Breaking the Habit
Season Three, Episode Seven
First Aired December 28, 2012
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Breaking the Habit is the sixth episode of the third season of ClevanOTP's Glee: The New Years, and the fiftieth episode overall. The official release is December 28, 2012.


Tired of feeling unimportant in New Directions, Gunner makes both good and bad decisions, and it causes much friction for Glee Club. Anna decides to fill in the hole in her relationship with Chuck, who tries to make peace with Gunner later on. Meanwhile, Candace becomes hurt by the fact that Colton is spending more time with Ruby than her, and reveals that she has a crush on him. Later, Addison persuades Mayson to join New Directions after being booted out of Vocal Adrenaline, and Levi faces rivalry with both Carina and Dougie as they get their taste of revenge.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Fight For This Love Cheryl Cole Anna Clarkson
Say OK Vanessa Hudgens Candace Livingston
I Only Wanna Be With You Dusty Greenfield Chuck Salvatore
Remember Me Daley feat. Jessie J Dougie Eastwood and Levi Lashane
Sabotage Kristinia DeBarge Shannon Brockwood
Breaking the Habit Linkin Park Gunner White



This episode touches on subjects that may be sensitive. This involves abuse, homophobia, drugs, and suicide attempt, if you are sensitive to any of these topics, please do not read if you aren't comfortable, thanks.

- Trae.

Season 3, Episode #7: Breaking the HabitEdit

So, here’s what you missed on the last episode of Glee: The New Years!

After a terrifying dream during Halloween night at Chuck’s house, Levi starts to seem a little crazy and paranoid about his sexual encounter with Gunner, who seems to be very infuriated after not getting his desired role of Billy Flynn for the school production of Chicago. Instead, it was given to Chuck. Although not as infuriated as Gunner, Elizabeth didn’t get her desired role of Roxie Hart, it was given to Ruby Becker, you know the new girl who join--, eh, you get my point. Anna seems to hate Chuck a tad bit since he quit New Directions not so long ago due to his retain, and Shannon starts to act a bit suspicious lately, do you know why? We don’t know why.

That’s why you have to keep up on this new episode of Glee!


As Gunner walked through the hallways, looking as if he wanted to cry or wanted to scream, he looked around at everyone, and then he looked down.

Gunner narrated. Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why do I even exist? Ever since I’ve been here, it’s been nothing but hell, I was doing just fine at Carver High, and ever since I decided to come here, it seems like bad luck.

First it’s my break up with Addison, and her problems. Then, it’s Carina and her self-centered ways, and then it comes to Levi, for Dougie and Carina to hate me over two nights we had, my parents kicked me out of the house, mnd My desired part goes to Chuck Salvatore instead of me.

I just can’t stand the fact that I’ve been a good guy here and I don’t get as much respect as I should, I have a hard life too, it’s always about Addison, or Carina, then you have A.J. who complains about Drew 24/7, Claira and her vomit alerts, Vocal Adrenaline wants a piece of us, Coach Michaels loves and hates me at the same time, I just hate being this way.

From now on, I’m not gonna be so nice and I’m not gonna take this anymore, if I hear about any drama, I’ll just flip. I’m done, rest in peace, Gunner White.

As Carina passed by Gunner, she looked back, nodded her head, and turned her head back around. Following right behind her was Dougie, holding one strap of his backpack smiling.

“So, about that first date,” Dougie said as he smiled and stood beside Carina. She smiled, giggling, “A movie, Doug, just a movie.”

“Just a movie?” Dougie laughed, “A movie is totally too junior high, you can do better than that.”

“I would say a date at Breadstix, but that scenery is so tiring,” Carina said.

“I don’t really care where we go,” Dougie said. “As long as we’re together, that’s all that really matters.”

Carina began to blush, “Such a sweetheart you are.”

Carina rubbed his cheeks and moved in for a kiss, while that, two jocks quickly ran by and quickly splashed red slushies straight to the left side of their faces, they moved back feeling the cold rush exfoliating their skin, Carina’s eyes were closed shut and Dougie rubbed the slush off of his face.

“How cute, loser love!” A jock said as the other jock laughed.


Later that day, Colton sat in the library reading for research for his History essay, as Ruby walked in, Colton looked up, and gave a half-smile, “Hey.”

Ruby smiled back, “Hello, what are you reading?” Colton replied back, “Ah, I’m just looking up research for the History essay due tomorrow, I’m trying to give in as much effort as I can, I’m failing a couple of grades so far in this semester and I don’t want to face any consequences.”

“You know, I can actually help you out with your essay if you let me.” Ruby said.

“Really?” Colton said, he gave a smile , and Ruby nodded, “Sure thing, I can help you out.”

“Thanks, Ruby, you’re awesome.” Colton said. “Also, I think it’s awesome that you got the part of Roxie Hart, it’s pretty cool.”

Ruby began to blush, “Thanks, Colton.” Ruby said. She stood up, having to leave, “I’ll catch up with you later!”

Colton waved, and looked back into his book, but then he took one last glimpse at the door in the library and looked back in his book once again.


When Anna got her things from her locker as the bell rang for the next class, she closed her locker door shut, and Chuck leaned on the second one near her. Anna quickly jumped. “God, you scared me.”

“I can’t take this anymore, Anna.” Chuck said. “It’s been going on for too long and I just want it to stop.”

Anna wrapped her arms on her binders and raised an eyebrow, “Want what to stop?”

“All of this silent treatment, Anna.” Chuck said. “I’ve been back for several weeks, and you’re still acting as if I did something wrong, I apologized to you for my actions, and still you hate me."

Anna squinted her eyes, "Chuck, lis--" Chuck stopped her, continuing to explain himself. "Anna, wait, I'm not finished. All I've wanted to do these past couple of days is to work something out with you, but you're always pushing me away, I hate this, Anna. I just hate--"

Anna pushed Chuck closer to her, and softly kissed him on the lips, Chuck slowly closed his eyes, as Anna wrapped her soft hands around both of Chuck's cheeks. Anna pushed away and gave a smile.

"Now can you shut up and listen to me?" Anna said. Chuck raised an eyebrow in shock and chuckled.

"Listen, Chuck." Anna said. "The only reason why I refused to work things out with you was just to teach you a lesson. I wanted you to feel the same way I felt when you left me behind and focused on football."

Chuck sighed and looked down, "I'm really sorry about that, Anna."

Anna nodded her head, "There's no need to, I'm over it, the only thing I'm not over is you, and I'll keep it that way for as long as I can."

Chuck gave a slow smile, as Anna slowly walked away with amiability, as Chuck looked as she passed and looked proud.

"Too much of anything can make you sick, even the good can be a curse." Anna sang as she continued to walk in the hallways. "Makes it hard to know which road to go down, knowing too much can get you hurt."

"Is it better, is it worse? Are we sitting in reverse? It's just like we're going backwards, I know where I want this to go, driving fast but let's go slow, what I don't wanna do is crash, no." Anna sang.

