Season Three, Episode Seventeen
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First Aired TBA 2014
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"A Dream Come True"
Courage is the seventeenth episode of Glee: The New Years' third season, and it is the sixtieth episode overall in the series. The episode will likely be released during the winter of 2014. It will be written by REBELReloaded.



  • With only a couple of weeks left before Nationals and graduation for the current seniors, most of New Directions don't seem prepared, and lack self-esteem; thus, Mr. Schuester tries to build their confidence with the help of McKinley Alumni, Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez, and Kurt Hummel. Meanwhile, Chuck and Elizabeth prepare for their NYADA auditions, and Carina doubts herself when she feels she doesn't have a future ahead of her.

Santana, Mercedes, and KurtEdit

  • Santana will become Carina's mentor, a.k.a. advice giver, and she will also have a big part in this episode.

Chuck and ElizabethEdit

  • This episode will also be based on Chuck and Elizabeth's audition for NYADA. 


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
The Impossible Dream Cast of Man of La Mancha Chuck Salvatore
Tomorrow Cast of Annie Elizabeth Moore
Intituition Jewel Carina Maraj
Hero Jessie J Carina Maraj and Santana Lopez
TBA TBA New Directions

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