Claira Kingston
Claira Kingston
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3)
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: N/A
Height: N/A
Aliases: 0Ms. I'm-Such-A-Sweet-Girl Kingston
Family & Friends
Family: Alice Kingston (mother)

Thomas Kingston (father)

Relationships: Peter Collins
Chuck Salvatore
Alex Monroe
Sexuality: Bicurious
Friends: Addison Lee
Shannon Brockwood
Cheyenne McLarson
Carina Maraj
Alex Monroe
New Directions
Enemies: Daniel Mick
Other Information
Interests: Being a bitch, bullying people (Season 1)
Being a sweet girl (Season 2)
Clique: Glee Club
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Strengths: Pushing people,
Series Information
First appearance: Newbies On The Block
Portrayer: Blake Lively
Claira Kingston is a main character on Glee. She was the main antagonist of the fanfic in season 1, then became more of a sweet and sensitive character in season 2, despite her remarks to Daniel. She is a current member in New Directions.. She joined New Directions of a blackmailing Will Schuester, who forced her to join.

Personality Edit

Life Before GleeEdit



  1. Complicated (Triangle Of Love)
  2. Bad Reputation (Girls Will Be Boys)
  3. Invisible (Changes)

Season Two:Edit

  1. Looking In (Cyberbu//y)
  2. Pieces Of Me (Cyberbu//y)
  3. Mr. Know It All (The Duets)

Season Three:Edit

  1. Too Little Too Late (The Devil's Advocate)

Solos (In A Duet):Edit

  1. Beautiful Liar (Cheyenne) (Bad Influence)
  2. We're Not Gonna Take It (Julian) (World War Chanel)

Season Two:Edit

  1. Abracadabra (Alex) (Girl Power)