She began to continue to sing her song in the choir room, as everyone began to cheer and sing along, and Chuck sat in the middle, smiling.

"Just know that you're not in this thing alone." Anna sang. "There's always a place in me you can call home, whenever you feel like we're growing apart, let's just go back, back, back, back back to the start. Oh."

Gunner sat in his seat, watching Chuck's expressions on his face, and he nodded his head in disbelief. Just look at him, now that he's gotten everything he wanted, he gets a celebration? Whoop de doo.

"Anything that's worth having is sure enough, worth fighting for, quitting's out of the question, when it gets tough, gotta fight some more." Anna sang.

"We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love, we've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love.We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love." Anna sang. "If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for. Oh."

"Now everyday ain't gon' be no picnic, love ain't a walk in the park, all you can do is make the best of it now, can't be afraid of the dark."

"Just know that you're not in this thing alone." Anna sang."There's always a place in me you can call home, whenever you feel like we're growing apart, let's just go back, back, back, back back to the start. Oh."

The girls began to sing along with Anna, and Chuck continued to smile.

"Anything that's worth having is sure enough, worth fighting for, quitting's out of the question, when it gets tough, gotta fight some more." Anna sang.

"We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love, we've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love. We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love." Anna sang. "If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for. Oh."

"I don't know where we're heading, I'm willing and ready to go, we've been driving so fast, we just need to slow down and just roll.. On..."

"We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love, we've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love.We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love." Anna sang. "If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for. Oh."

Chuck smiled as the song ended and began to clap, Anna walked to Chuck, "I just want you to know that I understand what you've been going through, I've felt the same way, we're not in this alone."

Chuck and Anna slowly kissed each other, and Gunner sighed and shook his head. "And now that marks the end of the Salvatore Serenade, whoop de doo!"

There was sudden silence after what Gunner had said, and Mr. Schuester began to change the subject.

"Wow, Anna, it's honestly great to hear your voice again, we haven't heard it in a while." Mr. Schuester said.

"The old Anna is back." Anna smiled and winked.

"So, guysm we have only 3 weeks before Chicago and 4 weeks before Sectionals." Mr. Schuester said. "Do you guys have any plans for Sectionals this year?"

"I vote a Carina solo." Elizabeth said, winking at her. Cheyenne nodded her head, "I agree, she missed out for Nationals, we should at least make it up to her."

"Thanks, guys." Carina said. "But I'm sure there's many others here that deserve a solo for Sectionals here other than me."

"There's also many others here that deserve a part for Chicago besides the other." Gunner crossed his arms.

"For God's sake, Gunner." Mr. Schuester said. "The cast list for Chicago has been already confirmed."

"Why can't you just get over it?" Cheyenne said. "It's nothing that serious, Gunner, it's not like any big broadway play."

"That part belonged to me, can't you understand?" Gunner said. "I've been wanting to get a chance to actually fit in with this school and be a part of something special, but now, this is just what I call a place called "hell", I quit Glee Club."

Gunner stood up from his chair, and Carina raised her eyebrow, "So, you're just gonna quit because you can't get what you want?"

Gunner stopped walking and turned back around. "No, you know, actually I'm not. I'm not gonna do what you did last year in L.A. just for attention."

Carina quickly raised her other eyebrow up, "Oh hell no."

"It's not about the part, it's about all of you. You guys think that you are just that amazing, just because we defeated Vocal Adrenaline last year. Big deal. You guys forgot how we became a family in the first place, that's how it was meant to be, right?"

Mr. Schuester walked closer to Gunner, "Gun, you know we're a family and we all care about each other."

"Like hell you do." Gunner said. "Ever since, it's always been the Carina show, or always about, "Oh god, I'm so worried about Addison, ever since she tried to go suicidal, I'm just gonna give all of the freedom of speech to her."

"Go to hell, Gunner." Addison said.

"That is so not cool, dude." Chuck said.

"Look who's talking, the guy that blamed all of us for his own issues, guess you got the balls to say something now, huh?" Gunner replied.

Chuck shook his head. "I've actually kept this group together, I made sure that we all won Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals. So don't try to come at me because I made a mistake, I'm not perfect, and you're only coming at me wrong because you didn't get your little Billy Flynn role."

"Yeah, while you're giving out lectures to New Directions, there's many here that hasn't even got the chance to shine, including me." Gunner said. "Shannon's been here since last winter, and she hasn't even gotten a solo so far."

Shannon crossed her arms, "He does have a point there, I am tired of being blocked out by others here when it comes to solos."

"A.J.'s one of the first to join New Directions, and he hardly gets any time to shine like the others, and Denzil is treated as if he's not even there. Charlie is treated the same way too. Colton, Candace, Ruby, and Isabel just joined and they didn't even get their part yet. No wonder Lily, Alex, and Drew left, they were probably tired of swaying in the background while Carina, Levi, Addison, and Cheyenne sings in the front."

"So, what are you trying to say, that I steal all of the spotlight?" Carina said. "I stepped down as co-captain, first off, and secondly, I hardly sing like I used to anyways, so don't even dare try to put this all on me."

"Or me." Addison said with her arms crossed. Cheyenne replied back, "Or me."

Gunner scoffed, "Whatever, have fun with your group, Mr. Schuester. Be sure to rename your group to The Spotlight Stealers, that's a better name. I'm out of here." Gunner rushed through the door and slammed it. While there was total silence in the choir room.

"Mr. Schuester, can I just please get up and shove my foot so far up his--" Carina tried to ask. Mr. Schuester squinted his eyes as he replied back, interrupting Carina.

"Carina, no." Mr. Schuester said. "It's not worth it at all." Dougie rubbed Carina's back, "It's okay."


After Coach Michaels blew her whistle, yelling out, "All right, guys, nice job today, go hit the showers!"

Gunner walked away first, and Chuck, trying to catch up with him, tried to get his attention. "Dude, can we talk?"

As Chuck asked that, Gunner gave a scoff and ignored Chuck's question. Chuck began to sigh, nodding his head, "So, I guess we're playing this game now, huh? Me and you used to be buddies, what happened?"

"Oh. let's see, taking my dream role." Gunner said sarcastically. "Yep, definitely."

"Dude, if you really want the role so bad, I could just give it to you." Chuck said. "I'd be Amos and you could just be Billy."

"No." Gunner said. "I don't want a role that has already been taken. I'm just tired of being treated as if I'm not important as you or anyone else in New Directions."

"You are an important part of Glee Club." Chuck said, crossing his arms. Gunner stopped to look at Chuck. "Yeah, if I am, why don't you and everyone else show that?"

"You've been acting pretty mean lately." Chuck said. "What's really going on with you, Gunner?"

"Like I would tell you." Gunner said, shaking his head as he walked away from Chuck, who stood sighing, and following his steps back into the locker room.


