Dougie's house, his mother tells him that he has a visitor, surprisingly Chuck, Dougie became completely shocked when Chuck admitted that he may be in love with him. But is annoyed when he notices that he's in an awkward situation between him and Anna. After winning Regionals, the two are outside of Breadstix, where Chuck asks to talk to Dougie, and when Chuck tells him that he's attracted to him, Dougie feels that he doesn't want to have anything to involve Chuck's relationship with Anna, but tells Chuck to prove that he has a sudden attraction to him, and they both kiss each other, but quickly goes back inside Breadstix. 

Spread the LoveEdit

In Spanish Class, Dougie could be seen writing over and over again, "I am not in love with Chuck." Dougie is confused by how he truly feels about Chuck because he is scared that he made a big mistake himself after their intimate night, and he really wants to get out of this situation before it gets worse. Meanwhile, Dougie also agrees to help the homeless to be active before Nationals.

At the end of the episode, Chuck and Dougie are outside of the homeless shelter and things continue to be tough for Dougie to handle, declaring that he "was" attracted to Chuck until he realized the detriments of what could happen with Anna. As Chuck continues to woo him back, Chuck and Dougie share another kiss, until they finally get caught by Rick, this leaves a cliff hanger.


Dougie has a brief appearance in this as it continues the scene where Rick catches Chuck and Dougie making out, but Dougie, guilty, tries to cover up the issue, saying that they were trying to practice for a play, they both beg Rick not to tell Anna, but they feel it's obvious that the secret will be out.


After overhearing Chuck and Rick conversing with each other in the hallway about their dilemma, Dougie is angered when Chuck tells Rick everything about their affair, knowing that Rick isn't exactly the one to trust. Meanwhile, Dougie decides to take the front of the choir room to perform a song by an underrated artist, Ed Sheeran, and he sings Drunkbut Chuck notices its meaning towards the song, especially Rick. 

After Chuck confronts Dougie about his strange performance, Dougie tries to refuse that the song was all about him. And ironically states that he shouldn't love Dougie, and should only love Anna, not the way that Dougie loves Chuck. But admits that he feels mutually about Chuck, but knows how impossible it will be for them to ever have a thing.

Meanwhile, in the library, Dougie waited for three minutes for Chuck to enter, as he did, suddenly, Chuck walked in, shockingly, they make out with each other and believing no one else would be there. Ironically, someone was taking pictures of them kissing, Rick, and sneaked out of the library.


Dougie gets involved into a major wrangle in the choir room after Anna finds out about Chuck and Dougie's sexual affair, he makes a comment, confronting Anna, that they were both drunk and that Chuck wants him. Dougie is also yelling at Rick, who instigated this issue.

Dougie, later on, is seen angered to find out that his former choir, Vocal Adrenaline, would be performing Janet Jackson for Nationals, and he seems completely anxious to confront his archnemesis, formerly friend, Jeremy Lawrence. Dougie, along with A.J.., Addison, Daniel, and Cheyenne, went to Carmel High to see their activity. Dougie had made a feint move to go down to the stage to reunite with Vocal Adrenaline, who seemed to be very happy to see him. Dougie reveals that Jeremy and him were very close friends, they used to have duets together, and danced together, and considered him as very close. He admits to having a major crush on Jeremy, but due to his rejection of his feelings, rumors spilled around the show choir about his bad dancing skills caused him to leave Vocal Adrenaline. 

Dougie finally faces Jeremy one on one, but it doesn't go well. Especially when Jeremy is confident that Vocal Adrenaline has the power to trash the Glee Club down, but when Dougie mentions their lost at Internationals, Jeremy requests that they meet each other the next day to see who is "the best." Dougie agrees to do so. Meanwhile, Dougie is disappointed in Chuck for telling Rick about their affair, and is disheartened by the fact that Anna wants to try to compete against him over Chuck, including the pressure he has against Vocal Adrenaline and he feels he needs a break. Dougie realizes that Chuck is stuck between his feelings for him and Anna, but tries to prevent himself from being involved with any affair with Chuck anymore.

The next day, Dougie goes to Carmel High with a suit and a hat, going face to face against Jeremy. Jeremy and Dougie both have a singing competition against each other as they both perform Son of a Gun together. But their interaction shows their anger towards the end of their broken friendship. 

