Center Stage of Attention
Season Two, Episode Seven
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First Aired April 15, 2012
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Center Stage of Attention is the seventh episode of the second season of Glee: The New Years and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It was released on April 15, 2012.

Sectionals arrives, and the tension rises up between New Directions and The McKinley Rebels as they both compete against each other to win. Meanwhile, Shawn and Lily feel like the outcasts in the group and convinces Mr. Schuester to give them the chance to shine. Later, Addison meets Vocal Adrenaline member, Karin Stefano, for the second time and they both quickly connect. Also, Cheyenne finds herself in love with Ari, and asks Carina and Claira for advice.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Train on a Track Kelly Rowland Cheyenne McLarson with Carina Maraj and Claira Kingston
You Da One Rihanna The Hurston Acapella Show Choir
One Night Only Cast of Dreamgirls The McKinley Rebels
Before it Explodes Charice Shawn Dawson
Soar Christina Aguilera Lily Stevens
21 Guns Green Day New Directions

Episode 7:Edit

So here’s what you missed on Glee: The New Years

Addison returned to New Directions, recovering from her incident, dealing with her relationship with Gunner, she tries to win him back, but he seems more into Carina now. Bummer. Meanwhile, Claira and Alex create a major bon, but finds out a secret about her that she never thought she’d find out. Later on, Dougie is torn between his ex-boyfriend Drew and his friend Levi, in which Drew warns Levi to stay away from him.

Well, that’s what you missed on Glee!

Mr. Schuester took a black dry erase marker and he wrote “SECTIONALS” on the whiteboard.

“Sectionals,” Mr. Schuester said. “It’s officially here, guys, and we have a lot of practicing to do in 2 days before we start,”

Daniel raised his hand. “Mr. Schue, I noticed that we’re down on girls for our group, we only have Carina, Claira, Lily and Addison.

“But the good thing is that we have 12 members for Sectionals, we’re good for now, actually,” Chuck said.

“Exactly,” Mr. Schuester said. “So, we all have to work together and work harder in order for us to make it to Regionals and the rest on our road, and just think, Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Charlie would be on their knees begging to come back,”

Everyone giggled.

“So, first, we have to work on our setlist, I’m thinking that we should have a duet and a group number,”

Lily raised her hand, “Um, Mr. Schuester, I was wondering if I could have the opportunity to audition for the part,”

“I’m not sure, Lily,”

Lily looked down, “Yeah, so much for joining the club, each and every person in here gets favored except for me,”

“Oh, Lily, it’s not like that,”

“It is like that, Mr. Schuester, you know that’s right,” Lily said.

“I must agree, me and Lily are always put outside of the box,” Shawn said.

Mr. Schuester sighed.

“We aren’t extras here, we auditioned here for a reason,”

“I could have been with The Troubletones singing, but I came in for this and I’m an outsider,” Shawn said. “I’d transfer again."

"No, we wouldn't want that," Mr. Schuester said.

"Then, what is it gonna be?" Lily said, she folded her arms, along with Shawn.

Mr. Schuester sighed, "It's happening again," he thought to himself.

What’s the use? Gunner’s over me, so I might as well get over him. Addison said as she walked outside after school.

I’ve done it myself. I guess it’s time for me to meet someone new. As Addison was rapidly walking away from the school ground, she looked back and then she felt a huge bump, and paper fell from someone’s hands. Addison looked and she saw a brown-haired girl looking down to grab her things.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” Addison said. “I should have looked at where I was going,”

“It’s OK, it happens every time.” The girl replied.

The girl looked up and stopped and stared. Addison started to stare back.

“Have we met before?” The girl said.

“I’m not sure, but you do look really familiar,”

“Aren’t you Addison?” The girl said.

“Yes, I’m Addison,”

“I’m Karin, I believe we’ve met, I’m in Vocal Adrenaline, well, was in Vocal Adrenaline.”

“Oh my, it’s you!” Addison smiled. “It’s nice meeting you again,”

“It’s nice meeting you too,” Karin smiled back.

Addison smiled once again, looking at her hair.

“You have really nice hair,” Addison complimented.

“Really? I haven’t noticed,” Karin and Addison both giggled.

“I was just heading to the Lima Bean for coffee, would you like to come?” Karin said.