As Candace got to her locker to grab her items for her next class, she opened it up, and on the side of her locker door, she looked in the mirror, watching Colton from behind, she slowly turned around and smiled.

Candace walked to Colton. "Hey, Colton."

Colton turned around, and smiled, "Oh hey, Candace, what's up?"

"I was wondering if you were busy." Candace said. "Maybe we could head to a movie, go somewhere."

"I'd love that, C, but I can't." Colton said sympathetically. "Unfortunately, I have to study for this stupid History exam and finish my essay, Ruby's trying to help me out with it."

When Candace heard "Ruby," she began to look down, and she looked back up, smiling, as if she wanted to frown.

"Ruby." Candace nodded. "I understand, I guess."

"Don't worry." Colton put his hand on her shoulder, smiling. "Maybe when I can get a chance, we'll hang out, okay?"

Candace nodded her head and smiled, when she didn't want to. Colton walked away and waved. Candace watched as he passed, and Isabel, walked to her, shaking her head and sucking her teeth slowly.

"Rejection?" Isabel asked, crossing her arms.

"No, Isabel." Candace looked down. Isabel gave a smirk back, "You like him, don't you?"

"What? No, no, no." Candace shook her head trying to invalidate her point. "I don't like Colton."

"Come on, just be honest, if you like him, it's okay." Isabel shrugged. "It's normal."

Candace rolled her eyes and shrugged. "Okay, okay, I do like him. It's just Ruby that's getting in the way of how I feel about him."

"Ruby's all goodie-goodie since she got that Roxie Hart role last week." Isabel said. "I can try to hook you guys up."

"Isabel, don't." Candace squinted her eyes. "I just want it to take some time." Isabel crossed her arms and smiled, "Suit yourself, when you need my help, I'm here."

"Yeah, thanks." Candace said as Isabel walked away. Candace turned back around to see Colton, she watched as he talked to Ruby. She sighed, and walked adjacent to them, singing.

"You are fine, you are sweet but I'm still a bit naive with my heart." Candace sang. She continued to watch them as Colton gave Ruby a hug.

"When you're close I don't breathe, I can't find the words to speak, I feel sparks." She sang. "But I don't want to be into you, if you're not looking for true love, no I don't wanna start seein' you, if I can't be your only one."

"So tell me when it's not alright, when it's not OK, will you try to make me feel better?" Candace sang. "Will you say alright? Will you say OK? Will you stick with me through whatever, or run away? Say OK."

"When you call I don't know if I should pick up the phone every time." Candace sang as she continued to walk near Colton and Ruby. "I'm not like all my friends who keep calling up the boys, I'm so shy."

"But I don't want to be into you, if you don't treat me the right way, see I can only start seeing you, if you can make my heart feel safe."

"So tell me when it's not alright, when it's not OK, will you try to make me feel better?" Candace sang. "Will you say alright? Will you say OK? Will you stick with me through whatever, or run away? Say OK."

"Let me know if it's gonna be you, boy, you've got some things to prove. Let me know that you'll keep me safe, I don't want you to run away so. Let me know that you'll call on time, let me know that you'll help me shine. Will you wipe my tears away, will you hold me close and say.."

"When it's not alright, when it's not OK, will you try to make me feel better?" Candace sang. "Will you say alright? Will you say OK? Will you stick with me through whatever, or run away? Say OK."

"Say that it's gonna be alright, that it's gonna be okay." Candace sang. "Don't run away."

Candace snapped back to where she was before, she sighed and went back to her locker to get the rest of her things.


Addison raised her eyebrow as she sat in awe at the Lima Bean, sitting across from Mayson. "You have got to be kidding me."

Mayson shook his head, "If I was kidding, I wouldn't have this look on my face, Addy. They kicked me out of Vocal Adrenaline because of that.."

"Do you want me to go to Carmel High and deal with them myself?" Addison said, looking anxious. Mayson shook his head quickly, "No, no, no, no, don't."

"It'll only make things worse, besides, you already got into it with them 3 weeks ago." Mayson said.

"I just can't believe they would do this to you." Addison sighed. Mayson shrugged his head. "I guess it was meant to be."

"How did it all happen?" Addison asked.

Taking a sip from his cappuccino, Mayson began to think. "Well, what happened was--"

Mayson was surrounded by Karin, Clyde, Kayla, Judi, and Jeremy. Clyde began to pace back and forth.

"Mayson, how terribly disappointed I am in you." Clyde said. "You went against our rules and decided to hang with the bad crowd."

Mayson, nervously looking around at everyone, began to stutter. "Uh, uh, it, it was a mistake, nothing but a mistake." He took a big gulp, and his heart began to beat fast.

"There's no such thing as a mistake!" Clyde yelled out.

"You guys just don't understand, I'm not interested in being against New Directions, that's between you guys, I have a sister in that group that I haven't even seen since I was a child, don't try to force me to do something I don't want to." Mayson said defensively.

"You're not against New Directions, huh?" Karin said. "Well, why don't you go and join them, you definitely betrayed our trust."

"Come on, guys." Judi said. "Is it really that serious? If he wants to hang out with New Directions, don't try to push him away."

"And when they start to trick you into believing that they like you, he'll be running back to us." Karin crossed her arms.

"Not this time." Clyde chuckled. "You're out of Vocal Adrenaline."

Mayson stood up angrily. "That's not freaking fair, I have worked hard to get in this group, damn it. You can't tell me what to do."

Clyde, Karin, and Jeremy walked closer to him, but Clyde moved more closer. "Of course I can. I'm the leader of this group, and I say that you are kicked out of this group."

"Well, I refuse to leave." Mayson crossed his arms.

"Oh, you will definitely leave, or else we'll give you another choice." Clyde sang. "Either leave, or take a fist to the face."

Mayson gulped with fear at that moment, while Judi shook her head, squinting her eyes.

"I'm gonna deal with this right now." Addison quickly stood up from the table, and Mayson quickly grabbed her back.

"Addison, no." Mayson said. Addison shook her head, "I'm not gonna let them do this to you."

"There's nothing I can do, Addison." Mayson said. "It's one against more, it's no use at all."

Addison looked down, "Mayson, you're my brother, and no matter what, you and I will always be there for each other."

"I know that." Mayson said. "I just don't want you getting hurt, bad enough, Karin broke your heart."

Addison sighed, and pondered. "I just wish this all could end. I can't take my life anymore."

"Addison, don't say that." Mayson said. "You should be grateful that you're even here, when I heard that you were in a coma, I was worried sick, and it was hard for me to cope with the fact that I couldn't even see you because of our mom."

Addison slowly looked up. "You really did worry about me?"

"You're my big sister." Mayson said. "Of course I worry about you, you're the only person that's been close to me since we were little toddlers."

Addison smiled at first, "Yeah, we definitely were close."