Later on, Dougie ends up being the one to blame during a debate in Glee Club, as they all show their disappointment over Vocal Adrenaline using Janet Jackson at Nationals. Meanwhile, New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline once again go face to face, with Dougie and Jeremy calling a competition of who can manage performing a Janet Jackson song. They both do a traditional heads and tails and when Vocal Adrenaline goes first, Dougie and Jeremy exchange very insulting words to each other. Dougie continued to shake his head as he watched Vocal Adrenaline perform. Dougie performs Rhythm Nation with New Directions, as their turn to sing next, leaving Vocal Adrenaline shocked.


Dougie knows the obvious when he and New Directions discover their choir room ruined and TP'ed, he knows that Vocal Adrenaline had something to do with it, and he is seen very angry about it, threatening to fight against Jeremy and the choir. Later on, he with New Directions meet up with Vocal Adrenaline once again and performs We Run This with the rival show choir, dancing in the field and Dougie shows confidence and knows that they will win Nationals against them. 

Meanwhile, Dougie is confronted by Anna in the choir room, both preparing for a sing-off over Chuck, they both sing The Boy is Mine together, but Dougie stops it, thinking that he and Anna shouldn't fight over him because they are too mature for that, and apologizes to her and tells her that he's over his feelings for Chuck and wishes them the best. Later on, Dougie can be seen performing Fighter/Survivor with New Directions against Vocal Adrenaline, and Dougie declares that their feud should end. Meanwhile, Dougie rejects Chuck's offer to hang out with him, due to the fact that he doesn't want to risk his reputation and he doesn't want his parents to know about it yet. He knows that Chuck isn't really in love with him, he kissed him on the cheek and walked away, thus ending their affair.  

Radio City NightsEdit

In New York, as Chuck requests that they do a duet for Nationals, he states that he and Dougie had practiced a duet that could be useful for New Directions, but Dougie mouths a word, "no," indicating that he doesn't feel comfortable with singing with him. Dougie stood up, far apart from Chuck, and sang Unfaithful with him. 

During Nationals, Dougie heads to the bathroom, but he discovers Jeremy throwing up in the bathroom, and notices how nervous he is, he helps him wipe vomit off. And he notices how determined Jeremy is, and how bad he wants to win Nationals, and he gives him advice. And when Jeremy apologizes to him for all of what he did to him. Dougie tries to motivate him and tells him to go and perform, and their friendship is mended. Dougie can also be seen cheering Jeremy on while he is set to perform with Vocal Adrenaline.

Meanwhile, Dougie and Addison are walking together at the last day of school, where they catch up with Jeremy and Dougie makes a joke towards Addison, assuming that Karin, a Vocal Adrenaline member, likes him after she winks at her. At the end, Dougie admits to being "the one who loved someone who isn't his type," mentioning his former affair with Chuck, and a signature goodbye to Mr. Schuester over the summer.

Season TwoEdit

N.D. HospitalityEdit

In the second season opener, Dougie vents on the departure of Rick and Anna leaving New Directions, and he stands up in the choir room, saying that they need to win for Nationals next year and give their all, and they have to fight to the finish, Addison and Mr. Schuester agrees with him. Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Dougie asks Addison about her summer, and notices the commotion going on in the cafeteria, which is where he, alongside Gunner, Cheyenne, and Addison, meet Levi. Dougie tries to greet him warmly and notices that he's shy, but doesn't know Levi thinks he's "super hot."

Meanwhile, Dougie and Addison both help put Glee Club sign up sheets on the walls, and Dougie seems very concerned about Addison, thinking that she isn't the same anymore and there's something fishy about her depressing ways. Later on, Dougie notices Levi and Carina in the hallways near the sign-up sheets, where he introduces himself to the two, but remembers Levi, and doesn't know his name, and tells the two to audition for the next afternoon. While Levi shyly sings You Don't Know My NameDougie can be seen turning around and smiling while Levi follows his direction. Dougie still seems worried about Addison, in the choir room, when Addison is nowhere to be found. Finally, Dougie finally gets Levi's name when he performs his audition for New Directions.

The Pink Friday ExperienceEdit

Dougie is seen walking past Levi in the hallways, nodding his head and smiling at him. He doesn't have any other interaction besides this, although he performs in Check It Out with New Directions.

