Ari Washington
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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (Season 1)

17 (Season 2)

Hair Color: Black
Family & Friends
Relationships: Cheyenne McLarson
(girlfriend; in love with)
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Cheyenne McLarson
Series Information
First appearance: Detention
Portrayer: Tyler Posey
Ari Washington is a minor but supporting character in Glee: The New Years, his first appearance was in Detention as a student in Detention, who bonds with Cheyenne McLarson. By season 2, they are known to be dating. This character was created by Klainer619.


Season OneEdit

Ari appears as a student in McKinley High who serves detention along with New Directions members Claira Kingston and Cheyenne McLarson. As a fight occurs with Cheyenne and Azimio, Ari tries to stop the fight and defends her. Cheyenne thanks Ari for helping him and he welcomes her, and introduces himself. Cheyenne assumes that he's not any trouble and think that he's handsome, but Ari disagrees with "no trouble", and Cheyenne forces him to explain how he's in Detention. He explains by saying that the teacher was being mean to the students including him, and he says that when she went to the bathroom, he glued her purse to her desk and the chalk to the board, and someone snitched on him and he had to serve detention. After detention was over, Cheyenne and Ari form a bond, and ask if they would see each other again, and she replied back, saying if only he'll notice her, she will. By this episode, Cheyenne seems to form a crush on Ari.

Season TwoEdit

In The Pink Friday Experience, Ari suddenly surprises Cheyenne, after a long half of a year and summer not seeing each other. Ari suddenly helps out with Cheyenne on her Nicki Minaj protest, after her idea for Glee Club was constantly denied by Mr. Schuester. Cheyenne began to crush harder on Ari in class, and then Cheyenne suddenly shares out her feelings for Ari at the Burger Shack and they kiss in the end.

In Our Time Now, Ari is disappointed in Cheyenne, because of their long distance and how long she hasn't called Ari, and Cheyenne opens up by saying it's hard for her to do so, because she's in love with him, and she sings a song. At Prom, he and Cheyenne dance and by this time, they are seen to be in a relationship.

Season ThreeEdit

Ari's role in season three will most likely increase in order to increase more in Cheyenne and Ari's relationship.

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