Addison smiled, “Sure, I have nothing else to do today,”

Later on, they were both at a table at the Lima Bean, sitting down talk to each other.

“Aww, why did you quit Vocal Adrenaline,”

“Here’s the thing,” Karin took a sip from her coffee. “At first, you would think that being in a show choir would be fun, and it was for me, but later on, I’ve realized Vocal Adrenaline isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Jesse St. James became the new coach for the choir, and he’s been suddenly terrorizing us for the past two months of school days,”

A flashback occurs in the stage with Jesse St. James and Vocal Adrenaline, the group was practicing their dancing routines. He stopped them all and stood them in a straight line.

He walked past everyone criticizing.

“You, bad,”

“You, sucked,”

“You, vomitricious,”

“You need to shave the moustache of yours,” Jesse said to a girl in the group, she gasps, “Excuse me?”

You, were OK,”

“You, were good,”

"You, lay off the junk food,"

The girl said, "You did just not go there!"

“You, invisible,” Jesse said to Karin.

“Invisible, what do you mean, invisible?”

“Um, I’m sorry, am I talking to air in this stage, I believe so, air, you’re irrelevant here, if you want to be a shining star, you’re going to have to act like one and stop being the person in the crowd,”

“A person in the crowd?.” Karin yelled. “I have worked my BUTT off doing these routines and you say that I’m invisible?”

“Yes, I do think you’re invisible, if you want to be a star, shine like one.” Jesse walked away.

Back at the Lima Bean, Addison shook her head. “And that’s how you were treated in Vocal Adrenaline?”

“Yeah, he said that it was just tough love in order for us to win after we lost at Internationals.”

“Whatever happened to that guy in VA? Jeremy, right?”

“Oh, he transferred a couple of weeks ago, he was pretty much tired of the drama in Vocal Adrenaline too,”

“And the voodoo girl,” Addison said.

Karin chuckles, “We found out that she sneaked into Vocal Adrenaline to hide, and she was an original member for Jane Addams Academy Show Choir, she was sent back to the school,”

“Whoa,” Addison said.

“So, are you dating?”

“Well, was dating,” Addison said.

Karin slowly lifted her head up from the straw and said, “Really?”

“Yeah, I was going through a lot in the past couple of weeks, a long story, you wouldn’t want to know about,”

“I would love to know, I promise not to say anything,” Karin put her hand on the table and patted her hand. Addison looked up at Karin and smiled.

Her hands are soft, she thought. And she has pretty eyes.

“Well, um, I’ve been, um, having current problems at home with my parents, and I forced to go suicidal and I ended up in a coma,” Karin frowned, “I, I’m so sorry,”

“No, no, it’s OK, I mean, I’m here right now, I’m happy that I’m here and I’ve learned from my mistakes.” Addison smiled.

“I’m glad that you’re still here, I’ve had my brother do the same thing, but he’s in a mental institution.” Karin said.

“Well, it seems as if we have a lot of problems in common, don’t we?” Addison said.

“I guess we do,” Karin said.

Addison and Karin smiled at each other and then gazed in each other’s eyes.

“So, um,” Karin cleared her throat, “I was wondering, maybe we could just hang out together,”

Addison smiled, “I’d like that,”

Cheyenne was sitting in the piano chair and she was playing out of key, and she aggressively banged on the piano and put her head on the top of it.

Carina and Claira suddenly walked in, “Cheyenne, what’s going on, why did you call us here?”

“I’ve called you guys here because I need your help,” Cheyenne said.

“You need our help, with what?” Carina said.

“Come here, so I could tell you,”

Carina and Claira both walked near Cheyenne and Claira says, “So, what’s up?”

“I do believe that you guys have experienced love before, right?”

“Yeah,” Carina said.

“Same here,”

“I was hoping if you guys would give me advice on it,”

“OK, is this just to use us for Sectionals?”

“No, it’s not,” Cheyenne looked around, “I think I’m in love,”

“You, in love?” Claira said. She laughed, but Carina tapped her.

“Yes, I think I’m in love, it’s this guy named Ari,”

“Wait, the detention kid?” Claira said.

“Yes,” Cheyenne said.

Claira gasped, “Oh my god,”

“Yeah, we kissed a couple of weeks ago and I’m questioning if it’s real or not,”

“I think you should take it slow, for me and Gunner for instance,” Carina said.