Runaway LoveEdit

Dougie could be seen in the classroom near Levi, who still has a long attraction to him. Dougie could be seen very saddened by Addison's near-tragic incident. Dougie is in a classroom alongside Elizabeth, Charlie, Chuck, Shawn and Cheyenne, where they vent about Addison's attempted suicide, and performs back-up for Runaway Love with New Directions. In the end, he performs Mad World with New Directions.


Dougie seems relieved when he finds out that Addison woke up from her coma. Later on, Dougie volunteers to help with decorations for the Halloween party, alongside Levi. Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, he, Carina, Gunner and Levi all converse about their costumes, and as Dougie gets the idea to perform a group number, a now-former member of glee club, Cheyenne, confronts him about it, and Dougie declares that they will perform it whether she likes it or not. 

Meanwhile, Dougie and Levi are helping with decorations and they both interact with each other, and they develop music chemistry as they both agree that they love Stevie Wonder. This turns into Levi and Dougie singing Superstition together from a Halloween Mix that Dougie created himself, and they later get back to what they were doing. Dougie is later stunned, at the Halloween party, by The McKinley Rebels' performance.

At the end of the episode, Dougie and Levi talk about how good the party was after, and Dougie thanks Levi for his effort, thinking that it wouldn't have been great if it weren't for him. Dougie admits to wanting to get to know him better and walk away. 

The Birthday CrashersEdit

It is Dougie's birthday, but Dougie doesn't seem to be excited, stating that he doesn't really celebrate his birthday, usually celebrating his birthday by watching movies and eating cake and ice cream, and doesn't remember having any fun moments on any of his birthdays. And due to focusing and worrying about Addison, he's not focused on anything else, he feels miserable.

Dougie is forced to leave his home by his mother, not what he planned, however, in order for New Directions to plan him a surprise birthday party. Later on, Dougie is seen with his mother, disappointed when she takes him to see a boring movie. As they head home, Dougie is confused of why the lights are off, and as they enter, he is in utter shock when New Directions surprises him for his birthday. At this moment, Dougie began to cry, appreciating them for doing this since no one has ever done this for him before. 

Dougie pleasantly welcomes former Treble Belle members, Alex and Shannon, to the party. Later on, Dougie is in utter shock when he gets a surprise from his ex-boyfriend, Drew. He doesn't seem happy or excited to see him as he mentions that he hasn't come to wish him a happy birthday in the past, due to him cheating. It is revealed that Dougie was dumped by Drew for another girl, but invites him in, and doesn't want him to interact with him in any way.

In the dirty and uncut version, after this scene, Dougie watches Chuck as he strips as he performs I'm Too Sexy, he knows that Chuck is drunk, and he tries to stop him, and tells him to take a rest. 

Dougie isn't excited either when The McKinley Rebels make an unexpected visit to his birthday party, crashing in and attempting to ruin his birthday. But like Drew, he invites them to stay, and tells them to respect the household and not to cause or start any trouble. 

In the dirty and uncut version of this episode, Dougie feels awkward during a performance by Cheyenne and Carina when they both perform Stupid Hoe. He criticizes the song and thinks that it's horrible.

Meanwhile, Dougie notices that Levi isn't having a good time, and tells him that he can tell him anything that's going on his mind. Dougie seems very flattered when Levi reveals that he is on his mind. When Levi thinks that he shouldn't feel that way due to Drew's visit, he calls him crazy, saying that he's trying to get back with him and admits that Levi has been on his mind too, and requests that he and Levi can hang out together sometime, and tries to lighten him up and tells him to have fun.

Later on, Dougie asks to talk to Drew, and he tells him that there is no way they can ever get back together. In the end of the episode, Dougie talks about the party and felt like he was happy that he could spend time with his friends. But he is disappointed when he finds out Drew wants to join Glee Club.

Rock vs. R&BEdit

In the choir room, Dougie thinks that The McKinley Rebels should disband immediately, and he is excited to see Addison return from her recovery. Later on, Dougie tells Levi that he thinks that Drew only joined New Directions to stalk him, and an example shows when Drew tries to get involved in his conversation. Later on, Dougie performs back up in Rock Star with New Directions.

Center Stage Of AttentionEdit

Dougie is seen in the cafeteria while he questions what's wrong with Levi, noticing how he seems sad. When Levi feels like he won't spend as much time with him since Drew is there, Dougie tries to tell him that he cares about Levi and Drew won't get in the way of their bond. Later on, Dougie tries to warn Addson of Karin, the Vocal Adrenaline member, worrying that Addison may get hurt again if she fully gets involved with her. Later on, at Sectionals, Dougie sings in 21 Guns with New Directions, along with Levi. 

