Channel ORAnge
Season 3, Episode 11
Andrew garfield
First Aired November/December 2012
Episode Guide
"UK Fever"
Channel ORAnge is the eleventh episode of the third season of Glee: The New Years. This is the second and final tribute most likely of the season. This will be a tribute to Frank Ocean and Rita Ora which there will be songs from Ora's album, ORA and Frank Ocean's critically acclaimed debut album, channel ORANGE.


The LGBT community males in New Directions all try to persuade Mr. Schuester to allow a tribute to Frank Ocean, an R&B and hip-hop singer who was known to come out as bisexual. Many like A.J. and Denzil support him and lead the way of making it happen. However, the girls disagree because they wanted a Rita Ora tribute, so, to make it fair, Schue decides to allow both genders do their own tributes. Meanwhile, when Gunner is stuck in The Battle Of The Boyfriends with Ari and Clyde to fight for Cheyenne, but Levi backs out of it, attempting to lean on Riley for guidance, but suddenly it seems to be more. Later on, Chuck faces a showdown with his father, when he tries to pull him out of New Directions so he can stay in the books and out of the art activities, but this pressures him to certain points. Daniel returns in hopes of winning back A.J., but it seems as if it fails after realizing a spark going on between him and someone else.


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