“I mean, you guys have met since last year, and you guys WERE close to each other that day. I say, go for it, but at another point, I agree with Carina, take it slow, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, you may have second thoughts.”

“But, you guys don’t understand, Ari is a really sweet guy,”

“Yeah, to you he may be, but people can go from sweet to sour. Don’t take it so fast,” Claira said.

Cheyenne sighed, “I just don’t know what I should do,”

Cheyenne, Claira and Carina sat on stools as music began to play.

“''I wonder, if he knows I’m watching him and I wonder, if he knows I can feel him, in my dreams when I'm sleeping, and I'm keeping him close to me,” Cheyenne sang. “I'm thinking, he's the thunder, I'm the lightning and I'm thinking, maybe we can come together and I'm thinking, we can bring the rain with a lovely breeze with such harmony,”

Carina and Claira sang with Cheyenne on the chorus, “Like a train on a track like spokes inside a wheel, involuntary motion like rolling downhill and there's no way to stop it. It's a natural thing like sunrise and dusk, snowflakes, waterfalls same thing like us and there's no way to stop it, once you fall in love,”

Cheyenne was walking in the hallway as if she was walking in slow motion, she spotted Ari at his locker, he turned around and smiled.

“I'm glowing and overflow of happy laughter, I’m growing closer to you more than ever, I'm blowing daffodils and kisses, baby breaths, and roses gently, touching noses. I'm sailing without a destination, I'm sailing, explore uncharted places, I'm exhaling, no more lonely seasons, I'm underwater breathing, drowning in the sea of love,”

“Like a train on a track like spokes inside a wheel, involuntary motion like rolling downhill and there's no way to stop it. It's a natural thing like sunrise and dusk, snowflakes, waterfalls same thing like us and there's no way to stop it, once you fall in love,”

“I heard a song bird, a seed came through the earth, strangers holding hands, a crowd cheering in the stands, I've already seen the evidence, it's obvious love's in the air again, saw dark clouds blow, chased by rainbows, saw two roses bloom just like me and you, caught up in the magic I can't pretend, it's obvious love's in the air again,”

“There's no way to stop it, boy you and I, are love in love you see, that you and I, are love in love, there's no way to stop it, no way, boy you and I, are love in love you see, that you and I, are love in love,”

“Like a train on a track like spokes inside a wheel, involuntary motion like rolling downhill and there's no way to stop it. It's a natural thing like sunrise and dusk, snowflakes, waterfalls same thing like us and there's no way to stop it, once you fall in love,”

Claira and Carina finished off and Cheyenne ended the song.

“Here, we have our competition for Sectionals,”

Everyone had no expression on their face.

“So, we have The Rebels and The Hurston Academy Show Choir,” Mr. Schuester recalled.

“Hmm,” Chuck said. Everyone shook their head.

“And um, so, I have a plan for Sectionals,” Mr. Schuester said. “I’ve decided to give Lily and Shawn a chance to shine,”

Everyone looked at the two and gave a round of applause.

“Are, are, are you serious?” Shawn said.

“We get to sing, on the stage, for Sectionals?!” Lily yelled.

“Yes, guys, both of you will have your own solos,”

Lily and Shawn smiled and gave each other a high-five.

“There will be 2 solos and 1 group number, so you two have at least 2 more days to confirm your performance number while we will all agree for our group number,” Mr. Schuester said. “Take 5, everyone!”

While everyone turned around and started talking, Lily and Shawn were shocked. Mr. Schuester walked to them and sat down next to them.

“Why did you give us the solos for Sectionals?” Shawn said.

“Well, I’ve realized that I have been putting kids down here, and mainly made Cheyenne, Elizabeth and Charlie leave, and I want to give you guys the opportunity and I promise to do the same with the others who have been treated the same,” Mr. Schuester smiled.

“Thanks, Mr. Schue,” Lily and Shawn both hugged Mr. Schuester, and he chuckled.

“You look really sad, Lev, what’s the matter?” Dougie said as he and Levi were in the cafeteria sitting on a table.

“It’s your ex,” Levi said, as he looked down on his tray, picking with his food with his fork.

“What about him, did he say something to you?” Dougie asked.