Merry Ex-MasEdit

In the cafeteria, Dougie is seen interacting with Levi, as he talked about his clothes and how he should wear them more often in the wintertime, after Levi compliments him pleasantly. He also disagrees with performing a song for the assignment for Christmas week, due to the matter that relates to ex-boyfriend, Drew. Dougie is in shock when Levi reveals that Drew kissed him, into pleasing him so he could stay away from Dougie, but Dougie is flattered when Levi admits he has feelings for him. Dougie looked completely angry when stood to say that it's time for the issue to end with Drew.

Later on, Dougie finally comes face to face with Drew to confront him about his ways. Dougie calls Drew a jerk for what he did and tells him that he's trying to get in the way of his feelings for Levi. Dougie approaches Levi afterwards to tells him that he wants to spend time with Levi, and ironically near them was a mistletoe. Dougie moved closer to Levi to kiss him.

Rockin' New Year's EveEdit

Dougie, along with now-boyfriend Levi, Carina and Gunner, are all excited for the new year, saying that he's ready to start fresh. Meanwhile, he, Levi, Carina and Gunner have another meeting outside of the school, where their relationships are both complimented; however, during the party, Dougie predicts that Drew may start more drama now that he and Levi are dating.

Later on, at the New Year's Eve party, Dougie performs with the New Directions Boys while singing Let Me Down EasyMeanwhile, Dougie approaches Levi, seeing if he's okay, and admits that he wishes that Drew didn't come, indicating that there is large tension between the two. He showed Levi a text Drew sent him that told him that he would regret rejecting him for Levi. Dougie, then, feels like he should tell him how he feels so he could leave things alone. Dougie had sang Yesterday towards him, in dismay, as he watched Drew.

Later on, Dougie is happy to see Anna's return, and then compliments Claira on her relationship with Alex. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Dougie tried to get a water while Drew was also, in a dream sequence, they sang a duet together, Taking Back My Loveand then they both talk after the sequence ended, Drew apologizes to him, to which Dougie accepts, saying he'd still want to be his friend, but nothing else more. At the end of the episode, everyone, including Dougie, are outside, and they perform Auld Lang Syneand Dougie's new year's resolution is to start a new life in love with Levi.

Pretty Lil' HeartEdit

In this episode, Dougie can be seen impressed when Levi performs Make My Heart for him, alongside Carina for Gunner, saying that he was amazing and he hugs him. Meanwhile, in the auditorium, Dougie can see Levi pouting, sad as he played the piano, asking him why he's sitting there alone. When Levi feels selfish and bad that he didn't give Dougie anything for Valentine's Day, Dougie tries to console him, feeling that his performance of Make My Heart was enough of a present for him. He performs Domino with him afterwards, which turns into a kiss at the end.

Dougie later sings back-up with New Directions, Chuck and Anna during Everydayand is happy to welcome Anna back to New Directions. At the end of the episode, Levi and Dougie kiss again while Carina and Gunner perform a song. 


Dougie, at first, is seen visiting Levi's house together while his parents werne't home, and Dougie compliments the inside of his room. He asks to use his bathroom, and when he comes back, he sees Levi stuck on the computer, seemed to be concerned, at first, and asks if he's okay. Meanwhile, Dougie asks for Levi, notcing that he has been absent for 2 days, but he becomes shocked when he finds out about what happened to Levi at school based on his sexuality, and the pictures that diffused around the school of them kissing under a mistletoe, and he began to feel like he should have told him.

Later on, Dougie starts to blame himself for what's wrong with Levi, and after that, Dougie tries to call Levi's house, to see if he will be able to pick up. Dougie keeps in touch with his mother, who thanks him for helping Levi reveal his true self to his parents. Levi refuses to talk to anyone, and this disheartens Dougie.


Dougie, along with Carina, vent on the concerns with Levi's long absence from Glee Club, and Dougie still feels like it's his fault that Levi is going through this situation, a phase that Dougie continues to through is stress, remorse and depression. In the hallways, Dougie gives an idea to Carina that could bring Levi back: to have a pep rally about homophobia to help bullying stop at McKinley, and agrees to have Cheyenne help them.