Mayson slowly put his hand on the table and grabbed Addison's hand, "You are an amazing sister, Addison, just don't let this get to you, they'll get theirs when they get their asses kicked at Nationals this year."

Addison smiled and laughed, and Mayson smiled back.


"Um, Mr. Schue, may I take the floor for a couple of minutes?" Chuck said. Mr. Schuester smiled, "Sure, of course."

Chuck stood up with a guitar in his hand, looking at Anna, who began to smile and look around at everyone.

"I don't usually sing these types of songs, but honestly, this song shows how much I care about this person. And that's to Anna."

Anna blushed. Chuck continued to speak, "Anna has been right there for me from the start. I know that she caught me kiss Claira and all,"

Claira began to chuckle.

"And I know what happened that night between me and Dougie was hell for the both of us." Chuck said. "But she stood by me throughout. She came back all the way to Canada just to see me again, and that's when I realized that what we had was real and nothing can ever change that."

Anna smiled gleefully, as Chuck began to slowly play his guitar, Mr. Schuester sat down with the others and Chuck sat on a stool, singing, "I don't know what it is that makes me love you so, I only know I never want to let you go, cause you've started something, oh, can't you see? That ever since we met, you've had a hold on me. It happens to be true, I only want to be with you."

Mr. Schuester smiled as he continued to perform. "It doesn't matter where you go or what you dom I want to spend each moment of the day with you. Oh, look what has happened with just one kiss, I never knew that I could be in love like this. It's crazy but it's true, I only want to be with you."

"You stopped and smiled at me and asked if I'd care to dance, I fell into your open arms and I didn't stand a chance. Now listen honey, I just want to be beside you everywhere, as long as we're together, honey, I don't care." Chuck sang.

"'Cause you've started something, oh, can't you see? That ever since we met, you've had a hold on me, no matter what you do, I only want to be with you." Chuck sang.

Chuck stood up from his seat still playing his guitar, as he walked up to Anna, continuing to sing, "You stopped and smiled at me and asked if I'd care to dance, I fell into your open arms and I didn't stand a chance. Now listen honey, I just want to be beside you everywhere, as long as we're together, honey, I don't care." Chuck sang.

"'Cause you've started something, oh, can't you see? That ever since we met, you've had a hold on me, no matter what you do, I only want to be with you."Chuck sang. "I said no matter, no matter what you do, I only want to be with you."

Anna smiled, and looked as if she wanted to cry, and Chuck ended the song, and everyone began to cheer. Chuck moved closer to Anna for a kiss.

"You guys are so sweet, I can't believe I'm saying it." Cheyenne said, smiling.

"That was really amazing, Chuck, really." Anna said. "I just don't know what I would do without you, I'm glad I returned back to Canada for you."

"And I'm glad that you came back for me." Chuck said, hugging Anna, while the others smiled and gave "awws".


Candace stood in the cafeteria tapping her fork on the lunch table, sitting alone, as she saw Colton and Ruby once again talking at a different table. She sighed, and continued to pick with the lunch on her tray. As Addison passed by, she slowly moved back, and walked to Candace.

"Why are you sitting alone at a table by yourself?" Addison said. Candace chuckled, sighing, "Just hanging around."

"Mind if I take a seat?" Addison said.

Candace smiled, "Go for it."

Addison slowly sat down and gazed into Candace's eyes, she looked concerned at that point. "Is everything okay, Candace?"

Candace sighed, looked down and nodded. "Not really. It's just been a lot on my mind now."

"Do you want to talk to me about it?" Addison asked. "I'm all ears."

"Well, um..." Candace sighed. "I have some feelings for Colton, and I tried and tried to become more closer to him, but it seems like Ruby always gets in the way of that, we met each other first, auditioned first, and became best friends first, and I feel as if she's trying to take him away from me."

"I say, don't waste your time." Addison said. Candace looked up, "Don't waste my time?"

"Absolutely not." Addison said. "You're more stronger than that, I know it. If Ruby and Colton want to be, let them be, I'm sure there's many other fish in the sea."

Candace gave a half-smile, but sighed once again. "I want that to make me feel better, but still I feel like he's changing and acting as if I'm not there."

"Just try to let him do what he wants, and try to act the same around him." Addison said. "And then he'll realize that he's missing out on a good girl."

Candace smiled and giggled, "Thanks, Addison, that did really cheer me up." "Eh, I try." Addison smiled, and Candace looked back.


Elizabeth sat in the lunchroom far from Candace and Addison as she sat next to Carina, Cheyenne, and Charlie. Cheyenne pushed away her lunch tray and crossed her arms.

"You usually eat lunch every week, Chey." Elizabeth said. "What's going on?"

"It's freaking Clyde." Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she scooted up against the lunch table, she sighed. "He's just been annoying me all week, he comes to the school just to say a sarcastic remark about every single thing."

As Cheyenne walked out of the school one afternoon, Clyde passed by. "Hey Cheyenne, you dropped something."

"What?" Cheyenne said as she raised her eyebrow. Clyde gave an evil smirk, "Your personality. What happened to it?"

Clyde began to laugh and he ran away, and Cheyenne put her middle finger up and continued to walk.

"He needs a taste of his own medicine." Carina said. "If I were you, I would have gave him the knockout."

"He's just not worth it." Elizabeth said. "He just wants your attention."

"Or maybe he still likes you?" Charlie shrugged as he grabbed his bottled water, unscrewed the cap to take a drink.

"That dude has no sympathy at all." Cheyenne said. "He doesn't care about anything or anyone at all. He's a man-whore and that's the way it is."

"Did he actually have feelings for you when you guys first met?" Elizabeth said.

"You can say that." Cheyenne shrugged. "But when we started to date, he kept going from girl after girl day after day to a point where we just couldn't handle being together anymore."

"What a freaking jerk." Elizabeth crossed her arms, and a voice came from behind. "It's so awesome to hear my name." Clyde smiled. "Especially from some depressed and over-sensitive haters like you guys."

"Are you stalking her?" Charlie said.

"Oh, no, no, I wouldn't call this stalking." Clyde put up his hands as if he was going to surrender.

"Well, why can't you just leave her alone?" Charlie said. Cheyenne shook her head and tried to ignore Clyde's remark.

"I don't know." Clyde said, shrugging his shoulders. "It's fun messing with my ex-girlfriend."

"Gosh, just leave her alone." Elizabeth said. "She didn't do anything wrong to you."

"As a matter of fact, she did, Pretty Little Liar." Clyde said. "She complained and bratted about everything when we were together."

"And so, you're just gonna try and torment me every single day?" Cheyenne slowly turned around.

"Oh, yes." Clyde winked. "As many times as I can to see you explode."

Carina slowly stood up, "Alright, I think it's time that you get to see the wrath of Carina Maraj, get out of this school, or else you'll have to deal with me.

Clyde scoffed, and chuckled. "So, am I supposed to be scared of a sore loser who claims to be related to a wanna-be rap/pop star of the decade, when really you just only let her down."

