Don't Look Back
Season Three, Episode One
First Aired September 23, 2012
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"The Big Bang"
Don't Look Back is the first episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years, this marks the preparation of some of the New Directions members' graduation from McKinley High, this episode will be released in late summer of 2012.

After a major win at Nationals, New Directions are still in a major funk after feeling as if they are treated like outcasts, and Mr. Schuester pushes themselves to get motivated for the senior year. However, things go awry when everyone realizes that Chuck quit New Directions to continue his desire for football, while Gunner becomes a new edition to the team and they both deal with a huge and tough new football coach, Bridget Michaels (Robin Coleman). Meanwhile, Levi goes from being the good guy to the opposite after having difficulties coping with Dougie's car accident in the summer, and Gunner tries to start a new life after a break-up with Carina, by trying to revive his former relationship with Addison, but it seems as if she's not attracted, and not looking forward to go back that route.


The episode begins with the aftermath of Dougie's motorcycle accident prior to the second season finale. Dougie, mild to severely injured, is immediately rushed to the emergency entrance of a hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses. Levi is completely distraught by this outcome, and he degrades himself for what he forced Dougie to do. Feeling as if it's his fault that Dougie suffered from this predicament, this is the point where Levi's attitude starts to change. While Levi waits nervously to see if Dougie is fine, he gets a text from Carina, but he ignores it. Levi began shaking and crying, and his father began to console him.

A time jump occurs for 3 months later, where everyone returns from summer break at McKinley High School. Jacob Ben Israel decided to assist a new student to interview the Glee Club members for the new year, Donny Hart, who seems just as similar as Jacob. It is revealed that Carina made 2nd place on the reality TV show, Searching for Stars, although Carina didn't seem to care, eager to start her senior year. Donny interrogates Claira, asking if it is true that she had sex with her ex-boyfriend Peter in L.A., but she refuses to answer. Mr. Schuester is also disgusted with Donny, who calls out his likelihood of being a father after Chanel sent a picture of her son. Donny also approaches a new girl, who makes a fiesty remark about him and walks away. A.J. is followed by Donny, after he asks him of his plans for senior year since Lily left, and boyfriend, Drew is away, and Shawn is dead. A.J. threatens Donny. A.J., however, admits via voice-over, that he is unsure of wanting to go to college because of Drew's decision to go to Texas for 5 weeks. He feels immediately lonely since his friends left as well. At the end, he gets a red slushie facial afterwards.

Mr. Schuester entered Principal Figgins' office, and there stood Sue Sylvester and a new, strong, muscular woman, Bridget Michaels, who is introduced as Coach Beiste's replacement, and the new coach of the McKinley Titans since Coach Bieste retired from coaching football. Sue interrogates Bridget, questioning if she's good enough to coach a team, but Bridget replies with pride that she has coached for 5 football teams, and she has taught gym from 4th grade to 9th grade, as well as coaching a football team for children with special needs. Sue continues to test Bridget's sanity, by accusing her of thinking that she is superior to the school. Bridget and Sue continue to bicker towards each other, although William and Figgins attempt to stop it. Yet Bridget gives Sue a reality check, telling her that she is a psychotic cheerleading coach. Sue is immediately intimidated, insisting that Bridget should leave the school, but Figgins stands by his word of keeping her because of her experience, no matter if Sue tries to blackmail. 

Mr. Schuester is distraught, however, when Figgins reveals that Dougie was in a car accident during the summer. Yet he was completely concerned with Levi and his way of handling the outcome of the situation, asking if Levi and Dougie would both be okay. Dougie would be in the hospital for a week facing surgery on his body to recover. 

In the Glee Club, everyone speaks their opinion and reaction to Dougie's car accident, yet they notice that Levi hasn't been acting like himself after the accident. Shannon points out that there is a rumor that Levi died his hair black to look like Adam Lambert. Carina fears that Levi doesn't go crazy or do something harmful because of what happened to Dougie. Also, the emptiness in the club is also called out, since everyone has left. Cheyenne reveals to Mr. Schuester that Chuck decided to quit, although he never told why, it can be implied that Chuck quit after being left back another year. Drew moved to Texas, while Lily also transferred to a new school, so A.J. continues to feel isolated from the rest and feel as if he has no friends. However, Addison and the rest of the club disagree, acknowledging his role in the club. Because Mr. Schuester knows that a lot of people in Glee Club will leave for graduation, he creates an assignment that encourages the club to express staying young and holding on to their childhood.

Claira, meanwhile, starts to suffer from side effects of her shocking pregnancy, but Cheyenne decides to help her out, as she is the only one to know. However, Mr. Schuester starts to realize the situation at hand when comparing her actions to Quinn Fabray's. Mr. Schuester starts to become completely shocked once he knows that Claira is pregnant.

During Cheerios practice outside of the field, Sue and Bridget stand off against each other once again after Bridget laughs at Sue's strictness. Sue ensures Bridget that she won't try to take over McKinley High School, although she doesn't want Bridget to bully her down. Bridget and Sue, however, are revealed to have went to high school together. A flashback shows prom night where Bridget is livid when Sue took her flame, Patrick Gill, away from her. Although it was already depicted that Patrick didn't exactly want her, he chased after Sue afterwards. 

Mr. Schuester approaches Emma to discuss Claira's pregnancy, although Emma questions if he talked to her about it before highly assuming that it's true. Will thinks that there are many signs, and he fears that Claira may follow the outcome of Quinn Fabray after her pregnancy. Mr. Schuester vents his frustration on her pregnancy as well as his issues with Chanel. Emma is shocked when Mr. Schuester reveals that he may be the father.

Levi entered the Glee Club choir room with a new, unusual, and darker appearance, to which shocked everyone. Carina is in shock, but Cheyenne acknowledges Levi's attractive look. Mr. Schuester asked if Levi was okay, assuming that this was a phase to get his mind off of Dougie, but Levi agrees that he's fine, and he ensures that Dougie will be fine as well. When Mr. Schuester, meanwhile, asks if anyone would like to do their assignment, it became silence, and no one didn't do the assignment. Levi takes the initiative to perform when questioning the assignment's purpose. When Levi performs Ready, Set, Go! for the club, Carina and Addison seemed uncomfortable and concerned about his behavior, as everyone else applauded him.

In the hallways, Gunner walks wearing a Letterman jacket, which he borrowed from Chuck, with pride, and he seemed to get a large appeal from the girls in the school. In voice-over, he admits that ever since he joined the football team, his popularity began to increase. However, he claims that dating Carina held him back from his desires, but also admits that he misses his relationship with Addison, comparing it to his relationship with Carina, he feels that Addison was less self-centered. When Gunner decides to approach Addison, an awkward silence came before Gunner wanted to ask Addison if they can hang out together as friends, hoping that their friendship can be rekindled. Addison delightfully agrees and the two make a plan to hang out, but Gunner, in voice-over, knows his intentions to revisit the magic of their relationship.

The next day, Carina, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth perform a mash-up, Grow Up/Young Foreverfor their assignment. Meanwhile, Chuck appears when helping Gunner on his first day of football practice. In the locker room, Gunner gets completely overwhelmed by the tense feeling and the temperature of the room, but Chuck believes that Coach Beiste is still at the school, but they are both shocked with Coach Michaels' appearance. Michaels makes a sarcastic response after Chuck asks where Beiste went, but snarky remarks came from Chuck and Gunner in the background. As a result, Michaels pinpoints Gunner to do 25-30 push-ups. Gunner, embarrassingly, does it, and Michaels shows Gunner's actions as a precedent for what may happen if she feels disrespected. Michaels gives tough love to the Titans, encouraging them to keep their focus on the game. Gunner is angered at Chuck, blaming him for making his first day a bad one.

Claira appears at Dalton Academy to speak to Peter, her ex. When she walks inside of the Warblers' room, she sees the Dalton Academy Warblers perform Young Forever for their rehearsals. Claira seemed half-intrigued, and gave the club a round of applause. Meanwhile, Claira intimates that she is pregnant to Peter, and he is in complete shock. Peter, without hesitation, denies that he may the father, although Claira knows that he is the only person that she had sex with. Peter's refusal to be a part of her pregnancy dismays Claira as she departs from the school in tears.

Chuck, meanwhile, is at his locker, but he is confronted by Anna about his distance. Chuck claims that he has been busy, but Anna realizes that it's more than just being busy. Anna confronts Chuck from alienating himself from his friends and thinking about himself, but Chuck refuses to return back to Glee Club, regretting to join in the first place. Anna is completely disappointed at this statement, and she decides to break up with him immediately.

Carina meets Levi at the school library, but Carina continues to question Levi, concerned about his behavior lately and how he is handling Dougie's accident. Carina feels that Levi doesn't seem to care about the accident, but Levi tries to change the subject. The two get into a confrontation after Carina forces Levi to release a bit of his anger. Carina, in voice-over, claims that she wants Levi to change his ways or their friendship will be over.

Sue began to write in her journal at the teacher's lounge, expressing her fury towards Bridget. Ironically, Bridget asks to sit next to her, but only to admit that she wants to end her feud with Sue, and explain her admiration for her, which appeals to Sue. The two immediately make a truce.

Ruby Becker enters the choir room with Will Schuester, but not with good reception from Cheyenne. Ruby is introduced as the new member of New Directions, but Cheyenne is disappointed that Ruby is replacing Chuck. Anna, in anger, tells everyone not to care, because of Chuck's selfishness and blame towards New Directions. However, everyone pleasantly welcomes Ruby to the club.