During the pep rally, Dougie and Carina prepare for their speech, where he explains Levi's troubled week in McKinley based on homophobia, he thinks that it shouldn't be allowed in school grounds and he and Carina perform Made In The U.S.A. as a song to support the rights of anti-homophobia in school. At the end, Dougie performs with New Directions, singing Sober.


Dougie is seen at a desk circle with Carina, Gunner, Drew, Lily, and A.J., he leads the conversation as they talk about the death of Shawn Dawson, and admits that he hasn't kept in touch with Levi since the incident, admitting that he truly misses Levi. 

Later, in the Regionals' bathroom, Dougie tries to wash his face off to prepare for their performance, but is suddenly shocked when he hears Levi's voice from behind. Dougie kisses him passionately. Dougie was sad due to their distance, and their difficulties with reaching out to each other. Meanwhile, Dougie attends Shawn's funeral, and to support Lily and Shawn's parents, and sings back up for Hero.

Circle Of LifeEdit

Dougie appears in a flashback of his sexual affair with Chuck, out of Chuck's perspective. Meanwhile, at the cafeteria, Dougie appears to be happy to see Levi again after the incident, and when a jock suddenly confronts Levi, Dougie comes to his defense, and he shows pride in Levi when he says he'll pull through, and kisses him on the cheek.

Dougie, later on, is in the hallway with Carina, Levi, and Gunner, where he asks Chuck what's wrong when he passes by, Dougie is shocked when Chuck reveals that he may have feelings for Denzil, but when Chuck mentions his affair with Dougie, to which Levi didn't know about. Dougie admits to having sex with Chuck to Levi, this angers him, and Dougie gets disappointed in Chuck for mentioning it.

Meanwhile, Dougie is approached by Levi, where Dougie feels bad for not telling Levi about his affair with Chuck in the past, knowing that what he had with him was a big mistake and he didn't want to bring it up, or think about it at all, he apologizes to Levi. Dougie can be seen smiling when Levi performs a song in the choir room, and in the end of the episode, he sings back-up with New Directions for Circle Of Life.

The DuetsEdit

In this episode, Dougie tries to take away doubts from Levi as he worries about going to Prom, Dougie states that he, Carina, Gunner and Addison will all support him and be there for him as a group, although realizing Carina is running for Prom Queen, he thinks of a different idea. They kiss each other when they prioritize their time on spending it with each other. Meanwhile, Dougie is seen in this episode as he attends a Celibacy Club meeting where they converse about Claira's reveal of a secret. Dougie then agrees that something should be done about Daniel's behavior. 

Our Time NowEdit

Dougie is disappointed when Levi decides to back out of prom, as he and Levi sat in the room together eating popcorn and watching a movie, when Levi fears that he may be bullied at Prom, Dougie guarantees that it won't happen at all. They exchange romantic banter, which leads into a passionate kiss. As this happens, they stop when Levi's mother opens the door, shocked of what she saw. Dougie is a witness when Levi confronts his father for his deeds and his beliefs, Levi tells Dougie to go home, and he does so. 

Later on, the next night, Dougie rang Levi's doorbell for prom night, he came inside to Levi's father, where his father began to interrogate him, asking him how much Dougie loved Levi, to whom Dougie loves with all his heart. However, when Dougie is asked about having sex with Levi, he says that he wouldn't pressure him about it. That is until his father senses that he isn't a virgin, which makes Dougie very nervous. Meanwhile, Levi came downstairs, and Dougie complimented him, and gave him flowers. Dougie surprised Levi with a limousine. As they get inside, Dougie claims that he wants this prom to be remembered forever, and he sings Forever to Levi until they officially arrive at the prom, they hug each other afterwards, letting Levi know that he always has his back. Levi and Dougie both witness the major fights at prom, confused with what is going on.

Dougie wonders why Levi wants to go home after the prom, as Levi feels as if he has to throw up, Dougie tries to be recourse to him, telling him not to let that prevent them from spending time with each other, and tells him that he isn't stupid when Levi doubts himself. Dougie pleads to Levi, telling him to stay with him until the rest of the night, they exchange "I love you's" to each other.

Hollywood BoundEdit

Dougie is seen performing Hollywood with Shannon, Elizabeth and Denzil, as a song towards Levi, as he prepares to go to Nationals in Hollywood. When New Directions head to L.A., Dougie sings back-up for Party In The U.S.A. with New Directions. Meanwhile, Chuck's affair with Dougie is mentioned when Dougie talks about splitting the boys and girls in different rooms, and Anna mentions him having sex with Chuck, to which Dougie mentions that he may not have been his first.