Levi stopped and was silent, then he shook his head. “No, it’s just, now that he’s here, it’s like I can’t bond with you as much as I did before he came,”

“Lev, you know that you can bond with me whenever, Drew doesn’t control me, nor does he actually want me, or care about me. I care about you and I’ll be always here,” Dougie smiled and slowly patted Levi’s back.

Levi’s cheeks went red, and he smiled. “Thanks,”

Drew was walking past behind them, but then he stopped and spotted them gazing in each other’s eyes. He looked angered and he walked away.

Addison was hanging out with Karin once again, she toured her around the school, although she has been inside before.

“And this, is our library,” Addison continued, as they entered the library, and Karin looked around.

“You know, you should come to our competition at our school,” Addison said.

“Sectionals?” Karin said.

“Yeah, we’re competing against The McKinley Rebels, another rival group in this school.”

“Sure, I’d love to come,” Karin said. She smiled.

“Tell me more about your ex, Addison,” Karin aid.

Addison was silent, and she looked around, “Um, well, he was a really sweet guy, he was in The Showstoppers for last year’s Sectionals, and he transferred here just for me,”

“Aww, that really is sweet,”

“Have you ever dated before?” Addison said.

Karin shook her head, “No, not really, but I’ve considered myself into both girls and guys,”

“Really, I am too,”

“You’re bi?”

“Well, everyone like my parents know, but for my group, or my ex, no,”

“Wow, we do have a lot in common,” Karin giggled.

“Have you ever fell in love with a girl?” Addison said.

“Nah, but I would want to experience it, I mean, the only thing I do is stop and stare, and compliment when it comes to girls, girls like you,” Karin said.

Addison blushed, the redness showed on the outside, “Thanks,”

“No problem,” Karin said.

It was silent, Karin and Addison still gazed in each other’s eyes, Karin suddenly moved closer but then Addison quickly stopped.

“Um, um, maybe I should show you around the hallway,” Addison was nervous.

“Um, yeah, I’d like that,”

Karin and Addison left out of the library, and walked in the hallway, as they were walking and giggling with each other, Gunner spotted them and looked suspicious.

Addison walked inside of the choir room the next day and saw Daniel, Dougie, Gunner and Carina and Claira in the room.

“Hey, guys, what’s going on?” Addison looked confused.

“Addy, I think that you should stay away from that girl,” Dougie said.

“What girl,”

“Addy, don’t play dumb with us, we’re talking about that Vocal Adrenaline girl,” Daniel said.

“Oh, Karin, what’s wrong with her?” Addison said.

“Come on, Addison, you do realize that she could be spying on us,” Gunner said.

“Gunner, she quit Vocal Adrenaline for a reason,”

“Addy, that’s what she wants you to think, that’s what all rival group members do, try to pretend they’re innocent when they’re really not,”

“But you guys don’t know Karin as much as I do, and if it may be fake, at least I’m not lonely,”

“Addy, we care about you so much, we just don’t want you to get hurt and make you do the same thing over again,” Dougie said.

“If you guys don’t understand, then maybe you guys aren’t really my friends at all,” Addison walked out and everyone looked at each other.

The hallways were empty and Levi was just getting ready to exit the school, until Drew walked to him.


“I thought I told you to stay away from Dougie,” Drew said.

“Yeah, you did, but I really don’t care what you say or do, because I’m gonna keep on being near him,”

“I’m warning you, dude,”

“Oh, really? What are you going to do?” Levi said.

Drew balled up his fists and then he grabbed Levi’s face and aggressively locked his lips to his.

It took him 6 seconds to get an actual kiss out of him, Levi’s eyes were straight open and he pushed him away,”

“What the hell was that for?!” Levi said.

“That was to prove if you liked Dougie,” Drew said. He stopped and gazed into Levi’s eyes. “But you know, you don’t need him, Levi, you can have me,”

Drew moved closer to him and tried to kiss him once again, but Levi pushed him away, “Back away from me!”

Levi quickly ran away from him and left out of the school, Drew sighed and shook his head, and Levi stood on the side of the outside brick wall and wiped off his lips.

New Directions were all in the choir room preparing for the big night, as light up mirrors were in the room and Carina was in the chair getting her face ready, until Claira accidentally messed it up.

“Ugh, Claira, you messed up my make up!” Carina said.