Addison prepares to get dressed, as she still lives with Elizabeth, for her night out with Gunner, who tells her to look outside to see him there. Elizabeth immediately believes Gunner is still into Addison, but she doesn't agree, as she knows that she isn't into Gunner anymore.

Denzil, still living with Mr. Schuester, has a conversation with him due to Will's concern that Denzil has been quiet lately due to missing his parents. Yet Denzil has a sudden attraction to Mr. Schuester, picturing himself kissing him passionately, but it was only a fantasy. Denzil admits his fantasizing phases, and claims that although he feels like Mr. Schuester is a father to him, he feels awkward about the fantasies. Meanwhile, A.J. chats with Drew on Skype, catching up with each other, although A.J. still feels distant and alone.

Addison and Gunner depart from the movie theater, happy with their movie, until Gunner decided to admit his intentions for taking her out, admitting that he wants to rekindle his relationship with her. Addison is speechless by Gunner's approach, but agrees that she wanted to reconcile as well. However, when Gunner kisses Addison, she has flashbacks of the first time they met, and she is hesitant to revisit that, and she states that she doesn't see the two together again, while Gunner still thinks they have chemistry. Addison rejects him and decides to drive away, and Addison performs Don't Look Backhaving a small amount of guilt. She performs the song in front of New Directions as a part of her assignment, but Gunner departed from the choir room in anger.

Levi chases after Gunner after feeling bad for him, but Gunner pushes him away, and degrades himself over Addison. Levi tries to make Gunner understand that it's not worth hating himself over someone that doesn't feel the way he does. Yet Gunner confronts Levi for not handling himself, and decides to shut him out while performing See No More to get back at Addison.

Mr. Schuester finally approaches Claira after his constant concerns of her pregnancy. The conversation is cut short with Claira as she tries to leave, quickly agreeing that she is fine. When Mr. Schuester stops her, trying to be a supporter, Claira began to break down because of the fear of her parents, and she confirms her pregnancy to Mr. Schuester, who consoles her as she sobs.

Chuck feels ignored by Anna, who tries to do the same thing he did to her. Anna expresses her disappointment with Chuck quitting Glee Club and remaining in the football team, feeling that he chose football over New Directions. She makes her break-up with Chuck temporary as a way to encourage him to return to New Directions, where he belongs. Anna goes with Charlie to perform Teenagers with New Directions. Chuck watched the performance in the auditorium from afar, but walked away after the end.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Ready, Set, Go! Tokio Hotel Levi Lashane
Grow Up/Young Forever Cher Lloyd/Nicki Minaj Carina MarajCheyenne McLarson, and Elizabeth Moore
Young Forever The Ready Set Dalton Academy Warblers
Don't Look Back Celeste Buckingham Addison Lee
See No More Joe Jonas Gunner White
Teenagers My Chemical Romance New Directions


Season 3, Episode 1Edit

So, here's what you missed last season on Glee: The New Years:

A whole second year at McKinley meant drama. HUGE drama. Let's flash back, shall we? 2 newbies, Carina Maraj and Levi Lashane joined New Directions, and everything was turning out to be OK, however, Addison, on the other hand, was dealing with things at home that she found it hard to say to everyone, she was physically and sexually abused by her own stepfather, leaving her to take a risk of trying to commit suicide, and ended up in a temporary coma. After this happened, Gunner decided to join New Directions, and as that happened, Carina and Gunner became really close to each other, but New Directions was at the urge of falling apart, when Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Charlie decided to quit and make their own Glee Club, The McKinley Rebels, then a huge feud had began between New Directions and The Rebels, and when The Rebels had lost over New Directions at Sectionals, they suddenly had another chance at Regionals. Later on, Alex and Claira, Carina and Gunner, Levi and Dougie, Addison and Vocal Adrenaline member Karin Stefano, A.J. and Drew, Dougie's ex-boyfriend, had officially become couples, on Daniel's part, A.J. and Daniel ended their relationship harshly. Meanwhile, Levi suddenly reached a breaking point after seeing that he has been bullied on the internet, having everyone trying to be there to support him, leaving them in a huge funk, but as he returned, and The Rebels wanting to come back to New Directions, they all became a family all over again as they all won Regionals. At Prom, that's when things started to go bad, when Charlie's ex-girlfriend returned back to get Charlie, leading Elizabeth to fight, while Carina and Cheyenne battled it out to see who would win the Prom Queen crown. Daniel started issues with Claira, A.J. and Drew, while Gunner tried to get in between Karin and Addison's relationship. But respectively, Cheyenne and Chuck took the title, but gave their share to Carina and Gunner. Sweet, right? After that, New Directions officially went to Nationals in L.A., but it seemed as if drama returned, as Carina and Elizabeth started to fight a lot, also Gunner leaving L.A. because of issues with Addison and Carina, while Claira suddenly bumped into her ex-boyfriend, Peter Collins, who she had sex with at his party, and when Carina decided to quit New Directions, she auditioned for Searching for Stars and made it to the show, and along the way, she met another person from New Directions' rival group, The Showstoppers, that also quit for the same reasons as she did. Without Carina, however, Levi found it hard to cope with singing a solo all by himself on the stage, but as he did so, he had gotten general acclaim for his performance, and New Directions won and beat Vocal Adrenaline once again in history. Later on, Carina and Elizabeth caused WWIII in McKinley, leaving them to get suspended for a day, and Addison and Elizabeth deal with family issues, when Addison suddenly reconnects with her father, and finding out that he wasn't the enemy, when in reality, her mother was. Elizabeth hates the fact that her mother and her father are trying to reconcile, after a hard past that she can't get over. Denzil, also, a new member of New Directions, was taken in by Mr. Schuester, and who also kissed Chuck and Drew. Wanky. He saw his mother for the first time in years ever since she kicked him out. Later on, Chuck finds out that he won't be graduating, while Levi and Dougie have issues in their relationship, because when Dougie wants to be more intimate with Levi, he says no, and it kind of pisses Doug off, and pissed Lev off too. Levi tried to ignore and Dougie wanted to find a way to fall in love with him again, by driving a motorcycle, yes, boom, a crash. While Claira finds out after all of the vomiting and hunger, that Cheyenne was right, she's preggers, and an unexpected return from Chanel Rayne, who lied about being pregnant, turned out that it was actually true, and named the child after Mr. Schuester. Crazy, huh?

And that's what you missed last season on Glee!


The ambulance pushed in the emergency room doors with a gurney. Doctors surrounded Dougie in the gurney, with his eyes closed, and blood scrapes over his face. A loud indistinct group of voices passed through the emergency hallway to the room. The doctors checked and revealed gushing marks of blood on his jeans. After that, Levi still stood outside of the hospital, still in awe of what had happened to Dougie, he looked down in dismay. He walked inside of the emergency room door as slow as he could, and as he stopped to see Dougie surrounded by doctors, his heart started to beat very fast, and his eyes suddenly watered.

What did I just do? I just forced someone I truly loved to take a risk. All of this is all of my fault. All I just wanted was for Dougie to understand what I want in our relationship, I never thought it would just go this far.

Levi sat in the waiting room with is hands crossed to each other, shaking and moving his body around as he started to get more nervous. Suddenly, he felt a huge vibration on the side of his pocket, he grabbed his phone and it was Carina, texting, Levi, is everything ok. :(

Levi sighed as he put his phone on the right side of his pocket and grabbed a headful of his hair and put his hands over his face. As he removed them from his face, he turned to look at his parents, suddenly on the other side, as he saw his mother, shaking and almost crying, and his father consoled her.

I just don't know what to do. _______________________________

3 months later.

Jacob Ben Isreal took held of his microphone, as the person behind the camera stood still, as Jacob held a huge banner saying, Glee Club's Senior Year.

"Hello, I'm Donny Hart, giving you as much info on McKinley that you need to know. The winning glee club New Directions, new year, will any problems in the past be resolved for the final year of Glee Club?" Donny said. "Let's see to find out!" Donny quickly ran to Carina as she walked with her binders in the hallway, and he finally got a good catch and asked, "So, Carina, we heard that you made 2nd place in Searching for Stars, is that true?"

"Yeah, yeah," Carina said. "So, what, it's a reality TV show, I should have waited before I graduated, I don't really care, at least I made it through the whole season,"

"Also, we heard that you and Gunner White are officially over," Donny pushed his microphone to Carina.

"Yes, like I said, I don't care, what was in the junior year, was in the junior year, I'm here to start fresh again, not pick up the pieces to a puzzle." Carina walked away, shaking her head.

Gunner stood still as he and Carina were near each other, and they walked away from each other in different directions. Meanwhile, Donny suddenly ran to Claira, who seemed to be quiet around everyone.

"Claira Kingston, is it true that you got drunk and had sex in a hotel in L.A.?" Donny put the microphone near Claira, who tried to get away from him. "No comment,"

Donny went into Mr. Schuester's office, asking him questions. "What do you expect this year out of your glee club?"

"Um, well, I expect a lot of effort, more confidence, and I expect to see every senior in the club graduate. I mean, I want them to make this year the best, it's their life and they should just make it through this last year," Mr. Schuester said.

"We also heard about you becoming a daddy," Donny said. "Is that true?"

Mr. Schuester sighed and put his hands over his head. "Yeah, that's a lot for bringing that up,"

"You're welcome," Donny looked at the camera and he winked.

"Now, out of the Glee Club topic, it seems as if we have some newbies here at this school," Jacob ran to a girl in the hallway, who was walking inside, looking around nervously.

"So, you're one of the new kids, huh?" Donny asked.

"Um, I guess," the girl said as she looked at Donny strangely. "Who are you?"