Meanwhile, Dougie can be seen outside of L.A. with Levi, Carina and Gunner, where Dougie gives Carina advice when she seems to be annoyed by Elizabeth's jealous behavior towards her, to which Dougie thinks that Elizabeth is likely stressed out due to the incident she had with Charlie's former flame, or thinks it's because she's jealous that Carina got co-captain of New Directions. Dougie is happy for Carina when she tells the guys that she was convinced to audition for reality TV show, Searching for Stars, and compares her to Rachel Crow, he also compliments her and says that she has the potential to win the show. 

California's Most WantedEdit

Dougie knew that Karin, from Vocal Adrenaline, wasn't to be trusted after he finds out that Vocal Adrenaline would be performing against them at Nationals, but when Addison tells him that he should have already known that, Dougie tells her that she should have listened to him when he warned her about Karin. He later defends Gunner when it comes to a debate about this situation, as New Directions believe that Gunner made hypocritical comments towards Addison, and thinks that Addison put the situation on herself.

After Carina quits New Directions, Dougie tries to comfort Levi as he is trying to cope with her departure. He agrees that Carina was one of the people he thought he could talk to during his hard times, and blames Gunner leaving for the situation, but when Dougie just wants to spend time with Levi, he doesn't seem to be in the mood to do so. Dougie tries to get it into Levi's head that he needs to let it go and to start thinking about the club and their relationship. Dougie confronts Levi after a statement he makes about no one loving him. This angers him as he thinks that he worked so hard to be with him, he leaves Levi's side afterwards.

Meanwhile, at Nationals, Dougie tries to stop Addison from attempting to provoke Karin. Dougie can be seen holding Levi's hand tightly as the results come out for Nationals. After they win, Dougie hugs Levi and tells him that he loves him. 

Family PortraitEdit

At first, Dougie witnesses the physical altercation between Carina and Elizabeth, and hugs Levi when he cries watching them fight. Meanwhile, Dougie is seen at Breadstix with Levi, where Dougie feels like New Directions' dynamic is falling apart even when they won Nationals, and he tries to tell Levi that it's not his fault that it happened. At this moment, is where Dougie asks if he and Levi could take things to the next level, to which Levi declines. This angers Dougie, feeling like they're in love and he really wants Levi, he storms out of Breadstix.

Dougie is seen still angry at Levi for rejecting his request, when Levi approaches him, it's as if he doesn't want to talk to him. Dougie rudely calls him a bad boyfriend for not fulfilling his needs, which causes Levi to leave him alone.

The Big BangEdit

After the last day of school, Dougie can be seen conversing with Gunner about their relationships, and how he feels since Levi doesn't want to talk to him now since Dougie got angry at him, but feels like Levi uses Dougie's affair with Chuck as an excuse not to be intimate with him. 

Dougie goes to Levi's house and he tries to connect with him, something that Levi doesn't want to do, Dougie calls Levi overdramatic for the way he's acting towards him. Dougie, then states that he will do anything to try to win Levi's love back, even though they haven't broke up, and would take any risk just to do so. Levi makes a bet with him, and Dougie sets up a day on Sunday to prove it.

At the complete end of the episode, Dougie calls Levi and tells him to come outside, where he is seen with a motorcycle. While Levi knows the dangers of riding on a motorcycle, Dougie tells him that he's dangerously in love with him, and thinks that Levi doesn't love him because he would have said so before. When Dougie drives around the neighborhood on his motorcyle, he had began to feel like he was alive, when he began to drive completely fast, it resulted in a lot of traffic that caused Dougie to get in a car crash. 

Season ThreeEdit

Don't Look BackEdit

Dougie only has a short scene in the third season opener, Dougie was rushed to the emergency room in a gurney, following the events of the car crash, but in his point of view, he could see a bunch of doctors and nurses surrounding him and he began to think what he has done. Later on, Principal Figgins mentions him, saying that he would be in the hospital for a couple of days to recover, while many others in Glee Club think it was stupid for him to drive a motorcycle in the first place. 

The Devil's AdvocateEdit

In this episode, Dougie only makes a surprise appearance at Levi's house, where he surprises Levi as he comes back from his recovery, and can be seen smiling after he opens the door.