“I’m sorry, Carina, it was an accident!”

Mr. Schuester walked in, “OK, guys, we’re finally at our second year of Sectionals, I know we can do this if we all work together,”

Everyone cheered, until the McKinley Rebels walked in the choir room. It was full of silence and tension as they walked in. Cheyenne walked in the middle of the whole group.

“We just wanted to say, we wish you guys luck, you guys will rock this competition, I know it,”

“Thanks, Cheyenne, we really appreciate that,” Mr. Schuester said.

“In translation, what Cheyenne really says that we wish you guys luck, because you guys will really need it,”

“Sue,” Mr. Schuester said.

Everyone shook their head.

Sue walked to Mr. Schuester. “Don’t worry, Schue, when your island of crabs lose, there could be some spots for the Rebels for Regionals, no worries,”

Mr. Schuester looked annoyed. The Rebels walked out.

“Mr. Schue, they’re on to us, really bad,”

“Guys, we’re not going to lose this competition, believe me, we’re not,” Mr. Schuester said. “Look, we can do this, we did it last time, it’s going to happen again, all in three,”

“1, 2, 3, New Directions!” Everyone yelled.

A group was wearing suits and the boys were wearing tan suits with black ties, and the girls wore tan dresses and black heels. The spotlight created a silhouette of the group on the stage as they began to sing.

“You the one that I dream about all day, you the one that I think about always, you are the one so I make sure I behave! My love is your love, you’re love is my love, love,”

One girl came out from the back of the stage and began performing in the spotlight, “Baby, I love you, I need you here, with me all the time, baby we meant to be, you got me, smiling all the time,”

A boy came out and started singing, “Cause you know how to give me that, you know how to pull me back, when I go runnin, runnin, tryin' to get away from loving ya, you know how to love me hard, I won't lie, I'm falling hard, yep, I'm falling for ya but there's nothin wrong with that,”

The whole group was all in the spotlight and everyone sang, “You the one that I dream about all day, you the one that I think about always, you are the one so I make sure I behave! My love is your love, you’re love is my love, love. You the one that I dream about all day, you the one that I think about always, you are the one so I make sure I behave! My love is your love, you’re love is mine,”

The crowd was clapping to the song and cheering them on, while New Directions were looking at them, “Wow, they’re good,” Chuck said.

“Yeah, but I know we could be 100 times better,” Mr. Schuester said.

And Yes I'm kinda crazy, that's what happens baby, when you put it down, you shouldn't give it to me good like that, shouldn't hit it like that, had me yellin' like that, didn't know you would've had me coming back,”

The boy sang, “You the one that I'm feeling, you the one that I'm loving, ain't no other girl is like you, no there's just one, one, one, one, one, one, no baby just one, one, one, I bet you wanna know,”

“You the one that I dream about all day, you the one that I think about always, you are the one so I make sure I behave! My love is your love, you’re love is my love, love. You the one that I dream about all day, you the one that I think about always, you are the one so I make sure I behave! My love is your love, you’re love is mine,”

The song ended and everyone gave a huge round of applause, and New Directions stood up. Later on, Karin walked inside of the auditorium on the right side, while Alex and Shannon walked inside of the auditorium on the left side, looking around, hearing the huge applause.

Later on, the announcer yelled out, “And now, coming from Lima, Ohio in McKinley High School, please welcome, The McKinley Rebels!”

Everyone clapped, and the curtains had opened. Three members had their backs shown in the silhouette, of a light blue background of the stage, the piano had begun playing, slowly.

“Come on baby, one night, one night only,”

The backs had turned, Cheyenne was in the middle, Elizabeth and Ruby were in the back dancing, Cheyenne sang, “You want all my love and my devotion, you want my loving soul right on the line, I had no doubt that I could love you forever, the only trouble is I really don't have the time,”

The whole group had came out on the stage and everyone started dancing and Cheyenne leaded the song, “I've got one night only, one night only, that's all I have to spare, one night only, let's not pretend you care,”

“I've got one night only, one night only, come on, we better come on, one night only, we only have ‘til dawn,”

Ruby and Elizabeth were in the background singing, “We only have ‘til dawn, we only have ‘til dawn,”

The group did a dance break and everyone was cheering, except for New Directions, who were in shock.