"Donny, Donny Hart," Jacob said. "Has anyone told you that you look so much like India Eisley from The Secret Life of the American Teenager?"

"Yeah, I get that a lot," the girl said, giving a half-smile. "Has anyone told you how small your brain is, jerk?" she replied sarcastically. Donny looked at the camera, and smiled.


Meanwhile, Donny tried to follow A.J. in the hallway with the camera, as he seemed to be lonely and depressed.

"So, now that your crew is gone, as in Lily Stevens, Drew Coach and Shawn Dawson, the dead dude, what are your plans for the senior year,"

"So, I'm not sure I know you, but every year, I usually do this with Jacob Ben Israel, so, if you do not get out of my face in 4 seconds, consider yourself K.O.'d. 4, 3..2.." Donny quickly tried to run with the camera person.

"I guess no one wants in New Directions want to tell us about their future plans for the senior year, oh well," Donny shrugged. "I guess it's cut time, I'm Donny Hart with your latest news on McKinley,"

A.J. stood still for two seconds and sighed as he continued to walk to his locker. Truth is, I'm thinking about not even going to college. Now that Drew had to leave Ohio and go to Texas for 5 weeks, and Lily decided to move away. I'm pretty much all by myself this year, less motivations for me.

Right then after, he walked close to a huge and rough splash of red slushie on his face. He tried to feel the wetness strangely exfoliating his skin with slush, his eyes were squinting and as the jocks passed by laughing, and A.J. shook his head in anger. Oh, it's gonna be a crazy year.


Mr. Schuester walked in Principal Figgins, as Sue Sylvester and a strange, built and muscular woman stood with an Under Armour shirt on, looking slowly at him.

"Good morning, William," Figgins smiled. "Have a seat,"

Mr. Schuester smiled as he sat down, and looked behind, and saw the woman. "Figgins, who's this?"

"This is what we are all here for, this is McKinley Titans' new coach," Figgins said. The woman walked closer, with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

Mr. Schuester gave a shocked expression. His eyes looked down on the way the woman was build, from her legs all the way up to her long blonde hair. "Oh, um, wow," his eyes still gazed on her.

"What happened to Shannon, Figgins?" Sue said, walking closer to him, giving a strange expression.

"If you didn't get the reminder before, Sue, Coach Beiste retired from coaching football," Figgins replied back. "Would you introduce yourself, Coach?"

The woman walked to Mr. Schuester with her bare hand out, "The name's Bridget, Bridget Michaels." Mr. Schuester took out his hand to shake, and she suddenly gave a good and short grip.

Mr. Schuester shook his hand to end the pain, and he gave a half smile. "Wow, you have a nice grip, I'm William Schuester,"

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Bridget said. "I lift weights 10 times a day, drink water and energy drinks, work outs, everything, I kind of got that from past families."

"Do you even have what it takes to be a coach for the football team?" Sue crossed her arms in anger.

Bridget chuckled. "For your information, I've been a coach for 5 football teams, I've taught from 4th grade to 9th grade, and I've even been a coach for the football team at a special needs school."

"Oh, and you're just the best, right?" Sue said sarcastically. Bridget laughed, shaking her head, and moving close to Sue. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Overall, it means that you're the big star, you can just go to any school you want and take over with your two big guns and your two big gallons of milk,"

"Excuse me?" Bridget said.

"Guys, just stop this instant," Figgins broke into the argument.

"And at least I have boobs, unlike you, I can please the boys," Bridget said. "You couldn't even get a guy if you tried to,"

"Well, if you must know, Hulk Hogan, I had a baby, with those abs, you couldn't even make one,"

Bridget loudly laughed, and shook her head. "A baby? With whose vagina?"

Sue gave an evil smirk and she crossed her arms as she replied back, saying, "Oh, wouldn't you want to know? You seem like the one clutching a piece of equipment under your thighs,"

Mr. Schuester gasped in awe, shaking his head, "Sue, that's enough, cut it out!" Bridget stepped closer to Sue's face, as if she was going to push her down to the ground, instead, she laid out her finger to her face. "Oh, sweetie, believe that you wouldn't want to mess with me, I could turn your Adidas sweatsuit into a bodybag in a minute, and trust me, it's not a threat, I've heard a lot about you, Sue Sylvester, cheating and getting suspended, trying to remove art programs, you're just a psychotic cheerleading coach with no life and a daughter or a son who will unfortunately act and look just like you, now if you'll excuse me, I must meet my football team members," Bridget walked out of the office, but then she stopped, and slowly pulled back.

"Oh, and by the way, even if I had a penis under my thighs, I wouldn't offer you to make love to me, you're just evil," Bridget winked, and then she turned to Mr. Schuester, smiling, "Nice meeting you, William,"

"Nice meeting you, too, Bridget," William waved back, smiling at her, she smiled back, then turned to Sue, and gave her the opposite. Sue looked at Figgins and quickly walked to him, "I want her out of this school now!"

"I'm sorry, but you don't make the rules here, Sue, she is indeed an experienced football coach, she's good for the job."

"Figgins, I sure hope that you wouldn't want me to recall your new infomercial on YouTube." Sue said. Figgins rolled his eyes as it passed to the infomercial, as Principal Figgins had on a tight spandex shirt, as he laid on a floor reaching to his left leg, as if he was doing yoga.

Principal Figgins squinted his eyes, shaking his head. "Sylvester, it's a new year, you're not gonna get to me this time, not at all. Coach Michaels is staying, and that's final,"

Sue nodded in anger, walking out, pushing the outside door of the office, while Mr. Schuester sat back down in Figgins' office.

"Um, Schue, there's also something I want to talk to you about, it's according to one of your Glee Club members," Figgins said.

"Is there something wrong, Figgins?" Mr. Schuester pulled his chair closer to Principal Figgins' desk.

"Yes," Principal Figgins said. "Douglas Eastwood was in a near-fatal accident by the summertime,"

Mr. Schuester gasped in shock, he covered his mouth and his eyes were wide open, he was completely surprised after what he was told. "You can't be serious," "He crashed as he was driving a motorcyle at a fast speed around his boyfriend's neighborhood,"

"Levi Lashane?" Mr. Schuester asked.

"Yes," Principal Figgins said.

"Well, um, is he going to be alright?" Mr. Schuester asked, giving a worried expression.

"According to his parents, he was going to be in the hospital for the whole week dealing with surgery and other things on parts of his body." Figgins said.

"Gosh, I bet Levi's not taking this very great at all," Mr. Schuester said.


"I can't believe this happened to him," Addison said, sitting down in the choir room with the rest of the Glee Club, walking with her pink backpack, next to Carina and Elizabeth."I've been trying to keep in touch with Levi throughout the whole summer, but he never responded to me at all,"

"I feel as if Dougie was stupid for driving a motorcycle in the first place," Carina replied, as she quickly grabbed her iPhone, trying to take a quick picture on her Instagram. She straightened out her hair and put her phone back in her pocket.

"I hope Levi is okay, he's probably still in tears because of this," Elizabeth replied. Shannon walked to them, as she wore a pink shirt that said "I LOVE MUFFINS" and blue jeans with her hair in the middle out as a bang.

"Rumor has it Levi dyed his hair in the summer," Shannon said with a smirk on her face. Elizabeth, Addison and Carina gave a shocked expression.

"You can't be serious, how do you know all of this?" Carina asked.

"He said he did on Facebook," Shannon said. "Adam Lambert style,"

"Adam Lambert style?!" Elizabeth, Addison and Carina said in unison. They all looked each other and glimpsed back at Shannon.

"Mmhmm," Shannon said. "I guess the Dougie thing got to him,"

"I hope he doesn't go crazy this school year," Carina said.

Mr. Schuester walked in as the rest of the Glee Club sat down in the chairs. "Welcome back, guys!"

Everyone gave a round of applause, and smiled as Mr. Schuester walked to the front center of the choir room.

"It's so great to see you guys again, I've missed you all," Mr. Schuester smiled. "And I'm definitely going to miss you guys after this year, but let's not worry about that now, New Directions is back on track,"

"Not really," Elizabeth replied back, and looked down, as Mr. Schuester walked more closer, "Why not?"

"Do you see how empty it is in here, Mr. Schue?" Carina replied. "It's only me, Addy, Elizabeth, Alex, Shannon, Claira, Cheyenne, Denzil, Gunner, Anna and Charlie. Hardly anyone is here now,"

"Maybe some are just a little late today, expect for Dougie," Mr. Schuester said. "Actually, where is Chuck, you guys?"

"Oh, you didn't know?" Cheyenne said. "He quit New Directions."

"Wait, what?" Mr. Schuester's expression changed. "Chuck quit New Directions? For what?"

"He never told me why," Cheyenne said. "He just did it, I think it's because of his situation last year when he got retained."

"He really did take it this seriously," Mr. Schuester said. "Any sign on any other members?"

"Drew had to move to Texas," A.J. said. "So, consider me officially single this year," Denzil slowly turned around to A.J., giving him a short glimpse and turned away with a hopeful expression.

"And Lily transferred to another school, and Shawn is dead and gone," A.J. said. "Daniel left for good, I have no friends,"

"Now, A.J.," Charlie said. "Come on, dude, you know that's not true."

"It so is," A.J. rolled his eyes. Charlie nodded his head. "A.J., we all care about you, yo were one of the core 5 of New Directions, I wasn't,"

"And you still have me, A.J.," Addison said. "Me and you have been best friends ever since, and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have realized Karin's true colors."