Dougie and Levi's scene continues where Dougie recovers from his accident. Dougie asks to come in, but Levi tries to decline, stating that he's busy when he really isn't. Dougie admits to missing Levi and desperately wants to talk to him. He apologizes to Levi for what he did during the summer, Levi closes the door on Dougie, and walked away from Levi's house in regret.

Dougie returns back to McKinley, surprising New Directions as they all get up to hug him, except for the new members, and Levi and Gunner. He admits that he was wrong for doing it, but a crash course had help him recover and feel brand new. Meanwhile, Dougie tries to sit down next to Levi and tries to spark a conversation with him about the other night, but ends up being shunned.

After Glee Club rehearsals, Dougie tries to chase Levi, where he questions Levi's unusual behavior, he seems very true when he says that he's sorry, but Levi doesn't seem to accept it. He wants to make it up to Levi, who tells him not to talk to him for the half of the year. This angers Dougie, and he walks the opposite direction from him.

Meanwhile, Dougie catches up with Carina, and asks her if she notices anything strange about Levi. When Carina tells him that she will talk to him for Dougie, he thanks her. Meanwhile, after the Vocal Adrenaline performs, Dougie starts to blame Addison for dating Karin, thinking that their feud would never happen again if it wasn't for her, and he is accused of being part of the Vocal Adrenaline drama.

At the end, Carina and Dougie meet up once again, where Dougie comforts Carina when she admits that she misses her relationship with Gunner. Dougie reflects her situation to how he felt about Chuck during their affair. Minutes later, the two both overhear Levi and Gunner confronting each other, talking about their sexual encounter. This shocks Dougie completely, and decides to break up with him. To show how hurt he is, he performs Wrong Side of a Love Songalongside Carina and Karin.


Dougie approaches a depressed Carina, and asks her if she's going to Chuck's halloween party, but they both agree that they'd only go if Levi and Gunner weren't there. Suddenly, Dougie starts to wonder if he has fallen for Carina, noticing that Carina has always been by her side through the hard times, and he notices that he never felt this way about a girl before even though he is bisexual.

Meanwhile, Dougie heads to Carina's house for Chuck's party, as they both go together. He later meets Carina's mother, who assumes that he is Carina's boyfriend. Dougie and Carina both arrive to Chuck's house, where they are Nicki Minaj and Drake for Halloween, and they enter, and realizing that Levi and Gunner both attend the party, there seems to be tension afterwards. During the party, everyone played a game of Spin the Bottle, when the bottle landed on Carina for Dougie, they quickly kissed each other until a spark hit them, continuing to kiss each other, when they pulled back, they were shocked. When the bottle, later on, ironically landed on Gunner for Levi, Dougie looked, thinking that he shouldn't even worry about him anymore.

At the end of the episode, Dougie and Carina head back home, where Dougie had admitted that he felt a lot about his kiss with Carina, and admits that Carina is the first girl that he has been attracted to. Dougie and Carina share a strong connection, which leads to a kiss.

Taking the LeadEdit

Dougie is concerned after Carina hasn't talked to him all weekend after their kiss, Dougie states that he could treat Carina better than Gunner did, and tells her that he won't pressure her if she doesn't feel right. Meanwhile, Dougie and Carina are in the hallway, and Dougie motivates Carina to audition for the part of Mama Morton for the new school production of Chicago. They kiss each other once again, which turns into Dougie asking if they are official, Carina approves. At the end, Dougie gets his part of the role of Fred Casely and is seen happy with Carina.

Breaking the HabitEdit

Dougie talks about a first date with Carina, but tells her that no matter where they go, he wants to just be with her, but until they kissed each other, they both recieved slushie facials from the jocks. Meanwhile, Dougie is seen playing the piano in the auditorium, and when Levi approaches him, and tries to win him back, Dougie rejects his offer, but then he asks Levi to sing this song with him, and as they perform Remember MeDougie's goodbye song to Levi, who starts to notice the song is about him. 


Dougie has a very charming, very considerate and caring personality, and it is deeply shown during the second season of Glee: The New Years. He is always willing to be a helping hand or be supportive of someone, and sometimes he is very sensitive, and he has a very sentimental spot that usually shows that he's not exactly some guy that cares about himself, although in the beginning, he shows a conceited streak. On the other hand, he shows a very aggressive, sometimes needy and desperate affection for attention, which is when if he doesn't get what he wants, he goes to the end of the Earth to get it, such as when Chuck continued to deny his feelings for him, Dougie came off as very tempting. Also, the fact that Levi didn't want to be intimate with him, Dougie seemed to be very desperate. Dougie's best assets is his voice, his looks and his caring personality.