Elizabeth and Charlie looked at each other in shock, as Carina walked over to Clyde, crossing her arms in anger. "You're gonna wish you'd never say that."

"Oh, I apologize if I hurt your feelings, Paige Thomas." Clyde gave a smile. "Oh, I mean, Rachel Crow, Jessica Sanchez?"

Carina sent out her balled up fist, resulting in a hard punch being thrown at the front center of Clyde's face, he fell down to the ground, and as the students watched the event, everyone screamed and gave out "oohs" after.

The gushing of blood came from the side of his mouth, and Carina walked up to him, as he tried to quickly ease the pain.

"Aw, I'm so sorry, I apologize if I hurt your face, Jerk Andrews." Carina said sarcastically.

The discordant crowd near them gained volume as Clyde stood up and walked away from them, and the students began to laugh. Cheyenne shook her head at Carina, laughing. "Where did you even learn to punch like that?" Cheyenne asked.

"It was just a gift, I guess." Carina winked.

"Thanks for defending me." Cheyenne said.

"Anything just to keep that freak away from our school." Carina smiled.


Mr. Schuester sat on a stool talking to New Directions altogether about the situation that occured at lunch with Carina and Clyde. Mr. Schuester sighed in disappointment.

"Guys, fighting is not the solution." Mr. Schuester said. "I'm very disappointed."

"You can't be disappointed at us when really Vocal Adrenaline is the one starting this mess between us." Addison said.

"Ooh, I need popcorn, Addison's about to tell it all." Chuck said.

Addison rolled her eyes at Chuck and crossed her arms, as Mr. Schuester replied. "I get that they are doing this, but we should all be mature about this and let them do whatever they can just to tear us down at Nationals."

"Shannon, what are those marks on your arm?" Denzil said as he slowly looked down at them, trying to occupy himself to ignore Mr. Schuester's lectures.

Shannon looked down, and saw the black and blue marks spotted on her arm, and she tried to cover it up by unrolling her long-sleeve sweater. "Oh those? Ah, I just fell down a couple of steps this morning."

"Must have been a lot of steps," Chuck said, raising his eyebrows.

Shannon sighed as he looked at Chuck, she tried to smile and act as if nothing serious had happened to her. "Guys, I'm fine, don't worry."

"Shannon, sweetheart, those marks don't look like you fell down the steps." Mr. Schuester stood up to worry, are you okay at home?"

"Guys, like I said, I'm fine." Shannon said, seeming as if she was getting a bit serious. Addison was taken aback, as she began to flash back to when her stepfather, Marv, was brutally attacking her in her bedroom.

"Oh my god." Addison said in awe. "Shannon, is someone hitting you?!"

Shannon stood up in anger, "For the last goddamn time, I am fine, leave me the hell alone about this. I fell down the steps this morning and that's it. I should go."

Shannon grabbed her pocketbook and she quickly stormed out of the choir room. There was total silence as Mr. Schuester was still looking worried for her safety.

"Now I'm worried about her." Elizabeth said sympathetically. "She may be going through the same thing I went through before."

"I just hope she's okay." Addison looked down.


"I'm surprised you allowed me to talk to you now." Peter said as he and Claira sat across from each other in the Lima Bean. Claira sighed and nodded as he said that.

"Don't get too happy." Claira said, fixing her posture. "We're only here just to talk about this situation."

Peter nodded, "Okay, that's fine."

"Look, it's been eight weeks since I have found out that I was pregnant." Claira said. "It's coming to a point where changes are going through my body. I haven't told my parents about it yet, and I'm just confused on what I should do."

"You're not thinking about getting an abortion, are you?" Peter said.

Claira scoffed, "And why would you care? You refused to even help contribute to taking care of it anyway."

"Well, I'll admit that I was wrong for that." Peter said. "But the one thing that I am against is abortion. It's horrible. Have you seen pictures of it? It's gross and it's sad."

"If my parents knew that I was pregnant, they would freaking kill me, Peter. Do you think I have time to take care of a child. In a couple months, I will be graduating. I have my whole life ahead of me, I have been applying to so many colleges just so I can freaking be successful, I can't have a baby and go to college, Peter. That's not right. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be pregnant right now."

Peter was taken aback and crossed his arms as if he was going to angrily react back to her statement, it was silent as he looked away. "You know my mother always told me that my father wanted to abort me. When she was pregnant with me, my father beat her down because she disagreed."

Sympathy quickly sparked up as Claira moved up her seat closer to Peter. "And to prevent from getting beat down and damaged worse than she has been, she went to do it. She was going to abort me, and decided that she wouldn't and put my father out of the house. Ever since I heard that, I have not been right since. And you're sitting there blaming me after all that I've been through. I've never had a father to be there for me to teach me how to have sex with a girl, or what in my pants is used for. My mother couldn't teach me any of that.."

Claira looked away, remorseful for what she said. Peter looked as if he wanted to cry.

"And I had to teach myself how to do that. So, I apologize for even coming here, allowing myself to deal with a selfish know-it-all like you. Goodbye." Peter grabbed his bag and his Warblers jacket and stood up.

Claira stood up after, trying to stop Peter. "Peter, wait."

"No, just don't. Go call your girlfriend, I'm sure she's better fit of a father than I am to your child." Peter shook his head and walked away, leaving Claira in a state of shock.


Dougie sat on the piano chair, practicing skills for future events. He was slowly playing, as footsteps loudly clicked the stage floor. He suddenly stopped, as a voice came from behind.

"So many memories." Levi walked in. Dougie slowly turned around, not intrigued by his entrance. "I remember this is where we shared our second kiss, were we first sang our first love song."

Dougie, still not pleased, replied, "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to talk to you." Levi walked closer to him, as he sat next to him on the empty space of the piano seat. Dougie felt uncomfortable as he scooted far from him.

"Well, go on, speak." Dougie crossed his arms. Levi sighed as he looked Dougie's furious blue-green eyes, gazing at him in despair.

"I know I've done some of the most stupidest things this year, I just want to say that I'm really sorry for hurting you, Dougie." Levi said.

Dougie shrugged; he acted as if his apology didn't really matter to him. "Is that it? If it is, good."

"I'm willing to work this out with you, and maybe we could have a chance to be together again." Levi said. Dougie leaned his arms on the piano keys, making a discordant noise, he began to chuckle.

"So, you really came here just to win my affection again?" Dougie said. He began to nod. "You should have done that before I started dating Carina."

"You're dating my best friend?" Levi looked completely helpless and hurt. "You are seriously dating my best friend just to get back at me?"

"That's what you think, Levi, but no." Dougie said. "Carina has been nothing but a good friend to me. Whenever you treated me like crap during your so called emo phase, she would be there because she felt the same way. You broke both of our hearts, Levi. You cheated on me with a guy that's not even into dudes. You broke Carina's trust by taking her sloppy seconds."