"No, if it wasn't for Rick, I wouldn't have known about Karin and I wouldn't have told you about her," A.J. shook his head in depression. "I'm nothing special." "A.J., we are all special, buddy," Mr. Schuester said. "That's the reason why we are in here,'

"The reason why this is some other's last year here," A.J. said. "I'd probably never see you guys again, I'm only a junior."

"I'm a junior," Shannon said. "At least you have me,"

"Even me," Denzil said.

"Exactly," Mr. Schuester said. "I understand that this is some of the members' last year together, and some will be going our separate ways, but we just have to make sure that we can look back on the good times we all had together, which is what will be our first assignment this year,"

"Feeling bad about ourselves and put our emotions in song?" A.J. said.

"Nope." Mr. Schuester said. "You guys will choose any song and it has to reflect on staying at a young age or growing up, some of you guys will be going to college, and so far we have 10 more months left together before you guys go separate ways, so let's make this happen,"

Claira suddenly squinted her eyes after she held her stomach, and she began to groan in pain.

"Claira, are you OK?" Mr. Schuester walked closer to her, as he put down his left knee to go closer to her. Claira still felt as if her stomach was hurting, looking as if she had to vomit, she looked up and gave a half-smile, nodding, "Yeah, yeah, I'm OK,"

Cheyenne slowly rubbed her back, and slowly pulled her up. "Come on, C, I'll take you to the bathroom." They both walked slowly out of the choir room, walking out of the door.

"There's something wrong with Claira, this is the second time she had to vomit throughout the school year, this reminds me so much of my former student, Quinn Fabray."

"Who's Quinn Fabray?" Carina crossed her legs as she asked.

"Quinn Fabray was a Cheerio here and she got kicked out of the squad because she was..." Mr. Schuester had a thought that reflected to Claira, "Oh my god."

"Wait, you don't think she's--" Addison's eyes became wide open, and Mr. Schuester shook his head in disbelief and awe.

"Oh, no," Mr. Schuester said.


Outside of the football field, Sue stood outside watching the Cheerios practice routines for the new year. The Cheerios danced and flipped to a fast electronic and upbeat song. After doing good so far, they tried to do a pyramid, but a particular girl failed by falling down and making the rest of the Cheerios fall. Sue grabbed her megaphone, yelling. "All right, that's it, what the hell is wrong with you guys? Are you kidding me? That was putrid, gory, horrible, I tell you!"

The girl stood up slowly, feeling pain. "Coach Sylvester, I'm tired,"

"You're tired? YOU are tired?" Sue yelled on the megaphone. "I'm tired! I'm tired of telling you sorry excuses for cheerleaders to get everything right. Brooke, you lazy girl, if you do not get this right, I'm kicking you off of the Cheerios, everyone just hit the showers!"

The Cheerios walked away from the football field and back into the school, and right behind her was Bridget, who was laughing at her from behind, crossing her arms in disbelief. Sue slowly turned around in her blue Adidas sweatsuit. "What's so funny?"

"You are, Sylvester, you are," Bridget continued to laugh. "I feel sorry for you," "Sorry for me how?" Sue said as she walked closer to her with her megaphone. Bridget crossed her arms. "You call that so tough, how can you be a cheerleading coach?"

"For your info, I've been a coach for 7 years here, I have experience," Sue said. Bridget sarcastically smiled and laughed on the way. Sue walked closer to Bridget. "Listen here, Hulk, you aren't gonna try to take over things here in McKinley, and push me down like a bully, I'm Sue Sylvester, hon,"

Bridget laughed. "Me? Bully you? Oh, come on, Sue, do I look like an idiot?" Bridget shook her head. "You still have forgotten about that we both went to high school together,"

"No we didn't," Sue disagreed.

"Yes we did," Bridget said. "Because at prom, you took my man, and I wanted to kick your ass for that,"

"Wait, man as in--" Sue suddenly stopped. "Patrick Gill?"

"Uh, no, it was Patrick Gill," Bridget said sarcastically. She moved closer to her, "And I'm surprised that you didn't remember me at all,"

Sue began to flashback to when Sue and Bridget were teenagers. One night at Prom, at a different high school, Bridget and Patrick danced with each other as the lights dimmed down and bright disco lights slowly rotated through the gymnasium, and Bridget and Patrick slowly danced.

"I wish we could stay here all night," Bridget said to Patrick. He smiled at her, and looked back quickly and saw Sue wink at him. The music began to stop, and Bridget smiled at Patrick, hugging him.

"Babe, I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom," Bridget kissed him on the cheek, and quickly walked to the bathroom. Patrick slowly licked one of his fingers andrubbed the lipstick mark off of his face with his hand, he looked around to see if Bridget would come back quickly, but she was in the bathroom, looking in the mirror at herself.

Patrick walked to Sue slowly, "Care for a dance?"

"Heh, I'm not sure, you're with that other girl," Sue chuckled. "And I don't dig people like that,"

'Oh come on, me and her aren't in love or anything, it's just a dance, besides, I like you anyways,"

Sue blushed, and smiled, as Patrick pulled her up to a dance as an 80's song played. Bridget took one last glimpse in the mirror, and she walked back into the gymnasium, smiling, until her smile turned into a frown, as she saw Parker and Sue dancing together. The look on Bridget's face was filled with angst and hurt.

Sue snapped back to reality, and she looked at Bridget. "Hmm, you know, I do remember that, to make that clear, I didn't steal your man, he just wasn't that into you,"

"Is that right?" Bridget said, nodding with her arms crossed.

"Yep." Sue said. "And with something being clutched down there, I suppose he just didn't want a girl that looks like she can lift a car,"

"I did lift up a car," Bridget said. "And you know, as a matter of fact, I can just lift you up right now and throw you into a river, but you know, I just got this job as a football coach, and I'm not going to lose it over a pathetic flat-chested witch of the west." Bridget walked away from her, and Sue became angered.


Emma and Mr. Schuester sat down in the teacher's lounge, and Emma rubbed each grape with a small paper towel, as Mr. Schuester took a fast bite from a horizontal half of his sandwich.

"Have you talked to Claira about it before?" Emma asked.

"I haven't," Mr. Schuester said. "But it seems to be so many signs that she might be pregnant, she's doing the same thing Quinn Fabray did for weeks, and I'm scared that she might be going through the same things Quinn did."

"Maybe it's just a false alarm, Will," Emma replied. "She could be sick or have some type of illness,"

"But she did this on the last day of school before," Mr. Schuester said. "I just can't just say that she's sick, there has to be something behind this and the only person I feel who knows about this is Cheyenne,"

"Maybe you should ask her," Emma said, holding Mr. Schuester's hand. Mr. Schuester looked down and shook his head. "This is what I call deja vu, I have to deal with this and I have to deal with Chanel,"

"Chanel?" Emma said. "Wait I thought she was gone?"

"By the summer, she came to my house unannounced and gave me this card, in that card, it showed her and a little boy, it turns out to be her son,"

"Wow, she did have a baby?" Emma said. "That's good, I guess, did she say who was the father?"

Mr. Schuester struggled to answer her question, he tried to look away and sigh. Emma moved closer to him, "Will?" He began to sigh as he replied. "Me."

Emma's eyes widened with shock.


In the hallways, a boy with ripped jeans, sneakers, a striped black and white shirt and a leather jacket, walked through the lockers, suddenly, everyone looked at him, in shock. He walked into the choir room, slowly opening the door, and as he walked in, everyone gave a glimpse, but everyone was in shock of what they saw. "Levi?" Mr. Schuester said as his mouth dropped. Levi nodded his head up, "Sup, Mr. Schue,"

Carina shook her head, "Levi, what, what did you do to yourself?"

"What, you don't like the new look?" Levi said, walking to an empty seat next to Cheyenne.

"I'm sorry, but Levi, I don't know why you did it, but I like it, you look totally hot," Cheyenne said.

"Thanks for the compliment," Levi winked and looked content. Mr. Schuester walked to him, "Levi, are you OK?"

"Me, OK?" Levi said. "Of course I'm OK, if I wasn't OK, I would be depressed by now,"

"We actually thought you were," Carina said. "After what happened to Dougie," "Oh, the Dougie situation? I'm fine, I mean, he's just recovering, that's all, he'll be fine," Levi said, suddenly without a care. Addison whispered in Elizabeth's ear. "I'm kind of worried about him,"

"Well, OK, then," Mr. Schuester said. "Glad you could be here, um, Levi,"

"No probs," Levi said. Mr. Schuester walked to the front center. "So, guys, does anyone want to sing their song today?" There was silence, it seemed as if no one wanted to do it, and Mr. Schuester put his hands on his head. "You guys didn't work on it, right?"

"I had a lot of homework to do," Shannon said. "And I was on the phone with Muffins all night, not really, Mr. Schue,"

"What is this assignment about anyway?" Levi said.

"It's about looking back in the past so you could motivate yourself this year when some of you graduate," Mr. Schuester said.

"Oh, gosh, this assignment is totally easy," Levi stood up, and snapped at the guitar player and the band. "I'll show you guys what a motivational song is, you lazy people,"

Carina looked at Addison and back at him, he stood in the front center with the microphone, he grabbed a hold of it as the music began to play.