Drew CoachEdit

Main Article: Drew-Dougie Relationship

Before Glee and New Directions, there had came a relationship between Drew and Dougie, they seemed to have a good relationship until Drew had cheated on Dougie for another girl, at this point, is where Dougie ended their relationship permanently. Drew had return a year later to wish him a happy birthday, shown in The Birthday Crashers, but also mostly to win him back. Drew had went through many attempts to do so, by realizing that Levi's love for Dougie was mutual for him, and Drew attempted to push him away just to win him back. Although Dougie still doesn't want him back, he admits that he'd still care and love him, but there wouldn't be any chance of them getting back together; they remain friends.

Chuck SalvatoreEdit

Main Article: Chuck-Dougie Relationship

When Dougie had first made his way to New Directions, and McKinley, Dougie had already set his eye on Chuck, although secretly and doubtfully believing nothing would happen between the two. But at Chuck's party, he finds himself in a major predicament when, both drunk, Chuck and Dougie share a night together, where they both lose their virginities to each other. Chuck begs Dougie to tell no one about this, but a tempting Dougie continues to woo him, making Chuck believe that there is still something there between the two. They kiss on many encounters until they finally get caught by Rick. When Chuck decides to tell Rick about their sexual affair, this worries Dougie, scared he'd face the detriments knowing about Chuck's relationship with Anna. The secret is out once again, and Dougie realizes that he's not exactly into him anymore, although Chuck feels the opposite. Chuck and Dougie remain friends.

Levi LashaneEdit

Main Article: Levi-Dougie Relationship

Levi, as a new student, develops a shy crush on Dougie, who seems to be determined to develop a bond with him. When he does, this bond suddenly grows closer, only until Drew, Dougie's ex-boyfriend, gets in the way of this, and Drew tries to make Levi stay away from him. Although Dougie knows his heart is only for Levi, and their relationship begins during Christmas week. However, Dougie continues to support Levi, or comfort him during the hard times, and when Levi faces issues in the school environment, Dougie often blamed himself for it, and tried to take a stand to make Levi feel at home. Levi and Dougie had then shared a healthy relationship until Levi's ways started to rub Dougie in the wrong way, their relationship had turned into more of fallouts, which had ended up causing Dougie to face a motorcycle accident. Levi had began to isolate himself from everyone, and cheated on Dougie with Gunner. After finding this out after the recovery, Dougie called their relationship quits, and moved on to date Carina.

Carina MarajEdit

Main Article: Dougie-Carina Relationship

Carina and Dougie has a very close friendship with each other in the beginning, especially during Dougie's hard times with Levi, they both usually faced some type of issue with Levi that caused their interactions with him to break. Dougie suddenly realized that he may have developed an attraction to her, and Carina often felt the same. During a kiss at Chuck's Halloween party, they both realize that the kiss had meant something. Later, they start to date each other.




Solos (in a Group Number):

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Crazy Little Thing Called Love School Daze ChuckDanielRick, and Shawn
Love Is Found Spread the Love Chuck, Elizabeth, and Shawn
Rhythm Nation Janet A.J.Addison, and Claira
We Run This Love/War Addison, CheyenneJeremyJudi, and Karin
Fighter/Survivor A.J., Addison, Cheyenne, and Daniel




Solos (in a Group Number):

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
21 Guns Center Stage Of Attention Chuck, GunnerLevi, and Lily
Sober Sober Addison, Carina, Chuck, and Denzil
Hollywood Hollywood Bound Denzil, Elizabeth, and Shannon



Solos (in a Group Number):

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Wrong Side of a Love Song Vandalized Carina and Karin
Concrete Angel Damaged A.J., Addison, Candace, Carina, Cheyenne, Claira, and Levi
More Than This U.K. Fever Charlie, Chuck, Colton, and Levi
Wreck the Malls Wreck the Malls Addison, Carina, Chuck, Elizabeth, and Shannon
Before the Storm This is the New Year Addison, Carina, Gunner, Karin, and Levi
This is the New Year Addison, Carina, Charlie, Cheyenne, Chuck, Denzil, Elizabeth, Gunner, and Levi