“One night only, oh, one night only, yeah-yeah,”

“One night only, come on, come on, one night only, come on, come on,”

Cheyenne belted out and sang, “You and I will be running out of time!”

“Whoo yeah, whoo, come on, come on, come on, yeah!” Cheyenne sang.

“One night only, come on, come on,”

“One night only, come on, come on,”

“One night only, come on, come on,”

“Come on, come on , come on, come on, come on, come on , come on, come on, come on!”

The song ended and everyone in the crowd stood up cheering while all of New Directions stayed in their seats in awe.

“We’re so doomed now,” Daniel said.

“Damn, damn, damn, damn,” Daniel said as they all were in the choir room.

“Daniel, calm down, OK, we can do this, we have Lily and Shawn to count on,” Mr. Schuester said.

Daniel was walking back and forth, and Carina was in the chair.

“Damn, Daniel, can you stop prancing, you’re making me dizzy,”

“I’m sorry,”

“Guys, let’s stop worrying OK, we can do this. I know we can,”

“And now, here goes our third group for Sectionals, also from Lima, Ohio, and McKinley High School, please welcome New Directions!”

Everyone clapped and Alex and Shannon were cheering for them and Karin smiled.

The curtains opened, the darkness affected the stage and the spotlight was on Shawn as he stepped to the microphone and looked around in silence, he turned to the piano player and nodded and he began to vocalize.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,”

“It's not a question of love, ‘cause our love has never changed. but all the little things keep piling up and life keeps getting in the way,” Shawn sang.

“Don't make this harder than it is, we both knew we'd come to this, better now than in a year, with lots of tears and we both hate each other. The fuse has already lit, so how about a final kiss? And just let it go,”

“Stop the madness, before it explodes, before it's out of our control, let's stop the madness, before it explodes, we gotta let it go, before it all explodes,”

Everyone stood out in their chairs and started waving to the song.

“There ain't nothing that can save us, we're too close to the end and what's the use of going on, if we lie to each other, every word that is said, it's too late for us now, cause we can hear the countdown, it's getting close, it's gonna blow, stop the madness!”

“Stop the madness, before it explodes, before it's out of our control, let's stop the madness, before it explodes, we gotta let it go, before it all explodes,”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,”

The song ended and everyone clapped. Shawn smiled and took a bow and walked out from the stage on the right side, then Lily walked on the stage on the left side, and stood near the microphone.

The piano played and Lily began to sing, “When they push, when they pull, tell me can you hold on, when they say you should change, can you lift your head high and stay strong, will you give up, give in, when your heart's crying out "that is wrong", will you love you for you at the end of it all, now in life there's gonna be times, when you're feeling low and in your mind insecurity seems to take control, we start to look outside ourselves for acceptance and approval, we keep forgetting that the one thing we should know is,”

“Don't be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own, love will open every door, see in your hands the world is yours, don't hold back and always know all the answers you will unfold, what are you waiting for, spread your wings and soar,”

The song slowed down and the key changed, “In the mirror is where she comes, face to face with her fears, her own reflection now foreign to her, after all these years, all of her life she has tried to be, something besides herself, now time has passed and she's ended up someone else with regret,”

“What is it is that makes us feel the need to keep pretending, gotta let ourselves be,”

The boys in New Directions came out on the left side and the girls in New Directions came out on the right side of the stage and started singing with Lily.

“Don't be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own, love will open every door, see in your hands the world is yours, don't hold back and always know all the answers you will unfold, what are you waiting for, spread your wings and soar,”

“Don't wait no more, you've got to soar, spread your wings and soar, don't wait no more, no don't you wait no more, spread your wings and soar, you can soar,”

“Oooh,” Everyone sang. The song ended and everyone clapped.

The group had switched up and then Chuck went in the middle of the stage.

Do you know what's worth fighting for? When it's not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away and you feel yourself suffocating?” Chuck sang.

“Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside, you're in ruins,” Gunner sang.

“One, 21 Guns, lay down your arms, give up the fight. One, 21 Guns, throw up your arms into the sky, you and I ...”

“Did you try to live on your own? When you burned down the house and home?” Lily sang.

Did you stand too close to the fire? Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone,” Levi and Dougie sang together.

“When it's time to live and let die and you can't get another try,” Levi sang.

“Something inside this heart has died, you're in ruins,” Dougie sang.