"We were running through the town, our senses had been drowned, a place we hadn't been before," Levi said. He tapped his left leg as the music continued to play. "We learned to live and then, our freedom came to an end, we have to break down this wall, too young to live a lie, look into my eyes,"

"Ready, set, go, it's time to run, the sky is changing we are warned, together we can make it while the world is crashing down, don't you turn around,"

"We are looking back again, our loneliness and pain, never been so wide awake, breathe slowly in and out, somewhere behind the clouds, I can see the morning break, too young to live a lie, look into my eyes,"

"Ready, set, go it's time to run, the sky is changing we are warned, together we can make it while the world is crashing down, don't you turn around,"

"Leave it all behind you now, the final wall is breaking down, we are all it's all about, nothing can stop us now," Levi sang. "I promise you right now, I never let you down,"

"Ready, set, go it's time to run, the sky is changing we are warned, together we can make it while the world is crashing down, don't turn around," Levi sang. "Ready, set, go it's time to run, the sky is changing we are warned, together we can make it while the world is crashing down, don't you turn around,"

"Don't you turn around," Levi ended the song, and everyone clapped, but Carina and Addison still were creeped out by his actions. Mr. Schuester smiled. "Good, Levi, awesome performance,"

"That's what I call a motivational song," Levi said.


Gunner walked in the hallways, smiling, he was bloating with happiness, showing off his Leatherman jacket and all of the girls looked at him as he passed by, winking. Gunner narrated, Here I am, thinking that a girl wouldn't even be attracted to me, and it turns out that I was thinking wrong. Ever since I've joined the football team, it seems like my life is starting to change.

Ever since I've dated Carina, I felt like I couldn't break free, but I just feel like my life was more easier to pass through when I dated Addison. To be honest, I do miss my relationship with her, me and her had a lot together, I mean, she was my first ever love, and plus, we both lost our virginities to each other.

I think the only reason why I broke up with her overall was because I was stressed out at the time, Addison's life problems was starting to interfere with my own and I just didn't want that, unlike Carina, Addison never made it all about her.

Gunner stopped as he spotted Addison at her locker, he fighted himself to walk over to her to talk. Addison stood up for herself and always cared about me, and I always cared about her, and that's what I miss about our relationship, I guess if I just understood her issues, I could have just stayed with her, I just want to revive what we had in the past, we're both single, we're both date-less, and besides, it's senior year, well, for her, but I just want to work things out with her.

"Hey, Addison," Gunner walked to her, Addison looked at Gunner and smiled. "Hey, Gun, what's up?"

"Ah, nothing, just football, Glee and football," Gunner said, nodding his head.

"I see that you have your leatherman jacket already, huh," Addison asked.

"Ah, nah, not yet, Chuck let me borrow it to see how it feels being a jock,"

"Speaking of, have you asked why Chuck quit?"

"Nah, I haven't yet, I haven't had time for that yet, but I'll try to ask him next time,"

"Cool," Addison said. There was an awkward silence at first, and Gunner broke it. "So, um, Addison, there's something I've been meaning to ask you something."

"Really, tell me," Addison smiled.

"I was wondering something," Gunner said. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, you know, go to a movie or something, just as friends, I feel like we haven't worked on our friendship as much last year,"

"That would be great actually," Addison said. "Why not?"

"Awesome, when do you want to go?" Gunner smiled back. Addison nodded, "Maybe tomorrow night, that'll be cool,"

"Awesome, see you later in Glee Club then," Gunner said, walking away from Addison, she waved back. Gunner walked away, squinting his eyes in disbelief. Gunner, you stupid little--. Ugh, friends, what the hell is wrong with me? I want to be more than that with her again, maybe tomorrow night I can tell her how I feel.


Carina, Cheyenne and Elizabeth stood front center the next morning at the choir room, and they danced as Cheyenne sang, "We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down, tell the DJ turn it up real loud, no we'll never grow up and if we had our way, we would do this everyday,"

Elizabeth jumped in the middle and rapped, "I got a flow that'll make you drop, I got a flow that'll make you pop, I got a flow that'll make your mother and your father call the cops, we're gonna make this thing go blow, we're gonna system overload., we're gonna be the generation that makes everything explode!"

"And I when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs, we doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms, love the stuff we got it, we got it all up in the room, paper chasing, yeah we got it everything we want," Carina rapped.

"Somehow, some way, we're gonna have it our way, we don't give a what, what you say, no, we don't," Elizabeth, Carina and Cheyenne sang.

"We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down, tell the DJ turn it up real loud, no we'll never grow up and if we had our way, we would do this everyday,"

"We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down, tell the DJ turn it up real loud, no we'll never grow up and if we had our way, we would do this everyday,"

"I used to think that we’d run away, one lovely, pretty summer day, I remember when you would say, we'd be OK, come with me, I never knew you would lie to me take everything from inside of me, your silhouette in the doorway, but before you walk away," Cheyenne sang.

"Somehow, some way, we're gonna have it our way, we don't give a what, what you say, no, we don't," Elizabeth, Carina and Cheyenne sang.

"Don't say goodbye, look in my eyes, so that I always will remember, frozen in time, always be mine, baby boy you’ll be young forever, I’ll be over here, you’ll be over there, I’ma shed a tear but I really don’t care, frozen in time, always be mine, baby boy you’ll be young forever," Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Carina sang.

"Do ya, do ya, do ya know what I mean, I'm a princess, I don't wanna be the queen, please don't say, I think Mr Bean, every time you're talking, it makes me wanna scream," Carina sang.

"I don't know what you heard 'bout me, don't remember holding out my pinky, I'm gonna finish off these MCs, like they were my cup of tea," Elizabeth rapped. "I got a flow that'll make you drop, I got a flow that'll make you pop, I got a flow that'll make your mother and your father call the cops,"

"Somehow, some way, we're gonna have it our way, we don't give a what, what you say, no, we don't," Elizabeth, Carina and Cheyenne sang.

"We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down, tell the DJ turn it up real loud, no we'll never grow up and if we had our way, we would do this everyday," The girls sang. "I’ll be over here, you’ll be over there, I’ma shed a tear but I really don’t care, frozen in time, always be mine, baby boy you’ll be young forever,"

The song ended, and everyone clapped with cheers, Mr. Schuester gave a proud expression on his face, and stood up to give Carina, Cheyenne and Elizabeth high fives.

"That was beyond amazing, guys, how did you do it?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Of course, we didn't want to do our assignment yesterday, we weren't even ready to," Cheyenne said. "Call that lazy, Levi Lashane,"

Levi shook his head and rolled his eyes, "Whatever,"


Chuck stood in the locker room with Gunner, sitting down. Gunner began to feel overwhelmed by the temperature and the feeling of the room, he looked around seeing the boys talking and laughing and taking their shirts off.

Chuck patted his back, "No worries, man, that look on your face is the same expression I had when I joined the football team, Beiste will love you,"

Coach Michaels walked in the locker room, with a striped shirt on, and a whistle on her neck, she loudly blew the whistle, and all of the boys stopped and looked. "All right you little twerps, sit down."

"Where's Coach Beiste?" Gunner whispered to Chuck, he replied back, "I don't know, but that's definitely not her," "I'm Coach Bridget Michaels, your new football coach this year, but believe me, if you call me anything else but Coach Michaels, trust me, it'll be a consequence,"

"Excuse me, but what happened to Coach Bieste?" Chuck said.

"Aww, you miss your little ittle old coach, huh?" Michaels said. "Well, guess what, she's not here anymore, she's retired, she's old, she needs a break, deal with it. I'm the new Bieste. I am a "Beast", and I'm in charge of this football team, got it?"

"Hmm, we see that," Chuck whispered in Gunner's ear. They both suddenly began to laugh. Coach Michaels turned around to see them laughing. "So, what's so funny?"

Chuck and Gunner stopped laughing, "Oh, uh, nothing, nothing at all,"

"You." Michaels said as she pointed at Gunner, "Come here,"

The boys in the back began to laugh at him, "You think you're so cool to be on the football team, kid?"

"No," Gunner said nervously, scared of what she was going to do to him. "You think you're better than everyone else now?"

"No," Gunner replied again.

"Oh, I get it," Michaels said. "You think you can just do whatever you want on the football team, huh?"


"25-30 push ups or you're out of the team," Michaels said.

"Miss, excuse me, but come on, he's just new here," Chuck said.

"Sit down and shut your trap before you have to do it, too!"

Chuck slowly sat down and sighed, shaking his head in disbelief.

"So, come on, boy, go on, do it!'

Gunner put his whole body on the ground in position, he felt completely embarrassed and angry, he looked at Chuck, and looked away. He began doing push-ups, struggling to get through it all.

"Now, if you guys laugh, snicker, talk or do anything when I'm talking, trust me, you'll be doing the same thing he's doing," Michaels said. "But if you're doing the same thing he's doing now, I'll call you out of your name, like this," Michaels yelled out, "Come on, you puny, I know you can do better than that," Gunner struggled to when Michaels yelled, he rolled his eyes and then squinted them, as he got to his 12th one.

"Now, if you want to be an idiot, and try to make things your way here on the football team, you can do that somewhere else, I'm on winning, and last time I heard, your football team season last year sucked horribly," Michaels yelled. "If you want to be a good guy and do as I say here this year, maybe I could be nice, give you treats or anything, but this isn't kindergarten, this is the real deal, baby,"

Gunner still began to struggle as he went on to his 20th push up so far. Michaels paced around the football locker room, "I'm not Beiste, I don't play nice, if you want to play stupid games with me, there's the door and even your whole life ahead, but if you want to win, motivate yourself, then you can say,"

"So, are you guys in or are you guys out?" Michaels said.

There was total silence, most of the guys were scared of her, she crossed her arms, and smilled evilly, "Good, good boys,"

Gunner laid flat on the floor, squinting his eyes and panting. Michaels kneed down on the ground to Gunner. "Hmm, nice going, fresh meat. If you ever interrupt me when I'm talking again, I'll make it 100 push-ups."

