Alex Monroe
Normal 02
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Aliases: Alex, Lexi
Family & Friends
Relationships: Claira Kingston
Ashton Daniels
Sexuality: Lesbian
Friends: Shannon Brockwood
Claira Kingston
Series Information
First appearance: The Birthday Crashers
Portrayer: Ashley Tisdale
Alexandria Charlotte Monroe will be a recurring character on Glee: The New Years. She is a member of The Treble Belles and she will most likely become attracted to Claira. This character was created by ClevanOTP. He states, "I wanted to put a new character in the fanfic that could pretty much give Claira a great storyline for a change, to take Claira away from the dark side of her life and put her into the life of love, Alex is the perfect fit to help question Claira's inner self."


Alex, in the beginning, isn't as mean or bitchy as you think she is, she's actually understanding, and seems to be friendly and fun, as of her best friend, Shannon Brockwood. She claims that she's the outsider of the Treble Belles and seems to deal with the ignorance from all of the girls. She's an openly gay girl who actually deep inside, falls for Claira, as she met her at the Lima Bean, they form a bond with each other in The Birthday Crashers.


Claira Kingston:Edit

Alex and Claira meet in a strange way as they are in a bathroom and Claira begins singing as she's listening to her iPod. Alex sings with her and that's how they meet, they become the best of friends in less than 4 minutes as they meet. Alex claims that she's lesbian and she has a crush on her during voice-over. Nothing has yet been sparked between the two just yet.

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