The performance went silent, and then the whole group sang the chorus together.

““One, 21 Guns, lay down your arms, give up the fight. One, 21 Guns, throw up your arms into the sky, you and I ...”

Lily was belting out in the background and everyone came altogether to the front of the stage, holding each other’s hands singing the song.

Gunner ended the song with the final chorus part and the song ended.

Everyone gave a huge round of applause and the Rebels were looking at each other, shaking their heads, while Cheyenne smiled and gave a round of applause.

“Cheyenne, what are you doing?” Charlie asked.

“Shut up,”

The three groups competing all stood and a judge had came out to announce the winner for Sectionals.

The judge cleared his throat, “If I wasn’t here right now, I would be back in Florida, instead of this weird neighborhood.”

Everyone in the crowd was silent, the judge shook his head and said, “But whatever,”

“All of the judges have made their decision, so, the third place winner of Sectionals 2012 is,”

A drumroll loudly erupted.

“The Hurston Academy Show Choir!”

The group had cheered and walked to the near stage and took their small trophy and left out on the left.

“And now, the first place winner of Sectionals 2012 is….”

“From McKinley High School…”

Cheyenne gave a smirk.

While Carina and Gunner squeezed hands together.

“New Directions!”

They cheered and jumped around with joy and pride, and hugged each other, and took the big trophy.

While Cheyenne looked devastated, some of the people in the Rebels gave a clap or two, but the others weren’t pleased with it, Sue looked completely angry of the fact.

“We did it,” Lily said.

“No, you did it,” Shawn said.

Lily smiled and slowly kissed Shawn softly on the lips

As Claira walked out of the auditorium, she spotted Alex.

“Congrats for the win!” Alex said.

“Thanks, Alex,”

“Well, I guess The Treble Belles won’t be competing against you guys for Regionals,”

“Why not?”

“Well, our group has disbanded after a dramatic thing happened, yeah, you wouldn’t want to know, clearly, I have no other group, and I was counting on joining New Directions, along with Shannon,”

“You’re, you’re serious?” Claira stuttered.

“Yes, I’m serious,” Alex smiled.

Claira quickly hugged her and then moved back and looked at each other, and Alex moved closer to Claira’s lips and they softly lock lips.

Claira’s eyes were open at first, and then they suddenly closed as Alex softly touched her smooth skinned face.

Alex moved back and Claira was in shock, Alex looked around in shock.

The next morning at school, Mr. Schuester cheered everyone on as he walked in.

“I’m so proud of you guys, you guys learned by what we have done so far,”

“Mr. Schue, it’s true that we couldn’t have done it without Lily and Shawn’s powerful performances, I think that they deserve to shine more,”

Everyone cheered for them, and they smiled.

“Well, now that Regionals is in a couple weeks, we have to practice some more, so far, we’re competing against the Treble Belles,”

“Um, that’s something that I want to talk to you about Mr. Schuester,” Claira said.

“What’s up, Claira?”

“We’re not competing against The Treble Belles anymore, a new group has replaced them,”

“Really, who?”

“We are,” Cheyenne walked in with her group.

“Wait, what?” Daniel said.

“Oh, hell no,” Carina said.

“Oh, hell yes, my friends,” Cheyenne said.

“But you guys lost Sectionals, how could this be?” Mr. Schuester said in awe.

Sue walked in, “Well, William, since there was no one else who could take The Treble Belles’ places for Regionals, it seems as if they wanted us,”

Mr. Schuester sighed.

“But don’t worry, buddy, it’s the first round, we’ll see who will win this time,” Sue patted his back and walked out.

“Have fun practicing,” Elizabeth said, waving.

The group walked out.

“What are we going to do now?”

“I, I just don’t know,” Mr. Schuester said. “Let’s take a break,”



Kelly Rowland - Train On A Track03:44

Kelly Rowland - Train On A Track

Rihanna - You Da One03:29

Rihanna - You Da One

One Night Only (Disco)03:08

One Night Only (Disco)

Charice - Before It Explodes04:01

Charice - Before It Explodes

Christina Aguilera - Soar (with lyrics)04:46

Christina Aguilera - Soar (with lyrics)

Green Day - 21 Guns Official Music Video05:32

Green Day - 21 Guns Official Music Video

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