Michaels patted his back and she walked out of the locker room, "All right, everyone, get your asses in your gear in 3-4 minutes, if you're not outside of the field by the end of the time, you guys will do 20 laps."

Gunner still stood flat on the floor, and Chuck helped him up. "Thanks a lot, dude,"

"What did I do?" Chuck said.

"For making my first day of practice a living hell," Gunner pushed away from Chuck and walked away from him and went to his locker. Chuck looked back and sighed.


After school, Claira had walked, with her hair wrapped up, and she walked inside of Dalton Academy, as she went down the stairs, suddenly, a boy walked to her and stopped, then smiled. "Well, hello, beautiful, what are you doing here?" "Hi, um, I'm looking for Peter Collins," Claira replied.

"Hmm, Peter Collins, eh?" The boy said. "He's in the Warblers' room, just go straight in, it's open,"

"Thanks," Claira gave a half-smile and went down the rest of the stairs to walk inside of the Warblers' room. Suddenly, she hurt a faint noise, music, to be precise, as she continued to walk down, the sounds of acapella began to grow louder and louder to each location she stopped, she slowly saw the two open doors, and she slowly looked with one eye as she saw the Warblers singing.

"We'll be young forever, we'll be young forever," The Warblers sang. Peter suddenly passed through the line of Warblers side by side, dancing through, and he lead the first verse.

"We can be like prisoners, yeah, and we can be alone, we can make a mess like no one knows and risk it on our own," Peter sang. "Spendin' the money that we don't have; cause we don't care, no-oh, livin' like kings with broken strings and our face down to the floor,"

The Warblers made a long acapella sound, and Peter continued to sing, " Livin' with our headphones up,"

"We've got sound and that's enough," Peter sang. "Nobody can touch us and we run and we run and we run,"

"Hey, hey, we'll be young forever, we'll be young forever 'til forever stops, we're singing, hey hey we'll be young forever, tonight will last forever 'til our bodies drop," The Warblers sang. "We can run through the night, write our name up in the sky, got the music on our side ain't no body gonna catch us singin', hey hey we'll be young forever, on the world forever and we'll never stop,"

Claira walked inside slowly, and Peter locked his eyes on her, smiling, and he and the Warblers continued to sing. "We're gonna rule the world, tonight, oh, oh, oh, oh, the beat of the drums keeps us alive,"

"Tonight will last forever 'til our bodies drop, hey, hey, we'll be young forever, we'll be young forever 'til forever stops, hey hey we'll be young forever, tonight will last forever 'til our bodies drop," The Warblers sang. "We can run through the night, write our name up in the sky, got the music on our side ain't no body gonna catch us singin', hey hey we'll be young forever, on the world forever and we'll never stop,"

Claira gave a half-smile, and clapped, and The Warblers turned to look at her, Peter quickly walked to her. "Hey, Claira, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I did just wanted to talk to you, but I didn't know you were still practicing with The Warblers, so maybe I could come back next time,"

"No, no, absolutely not," Peter pulled Claira back. "The Warblers were just leaving," Peter slowly turned to them. "Oh, really, that's how it's gonna be, Pete?" Corey Rando said. "You never even introduced her to us,"

Peter rolled her eyes. "Hasta la vista,"

The Warblers all walked out and one boy winked and smiled at Claira. Peter closed the doors and told Claira, "You can have a seat,"

"Thanks," Claira replied, she felt nervous about what she was going to tell him. She tried to find ways to explain what she was going through. Peter slowly sat next to Claira on the couch, and smiled. "What's up?"

"Ah, you know, the usual, school, practice, vomiting," Claira said sarcastically, Peter's facial expression changed slightly. "Vomiting?"

"Yeah," Claira nodded. "I've been throwing up all throughout since the summer, I've been eating a lot, too,"

Peter began to chuckle, "Oh, Claira, it's probably just a sickness, it would be totally crazy if you were pregnant, though,"

Claira suddenly looked away and down to the floor, and Peter turned around at Claira, and his face became more serious. "You're, you're not pregnant, are you?"

"Would you hate me if I said yes?" Claira looked down. Peter was shocked, his face made it like he felt as if it was impossible, he began to stutter. "Wh-who's the father?"

"You're the only and first person I had sex with, Peter, it's most likely you,"

"There has to be a mistake, have you taken another pregnancy test to be sure?" Peter asked.

"I've taken 4 pregnancy tests throughout the summer, I would know if it's true or not," Claira said. "And I don't like the way you're acting towards this,"

"Do you really think I want to have a baby at this age, I'm too freaking sexy and not even occupied on anything like that,"

"You had sex with me, Peter, you wanted me to have a couple of drinks that night, we had sex, why can't you just deal with it,"

"Because I don't want to be a father," Peter said. "That's not my job, nor is it my responsibility," Claira gazed into Peter's eyes, and began to cry. "You know, fine, I don't even need a person like you to take care of my child anyway, I knew you haven't changed,"

Claira walked out of the room and Peter put his hands on his face, Claira slammed both doors, and ran outside of the school, to her car, sobbing lightly as she drove pass the school.


Chuck went to his lockers the next day, in dismay, picking out the books he needed for his class. Anna walked to Chuck, after, he turned around, without a smile or anything.

"So, why haven't you answered any of my calls throughout the summer?" Anna said, crossing her arms.

"I've been busy," Chuck replied back.

"Doing?" Anna replied back.

"I've just been busy." Chuck grabbed the rest of his books and closed his locker. "And so, you just block me out like I did something wrong to you?"

"If you were going through what I was going through, you would understand," Chuck said. He walked away, and Anna followed his path, and went to him. "Look, Chuck, just because you were retained this year, it doesn't mean that you can just block your friends out and think about yourself."

"I'm not coming back to Glee Club," Chuck said. "I should have never accepted your request to join in the first place," "Then maybe we wouldn't even have been a couple in the first place," Anna said. "Glee Club is the main exact reason why we became so close, yeah, maybe the Claira and Dougie situation got in the way, but nothing would change what we have, we supported you, and defended you throughout the Glee Club experience, and now you just want to throw it away?"

"I'm going through a lot, Anna, don't you get it?" Chuck said. "I'm a freaking failure. Gunner's mad at me, everyone's mad at me now,"

"Chuck, no one is mad at you, how could we, you got retained, so what?" Anna said. "That's just a sign showing that you need to improve on your academics, if you can do that, then you can graduate,"

"No, it's a sign also showing that I don't need Glee Club to help me succeed." Chuck replied.

"So sad," Anna said. "We cared about you, we felt bad realizing that you were left back again, you are part of the reason why we won Nationals. I'm just disappointed in you. So, until you can escape from that rotten shell of yours, the door is always open for me and you, but as of now, it's closed,"

Anna walked away in anger, and Chuck looked back, he started sighing and he punched a locker as he leaned on one, looking down in disappointment.


Carina walked into the library, and she walked inside to grab a book for her to study in History, but as she grabbed a book, she spotted Levi reading at a desk. She walked to him, and sat across. "Hey, Levi."

Levi looked up from his book, and replied back, "Oh, hey, what's up?"

"I wanted to talk to you, we haven't talked ever since the beginning of summer," Carina replied back with a serious expression. Levi laid his book down on the table, moving up, "Sure, tell me what's up,"

Carina looked at Levi, up and down from his head to the middle of his wear. "Levi, are you sure you're OK?"

"Of course," Levi nodded, and gave a smile.

"You sure don't seem like you are," Carina said. "You never brought Dougie up ever since we've been here again,"

"I mean, it's just an accident, right?" Levi said.

"Yeah, it may be, but still, it's serious, especially if it's someone you truly love, if it was Gunner, I would still be hurt,"

"But you and him broke up, so why would you care?" Levi shrugged.

"It's because I still care," Carina said. "And you should care to, especially after all I've done to help you get to him,"

"Carina, can we not talk about this right now?" Levi said.

"Why don't you want to want to talk about it, he's your boyfriend," Carina said. "If you love him so much, why haven't you brought him up."

"Can we NOT talk about this right now, damn it," Levi yelled out. The librarian lady gave a "shhh" signal.

Carina was left in angst after he yelled at her, she shook her head. "Well, fine, consider it not talked about then, I'll just go," Carina grabbed her book and bag and left out of the library.

Levi shook his head and continued to read. Carina walked out of the hallway, narrating, I don't know what has gotten into Levi so far, all I've tried to do was talk to him, help him out, but I guess that's not gonna happen, all I know is, he better change his ways or else he's gonna lose a friend. I've done all I've could.


Sue Sylvester was watching Bridget in the teacher's lounge, as she sat in a table and was writing in her journal seeing her eating a jelly donut, seeing her as if she was in slow motion.

Dear Journal, I live in misery, dealing with a 3-year old child, being the most successful cheerleading coach of the school, and competing with a huge version of Triple H. Yeah, I said it, I cannot stand one day working with Bridget Michaels. Just look at her, sucking the jelly out of those poor donuts, she's like the new version of Godzilla, even I could last a day with Shannon Beiste, but I just can't do it with that sorry excuse of a man.

Bridget suddenly walked to her table, "Mind if I sit here?" she said as she took another bite from the donut.

"Help yourself," Sue said without a care, she continued to write in her journal, Bridget slowly took a seat and took another bite form the jelly donut, the way Sue looked at her chew her food, it disgusted her.

"Mmm, these jelly donuts are so delicious and addictive, you should try one, it's free over there," Bridget said. "Hmm, I see," Sue said, still with an expression of disgust.