"That's freaking hypocritical." Levi said. "You guys are dating, I should be confronting Carina for taking you away from me."

"She didn't take me away from you, I took myself away from you." Dougie said. He chuckled softly. "Don't you get it, Levi, don't you get the fact that what you and I had is over?"

"This is pure torture, it's hard for me to cope with this right now." Levi said.

"Well, I'm sorry to say it, but you will have to." Dougie said, he stood up. "Before I go, I was going to ask you if you wanted to sing this song with me, I mean, it's good to sing as friends, you know."

Levi thought about it, he sighed as he looked hurt, "Sure, I just might as well."

"So you confess to all the way you’ve been seeing," Dougie said. "Now you feel regret, yeah , but that don’t mean crap to me."

As Levi heard the lyrics, he began to realize that the song is accorded to him, he looked at Dougie has he looked on the sheet of paper where the lyrics have been written, he looked at his sheet of paper and continued to read.

"No, no, so empty what you can say, take a minute please," Dougie sang. "It’s too little too late to make it up to me, I hope that those tears refresh your memory, now when another makes you cry."

"That’s when you, remember me!" Levi began to jump in and sing in unison with Dougie.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang, looking in Dougie's eyes as they both rotated around the stage.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang.

"Remember me!" Levi and Dougie sang.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang.

Dougie walked in the hallway apart from Levi, and continued to sing, "I guess it wasn’t enough to give you everything, no no, and I guess I should have know better , how could I be so naïve?"

"I don't know, so empty what you can say, take a minute please," Dougie sang. "It’s too little too late to make it up to me, I hope that those tears refresh your memory, now when another makes you cry."

"That’s when you, remember me!" Levi and Dougie sang, Levi slammed his back against the locker, sliding off the slippery doors.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang, slamming the lockers with his fists.

"Remember me!" Levi and Dougie sang.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang.

In the choir room, where everyone felt the tension between Levi and Dougie, they both walked in circles facing each other in anger, scatting and singing in harmony.

"Yeah, you're gonna miss me, now when you're all alone at night." Dougie sang.

"That’s when you, remember me!" Levi and Dougie sang.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang, facing Levi in anger.

"Remember me!" Levi and Dougie sang, as Levi screamed, belted out in harmony, singing back.

"I’m the one that had you baby," Levi sang.

Everyone in the choir room felt more tension, and Carina crossed her legs, shaking her head in disbelief.

"I’m the one who loved you baby," Dougie sang. "I'm the one who loved ya,"

As they both stopped singing, it was silent as first, there were little claps. Mr. Schuester gave a half-smile.

"Um, well, guys, that was pretty intense, how about you guys, um, sit down for a while, and let me take over, all right, that was great."

Levi and Dougie gave each other one last glimpse and sat apart from each other, and Carina looked at Dougie, wrapping her hand around Dougie's, and Levi looked at the both of them, then looked away.


As Coach Michaels watched as everyone in the football team were practicing, she looked at every team player and realized that Gunner was nowhere in sight for his spot. She loudly blew her whistle for everyone to stop.

"Where is Gunner White?" Michaels yelled out. The football players shrugged their shoulders, acting as if they didn't know nothing at all.

Michaels patted her hair softly in confusion, and walked towards the inside of the football locker room, seeing if Gunner was there. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found.


"Hey guys, have you seen Gunner, I need to talk to him about something important referring to the football game," Charlie said as he caught up with Elizabeth, Cheyenne, Addison, Dougie, and Carina.

"I haven't seen him ever since he quit New Directions." Cheyenne said. "He's been invisible all week."

Carina was carelessly cleaning her fingernails with a nail file, as Charlie sighed. "Great, now how are we going to win when we're short a player. The football game is tonight."

"Really?" Addison said. "I thought it was tomorrow."

"Coach Michaels wanted to have it a bit early, but I don't know how we will win without Gunner, we need him."

"I don't know, he's been acting fishy lately, so I heard." Carina said.

"You don't think that the school play situation is getting to his head, do you?" Elizabeth said. Charlie stayed silent, trying to keep his mouth closed.

"Nope, it's not that. He's probably scared that he'll be outed." Carina said, looking carelessly as they all stopped walking.

"What do you mean by outed?" Cheyenne said.

"I forgot, you guys never knew about Levi and Gunner." Carina stood with a smirk. "They did it in the car and in Levi's house."

Cheyenne, Elizabeth, and Addison all yelled out, "WHAT?!"

Charlie put his hands on his face in disbelief, "Damn, Carina."

"What? It had to be said."

"I guess it also had to be said that you're nothing but a fake friend." Levi said from behind. Carina turned around, in shock.

"And before you start gossiping all around the school about Gunner, learn more about your facts. You have no idea what happened between me and Gunner those two nights, so you can just go to hell." Levi said.

"And for your information, we didn't have sex, we almost did." Levi crossed his arms. "All of you are full of crap and I can't take it anymore."

Levi stormed off in anger walking away, as the rest of the gang were stunned, and Carina stood shaking her head. Isabel walked randomly away quickly, looking suspicious in the eyes at them.


Levi opened up his house door, as Gunner stood on the couch watching television, looking as if he didn't know what to watch or what to do. He sighed as he constantly kept flicking channels.

Levi locked the door on his way in, closed it, walked to the living room, and turned the TV off by hand. Gunner looked up at Levi, "Dude what are you doing, I was watching that?"

"I'm sorry, is this the reason why you weren't at school today?" Levi said, crossing his arms.

Gunner sighed, "You wouldn't understand what I am going through."

"Oh, I understand alright," Levi said. "You have people in school asking about you, the football game is tonight."

"I'm not going." Gunner said, pouting and leaning his chin on his two fists.

"Why not?" Levi put his backpack down, and walked to Gunner.

"How do you think it feels to be in a school in where you feel as if you're not even wanted? To feel as if you don't even belong? When I first came to McKinley, it was only because I wanted to get closer to Addison, and that didn't even seem to work at all."

"Is this about you not getting your part for Chicago?" Levi said. "Because if it is, I find that really immature, Gunner."

"It's not that, it's just the way people treat me there, they treat me as if I'm an outsider, like I don't even have any say in what should be done for Glee Club or any certain occasions."

"Maybe you should stop focusing on love and start focusing on other things that are important in your life right now."

"Says the one who kissed me in a car and made out in the bed." Gunner nodded his head. "What's important in my life right now? My parents hate me, they expect me to be something I'm not and I'm tired of it."

"Well, show them that you are somebody, don't let your mom and dad put you in the dark place just to give up and miss school."

"What's the use?" Gunner said. "I'm just going to go to bed, I'm not feeling well right now." Gunner walked upstairs and closed the room door, as Levi sighed and shook his head.


Shannon walked inside of the choir room, in where Addison, Claira, Elizabeth, and Cheyenne stood inside watching as she made her entrance.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Shannon said, smiling.