"You know, Sue," Bridget said. "I hate to say it, but maybe we should end this little feud before it gets worse," "I just don't like you," Sue said. "It seems as if you're taking over,"

Bridget laughed. "Oh, come on, Sue, I'm not taking over, and the truth is, I admire you,"

Sue dropped her journal on the table, "You admire me?"

"I mean, yeah, I mean, you may be a little weak at being tough, but at least you show it, you're pretty cool, actually,"

"I never thought I see the day," Sue said.

"So, what do you say?" Bridget put out her hand, "Truce?"

Sue looked down at her hand, and she slowly grabbed it and took a shake, "Truce," Sue smiled.


Mr. Schuester walked in with Ruby in the choir room, and Cheyenne stood up in posture on her seat, "Ruby?" she said. "Mr. Schue, what is she doing here?"

"Guys, meet your new member of New Directions, Ruby Becker," Mr. Schuester smiled, and Ruby looked at everyone. "I'm so glad to be a part of this club now,"

"Yay, Ruby!" Charlie smiled, but Cheyenne didn't, "Mr. Schue, I like that Ruby is joining the club now, but is she replacing Chuck?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Mr. Schuester said. "We need as much members here in order to win Sectionals, there's too much empty space,"

"Mr. Schuester, we can't just replace Chuck," A.J. said. "He's the main person that motivates us to win and work hard,"

"Guys, I'm sorry," Mr. Schuester said. "But I just can't bring Chuck back if he doesn't want to, it's his choice, guys,"

"Don't even bother," Anna said. "He's blaming us for getting retained and now he's blocking us out and worrying about football,"

"Why is he blaming us for what happened to him?" Alex said. "I hardly talk to him,"

"So do I," Shannon said. "And I still find him gross after stripping at Dougie's party and he vomited on me,"

"That Muffins shirt was my best shirt, and it still has those vomit stains on it!"

"Guys, enough," Mr. Schuester said. "We are not just going to reject Ruby like that, I heard her voice after performing at Nationals, and she agreed to join."

"Welcome, Ruby," Denzil smiled, and Ruby smiled back, "Thanks,"

Ruby sat down next to Cheyenne, Charlie and Elizabeth, and Cheyenne smiled, "The McKinley Rebels' reunion, eh?"

"Yep," Ruby winked.


Addison was at Elizabeth's house, looking in her mirror as she got dressed, as she wore her hair out in a bang, and rubbed her lips with lipgloss twice, and pressing her lips together. She wore a black and pink rock shirt, that shown half of her belly button and wore long black jeans, and pink sneakers.

Her phone rang to a song, and she looked and saw Gunner's name, she picked it up and answered. "Hey Gunner,"

"Still on the movie plans tonight?" Gunner said as he was inside of his car, at Elizabeth's house.

"I'm all ready," Addison smiled.

"Look outside," Gunner said. Addison took one glimpse outside and saw his car, she laughed, "Wow, you're pretty fast,"

"I am, I'll be waiting," Gunner said.

"I'll be out there," Addison said.

Elizabeth shook her head, "Someone's in love again,"

"What are you talking about, Elizabeth?" Addison turned around to look at Elizabeth, "It's just for friendship, you know I'm not into Gunner anymore,"

"Or so you say," Elizabeth crossed her arms and gave an evil smirk. Addison grabbed a pillow and swung it at Elizabeth's face, she fell to the bed, squealing, Elizabeth shook her head, feeling dizzy. "Meanie!"

"I'll see you later on," Addison walked out of Elizabeth's room and outside.


"Care for anything but Chinese tonight?" Mr. Schuester said as he opened up Denzil's bedroom door.

"Definitely," Denzil nodded and laughed. "I'm kind of tired of Chinese,"

"Me too," Mr. Schuester said. "Gosh, I need to learn how to cook,"

"My mother used to know how," Denzil said, looking down in dismay. Mr. Schuester slowly walked in and closed the door. He sat next to him and patted his back. "Denzil, are you OK? You haven't been saying anything to me that much ever since the summer, you've been missing your mother, haven't you?"

"Me?" Denzil chuckled softly. "Miss my mother? You've gotta be kidding me,"

"There's definitely something going on in your mind now," Mr. Schuester moved closer to Denzil, who suddenly couldn't help but gaze into Mr. Schuester's eyes. "Tell me what's wrong, bud,"

Denzil's eyes still gazed on Mr. Schuester, he couldn't help but move closer to him, and lean in for a kiss. His body touched Mr. Schuester's and he began to feel warmer minute after minute, and suddenly, he heard his name being called. "Denzil?" Mr. Schuester said. Denzil snapped back to reality and looked at Mr. Schuester.

"You sure you are OK?" Mr. Schuester asked.

"Um, yeah, yeah, I am, I'm OK," Denzil said, nodding his head with a slow smile.

"I hope you are," Mr. Schuester patted his back. "You've been pretty down lately, I'll go order pizza,"

Denzil smiled as Mr. Schuester walked out of his room, and Denzil laid his head on the edge of his bed, shaking his head over what he had thought. I'm sorry you guys had to see that, that was just me, me fantasizing about other people. I can tell you, I've been fantasizing about a lot right now, but the main person is Mr. Schuester. I'll admit, he's really old, and really annoying as a director when it comes to certain things, but at home, he treats me as if I'm his son, but I feel as if he's like a close friend to me, I've been living with him for 5 months so far, and I've just been thinking a lot about him, like what if he was younger and closer to my age? I just need to cut this out.


A.J. was on his computer typing something as he laid on the opposite side of the bed with his feet up. He sighed after he closed his web browser and saw a picture of him and Drew as his screen saver.

After that, he heard Skype music, and a pop-up opened up on the bottom of his computer, Drewster is calling you!

A.J. gave a smile, and opened up the Skype call. A.J. smiled more as he saw Drew on his computer, he waved. "Oh my god, babe,"

"Drew," A.J. felt a fire burning down in his heart as he saw Drew.

"I miss you so much, babe," Drew said, "I can just feel you here with me right now,"

"I miss you more," A.J. looked down. "I'm nothing without you here now,"

"How's the new year going so far?" Drew said.

"Horrible," A.J. nodded his head. "I have no friends there anymore now, it's like I'm alone like I was before," "Aw, A.J., don't be like that, you have friends, Glee Club is always there for you, and it's only just for 5 weeks, babe, I'm coming back in mid-October, so can you just be patient and wait for me?"

"I can try," A.J. said.

"Promise?" Drew said. A.J. put up a heart signal and gave a half-smile, "Promise,"

"Shoot, I have to go, it's like way past my bed time here, I'll talk to you soon," Drew said.

"Later," A.J. waved.

"I love you, A.J.," Drew said.

A.J. began to blush, and put his hand on his chest. "I love you too, Drew,"

Drew blew a kiss on the computer screen and he dropped the call. A.J. sighed as he shut his computer down and laid it on the table near him. A.J. laid down on his bed, looking at the ceiling of his bedroom wall.


Addison and Gunner were laughing after they made their exit out of the movie theater. "That was the best movie I have ever seen in ages," Addison said.

"You're telling me, I've never laughed that hard before in my whole life," Gunner said. Addison laughed along, and as they walked into the car, Addison still had a large bag leftover with popcorn and brown kernels surrounding them in the bottom of the bag.

"Thanks for letting me have an amazing night, Gunner, I definitely needed it," Addison said, she sat in the car, and as Gunner got in, he replied, "Sure, not a problem at all,"

There seemed to be total silence as Addison and Gunner were in the car, he started the engine and drove back and out of the movie theater parking out to the road. He drove Addison all the way back home. Gunner looked at Addison and turned back to the road, Addison looked back and turned to the window.

Gunner drove Addison back to Elizabeth's house, and he smiled, and she smiled back. "See you tomorrow, Gunner,"

Gunner pulled back Addison, saying, "Wait, there's actually, um, something I wanted to tell you,"

"Sure, what's up?" Addison said, closing the door back. Elizabeth looked out of the window and saw the car and shook her head and walked away. Gunner took a deep breath. "There's just have been something on my mind, it's been on my mind a lot actually,"

"What is it?" Addison looked at Gunner, he looked down and looked back up at Addison. "I've been thinking a lot, I know that me and you, we've been on a rocky road and gone, but ever since I've broke up with Carina, I've honestly been thinking a lot about you,"

Addison seemed to be confused, and out of words, not knowing what to say to Gunner. "I've been wishing to work things out with you again,"

Addison still was out of words, and Gunner found it hard to resist, but he moved closer to Addison and softly pressed his lips to hers. Addison tried to fight herself to pull back, and it seemed as if she flashed back to her first kiss with Gunner from before.

Gunner slowly lifted up his hand to Addison's face, and Addison couldn't help but lift up hers to his face, but at the moment, Addison squinted her eyes and pulled back.

"I'm sorry, I just can't do this," Addison nodded.

"Addison, I really miss being with you," Gunner said. "Without you, there's no me,"

"Why haven't you said that before I dated Karin?" Addison said. "I was stupid for even letting you go like that," Gunner said. "Addison, it is undeniable that we still have chemistry, it's hard to deny it,"

Addison sighed, "Gunner, you know that I really care about you, still, but I just don't see us together again, I just don't,"

Gunner nodded, "You don't even mean that at all, I know you don't,"

"I know I do," Addison said. "Gunner, I just don't feel like we were always meant to be, I just think that we're better as friends like you said yesterday,"

"Friends?" Gunner said. "You were my first ever love, Addison, I was your first ever love, we both shared our first time together, and you're telling me that you're just going to let that all go?"