Cheyenne replied back, "I think it's time for some girl talk, Shannon."

"Okay, sure, I'm down." Shannon said, as there was a spare seat on the floor, she sat down in it. "So, what's up?"

"We know what's going in your life right now." Cheyenne said.

Shannon looked confused as the girls looked at her, as if they were all worried. "What do you mean?" She chuckled.

"We know something is going on at home, and it's really not healthy for you to hide it from us."

"Like I said before, nothing is going on with me, I only fell a couple of steps and that's how these bruises got on my arms."

"Shannon, it's okay if you're being hurt at home or somewhere else, you know we are here whenever you need to talk to someone. We've all been through what you're going through, you aren't alone." Elizabeth said.

"My stepfather abused me almost like everyday I came home from school, from punches in the eyes straight down to my thighs." Addison said.

"When I was sexually abused by my uncle, I don't know how I could let it go, it's still touchy to me everytime I think about it." Claira said.

"When my father attacked me and my mother, I know that I was helpless, but I got help and opened up about it." Elizabeth said.

"Shannon, you know that we're all here for you, if you just tell us what's been going on in your life, we care about you." Cheyenne said.

Shannon couldn't take it anymore, adrenaline forced her to stand up in anger. "How many freaking times do I have to tell you guys I AM NOT BEING ABUSED? Leave me alone about this."

"We're just only trying to help you." Addison said.

"No you guys aren't. You don't know what I'm going through and you will never know, ever. All of you are full of crap!" Shannon yelled as she threw the chair on the side and stormed out of the choir room. There was silence as she made her departure.

Still angry, Shannon leaned against her locker, lightly sobbing, hurt and angry. She balled her fists up to the sides of her head, struggling to get through.

"It's sabotage now," Shannon sang as she looked up evilly. "I keep praying she'll leave me alone, but she keeps waiting outside of my home. I got an angel on the left sayin', dont give in, but the devil on the right's sayin' let her in. She wont stop kicking down my door."

Shannon stood up, raved, walking in the hallway as if she was ready to fight. Singing, "But each time I try to play the good girl, I let myself get in the way, I try so hard to fight the bad girl, but she's here to stay. It's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, and now my heart is broken all over again, it's sabotage now."

"I cant hold onto guys that I like, she keeps lookin' with wandering eyes , I got an angel on the left screaming get away, but the devil on the right's saying time to play, and I cant take it anymore, it's sabotage now." Shannon sang as she was in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror.

Shannon began to dance as she made her departure out of the bathroom, other girls began to dance as she went to the hallway. "But each time I try to play the good girl, I let myself get in the way, I try so hard to fight the bad girl, but she's here to stay. It's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, and now my heart is broken all over again, it's sabotage now."

"When I fall in love I cause myself so much pain," Shannon sang. "I sabotage my heart and I dont know how to change. It doesnt matter what I say or what I do. Cuz in the end she always wins i always loose, I need to get her out of my life."

Shannon sang on the stage, continuing to dance. "But each time I try to play the good girl, I let myself get in the way, I try so hard to fight the bad girl, but she's here to stay. It's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, and now my heart is broken all over again, it's sabotage now." "Over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, it's sabotage now, over and over again, and now my heart is broken all over again, it's sabotage now." Shannon heavily panted as she stopped singing, the lights dimmed and she walked off the stage.


That night, Gunner sat in the guest room, isolating himself and trying to break free from the madness. Meanwhile, Levi, his mother and father were all downstairs playing a game, letting Gunner be. But as that went on, the doorbell rang.

Vincent stood up, "I'll get it, you guys can continue playing, I've had enough of this game." He said childishly.

Levi and Leslie laughed. Levi smiled, "Oh, come on, Dad, it's just Scrabble, it's all for fun!"

Vincent shook his head, laughing. As he opened the door, there was a man and woman standing outside.

"Hello, how may I help you two tonight?" Vincent gave a warm and welcoming greeting. And the man replied, "Is this 342 Richford Lane?"

"Yes it is," Vincent said. "May I ask who's here to see us?"

"We're Gunner's parents." the mother said. Vincent was in shock at first, he took a long glimpse at the both of them, and tried not to show any negativity towards them.

"Um, wow, what a surprise, um, come in, come on in." Vincent said, he allowed Gunner's parents to walk in first, and as they did he looked a bit angry walking from behind.

"Bam! Gotcha!" Levi yelled out gleefully in the door, marking as if he made a word in Scrabble. He and Leslie both laughed.

"Sweetheart, who was that at the door?" Leslie said as Vincent walked back in. "Well, hon, it seemed as if we have some visitors." Vincent said as Gunner's parents walked in.

"Guys, these are Gunner's parents." Vincent said, trying to fake a smile. There was silence as Levi and Leslie looked at each other, but for the sake of greeting, Leslie stood up, giving both of them a handshake.

Levi stood in shock, looking at the both of them as if they were clocks, trying to watch their every move.

"Well, we heard that Gunner was here and we got the address from one of his friends, I believe, I think her name was um, Addison?" His mother said. "And she gave us the address and led us here."

"Well, I can get Gunner to come down if you would like to speak to him." Leslie said.

"Really, he's here, oh, that would be lovely." Gunner's mother said, she looked at his father, who was devoid of emotion as he looked around the house.

"Looks like you have a very nice place here." His father said.

"We try to keep our house nice and organized no matter what." Leslie said. "I will go get Gunner for you."

As Leslie walked up to the stairs, she knocked on his door. Gunner replied with a soft muffle, "Come in."

Leslie walked inside and Gunner looked up, "Gunner, sweetheart, you have visitors downstairs, I think it's a bit important."

"Okay, I'm coming down." Gunner walked out of the guest room, and slowly went down the stairs, and he suddenly stopped as he saw his father and his mother standing there. His father started to look away as his mother began to smile.

"Gunner," His mother said, smiling.

"Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?" Gunner was in shock, looking at his father as he tried to look somewhere else.

"Gunner, your parents came for a visit, they found the house and they just wanted to check up on you." Leslie said.

"Um, Levi, sweetheart, let's all go upstairs and give Gunner and his parents some privacy." Vincent said. Levi walked behind Gunner, "You're gonna be okay?" Gunner nodded. Leslie smiled at them all and they all went upstairs, but as they went to the hallways, Leslie stopped, Vincent raised an eyebrow, "Leslie, what's wrong?"

Leslie whispered, "I don't trust them at all, I'm scared they're gonna do something to Gunner."

"I don't either, after what Gunner told me about them, I don't think it's right for them being here," Levi replied, whispering.


There was silence at first as Gunner walked towards them, sitting down as the parents sat down. "So, what are you guys doing here?"

"We just wanted to see how you were holding up, right, honey?" His mother said, looking at his father. He was trying to ignore what she said.

"How did you guys find me?" Gunner said.

"One of your friends gave us the address to here and told us you were staying here." His mother said.