"Gunner, I'll always remember that, I will, but still, I can't see us ever being something again,"

"Fine," Gunner nodded in dismay, "You can just leave, I guess," Addison suddenly felt bad as she left out of the car and closed the door. He quickly droved off, and Addison looked as he drove past. She felt guilty for hurting Gunner that way, and she slowly walked backwards to Elizabeth's house, singing, "Ba bum ba bum, ba dum, ba ba da da dum,"

"The days are numbered and that's too bad, but now I'm sober, and I don't understand, too much consoling is still not enough and now I'm holding on to anything I can touch,"

"Ba bum ba bum, ba dum, ba ba da da dum, ba bum ba bum, ba dum, ba ba da da dum,"

"Don't look back at me, I don't wanna see your face taking my blue sky and turning it into grey, I'm so tired of your childish games, always playing under different names, pretender, surrender don't make me remember these dark days, suddenly I'm missing you," Addison walked inside of Elizabeth's house. The next morning, Addison stood in the front center of the choir room, continuing to sing.

"Ba bum ba bum, ba dum, ba ba da da dum, ba bum ba bum, ba dum, ba ba da da dum,"

"I have never walked out before, but now I'm walking out your front door and I feel broken like a made of glass, except Im shattered, and oh so easy to smash," Addison sang. Ruby, Cheyenne and Elizabeth smiled as they sang along, mouthing the "bums" of the song.

"Don't look back at me, I don't wanna see your face, taking my blue sky and turning it into grey," Addison sang. "I'm so tired of your childish games, always playing under different names, pretender, surrender don't make me remember these dark days, suddenly I'm missing you,"

Gunner stood in the front, watching her as she performed, and Carina looked at Gunner's experessions and shook her head. Gunner looked as if he wanted to cry and walk out.

"Take away all the pain, don't make me just fade away, falling to pieces is my middle name, falling to pieces is my middle name," Addison sang. "I'm so tired of your childish games, always playing under different names, pretender, surrender don't make me remember these dark days, suddenly I found myself missing you, suddenly, I found myself missing you,"

"Ba bum, mmmhmm," Addison ended the song, Gunner and Addison locked eyes, he began to grab his things and he walked out of the choir room. Addison shook her head and looked down. Carina crossed her eyes and forced herself not to follow him, while Levi looked as if he felt bad for him.


Levi walked in the hallway, trying to follow Gunner to his path. "Gunner, Gunner, wait,"

Gunner slowly stopped and turned around. "I'm just a piece of crap, Levi, why talk to me?"

"Gunner, that's not even true, dude, why did you leave the choir room?" Levi said, pulling Gunner to the locker slowly and gently. "Because that song was dedicated to me, and all I just wanted was a second chance, and all I got was a no,"

"Do you think one girl is worth crying and whining for?" Levi said. "There is so many fish in the sea, dude, don't even center yourself on one girl that's not even into anymore, you have your whole life ahead of you,"

"Oh, look who's talking," Gunner replied. "You can't even handle your own self by dying your hair and changing your style, who are you to even tell me what to do?" Gunner said.

"Gunner, that's not what I'm even trying to do," Levi said.

"How about you just leave me alone, please, just leave me alone," Gunner said, looking down in disappointment. Levi nodded his head, "Oh well, your loss, just trying to help, lay off the attitude," Levi walked in anger and back to the choir room.

Gunner walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and tried to wipe his face off with water, he looked deeper into the mirror, in anger, trying to push away the emotions he currently had.

"It was Saturday when I got that call, far away from feeling tall, I know, I know, I know what the truth is, yeah, I try to look away from what you did, heartache became my friend," Gunner sang.

Gunner walked out of the bathroom and back outside the hallway, "You walked away from me baby, I would've never done the same, you made me feel like our love was not real, you threw it all away, so,"

"I don’t wanna wait for you, I don’t wanna wake up thinking, hoping, you will get it right this time, cause you know that you’re so cold, I don’t wanna see no more and I can’t get away from you, it’s one of the reasons why, that I just can’t get you out my mind and all I keep seeing is your picture, I don’t wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more,"

"It was so easy to trust you baby, guess I was so stupid baby, oh, I didn’t ever think that this would come, you’re running right to another one, oh, you walked away from me baby, you threw it all away, so," Gunner walked back into the choir room, and Addison spotted him, and everyone watched as the music played as he walked in.

"I don’t wanna wait for you, I don’t wanna wake up thinking, hoping, you will get it right this time, cause you know that you’re so cold, I don’t wanna see no more and I can’t get away from you, it’s one of the reasons why, that I just can’t get you out my mind and all I keep seeing is your picture, I don’t wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more,"

"I used to be afraid of letting go, the fragile part of me, I’m here right now, I need you to set me free, I can see it in your eyes, that you won’t blame it on me this time, no, never, you might want me back but I won’t look back, no," Gunner sang.

"I don’t wanna wait for you, I don’t wanna wake up thinking, hoping, you will get it right this time, cause you know that you’re so cold, I don’t wanna see no more and I can’t get away from you, it’s one of the reasons why, that I just can’t get you out my mind and all I keep seeing is your picture, I don’t wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more, I don't wanna see no more," Gunner sang and ended the song. Everyone gave a slow round of applause, and Gunner looked at Addison, and she looked back, and looked down to the floor.


Claira walked into Mr. Schuester's office after he told her to do so after school, she walked in, nervously as he looked up at her. "Um, hi, Mr. Schue, what's going on?"

"Please, um, have a seat, Claira," Mr. Schuester said. Claira sat down slowly, still looking in curiosity and confusion. "Is there something wrong?"

Mr. Schuester took off his reading glasses and pulled his chair closer to his desk. "Claira, there's something I wanted to talk to you about,"

"Um, OK, I guess," Claira said. Mr. Schuester sighed, "Claira, for the past couple of days, I've realized that you haven't looked like yourself, nor have you acted like yourself. You've been throwing up ever since the last day of school, I don't want to get to serious in this situation, but are you sure you're OK?"

"Yeah, I am, thanks, Mr. Schue, see you tomorrow," Claira stood up and grabbed her bag, but Mr. Schuester stopped her. "Claira, please, just sit back down,"

Claira sat back down, and changed the expression on her face, she looked as if she was about to cry. "Claira, hon, I just really want you to tell me the truth, is there something wrong, you know you can always tell me,"

Claira looked down, nodding her head, and she began to sob lightly. Claira looked back up, and Mr. Schuester pushed up his desk chair. "Claira, why are you crying?"

"Throughout this whole summer, I had to keep a secret to myself, because if I told my parents what's going on, I know that they would kill me,"

"What's going on?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Don't you see the signs, Mr. Schuester?" Claira said. "Throwing up, eating a lot, Mr. Schuester, I'm pregnant,"

Mr. Schuester stood up from his chair, and Claira began to cry more, and Mr. Schuester pulled her up from the seat and leaned in for a hug. "Claira, it's OK, it's OK, we're all here for you, it's OK,"

Claira put her arms slowly on Mr. Schuesters back as they hugged, sobbing constantly.

"It's OK, Claira," Mr. Schuester looked up at the ceiling as if he was thinking, "Why?" he flashed back to the moments with Quinn, and compared them all to now.


Chuck walked to Anna, trying to catch up to her, "You haven't answered all of my calls, what's up?"

"I'm doing the same thing you are doing," Anna replied. "Ignoring the people you love, I mean, if you're able to do it, why shouldn't I?"

Chuck shook his head, "Why are you taking this so seriously, I'm just going through a lot, Anna, don't you get that?" "Yeah, I do get that, Chuck," Anna said. "The thing I don't get is why you are taking your issues out on us when really we supported you a whole lot after that."

"You just don't understand, babe," Anna said.

"What I don't understand is why you can't just quit Glee Club, if this was a serious situation, you would have quit the football team too, you're choosing football over us, the people who care about you the most, those jocks on your team don't give a crap about no one but themselves, and you know that, so you know, go on, just go on with your wack team, and I can go on mines, but when you realize that we were and still are there for your support, consider us not a couple, until you come back,"

Anna walked away and shook her head, and Chuck once again stood in shock, and Anna walked into the auditorium, as she went down to the stage to greet up with the rest of the Glee Club.

"Hey, Anna," Charlie said. "You ready to rock this performance out?"

"Oh, you bet I am," Anna said.

The music began to play and the lights dimmed down, and Charlie went to the front center of the stage, and sang, "They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books, to make a citizen out of you, because they sleep with a gun and keep an eye on you, son, so they can watch all the things you do,"

"Because the drugs never work, they're gonna give you a smirk, cause they got methods of keeping you clean, they're gonna rip up your heads,, your aspirations to shreds another cog in the murder machine,"Denzil sang. New Directions all gathered together and sang, "They said all teenagers scare the living crap out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed, so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me,"

"The boys and girls in the clique, the awful names that they stick, you're never gonna fit in much, kid," Cheyenne and Ruby sang.

"But if you're troubled and hurt, what you got under your shirt will make them pay for the things that they did," Levi and A.J. sang.

"They said all teenagers scare the living crap out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed, so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me,"

"Ohhh yeah!" Levi yelled.

"They said all teenagers scare the living crap out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed, so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me,"

"All together now!"

Chuck watched them perform in the auditorium by the door, he sighed as he saw them gather together, as if they were having a good time.

"They said all teenagers scare the living crap out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed, so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me,"

"They said all teenagers scare the living crap out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed, so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me,"

Chuck walked past the auditorium and New Directions cheered after they ended their performance.



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