"Oh." Gunner said. "So, did you guys want anything?"

Gunner's mother replied with honestly, "Honey, we really miss you, I know after that all that happened a couple of weeks ago, I know you've been hurt. The truth is, we want you to come back home."

The father looked at the mother, "Wait a minute, we? Are you telling me you dragged my ass all the way here just so you freaking tell him that we want him to come back home? When did I ever say that?"

"Stanley!" The mother said.

"Catherine. I am leaving this house, goodbye and have a nice gay life, whoever you are." Stanley said.

"No, Stanley, no, don't leave now!" Catherine said. Gunner nodded his head, in anger, gripping his fists up, forcing himself to tears.

"You know what, let him go, let him go. That will show how much of a horrible father he is. Let him go, Mom. LET HIM GO!"

"Me? A horrible father?" Stanley said, stopping. He walked closer to him, going face to face. "Wasn't I the one that put all of that money for you to switch schools? Who gave you everything you wanted whenever you needed it?"

"You didn't do any of that! Mom did!" Gunner yelled out in tears. "You didn't do anything when I was a kid to nurture me, make me feel wanted, to keep me safe from the storms, nor did you even provide any care. All you would ever do is sit your ass on the same freaking couch and read the bible, like that was your only freaking hobby."

Levi, Vincent and Leslie were still overhearing the heated conversation from the hallway, and Leslie looked at Vincent, "We have got to do something about this." "Shh, wait." Vincent said, whispering.

"I should have never agreed on you being born!" Stanley said.

Leslie, Vincent, and Levi all gasped, shocked by his statement, Catherine was getting emotional, looking at Stanley in angst.

"How could you say that?" Catherine said.

Gunner began to cry, and Stanley crossed his arms. "That's right, cry like the little gay boy you are."

"I AM NOT GAY!" Gunner's adrenaline pumped up as he aggressively pushed his father into the glass table, his father pushing his son down to the ground, and Levi, Leslie and Vincent quickly ran downstairs.

Catherine began crying, screaming, trying to stop them from fighting, Gunner grabbed ahold of his father as he pushed him off, Vincent held Gunner back, who was crying, and Levi's heart was racing as he saw what was going on.

"What the hell is going on here?" Vincent yelled out.

"Gunner started it with me, he started everything!" Stanley said.

"Don't lie, we heard everything." Leslie said in Gunner's defense. "You're a pathetic father."

"I don't care what you said, he is going to hell for what he has done to this family, straight to hell,"

"And you know what," Leslie walked closer to Stanley, "I don't think you know that what you said and what you did will affect your life right now. I am a lawyer and I will be making this case."

"We're gonna keep Gunner." Vincent said. "You're not to come here uninvited, to talk to him, to come near him, you understand me?"

Catherine walked up to Stanley, "I want you out of my house, I want you to pack up all of your things and get out of my HOUSE!"

Stanley rushed out of the door in angst and Catherine followed him in anger. Gunner was sobbing and Vincent pulled down to Gunner.

"Buddy, it's okay, it's okay, you're with us now." Vincent pulled Gunner into a hug, as Leslie pulled down herself.

"Shh, it's okay." Leslie said.

Levi stood, still in shock over what happened, and there was a bountiful amount of sympathy inside of Levi at that point.


Gunner looked in the mirror in the bathroom, wiping off his tears from the aftermath of the fight, he felt a sore on the side of his neck, a black round mark was shown. When he touched it, he squinted his eyes.

As he looked in the mirror, he opened up the cabinet, and he saw the pills inside. He was curious about it at first, and he took a pill bottle, and looked at it, it was one of Vincent's pills to relieve stress. He grabbed 4 pills from the bottle and took them with water from the sink. He put the bottle back and walked out of the bathroom.

The thing he didn't discover, however, was the side effects.

Minutes later, Gunner starts to feel more weary, a bit dizzy at times, and as he went down the stairs, Levi, Leslie and Vincent all stood watching him.

"Sweetheart, are you okay, you don't look so good." Leslie said.

"I'm gonna go for a walk." Gunner said walking slowly.

"Are you sure, it's pretty late out there, honey." Leslie said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm sure." Gunner didn't really know who he was talking to at that point, he grabbed the door knob and slowly walked out. He walked slowly from each step.

Leslie looked completely worried, and Vincent rubbed her back, trying to console her. Levi's legs were shaking as he started to think of the things that have been going on in Gunner's life.

"Memories consume, like opening the wound, I'm picking me apart again." Gunner sang, still weary from the pills, his eyes started to get a bit blurry. "You all assume, I'm safe here in my room unless I try to start again."

"I don't want to be the one the battles always choose, cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused."

"I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean." Gunner sang. "I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit tonight."

Addison was walking somewhere right around Gunner's way that night, and she was texting Candace on the phone. It seemed as if they grown closer.

See you tomorrow night? - Candace

Sure thing. :) - Addy.

"Clutching my cure, I tightly lock the door, I try to catch my breath again," Gunner sang as he walked past many houses, in where a train track was almost near. "I hurt much more than anytime before, I had no options left again."

"I don't want to be the one the battles always choose, cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused."

"I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean." Gunner sang. "I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit tonight."

The music stopped, as it went back to Levi, Leslie and Vincent. It's been 15 minutes already, and Leslie still looks worried.

"It's almost been 20 minutes since he's been gone, I'm gonna drive to see where he is." Leslie stood up and went to grab her jacket.

"Now, sweetheart, I'm sure he'll be fine." Vincent said.

"Are you kidding, the look on that poor child's face shows that he's really not happy, something is going to happen, I have that feeling," Leslie said.

"I'm going too," Levi said. He grabbed his jacket, and Leslie and Levi both walked out. Vincent sighed as he grabbed his coat and followed their lead. Vincent took the wheel to drive. As Addison walked their way, Levi waved, with fear and emotion. Addison was confused as she waved back, looking as Leslie and Vincent drove quickly as the tires screeched.

"I'll paint it on the walls, cause I'm the one that falls, I'll never fight again and this is how it ends." Gunner sang, he was close to the train tracks at that point.

Addison was curious as she quickly ran to see why was Levi driving fast, when seeing that she was near the train tracks, she had a feeling that Gunner was involved, she became scared and ran as quick as she could to get to the tracks.

Gunner was then at the train tracks. "I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean." Gunner sang. "I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit tonight."

Things became more tense as Addison rushed her way through the tracks, and a train lit up Gunner's face, and it seemed as if he didn't care. The car stopped by the train tracks, and Levi, Vincent, and Leslie all ran to Gunner, and the train was coming near as the whistle horn blew, Addison screamed.

"Gunner! Gunner! No!" Addison said, screaming, Levi ran along, and the train got more closer to a point where it would kill Gunner.

Leslie and Vincent followed Levi and Addison, scared of the three to all get hurt. The train whistle got louder and closer to Gunner and then...


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